WWE John Cena/Trish Stratus

A Father Twice Over

Chapters 43 - End

"This match is an eliminated triple threat match. Superstars can only be eliminated by pinfall or submission. The last superstar standing will be names WWE's Best Male Superstar. Introducing first from ECW... he is the ECW Champion Tommy Dreamer!"

Tommy Dreamer came down to the ring.

"Introducing his first opponent, from Smackdown... he is the The World Heavyweight Champion.....The Undertaker!"

The Undertaker came down the ring and did his little rolling his eyeballs in the back of his head deal. The crowd went nuts for that trick as they always do.

"And the third and final contestant from Raw...he is the WWE Champion...John Cena!"

The crowd went equally as loud for John as they had for the Undertaker. As soon as John got in the ring and his music died down, the three superstars, circled the ring, just judging eachother. Undertaker and Cena had never wrestled Tommy Dreamer, although they knew he threw in a lot of karate moves when he wrestled. For both Undertaker and Cena, while this was a triple threat match, Tommy Dreamer wasn't even a part of thier equation.

Undertaker and John Cena were old enemies. Thier match at Unforgiven a couple years back and grown to be one of the top rated matches and they were hoping for a rematch of that same kind of electricity tonight. This match wasn't about proving who was better between The Undertaker, John Cena and Tommy Dreamer. To the Raw and Smackdown superstars, this match was proving who was between the two of them and only between the two of them. Tommy Dreamer was going to have to find another match to prove himself in.

John and Undertaker squared off in the ring, each hurling insults at the other. Tommy Dreamer waved his arms, trying to get thier attention but was ignored. Dreamer shoved Undertaker and John Cena back, exploding in rage at being ignored. Simultaneously, Taker and Cena's heads swivel to Dreamer's direction. John Cena and The Undertaker work together, double teaming the ECW superstar with shots to the head.

Tommy falls to the ground and Taker and Cena switch from using thier fists, to using thier boots. The two alternated landing kicks up and down Dreamer's rib cage. John pulled Tommy up by his head and pulls him towards the ropes. As Dreamer hit the ropes and bounced off, Cena knocked him down with a clothesline. Tommy Dreamer stumbles to the ropes, using them as a support to lift himself to his feet. Undertaker takes a step towards him, slams a forearm across Dreamer's chest and Tommy Dreamer flips over the top rope and onto the arena floor.

As Undertaker turned, Cena lands a right fist to his head. Undertaker stumbles to the corner and Cena jams an elbow into Taker's face, followed by a hollow sounding chop to the dead man's chest. Cena draws Taker out by his hair, propells him towards the ropes, but Taker bounces back with a clothesline. Cena falls slightly, then stumbles to his feet. Taker's huge fist came crashing down on the back of Cena's head and he falls to one knee.

Undertaker pulls Cena up by his neck, sends Cena to the ropes. John uses the ropes, building his speed, ducks under the outstretched arm of the Undetaker, springs off the ropes on the other side of the ring and knocks Undertaker off his feet. Tommy is slowly started to climb his way up the apron as Cena pulls the Undertaker up and using his arm, Cena pulls The Undertaker towards the ropes. Taker switches positions and shoves Cena against the ropes, knocking Tommy Dreamer back off the apron and back onto the floor.

Undertaker runs across the ring and slams a forearm across Cena's chest. John flies back over the ropes and onto the floor. Tommy dreamer attacks John Cena, a hard fist to the champion's head. Then, a kick to the ribs, followed by a drop kick to the back of John Cena, sending the champ sprawling forward, shoulder first into the solid steel stairs.

Tommy Dreamer climbs back onto the apron, looking down at John Cena, talking trash to the WWE Champion. Undertaker grabs Dreamer from behind and flips him over the ropes and into the ring. Tommy's back arched in impact and Taker pulls him up by his hair. Undertaker sends Tommy Dreamer shooting across the ring. Tommy, having used the ropes to build his speed, flies back at the dead man and lands a spinning kick to Taker's chest.

Undertaker stumbles back but does not fall. Tommy Dreams lands two round house kicks back to back on the dead man and Undertaker stumbles back, falling to the bottom rope in the corner. Tommy Dreamer follows, planting a boot on top of Taker's chest and uses the ropes to put all of his weight on top of the Undertaker's chest. After a five count, the ref pulls Dreamer off the ropse and Taker.

Tommy Dreamer lifts Taker to his feet, stands him back against the corner and lays an open palm to Taker's chest. A few moments later, a second chop follows. As Dreamer goes for a third, Undertaker switches thier positions, slamming Tommy Dreamer back against the turnbuckles and deliveres a huge palm to the karate kid. Undertaker pulls on Tommy's arm, pushing him towards the ropes. Dreamer bounces off the ropes, flying at Undertaker but the dead man catches Dreamer by the throat. Tommy slams into the mat with a chokeslam and Undertaker gets the cover.

"One...Two...Three! Undertaker has eliminated the ECW Champion Tommy Dreamer!" J.R. said.

After eliminating one of his opponents, Undertaker turns his attention to the youngest and remaining opponent, John Cena. As Undertaker slides out of the ring, Cena hits him from behing with a forearm to the head. Cena grabs the Undertaker by the hair, leads him around the ring and slams him head first onto the top of the retaining wall. As Taker bounces back, Cena grabs Taker again and plants his face first onto the steel steps around the ring.

The WWE Champion, John Cena, rolls the World Heavyweight Champion, Undertaker into ring and lands kick to back of his head. John reaches down, pulling Taker up by the hair and pushes him into a corner. John runs, using his body as a weapon and slammed his frame against Takers. Undertaker sagged against the ropes, sitting on the middle turnbuckle. John Cena pulls him up and delivers a viscious chop to the chest, then grabs the ropes on either side of the dead man and jammed his shoulder into Taker's mid-section.

Undertaker uses the ropes as a means of support as John Cena lifted his hands in the air, eliciting a cheer from the crowd. When Cena turned back around, he rushed at Taker, but is stopped by the phenom's elbow. John stumbled back and Undertaker comes fighting back with shots to Cena's head. Undertaker grabs Cena's arm and pulls the WWE Champion towards him. The leader of The Crew slams to the mat with a clothesline from hell. Undertaker goes for the cover.

"One...Two...kickout from John Cena!"

Taker lifts Cena up by head, plants an elbow to his face and propells Cena towards the corner. Undertaker follows using his body as a weapon and smashes his three hundred pound frame into Cena's 200 pound one. Cena staggers from the corner, and Taker pulls him towards the ropes. John manages to switch positions in the middle of the ring and send Taker shoulder first into the turnbuckles. The phenom is lifted over the champ's head and body slammed back down to the mat. John goes for the cover.

"One...Two...kickout from The Undertaker."

John rises, planting a hard boot into Taker's side. He circles the dead man and add's another kick to the Undertaker's shoulder. Lifting himself on his hands, Cena brings a punishing knee across the top of the Undertakers forehead. Taker spasms in the ring from the impact, and soon finds himself being pulled to his feet. As he gets up on one knee, Undertaker rams an elbow into the stomach of John Cena. A second and a third quickly follow.

Undertaker gets on his feet, deliveres a blow to the WWE champ's head and then propells Cena forward into the rings. John falls back against the ropes and springs forward. Undertaker catches John by the throat and John goes down in a chokeslam. As John slowly gets to his feet, Taker reaches over, placing John's head between his knees. Undertaker lifts the Raw superstar onto his shoulders and slams him back to the mat in The Last Ride. Undertaker goes for the cover. One...Two..Three.

"And your winner...... from Smackdown, he is the World Heavyweight Champion and WWE's Best Male Superstar...The Undertaker!"

"Well, it's one of the matches we've all been looking forward to. This is our second brother against brother match tonight and by the end of it the entire world will know who the best Hardy really is. Earlier tonight, the two brothers, Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy competed as a tag team and lost to The Rock n' Sock Connection. At the end of the match, Matt Hardy gave his little brother a message. Take a look." J.R. said as a rewine clip came on.

The short video showed Jeff halfway standing behind them, clapping in honor of who he considered the greatest tag team, The Rock n' Sock Connection. After shaking hands with the Hardy, Foley and Rock were about to exit the ring when Matt Hardy snuck into teh ring with a chair and slammed it against the back of his brother's head. The clip ended with Rock and Mick back in the ring, cussing out Matt and Jeff, halfway sitting, grabbing his head looking on as his older brother, Matt, promised more of the same in thier match.

"Matt obviously trying to show that he is better than his brother." J.R. said.

"What the jabroni's stupid candy ass failed to realize is that because of that shot right there, Jeff is raging to get even. Matt Hardy just gave Jeff Hardy more than enough reason to shine his boot up real nice and stick it straight up Matt's candy ass!" Rock said.

Rock looked to the ring with a smile. "Now shut up so The Rock can hear his fine ass wife talk."

The other three announcers rolled thier eyes, but homored him as Lillian spoke.

"This match is scheduled for one fall and is a no disqualification brother against brother match. Introducing first being accompanied to the ring by Ashley, from Cameron, North Carolina weighing in at 225 pounds....Matt Hardy!"

Matt Hardy and Ashley made thier way down to thier ramp and did thier usual posing. Matt held open the ropes so that Ashley could get out of the ring as his brother's name was announced.

"And his opponent, from Cameron, North Carolina weighing in at 225 pounds.....Jeff Hardy!"

