A Series of Firsts: First Meeting

Leverage: Eliot/OC/Team
Warnings: None

First Meeting )
LL Challenge

Eliot's Action Figure
Leverage: Eliot
Warnings: None

Meet the Action Figure... )
For: Kiss of Cinnamon - LL Challenge

Never Be Clean

Leverage: Eliot and Parker/ Eliot and Damian (hint)

Warnings: Mentions of Char Death

Never Be Clean )

He's Family

1/30/13 09:47 pm
For Kiss of Cinammon ; LL Challenge

Leverage: Eliot and Parker
Warnings: None

He's Family )
Best Present Ever

For: Weaselett - LL Challenge

Leverage: Eliot/Parker/Hardison
Warnings: Kissing

Best Present Ever )

First Meet

1/30/13 09:42 pm
First Meet

Leverage: Eliot/Parker
Warnings: Mentions of Sex (no details)

First Meet )

Giving In

1/30/13 09:25 pm
FOR: Jesco0307
LL Challenge Gift

Leverage: Eliot/Sophie
Warnings: Cursing, Char Death

Giving In )

Leverage: Eliot/Team
Warnings: Character Death

Grab a Tissue... )
Big Brother

Leverage: Eliot and Parker
Warnings: None

Flashback to Brotherhood )
A Crossover for Seraphina_Snape - Leverageland Gift

Leverage/Criminal Minds: Nate and Hotch
Warnings: None


Stay Golden

1/30/13 09:14 pm
Stay Golden

Leverage: Parker/Team as members/siblings of The Outsiders characters

Warnings: None

Stay Golden )
Pig in a Poke Story: The House

Leverage: Eliot & Hardison
Warnings: None

Drabbles for LL Challenge
Drabble #1 Prompt: Fear
Drable #2 Prompt: I don't hate you

Leverage: Eliot and Parker
Warnings: None

Drabble #1 - A Hitter's Saving Grace )

Drabble #2 - Could Never )

(no subject)

1/30/13 09:07 pm
Single Red Rose

Leverage: Nate/Sophie, Nate & Parker (non-romance)
Warnings: None

Untitled - It was for Leverageland Challenge

Leverage: Sophie/Team
Warnings: None

A story for theron (Leverageland)

Show: Leverage/Hawaii Five-0
Leverage: Eliot/Mary, Steve/Cath
Warnings: None

10 Word Fic Prompts - Leverageland Challenge

Leverage: Team
Warnings: None

Fics )
A Series of Firsts: First Boyfriend (Part 1)

Leverage: Eliot/OC/Team
Warnings: None

Part One )

Part Two )
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