Jeff came out on stage, did his little dance, then ran down the ramp and slid into the ring. After the music died down, Matt and Jeff tapped knuckles in luck and the match began. Thier arms locked together and after a few seconds Matt switched positions, so Jeff's arm was held behind his back. He pushed Jeff forward and as Jeff bounced off the ropes, Matt hooked his brothers arm and flipped Jeff over his hip onto the mat. The older brother went for the cover.

One...Jeff kicked out. Matt pulled Jeff up by the hair, picked him up and dropped him on the ropes. Jeff bounced off and stumbled back. Matt kicked the back of Jeff's head, sending the younger Hardy through the ropes and onto the floor outside the ring. Matt slid out of the ring as Jeff was slowly getting to his feet. When Jeff turned, Matt Knocked Jeff back down with a clothesline from hell. Matt followed his brother, grabbing his hair he lifted Jeff to his feet and brought him down head first onto the top of the barricade. This was immediately followed by a strong forearm across the chest, sending the younger Hardy brother over the railing and into the crowd.

Matt lifted the apron and pulled a ladder out from under the ring, then propped it up against the ropes. Moving back to Jeff, Matt pulled him back over the railing and delivered a hard punch to the head. Matt placed Jeff over his shoulder, and ran towards the ladder, intending on sending Jeff head first into the ladder. Jeff managed to slide down Matt's back and shove his brother into the ladder instead.

Jeff grabbed a steel chair from beneath the ring and planted against his brothers back. The youngest Hardy slid into the ring, propped himself against the far side of the ring then ran, slamming his feet against the ladder. The ladder cracked against the older Hardy and Matt fell to the floor, with the ladder next to him. Jeff climbed to the top of the ropes and jumped off. Matt rolled out of the way at the last minute and Jeff hit chest first onto the cold concrete floor.

"And both Hardy's down..you have to wonder how far these two are willing to go to prove who's better..." King said.

"I know Matt.....he's willing to do anything to prove what he's known all along..that he's the older, wiser and better of the two." said Mick.

"Better The Rock's ass! The Rock has trained with Jeff Hardy, has competed against Jeff Hardy and The Rock says this...Jeff Hardy will phyically kill himself to prove that Matt's candy ass is full of crap." Rock said.

"Well, there you go....two different opinions from the WWE's Best Tag Team champions...The Rock n' Sock Connection. You have to remember...both Hardy's competed together earlier tonight against Rock and Mick Foley, so neither Hardy is at thier physical best right now." J.R. said. "Jeff and Matt back in the ring now. Jeff went for the cover, but Matt got his shoulder up with a 2-count."

Jeff landed a fist to Matt's head, then lead his brother by the hair to the corner. Matt smacked headfirst into the top turnbuckle. Matt leans back against the corner as Jeff ran at him. Matt's elbow connected with Jeff's face, and Matt quickly reversed thier positions. The sound of an open palm against Jeff's chest echoed in the arena. Matt grabbed the ropes and laid kick after kick to his younger brother's ribs, then stuck his foot against Jeff's neck, choking him. Jeff stumbled forward as he was able to breath again. Matt grabbed his brothers neck and delivered the twist of fate, then went for the cover.

"One...Two...and Jeff get's a shoulder up!" J.R. said.

Matt sits in shock. No one's ever kicked out from a twist of fate before. Frowning, Matt slides out of the ring and motions for Lillian to move out of her chair. The older Hardy grabs the chair and knocks Jeff back down to the mat. Laying the chair over Jeff's body, Matt climbed to the top rope and flew off, leveling a punishing leg drop to Jeff's chest beneath the chair. Matt grabs Jeff's hair and lands a blow to his brother's head. Jeff stumbles back and falls against the ropes. As Matt runs at him, Jeff bends at the waist, pushes up on Matt's legs and sends Matt flying over the top rope and crashing down to the arena floor near the announcers table.

Jeff slides out of the ring, grabs Matt's head and slams it into the announcers table. Then, grabbing Matt's arm, Jeff sends Matt flying towards the steel stairs. Matt reverses thier positions and sends Jeff shoulder first into the steel steps. Matt lands a viscious kick to the back of Jeff's head and the younger man falls to his knees.

"And Matt dominating his younger brother Jeff, now." J.R. said.

"Hey, Jeff ain't done yet. The Rock knows this kid. Jeff hasn't even begun to show Matt what he's capable of. " Rock said.

The announcers all slid back as Matt sets Jeff on top of the announcers table. As Jeff slowly started sitting up, Matt knocked him back down with a blow to the head with the bell. As Jeff fell back, Matt Hardy climbed to the top rope. Jeff rolled off the the announcers table just before Matt landed elbow first. Surprisingly the table didn't break and Matt rolled off, holding his elbow in pain.

As Matt stands, Jeff hits him with a chair shot and Matt stumbles back against the announcers table. Jeff landed a drop kick to Matt's chest and the older brother fell back on top of the table. Jeff climbed up the top rope and lifted his hands, singaling the time had come for the swanton bomb. Ashley snuck into the ring behind Jeff and just when he was about to jump, pushed him off the top rope with all her might. Jeff dove forward and ended up on top of Matt. The two superstars went down in a heap of broken table. Ashley's hand went to her mouth in surprise. That hadn't gone exactly as she planned.

"Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy taken out by Ashley, who's looking a little unsure of herself." J.R. said.

The fans started cheering really loudly as Kendall sifted through the crowd and silently stood behind Ashley.

"And there, ladies and gentleman is Jeff Hardy's best friend...Kendall Cena. And she don't look to happy." Mick said.

Ashley's eyes narrowed when she saw Kendall behind her. The two stood there silently staring eachother down, and then the trash talking began. It was then, that Ashley made a huge mistake. She slapped Kendall across the face. Kendall's fingers lihtly touched her stinging cheek.

The Rock snorted. "Ashley just made a huge mistake. She just pissed off The People's Neice!"

Kendall's fist connected with Ashley's head and Ashley went down. When Kendall came after her again, Ashley rolled to the outside of the ring, Kendall a few paces behind her. Ashley punched Kendall as she was coming out of the ring, and immediately the two were exchanging blows. Kendall grabbed Ashley's head and slammed it with her own head. Ashley stumbled back as Jeff and Matt rolled themselves into the ring.

The two brothers watched from the ring as Kendall kept shoving Ashley forward, around the ring. Jeff balanced his arms across the ropes as he stared in confusion as Ashley ran up the ramp, Kendall hot on her heels and disappeared backstage. Matt took advantage of the distraction and landed an elbow to the back of Jeff's head. Jeff staggered back and Matt led his brother to the nearest corner, ripped off the padding and planted Jeff face first into the uncovered turnbuckle.

Jeff grabbed his head, stumbling back from the impact. As Matt came at him, Jeff dropped low tripping the older brother. matt went head first into the turnbuckle and Jeff swung low as Matt reeled back and captured Matt in a roll up for the cover. Matt was able to kick out after a two count, and Jeff grabbed his brothers hair, lifting him to his feet, then sent him crashing back down face first, with a leg drop to his back. Jeff slid out of the ring, grabbed a steel chair from underneath it and brought it back in the ring with him. When Matt stood, the chair smacked against his head and he went down like a pack of bricks.

Jeff went in for the cover, but the count was interrupted. Ashley thought she had lost Kendall backstage and had made it back to the ring through the crowd. She slid into the ring and connected a boot to the back of Jeff Hardy's head. Jeff stood and looked at her in disbeleif. Ashley hadn't lost Kendall though. Kendall came through the crowd just as Ashley had, climbed over the wall and slid into the ring behind Ashley.

Jeff took a step to the side and pointed behind Ashley, with a shake of his head. When Ashley turned, Kendall speared her and she and Jeff looked at eachother. Jeff pointed to the two of them, then the top ropes. The crowd went nuts as the Jeff and Kendall did the swanton bomb on both Matt and Ashley. Jeff went for the cover. One! Two! Three!

"Jeff has done it! Jeff Hardy has proven to be the better of the Hardy brothers!"

"Ladies and Gentleman, we are just moments away from the most anticipated match of the night! This match has been the talk of everyone around for the last couple of weeks. All members of The Crew will be face to face with the members of DX in an intergender tag team elimination match. The last man or woman standing will win victory for their designated group and be labeled as the most dominant and powerful force in the WWE." J.R. said.

"DX and The Crew have been rivalries for over a year now and tonight's match is going to explode! We've already been given a preview of what to expect on two seperate occasions this evening." Mick said.

"The first was right after Trish won the Best Female Superstar match. She was attacked from behind by the female members of DX. Within a few minutes, all members of both DX and The Crew were in and around the ring fighting. It took several officials and security to break the two teams up." King said.

"The second was just two matches ago at the end of The Best Show match. Superstars from ECW, Smackdown and Raw fought in an over the top rope battle royal. Raw won, but it wasn't long before the superstars realized who was in the ring. Only DX and The Crew superstars were still in the ring. The team leaders, John Cena and Triple H, were the ones who started the fight this time, but before long every single team member was back in or around the ring, joining in. Once again, it took officials and security to seperate the two teams." J.R. said.

"We've never before had a match of this size and power. It's gonna be a great match!" King said.

"Rock, Mick..you've both fought members on each team..what are your thoughts on the match?" J.R. asked.

"Well...both teams are fairly evenly matched. With DX you have The Game, someone who is no stranger to gold and who will do anything to win. You have Ric Flair and HBK Shawn Michaels...both legends in thier own right and more experienced than any other wrestler on both sides. You have Brock Lesner, who lets face it, is a 400 pound wall of steel. You have Lita, the WWE Women's Champion and a great one at that. You have Chyna...the newest member to re-join DX. Chyna may have been away from wrestling for awhile, but she's still tough, she's still mean and she's still huge. And then you have Stephanie McMahon. While Stephanie may not have as much training as the others she has had matches before and she's great at being a distraction." Mick Foley said.

"On the other hand...The Crew is strong too. You have the WWE Champion John Cena, Former Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy, who we all know will take any risk to win, Randy Orton, a third generation superstar who is strong as well as fast. You have Batista, who like Brock is a wall of steel. And then you have the women...Maria, who has beaten other divas like Candice Michelle and Beth Pheonix, who might I add is built like Chyna. You have WWE's Best Female Superstar Trish Stratus, who's had the Women's Championship 6 or 7 times. And then you have Kendall, daughter of the WWE Champion John Cena and step-daughter to Trish Stratus. Kendall may be young and inexperienced but she's good. She's damn good." Mick said.

The Rock rolled his eyes. "The Rock has said it before and he'll say it again. The Crew is gonna shine thier boots up real nice, turn them sum'va bitches sideways and stick it straight up DX's candy ass!"

Mick Foley grinned as Lillian got into the ring. "Yeah...now shut up...The Rock's fine ass wife is about to talk."

The Rock leveled the people's brow at Mick Foley. "Hey...shut your mouth Mick Foley. Only The Rock can talk about his fine ass wife like that."

Mick held up his hands in defeat and shook his head. "Sorry Rock...won't happen again."

The Rock glared at him. "You damn right it won't happen again." he said, then turned his attention to his wife.

"This match is an intergender tag team elimination match. Superstars will be eliminated by pinfall or submission only, until only one superstar is left. The last man or women left standing will win this match for thier respective organizations. Introducing first, the members of DX....Chyna, Lita, Stephanie McMahon, Brock Lesner, Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels and Triple H!"

One by one the members of DX sauntered onto the stage and walked down the ramp. The group got into the ring, did thier little 'Suck It' intro and when thier music died down, Lillian introduced thier opponent.

"And thier challengers...they are the members of The Crew.....Randy Orton, Batista, Maria, Jeff Hardy, Kendall Cena, Trish Stratus and John Cena!"

Lillian and DX got out of the ring as The Crew slid in and did thier normal intro. The two teams settled back in thier corners and were about to start, when music came on.

'No Chance'

The members of DX and The Crew looked up as Mr. McMahon's music came on and the billionaire came out on stage, mic in hand.

"Before we get this match started....I have a stipulation I'd like to add to the match. Because of the close relationship between members of The Crew and The Rock n' Sock Connection, I am banning The Rock and Mick Foley from ringside during this match."

Vince pause as the crowd chanted asshole at him. He cleared his throat and continued.

"Furthermore, should Rock or Mick Foley interefere in this match, they will be suspended until I deem it appropriate to bring them back. Also if Rock or Mick Foley interfere anyway, The Crew will be disqualified and DX will win the match. So Rock, Mick...the match will begin when you are gone."

John and his team mates shook thier head at this while DX celebrated. "Thanks Daddy" Stephanie McMahon said.

Vince nodded and started walking off the stage. Rock and Mick Foley were on thier feet and walking to the front of the ring. Rock had a mic in his hand.

"Woah woah woah woah woah! Don't thank Daddy yet, princess! Vince McMahon....The Rock did not give you permission to leave. Get your candy ass back here, jabroni!"

The fans chanted Rock as Vince came back onto the stage and looked his billion dollar nose down at The Rock.

"Let The Rock get this straight, Vince McMahon. You want The Rock n' Sock Connection to vacate the arena because you think Mick Foley and The Rock are going to interfere in the match between DX and The Crew?" Rock asked.

Vince nodded. "Yes...I think you..."

"It doesn't matter what you think!" The Rock interupted.

The crowd erupted into Rocky chants, and the people's champ paced in front of the ring.

"You don't seem to understand who we have in this match, Vince McMahon. So..The Rock is going to remind you." Rock pointed to DX.

"In one corner you have a 95 year old Keebler elf (Ric), a heart breaking hippie(HBK), a 7ft diapered crybaby (Brock), a man who thinks he's a video game (Triple H), a she-male robot(Chyna), a ten cents will get you ten minutes company whore(Lita), and The Rock's personall favorite...your two dollar slut for a daughter (Steph)!"

"Now Rock! That's not funny and it's not nec..." Vince shouted, only to be interupted by The Rock.

"Shut your mouth, jabroni! The Rock's not done!" Rock said leveling a glare at the oldest McMahon. The Rock paced back and forth, his adreneline pumping with the chanting crowd. The Rock pointed to The Crew.

"And in the other corner, you have a marine (John); a guarneteed stratusfaction chick-kicker (Trish), an animal (Batista), a legend killer (Randy), a high flying bomber (Jeff) and not one but two of the most electrifying superstars on the WWE roster... a hardcore diva....the people's sister (Maria) and a small but lethal stick of dynomite...the people's neice (Kendall)!"

The crowd erupted into cheers and Rock waited until they died down before continuing.

"Let The Rock make one thing crystal clear to you, Vince McMahon."

The Rock paused as the crowd cheered, then continued. "The Crew does not need Mick Foley's help, The Rock's help, your help or help from any other jabroni in the back to beat the likes of DX! One by damn one, The Crew will shine thier boots up real nice, turn them sideways and stick it straight up DX's candy asses!"

He paused and rose a brow. "You want to ban Mick Foley and The Rock from ringside? Well the Rock says this, Vince McMahon, if you want The Rock n' Sock Connection to leave the millions..."

The crowd echoed 'and millions'

"and millions of the Rock n' Sock fans, you can bring your candy ass down here, with your oompa loompa security guys and remove them yourself!" Rock said with a glare. A chant of 'Rock n Sock' went up and Vince glared down at the eyebrow raising wrestler.

"Okay, fine! If that's they way you wanna do things, Rock. If you and Mick Foley don't leave the ring area, then The Crew will be forced to forfeit the match to DX. The choice is yours!"

The crowd chanted asshole to Vince McMahon as The Rock paced back and forth. The Rock sighed, looking at his friends, then at Mick, then finally back up at Vince.

"All right, All right. The Rock isn't gonna cause The Crew to forfeit. Mick Foley and The Rock are gonna walk up the people's ramp...just like this." Rock said as he and Mick started up the ramp.

"And if Vince McMahon is still on the people's stage when The Rock and Mick Foley gets there, The Rock n' Sock Connection is gonna take this microphone and stick it straight up his candy ass!"

Hearing that, Vince fled off the stage and into the back. Rock and Mick paused at the top of the ramp, looked back over the crowd. Rock struck his legendary pose, the people's brow lifted and said one final sentence.

"If you smeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell what The Rock is cookin!"

"Folks, we are just a few moments away from one of the most anticipated matches of the night. Just moments ago, Vince McMahon came out, banning The Rock and Mick Foley from ringside because of thier relationship with the members of The Crew. Rock and Mick were told that if they did not vacate the area, The Crew would be forced to forfeit the match. As you can guess, The Rock and Mick Foley left the announcers table, but we have been notified that they are still in the arena, watching this match from one of the locker rooms." J.R. said as both teams gathered around their corner.

"J.R., this is gonna be a great match...The Crew vs. DX. I'm pulling for The Crew, but I have to say, they aren't looking too good. This is Jeff Hardy's fourth match and he's competing in this match against medical advice. You can see he's slightly limping and he's got some bandaging around his ribs, shoulder and knee. He's hurting pretty bad right now." King said.

" Well, both teams have participated in various matches through out the night. Both teams are tired and sore, but I have to agree King...DX is looking a lot better than The Crew." J.R. said. "Triple H and John Cena...the prospective leaders of the two teams, starting us off."

Triple H and John Cena stared at eachother in the ring. Triple H attacked first, punching Cena in the head. Cena retaliated, punching Triple H back. This continued for a little, then Triple H landed a severe uppercat to John's jaw. John stumbles back and Triple H grabs John's hand and shoots him into the corner. Then Triple H follows him, slamming against the WWE Champion. Triple H raises his hands and growls out into the crowd as John Cena sags against the ropes.

Triple H runs at Cena again, but Cena moves at the last minute and Triple H goes shoulder first into the turnbuckles. Cena sits on the bottom rope, regaining his breath. Hunter is dazed, but he manages to make it to his corner and tags in HBK. As soon as Shawn Michaels steps into the ring, he's brought down by a clothesline from John Cena. John lifts his hands up, telling Shawn to get up and when he does, John flattens him again with another clothesline.

John leans against the ropes and flies forward, landing a hard elbow to HBK's side. The ref counts as John covers. 1...2...kickout from Shawn. Shawn is lead over to Cena's corner, where Randy is tagged in. Randy delivers a punch to HBK's ribs, turns him around then cracks an open palm against the heart break kids chest.

"Randy Orton completely dominating Shawn Michaels..." J.R. said as Shawn was body slammed.

Randy brought his knee to the forehead of his opponent and went for the cover. Brock Lesner gets inside the ring and interupts the count with a kick to Randy's head. Batista glares at Brock Lesner as Randy tags in Jeff Hardy. Jeff climbs to the top turnbuckle and jumps towards Shawn Michaels. Shawn draws his legs up, ramming his knees into Jeff's hurt ribs as Jeff lands on him. The two roll apart, Jeff grabbing his ribs, bent over in pain.

Shawn grabbed Jeff's hair, lifts him to his feet and jams an elbow to his head. Jeff stumbled back, and used the ropes to slingshot himself forward, tackling HBK to the mat. Both men are down in the center of the ring and as the ref starts to count, the two slowly start to drag themselves to thier respective corners. HBK is able to tag in Brock Lesner before JEff is able to tag anyone else in. Brock pulls Jeff back into teh center of the ring and focuses on Jeff's shoulder.

Brock sends a big size 14 boot into the shoulder, then spreads the arm back out and lifts his body up to come crashing back down on Jeff's injured shoulder. As Brock pulls Jeff to his feet, Jeff tries to fight back, landing a couple of elbows into Brock's mid-section. Brock returned the elbows, with an elbow of his own and then lifted Jeff across his shoulders, delivered an F-5 and went for the pin. One...Two...Three!

"Jeff Hardy has been desimated and eliminated by Brock Lesner. He's being helped up the ramp by officials and now Batista is in the ring face to face with Brock Lesner." J.R. said.

Batista and Brock lock arms with eachother. Batista pushes Brock back intro a corner, and sends a hard forearm to the giant's head. Then, grabbing Brock's head, Batista brings it down hard right onto his knee, and adds a forearm to the back. Brock bends to one knee and gives a low blow to Batista. Batista stumbles back in pain, and Brock picks the tall man over his shoulder, and delivers an F-5. Brock goes for the cover.

"Oh my Gosh! Batista kicked out of an F-5!" J.R. exclaimed.

Brock sits there, completely stunned for a moment. Brock shakes his head and lifts Batista up for another F-5. He goes for the cover.

"Batista kicks out a second time!" King said excitedly. "I can't beleive it and neither can Brock!"

Brock hits the mat with his hands like a whiney little child throwing a tantrum and then drags Batista up by his head. Using Batista's arm, Brock propells the other giant towards the ropes. Batista springs forward, knocking Lesner off his feet with a clothesline. He pulls Brock up and delivers the Batista Bomb.

Batista starts going for the cover, then stops, pulls Brock's head back inbetween his legs, lifts him up and slams him down in another Batista bomb. Then, he tags in Kendall and motions for her to climb. Kendall climbed to the top rope and for Jeff, delivers a swanton bomb, then covers Brock.

"One...Two...Three! Brock Lesner was pinned by Kendall Cena with a swonton bomb!" J.R. exclaimed.

Chyna gets in the ring with the youngest Crew member and smirks. The two glare at eachother, exchanging insults. Chyna's arm came forward towards Kendall, but the smaller woman ducked underneath it and sent a drop kick to Chyna's back. Chyna stumbled forward and Kendall did a short drop kick, planting both feet into the backs of Chyna's knees.

Grabbing Chyna's hair, Kendall lead the girl over to her corner and tagged in Maria. Maria delivered a large loud slap to Chyna's cheek, then sends a roundhouse kick to the side of her head. Chyna stumbled to the side as Maria climbed up on the ropes. Chyna caught the flying blur and slammed Maria's back against her knee in a hard hitting back breaker. Maria rolled to the side, her back arched in pain. Chyna grabbed Maria and tossed her to the other side of the ring by her hair.

Maria grabbed the ropes in pain. Chyna lifted her arms with a smug smile, her back to Maria. When she turned, Maria hit her with a spear. She dragged the amazon to the corner of the ring and with the help of Trish set the woman up on the top rope. Trish was tagged in and Trish lifted herself on the ropes, locking her legs around Chyna's neck. Using her legs, Trish threw Chyna to the ring and then went for the cover. One-Two-Three! Chyna was eliminated.

Trish points to Lita signalling she wants the red head. Lita smirks and shakes her head as Ric Flair gets in. He rushes Trish, but Trish knocks him off his feet in a clothesline. She tags in John and the WWE Champion and The Nature Boy start exchanging blows to the head. John lands a viscious forearm to the forehead of The Nature Boy, Ric Flair and then grabs him by the hair. Ric FLair was lead to Cena's corner and planted face first into the top turnbuckle.

As Flair stumbled back grabbing his head, Cena looked up in surprise as he felt a small hand tag him. Kendall had tagged herself in and was set up for a spear. As soon as Ric turned, Kendall brought him down in a spear. She drug him towards her corner and tagged in Maria who climbed to the top rope, did a one and a hlf twist in the air before landing a devastating leg drop to the chest of Ric Flair. Maria covered him. One...Two...Three! Flair was out!

Maria was halfway to her feet when Lita tackled her from behind. Lita went for a quick cover but Maria kicked out after one count. Lita dragged Maria up by her hair, picked her up and tossed her neck first onto the top rope by DX's corner. Maria bounced off the ropes and into a clothesline from Lita. Lita pulled Maria up, shoved her back into the DX corner, then tagged in Stephanie McMahon.

Steph came in the ring and chopped her hand down on Maria's chest. Then, using the ropes for balance, Stephanie landed several kicks to Maria's ribs before jamming a boot against Maria's throat. She held it there for the count of five. When the pressure was removed from Maria's throat, Maria slid down to sit on the bottom turnbuckle. Stephanie grabbed Maria and gave her a suplex, then went for the cover. One..Two..Three! Maria had been eliminated.

With Steph still in the ring, Kendall stepped in and told the billion dollar princess to just bring it. Stephanie laughed and tagged in HBK. Randy reached over the ropes, tagged himself then raced across the ring to Shawn Michaels. Shawn went down low, locking his legs around Randy's ankles, tripping the third generation superstar and sending him face first into the mat. When Randy got up, Shawn put him back down with a clothesline. When Randy gets up a second time, Shawn's leg kicks out for some 'sweet chin music' and Randy sinks to the floor. HBK covers, 1....2....3..Randy is eliminated.

Batista immediately enters the ring and knocks Shawn Michaels down with a huge fist to the head. As Shawn stumbles back, Stephanie distracts the ref by trying to get into the ring. Shawn uses this time to slip on some brass knuckles and use them on Batista's head. He puts them away right before Steph climbs back out and the ref turns around.

Furious, the members of The Crew try to climb into the ring. With the ref busy with them, Triple H slides the WWE Championship belt to HBK. As Batista tries to rise, Shawn hits him in the head with the title belt. Batista falls to his hands and knees and Shawn hits him with the belt again. Shawn slides the belt out of the ring before the ref turns around, and he waits watching the big giant.

Batista is able to unsteadily get to his feet, although still halfway bent over, holding his head. Shawn's powerful boot connects to Dave's chin and Dave falls back. HBK goes for the cover and with a three count, Batista is eliminated. John gets in the ring and as HBK turns, he lifts the kicker over his head and delivers a F-U. John covers...1-2-3...HBK is eliminated!

"We are now down to Lita, Stephanie and Triple H for DX and Trish Stratus, Kendall Cena and John Cena for The Crew." J.R. said as Lita stepped into the ring.

John tags in Trish. Trish climbs into the ring and tackles Lita. Trish stradles the redhead, grabs her hair and slams her head into the mat. Lita bucks up, rolling the pair over so she's on top now, and sends her hands to Trish's head. The two rollover one more time and Trish slaps Lita soundly across the face then gets to her feet. Trish kicks Lita's side then uses the ropes as a spring to land an elbow to Lita's shoulder. Trish covers but Lita gets a shoulder up after two counts.

Trish uses the ropes once again to slingshot herself towards Lita. Lita manges to catch Trish around the neck and slam her back into the mat. Lita lands a viscious kick to Trish's abdomen, then picks up the blonde diva and drops her back on the mat with a body slam. Lita lands several more kicks to Trish, then starts to climb. Lita flew off the rope, taking Trish down with a moonsault and then covered.

"One...Two..Three! Trish is down for the count and has been eliminated from this match. But look out Lita! Here comes the people's neice!" King said.

Lita barely had time to regain her footing from eliminating Trish before she was speared by Kendall. Kendall covered her and Lita was eliminated with a three count from the referee. Triple H comes in with a hard fast clothesline as Kendal is getting to her feet. Then he shoots past the young Cena and knocks John off the apron, head first onto the barricade. Triple H slides outside of the ring, and shoves John shoulder first into steel steps.

With John on the ground, unable to help his daughter, Triple H slides back into the ring. Kendall is slowly starting to get up. Triple H stands over with a smirk, grabs her hair and pulls her head between his knees. He gives Kendall a pedigree, then tags in Stephanie to make the cover. Stephanie stands over Kendall, talking trash to the young diva's face and plants a boot in her ribs. Kendall jerks. As John Cena climbs back up on the ropes, Steph goes for the cover.


"Well...it's over now, ladies and gentleman..." King said.


"There is no possible way the young woman could possibly kick out from the pedigree." J.R. said.

Thr...Kendall's arm snap up, lifting her shoulder off the mat right before the ref counted number three.

"I don't beleive it! That little girl's done it! She got a shoulder up! This match is not over folks!" J.R. exclaimed.

"As you can see, both teams are watching this match from backstage...both anticipating thier victory." King said as a short video of the two teams watching back stage came on.

Stephanie sat up, shock registering on her face. Triple H looked surprised too. Steph pulls the young diva up by the hair and slams her head first into the turnbuckle at the DX corner. John paces along the ropes, spewing threats towards Triple H as Stephanie tags him in. Triple H smiles smugly at John, grabbing Kendall's hair in his fist, he sends a hard right hand to her head. Kendall stumbled back, grabbing her head. Triple H grabbed her arm and pushed her forwards into the ropes. She bounced off the ropes and sprung at him. Triple H caught her in his arms and twisting her, slammed her back into his knee in a brutal back breaker.

Kendall cried out in pain as Triple H tagged in Steph. John came racing across the ring and slammed a forearm across Triple H's back, knocking the man off the apron. While the two men were exchanging blows outside the ring, inside the ring...Stephanie went for the cover. There was a 2 count and Stephanie was jolted to a sitting position with a look of absolute disbelief on her face. Kendall had kicked out again.

Meanwhile, outside the ring, Triple H had gained the upper hand in his battle with the WWE Champ. After planting John face first into the announcers table, he once again sent him into the steel steps. While John was recovering, Triple H grabbed a steel chair from the time keepers table and as John stumbled to his feet, Triple H sent the champ reeling backwards from a chairshot to the head.

Inside the ring, Stephanie had climbed on top of Kendall and was pummeling her. When the ref called her off, Stephanie grabbed Kendall's hair and drug her to the ropes, placing Kendall's neck on the bottom rope, she pushed down choking the young diva. Stephanie smiled, lifting her arms as she gazed out into the crowd. She was predicting her victory.

Outside the ring, the shift in power was apparant. John was on top Triple H, pounding his large fist into The Game's head. Stephanie slid out of the ring, pulling John off Triple H by the back of his shirt. John stumbled back, but quickly regained his footing. He slowly turned and leveled a fierce gaze at the youngest McMahon. Seeing his look, she stumbled back, going around the ring with him advancing on her.

As Triple H dug out his sledge hammer, Kendall was slowly coming to her feet and starting to climb. Triple H hit John Cena in the back of the head with the sledgehammer. He slipped on a pair of brass knuckles, stradling the champion and hit John's head over and over in the same spot. Stephanie got two laughs out before Kendall flew off the top rope, knocking Steph to the ground. Kendall rolled to her side, cradling her arm.

Triple H stopped his assault on John, and looked at Stephanie and Kendall on the arena floor. He picked Stephanie up and rolled her into the ring, then did the same with Kendall. He rolled in after them, picked Kendall up, body slammed her back into the mat and told Steph to cover. He was half out, half in the ring as the ref started to count, and then froze as no third count came. Kendall had gotten a shoulder up for the third time.

"This kid just won't stay down!" King exclaimed. Another short video clip of The Crew watching the match backstage came on.

"You can see the tension in the other Crew members. Kendall's family, her step mom Trish, her Uncle The Rock, pacing back and forth in the locker room. None of them are happy with the way this match is going." J.R. said.

Triple H saw John slowly getting to his feet and he walked over, chair in head and delivered another blow to the champs head. Inside the ring, Stephanie landed a hard kick to Kendall's ribs. Once, twice...a third time. She bent, pulling Kendall up by her hair and set her up for a suplex. Kendall changed positions though, grabbing around Steph's ankles and yanking her feet out from under her.

Kendall grabbed ahold of McMahon's feet, and copied a move Jeff had taught her and jumped, landing her heels on the abdomen of Stephanie McMahon. Stephanie and Kendall both rolled over onto thier side. Stephanie grabbing her middle and Kendall holding her arm. Kendall made it to her feet and grabbed Steph by the hair, sending her face first into the turnbuckle. As Steph turned, Kendall gave her a suplex and covered her in a back bend pin. One..Two..Three!

"She's done it! Kendall has eliminated Stephanie McMahon!" J.R. exclaimed. Kendall was leaning against the ropes as she looked around the ring.

"The good news is that now, it's John Cena and Kendall Cena against Triple H. The bad news...Triple H has put John Cena out of commission." King said.

Outside the ring, Triple H stood laughing over John Cena's body, holding his sledgehammer. John Cena had blood running from a small cut on his forehead and looks to be unconscious. Triple H backed up towards the ring, never taking his eyes off John Cena. Kendall stood in the ring behind him and when he got close enough she ran and slid upon the mat, her feet slamming into Hunter's back. Triple H stumpled forward from the impact. Kendall leaned back and used the ropes as a slingshot to fly over the top rope and onto Triple H. Both superstars came crashing to the hard arena floor.

"King...while that may have done some damage to Triple H....I think it did more damage to that hurt arm of Kendall Cena." J.R. said.

"You have to wonder...Triple H is three times Kendall's size. How much of a chance does she really have?" King asked.

"Well...I've seen smaller men beat Triple H. If Kendall wants to beat Triple H, she has to be on top of her game tonight...and frankly with her injuries so far...I doubt that's gonna happen." J.R. said.

Triple H got to his feet first, grabbed Kendall by the hair and tossed her into the ring, following suit a few seconds later. When he grabbed her hair, she rose to one knee and jammed a forearm up between his legs in a low blow. Kendall was released when Triple H bent over in pain. She put his head under her arm and Triple H went down in a DDT. Kendall went for the cover. The ref got a two count before Triple H threw Kendall off him in a kickout.

Triple H and Kendall make it to thier feet and Kendall uses the ropes to gain her momentum as she runs at Triple H. Triple H sticks an arm out there to stop her in a clothesline, but Kendall ducks under it and bounces off the ropes from the other side of the ring, flying at Triple H. Triple H catches her mid flight and slams her down across his knee for another back breaker. Kendall cries out in pain, a hand on her back as she rolls to her side.

Triple H rolls her over and covers her. One....Two...a kickout fom Kendall. Triple H bangs his hands on the mat in rage and lands a viscious kick to Kendall's ribs. He lifts her by the hair, picks her up over his head and slams her body back down onto the mat. He covers once again. One....Two...count broken by a large boot to the head.

John Cena had managed to get back in the ring and break up the count with a kick to Triple H's head. John and Triple H start exchanging punches, allowing Kendall a few moments to rest. John's eyesight is obstructed from the blood leaking from his cut, but he doesn't care. He lands a hard elbow to Triple H's forehead. Triple H stumbles back against the ropes and John rushes him. Triple H stops John's movement with a knee. Grabbing the champ by the back of his shirt and pants, Triple H swings John Cena in a circle then tosses him over the rope and onto the announcers table. The table collapses in a jagged heap with the WWE Champion on top of it. If John Cena wasn't unconscious before, he was now.

Behind Triple H, Kendall was standing, her arm covered in a present from a certain hardcore legend. As Triple H turned, he got a mouth full of Mr. Socko's neice....Sockee Socko! As Triple H stumbled back, trying to get the cotton-mouth feel off his tounge, Kendall stripped the sock off her hand and set up for a spear. As Triple H turned, she flew, sending him crashing to the mat in a spear.

He rolled towards the center of the ring, and Kendall set up once again behind him. When he made it to his feet and turned around, Kendall hit him with a Rock Bottom. She went from side to side in the ring, stopping just short of Triple H, bent over him, doing the five knuckle shuffle as the crowd chanted 'you can't see me' and landed the people's elbow. Not done yet, she climbed to the top rope and delivered her final move...the Cena-sation. Jumping off the top rope she did a double twist in the air before landing a heavy leg on the chest of Triple H. She went for the cover.

"And your winner....The Crew!"

"Good evening ladies and gentleman and welcome to a special edition of WWE Excess that I like to call Absolution Aftermath. I am your host, Jonathon Coachman and today we are looking back at some of the most memorable moments from the premier of WWE's newest pay-per-view Absolution."

"One of the first match ups for the evening was Smackdown Announcer JBL against ECW Announcer Tazz. This match was actually not the idea of JBL or Tazz. It came from a certain 16 year old diva, Kendall Cena. She was tired of listening to JBL gloat over winning a match against Tazz three years ago. The Champ's daughter said it was time for JBL to put up or shut up and proposed the match idea to Chairman Vince McMahon on an episode of Smackdown. Mr. McMahon liked the idea and the match was set for the premier of Absolution. The match started off in JBL's favori but, the Smackdown announcer soon found out why Tazz is one of the greatest hardcore champions of all time. Tazz won the match with a Tazzmission hold and left the riches announcer on the mat writhing in pain. "

"Turning the channel to a higher 500 pound match....It was a bittersweet night for Raw's The Big Show who competed, in his last match before retirement, at Absolution, against Smackdown's The Great Khali and ECW's Umaga, in a triple threat match. Surprisingly The Great Khali didn't even make it through half the match. Umaga dominated the Big Show for a better part of the match, but in the end Big Show covered Umaga for a three count and proved once again why he is The Big Show. After winning the match, Absolution's co-founder, Kendall Cena along with several superstars from the roster, came to the ring with a special title belt labeled 'Best Show Around'. I think we can all agree with the young female superstar in saying...Big Show you will be missed."

"Big Show was not the only to be surprised with a special award just 24 hours ago on Absolution. Lillian Garcia was surprised with a special 'Best Ring Announcer' belt and Good Ole' J.R. and Jerry 'The King' Lawler were also surprised with a belt, this time for 'Best Commentators'. The three were given thier 'best titles' before the start of Absolution by none other than Absolution founders Kendall Cena and Vince McMahon. Congratulations Lillian, J.R. and King."

"The American Bad Ass, The Undertaker went one on one with his brother The Big Red Machine, Kane. The Brothers of Destruction gave us an exciting and terror filled match, but in the end it was Undertaker who pinned his brother to the mat and won the first Brother against Brother match. The Two teamed up again in the Best Tag Team intergender over the top rope battle royal, but did not make it to the final stage in the competition."

"Over twenty male and female tag teams participated in the Best Tag Team match. Teams were eliminated by being thrown over the top rope until two teams remained. Those two teams would then compete against eachother and could only win by pinfall only. At the end of Stage One, only two teams were left. The Hardy Boy's and The Rock n' Sock Connection. Both tag teams reunited for one final match at Absolution and it was an amazing race to the finish line. The match went back and forth, but in the end The Rock and Mick Foley pinned both Hardy brothers, at the same time, and won the title of WWE's Best Tag Team Champions."

"Once Jeff was back on his feet, he shook hands with the Rock n' Sock Connection in respect and saying that he couldn't have been more proud to lose to such an amazing and legendary tag team. Jeff's token of respect was short lived however when his brother Matt Hardy, hit him from behind with a steel chair. Matt was clearly sending a message to his younger brother Jeff. They had played nicely together for the tag team match, but play time was over. It was a message, that Jeff understood and took to heart."

"Later that night Jeff and Matt went one on one in a no-disqualification brother against brother match. It was one of the most anticipated matches of the night and the Hardy brothers did not disappoint. Once again, both Hardy's put thier bodies and careers on the line, trying to prove thier better than the other. Matt gained the upperhand early on in the match, but about two thirds of the way through, Jeff came back fighting and took it back."

"Jeff climbed the ropes, ready to deliver a swanton bomb to his brother but was pushed off by Matt's girlriend, Ashley. Ashley might have been trying to save her boyfriend, Matt Hardy, she inadvertently saved him nothing. Jeff fell right on top of his older brother, sending the two superstars down in a a pile of broken table. Ashley's trouble didn't stop there. Kendall Cena, best friend to Jeff Hardy, came into the ring from the crowd, and chased Ashley around the ring, up the ramp and into the back stage area for her interference. The two would show up again at the end of the match where Kendall and Jeff delivered a swanton bomb to both Ashley and Matt Hardy. Jeff got the three count, proving that he was the luckier and better Hardy boy."

"With the injuries that Jeff sustained during his match with his brother, many of us wondered how he would fare in the later match against DX or if he would even be allowed to participate. As we learned later that night, a challenge had been issued by DX and none of The Crew members were ones to backdown from a challenge, including Jeff Hardy. He went against medical advice and showed up for the match, bandaged and limping, but ready to bring it. The question now was would Jeff's injuries hinder The Crew's possibility of winning against Degeneration-X? Well, we were all about to find out."

"They are the two longest running factions in the history of the WWE and have been enemies since day one. As we saw at Absolution, DX and The Crew took every possible chance to fight with one another. The first was early on in the night when Raw's Trish Stratus competed in a triple threat match against ECW's Victoria and Smackdown's Ivory, for the title of Best Female Superstar. It was a grueling match between the three divas who all have thier own history with eachother. In the end, Trish Stratus was able to defeat both ECW's hardcore diva and Smackdown's most experienced diva, to win her title of WWE's Best Female Superstar."

"Trish's victory celebration did not last long, however. The female members of DX, Lita, Chyna and Stephanie McMahon attacked Trish from behind and triple teamed the former six time women's champion. The four were quickly joined by Kendall Cena and Maria, Trish's team mates and the ladies began an all out brawl. A few minutes later, the male members of both DX and The Crew had surrounded the ring, and we were getting a preview of what would take place later that night. Both sides were seperated by officials and security, but it would not be the last time they met before thier big match."

"Thirty minutes later, the females of DX and The Crew met again in the Best Tag Team over the top rope battle royal. Kendall Cena paired with Trish Stratus to face Lita and Chyna and you can be assured, winning the match was furthest from thier mind. They entered the match for one purpose and one purpose only. They found a way to legally fight eachother and they were going to take it. Trish Stratus and Kendall Cena eliminated Lita and Chyna by throwing them both over the top rope. The Hardy's, Rock and Mick Foley then eliminated the female Crew members, but Trish and Kendall didn't seem to mind. They'd come here to give the DX females a taste of what to expect, and they did."

"The last confrontation before the big match up, was during the Best Brand match. Superstars from ECW, RAW and Smackdown competed in a royal rumble to determine which WWE Brand was the best. After thirty minutes of fighting, RAW won the title when John Cena and Triple H, of all people, teamed together to eliminate The Great Khali. The Raw superstars should have been celebrating, but they weren't. DX and The Crew were squared off in the center of the ring. The two team's respective leaders, John Cena and Triple H started this round of fighting and soon, the women ran down the ramp to join in. Once again, the two groups had to be seperated by officials and security."

"If you thought the drama stopped there, you couldn't be more wrong. Seconds before the match was scheduled to begin, Vince McMahon came out on stage with an announcement that shocked not only the fans, but the superstars as well. Mr. McMahon banned The Rock and Mick Foley from ringside because of thier close relationship to the members of The Crew. Furthermore, Mr. McMahon stated that if Rock and Mick Foley interefered, The Crew would be disqualifed and DX would win. He didn't stop there either. He later went on to say that if The Rock and Mick Foley refused to leave....The Crew would be forced to forfeit the match. While unhappy with thier choices, The Rock and Mick Foley did leave the ring area, but not without a few choice words to the WWE Chairman. Take a look."

~Clip Starts~

"Let The Rock get this straight, Vince McMahon. You want The Rock n' Sock Connection to vacate the arena because you think Mick Foley and The Rock are going to interfere in the match between DX and The Crew?" Rock asked.

Vince nodded. "Yes...I think you..."

"It doesn't matter what you think!" The Rock interupted. "You don't seem to understand who we have in this match, Vince McMahon. So..The Rock is going to remind you."

Rock pointed to DX. "In one corner you have a 95 year old Keebler elf (Ric), a heart breaking hippie(HBK), a 7ft diapered crybaby (Brock), a man who thinks he's a video game (Triple H), a she-male robot(Chyna), a ten cents will get you ten minutes company whore(Lita), and The Rock's personall favorite...your two dollar slut for a daughter (Steph)!"

The Rock pointed to The Crew. "And in the other corner, you have a marine (John); a guarneteed stratusfaction chick-kicker (Trish), an animal (Batista), a legend killer (Randy), a high flying bomber (Jeff) and not one but two of the most electrifying superstars on the WWE roster... a hardcore diva....the people's sister (Maria) and a small but lethal stick of dynomite...the people's neice (Kendall)!"

" So, let The Rock make one thing crystal clear to you, Vince McMahon. The Crew does not need Mick Foley's help, The Rock's help, your help or help from any other jabroni in the back to beat the likes of DX! One by damn one, The Crew will shine thier boots up real nice, turn them sideways and stick it straight up DX's candy asses!"

"The Rock isn't gonna cause The Crew to forfeit. Mick Foley and The Rock are gonna walk up the people's ramp...just like this." Rock said as he and Mick started up the ramp.

"And if Vince McMahon is still on the people's stage when The Rock and Mick Foley gets there, The Rock n' Sock Connection is gonna take this microphone and stick it straight up his candy ass!"

Hearing that, Vince fled off the stage and into the back. Rock and Mick paused at the top of the ramp, looked back over the crowd. Rock struck his legendary pose, the people's brow lifted and said one final sentence.

"If you smeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell what The Rock is cookin!"
~Clip Ends~

"With The Rock and Mick Foley vacated from the area, the match got underway. One by one, members of both teams were eliminated until only Kendall Cena and John Cena remained for The Crew and Triple H and Stephanie McMahon remained for DX. Triple H knocked the WWE Champion unconscious while Kendall eliminated Stephanie McMahon. With her father out of commission, Kendall had no choice but to fight The Game."

"The youngest Crew member took a lot of punishment from Triple H, but surprisingly showed some resilience, kicking out for a total of three times during her fight with Triple H. John Cena regained consciousness near the end of the match causing The Game to focus his attention on the older Cena. The very resourceful Kendall Cena used her father's distraction to her advantage and set The Game up to bring the match back in her favor."

"The young superstar surised Triple H with her own version of Mick Foley's Mister Socko, The Rock's Rock Bottom...a combination of The people's elbow and the 'you can't see me' five knuckle shuffle and then hit The game with her own move, The Cenasation. In a surprising end to this match, Kendall was able to stun Triple H long enough to get the three count, winning the match for The Crew."

"While this match was supposed to prove who the most dominating and feircest organization in the WWE was, it did little to stop the fued between the two groups. Take a look at what happened just after Kendall pinned Triple H and you'll see what I mean."

~ Clip Starts~
"Kendall's done it! She beat Triple H! The Crew has just beaten DX!" J.R. exclaimed.

"Hey wait a minute! That's Shawn Michaels! And Brock Lesner! DX is in the ring! Kendall get out of there!" King cried.

Kendall jolted as the ref raised her injured arm in victory. She climbed the ropes, her back towards the ring and raised her left arm for the crowd. She hopped down and turned by was met by something she never expected. The members of DX had sifted through the crowd and stood in the ring behind the youngest Crew member. When Kendall turned, HBK's big ass foot connected with her chin and she sank to the mat.

When the ref tried to interefere, Brock Lesner tossed him out of the ring. Ric Flair came forward next winding Kendall up in a figure four leg lock. Kendall's leg exploded into pain and she screamed. DX laughed as Ric let the Champ's daughter fall back to the ground. Triple H was back on his feet and he and Brock held Kendall up, while Stephanie came forward, grabbed Kendall's cheeks with her hand and started trash talking. Kendall had enough fire left in her to spit in Steph's face. Steph gasped in outrage and Kendall's cheek exploded in paid as Stephanie's palm connected with it.

"This is wrong...someone needs to stop this!" J.R. said.

The official had gotten back up on the apron, trying to reason with the members of DX. Shawn Michaels landed a fist to the ref's head and the striped jersey fell back off the apron and onto the arena floor. Lita grabbed Kendall's hair and slammed her face into the mat. The male DX members held Kendall down as Lita, Chyna and Stephanie took turns stomping on Kendall's injured shoulder and arm.

After a few minnutes they let her go and Kendall hugged her arm to her chest, her body screaming in pain. Three more officials had run down the ramp to interfere in DX's humliation party. Brock and Ric Flair got rid of the referees before they even had a chance to step all the way into the ring.

Triple H gathered Kendall's hand in his hair and pulled her up, pulling her head between his knees. He yanked her arms behind her back and gave her a pedigree. The crowd bood as Brock Lesner landed a kick to Kendall's ribs. Kendall curled in half, gasping for air. She had felt and heard a crack when the gian'ts boot came down on her chest.

"That girl has had enough! There's no reason to do this! She's had enough Triple H!" J.R. said.

Brock laughed. DX wasn't done. John was slowly starting to his feet, and seeing his daughter in the middle of the ring surrounded by DX, he jumped up onto the apron. Shawn Michaels and Triple H knocked him back down and the three started to fight outside the ring as Brock lifted Kendall high above his head. He turned towards John, gave him an evil smile and dropped the champ's daughter with an F-5. Kendall lay unmoving in the center of the ring. Brock looked down with a sinister smile as the three DX divas once again started kicking Kendall injured ribs and arm.

"It's The Rock! The Rock has come to save his neice!" J.R. said. "Kick thier candy ass Rock!"

"It's Trish and Jeff too! All the members of The Crew are coming along with Mick Foley!" King exclaimed.

The crowd went ballistic as The Rock came running out onto stage and down the ramp. He was closely followed by Mick Foley and the rest of The Crew. Maria and Kendall attacked Lita and Chyna knocking them both over the top rope and out of the ring. Batista and Rocky went for Brock, pushing him back with punches to the head. Rock gave him a clothesline over the top rope and Brock joined Lita and Chyna at the bottom of the ramp.

Mick Foley had taken on The Nature Boy, Ric Flair and tossed the older man out of the ring towards the other members of DX. Jeff had hobbled down the ramp and went straight for Stephanie McMahon. Stephanie had split before Jeff had even reached her. Randy had run around to help John. John was back on his feet and the two of them gave Triple H and Shawn Michaels a taste of thier own medicine. Triple H and Shawn Michaels soon found themselves up with the other members of DX.

John, Trish and Jeff surrounded Kendall, who was laying still in the middle of the ring. All the other members of The Crew along with The Rock and Mick Foley, were pacing back and forth in the ring, issuing threats towards the DX superstars. DX said nothing, just looked on with a smug smile on thier lips and a laugh at the damage they had caused to the youngest member of The Crew.

"Kendall Cena in the middle of the ring, unmoving. Her family came to help, but the damage had already been done by DX."

The footage cuts to Kendall being taken out of the ring area on a stretcher, furious and concerned family and friends beside her. John and Trish climb into the ambulance and help load thier daughter in the back. Rock shuts the door of the ambulance, and taps it twice as the ambulance drives away.

~ Clip Ends~

"Kendall was taken to the nearest hospital and treated by the best doctors in the area. We've been told that Kendall gained consciousness on the way to the hospital. Some of the obvious injuries Kendall sustained at thehands of DX, was a mild concussion, fractured ribs and a dislocated shoulder. Testing for internal injuries is still being evaluated, but we will update you as soon as possible."

"While the health and physical wellness of Kendall Cena is on everyone's top priority, all of us can't help but wonder what's going to happen now. Will Degeneration-X continue it's assult on The Crew, picking off one team member at a time until The Crew is just a memory? Will Kendall be coming back to the WWE or was her short career ended by DX. We don't know."

"What we do know....DX crossed the line and The Crew won't let them get away with it."

A few hours after Absolution.......

Upon getting to the hospital, Kendall had been checked out by the emergency room physicians and given pain meds. It had taken almost two complete hours for all the testing to be done, but when it was finally over, Kendall fell asleep with the help of a sleep aid.

A few hours later, the doctor explained his findings and suggested a course of action to John and Trish. When the doctor left, Trish went to call John's parents and Braedyn. She had just left when Jeff re-entered the room. He had just gotten done with a doctor tending to his own injuries.

"The doctor just left...." John began.

Jeff nodded. "Yeah, I uh...ran into him in the hallway."

John nodded. "So...what about you?"

Jeff gave a small smile. "Oh..just a few bruised ribs. Nothing to sweat over."

Trish came back in the room a few minutes later. "Braedyn was worried when she watched the show, but I talked to her..she's better. Also...the nurse asked if we could um....get rid of the family members in the waiting room. Apparently they're scaring some of the other patients."

All of DX, along with the rest of The Crew were in the waiting room. Mick Foley, The Rock and Lillian were there as well, as well as J.R., King and Vince and Stephanie McMahon. They all stood up, looking up as Jeff, John and Trish entered the waiting area.

"So...what's the verdict?" Vince asked.

"She's got a mild concussion. Since she blacked out for a few moments in the ring, the doctor's are gonna keep her here overnight under abservation. She also has a couple of busted ribs....but..they should heal up just fine in a couple months." Trish said.

John nodded, continuing. "Her shoulder is going to require surgery, though. Aside from being dislocated, she injured tore part of the glenoid socket in her shoulder. We're flying out tomorrow night. Her doctor will do the surgery the following day, and then she'll go through physical therapy at home."

Brock stepped forward. "John...I'm so sorry."

John shook his head. "Brock...it happens. Stop beating yourself up over it. Besides, Kendall will do more than enough of that when she gets back in the ring." he said with a smile.

Stephanie cleared her throat. "So...speaking of that...what's her timeline?"

John gave a sad smile. "Well, with all the injuries she sustained....the surgery and therapy..... we're looking at at least four months before she can start training again...and another two at the least before she can get back in the ring full time."

Three weeks later........

Kendall slowly opened her eyes and glanced around. She had fallen asleep in John's oversized chair out in the living room with the television going. Her head tilted as the door opened and Jeff walked in. Almost immediately her mouth begain to water from the aroma of food.

"Hey Cornflakes. Good or bad today?" he said setting the bag of food on the coffee table.

"Hey Fruit Loops. Today is a good day...I'm in a good mood." Kendall said. Jeff laughed. Kendall may be a great daughter, a great sister, a great friend, a great announcer and the best wrestler.....but she was a horrible patient. She hated feeling so helpless and she made her feelings known to you on a daily basis.

Kendall gave Jeff a smile, then eyed the bag of food. "That for me?"

Jeff laughed, nodded then kissed her lips softly. "How you feeling today, baby?"

Kendall smiled. "Better now, thank you. And as much as I like kissing you, ...I'd like my Chinese Food better."

Jeff chuckled. Kendall was a one track mind when food was around, especially Chinese, her favorite. Jeff handed her a carton and some chopsticks, took a carton for himself and the two sat on the couch, digging into thier lunch.

"So, where is everyone?" Jeff asked, forking in another mouthful.

"Mom and Dad took Braedyn to the movies. Uncle Dwayne was here earlier, but he and Lillian had to take the twins in for thier well baby check up. Did you hear about Absolution?" Kendall asked.

Jeff smiled, nodding. "According to Vince, it was second to Wrestlemania. You did good, Cornflakes."

Kendall laughed, then groaned, placing a hand on her ribs.

"Still hurts?" Jeff asked. Kendall nodded. "Yeah, but they're getting better. a few more weeks and they'll be good as new. How about yours?"

Jeff lifted his shirt revealing unbandaged ribs. "Healed up just fine, Cornflakes."

Kendall smiled, then looked up as Jeff cleared his throat. "Kendall...I've been thinking...maybe...maybe you shouldn't go back in the ring. I mean next time could be worse."

Kendall's smile faltered and she looked away. Her dad had already tried having this conversation with her. "Don't start, Jeff."

Jeff frowned and looked away. Kendall sighed and made him look at her. "Look....I knew what the risks were when I started training. We all did. I wanted to wrestle more than anything, and I still do. One little injury isn't going to prevent me from stepping inside that ring, talking smack and kicking ass."

"It wasn't a little injury, Kendall. You had surgery." Jeff said.

Kendall shook her head. "Jeff...this was my first injury. It won't be my last...and it probably won't be the worst. It's a chance I'm willing to take, with or without everyone's approval. You wouldn't let this injury stop you from getting back in there, Jeff. How can you expect me to?"

Jeff looked at her, then sighed. He knew she was right. "Alright....I won't bring it up again. Just...please promise me...you'll be careful....really really careful."

Kendall gave him a mischevious smile. "I'll be as careful as you. Promise."

Jeff groaned. "Oh Lord...you're doomed." he said and Kendall giggled.

"So...Mike stopped by yesterday." Kendall said slowly.

Jeff stilled. "Really? What did he want?"

"He just stopped by to see how I was doing...I guess he saw the show on television." Kendall said taking another bite of food.

Jeff relaxed, joinging her in eating. "Oh...well that was nice of the guy."

Kendall nodded, saying non chalantly. "Yeah....he figured that since I was gonna be home for awhile, that you know...we could try again."

Jeff looked up. "What?!"

Kendall shrugged, hiding a smile. "I of course said no."

Jeff frowned. "You had better of said no!"

She lifted her eyes to Jeff, put thier food on the coffee table and leaned over, placing a kiss to his cheek.

"Don't worry, Fruit Loops.....I've already found the one I want to wait for." she said, with another kiss to his lips.

Jeff relaxed, his hands intertwining in her hair as he returned her kiss. He leaned back after a moment and smiled.

"I like it when you do that..." he whispered as he carefully pulled Kendall onto his lap. His fingers reached out, catching her gently under her chin and leading her face in closer for another kiss. At the end, a breathless and excited Kendall, leaned close to whisper in his ear.

"I like it when you do that..."

As the couple went for another kiss, they both stopped short, turning thier heads towards the window. A car door had just slammed shut outside. Kendall saw her dad getting out of the car.

"Dad's home." she said.

Kendall and Jeff were seated on opposite ends of the couch, munching on thier lunch when Trish, John and Braedyn walked in. Braedyn immediately went over to the two, sat between them and started stealing bites from both thier boxes. Chinese happened to be her favorite too.

"Hey! At least get a fork or something!" Jeff complained. Braedyn grinned, and snatched Jeff's chopsticks from his fingers.

John and Trish laughed and Jeff looked to Kendall for help. Kendall shrugged, trying to hold in her laughter and failing.

"Hey..Vince called." John said.

Kendall and Jeff looked up. "What's up?" Kendall asked.

"He is sending a camera crew down here later in the week to film a message from you. They want to show it on Raw next week."

One Month After ABsolution- Monday Night Raw......................... J.R. speaking.

"Ladies and Gentleman.......what an exciting night we have had so far tonight. Brock Lesner beat Jeff Hardy to become the new Intercontinental Champion. Lita retained her title in a triple threat match against Beth Phoenix and Trish Stratus. And just moments ago, John Cena was able to keep his title by pinning Triple H. As you can imagine, the waters between DX members and Crew members have reached almost a boiling point. This was supposed to have ended four weeks ago, at Absolution when Kendall Cena, the WWE Champion's daughter and the youngest member of The Crew, covered Triple H and won the match. However, after the ref raised her hand in victory, Kendall's celebration was cut short, by a viscious and unneccessary attack from DX. "

A short clip of Kendall's attack at Absolution played, ending with footage of her being loaded into the ambulance.

"Kendall suffered multiple rib fractures, a concussion and underwent a very serious operation to repair the damage done to her shoulder. We were able to catch up with her at her house where Jonathon Coachman, sat down and interviewed the young superstar."

~Clip starts~

"Ladies and Gentleman, I am Jonathon Coachman and with me is Kendall Cena who, four weeks ago, was brutally and visciously attacked by the members of DX after pinning Triple H at Absolution. Kendall thank you for agreeing to meet with me." Coach said.

Kendall smiled. "Thank you for coming."

"Let me first say, for the amount of serious injuries you sustained at the hands of DX, you're looking pretty good. How are you feeling now compared to how you felt at Absolution?"

"First...thank you. I am feeling better. I had a lot of injuries from DX at Absolution. I had a concussion, a dislocated shoulder, a tear in my glenoid socket in my shoulder which had to be operated on and I had bruising along my ribs and several cracked ribs. I won't lie..I was in bad shape...but it happens...you let the doctor's do what needs to get done, you heal and you move on." Kendall said.

"I had the surgery, I've been going to physical therapy and in a few weeks I'll start retraining my body so that I can get back in the ring as soon as possible." she said with a smile.

Coach nodded. "We've received thousands of letters and emails in support of you. How has it been dealing with the fans?"

"The fans are amazing! I get emails and cards sent everyday. They are so great and so loyal...it's amazing and I'm just so excited and happy that they want me to come back. I appreciate all that they've done, all the support from them..and I promise to come back and perform for them as soon as I'm able." Kendall said.

"If you havent' been watching Raw, your fellow Crew mates have certainly been dishing out as punishment to DX on your behalf. What is your thoughts on that?" Coach asked.

Kendall nodded. "I have been watching. A lot of people thinkg that The Crew might be going overboard, but I think you have to remember one thing...the members of The Crew aren't just some superstars I've befriended. They aren't just people I work with on a weekly basis. They're family. The Crew is my dad, my mom, my uncles, my godfather and my best friend. Their actions, I think, are expected and understandable."

"I know that your focus right now is on recovering, as it should be. I have to ask though...with the rivalry between DX and The Crew, and the injuries you sustained by the hands of DX....out of all the things DX has done to you, your family, your team mates.....is retaliation against DX for all that they've put you through and your family through...is retalliation at all in your thoughts?

"Absolutely. I'm a Cena....Cena's get mad...and then we get even. I don't know what's going to happen or when it will happen, but something will, I guarentee it. DX is always in the back of my mind. The thoughts of making them suffer as much as they made me suffer is always there. It has been since day one and it will continue to be there until I get back in the ring with them."

"And if you could send a message to DX, what would it be?" Coach asked.

Kendall paused then narrowed her eyes. "As for DX, I only have one thing to say. Paybacks a bitch. What The Crew is doing to you now is nothing compared to what's going to be done when I get back. DX....I'm coming back and I'm coming back big."

~Clips Ends~

"Well there you go folks. An update from Kendall Cena, the youngest WWE superstar, as well as a message of thanks to her fans and a warning to DX. Kendall is scheduled to return in five months, after her injuries have healed. And let me just say this...When Kendall Cena says she's coming back, and she's coming back big....she means it. DX...watch your backs.""

Three months later - Monday Night Raw

It was the event that had caused a split in the McMahon family. The event? Stephanie McMahon's second wedding to Hunter Hearst Helmsley. Linda, Vince and Shane had refused to show up for the event, unwilling to support to the youngest McMahon. Why? Upon completion of the ceremony, Stephanie planned on handing over her shares of the WWE to her new husband, Triple H. And in just a few moments, the preacher would mutter the one line that sealed the deal.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife...."

The following week on Raw........

Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, Chyna Lita, Brock Lesner, Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels came down to the ring. Hunter immediately took a mic and began to speak.

"In case you don't know...when Steph and I married....she signed her shares over to me...which means...I have the control! I make the decisions! I'm making changes!" Hunter said. Steph elbowed him and Hunter rolled his eyes, then corrected himself. "We are making changes."

Steph nodded and looked around at the fans. "First off, we want to switch things around a little. William Regal, Vickie Guerrero and Armando Estrada...come on out." Steph said. The three general managers came out and stood tensly by the ring. Stephanie looked down at them.

"You get to make a choice. Join DX or get the hell out." she snapped. Armando Estrada immediately joined DX while Vickie and William Regal stood outside the ring, unmoving. They each had a mic in thier hand.

"Stephanie, Triple H...I don't work for you. I don't even work for your father. I work for your mother, Linda McMahon." Vickie said, then dropped the mic and headed up the ramp, disappearing backstage.

Regal shook his head, frowning and spoke. "I would love nothing better than to stay and see your marriage fail yet again, Triple H and Stephanie, but I don't have the energy, nor the time to do so. Consider these two words my final decision. I quit."

With that William Regal waved goodbye to the fans and retreated backstage, leaving a stunned Stephanie in the ring. Hunter shook her arm, snapping her out of the surprise.

"Forget about him. Okay, now.....we need Undertaker, Kane, Matt Hardy and all the members of The Crew to come join us out at the ring." Stephanie said.

The Crew, Matt Hardy, Undertaker and Kane all walked out together and climbed into the ring, looking on suspisciously. Hunter smirked and took up the mic, gesturing to The Crew members.

"If you haven't noticed....one of the Crew members isn't here. Kendall Cena is scheduled to return in two months, but....she won't be. I am hereby suspending Kendall Cena indefinitely." he said.

John Cena laughed at that, grabbing a mic. "Triple H.....Kendall don't answer to you. And she don't answer to that slut you call wife. She's coming back in two months and just like at Absolution, she's gonna lay your ass out.

Triple H glared at John. "She won't if she knows what's good for her."

Undertaker, shook his head and grabbed the mic from John. "Enough! Kendall aint' here right now. We are. What the hell do you want Hunter?"

"Well, Taker, we said we wanted to switch things up. Mr. Kennedy, Carlito and Santino Marella have all been traded to Smackdown. You, Kane and Matt Hardy have all been traded to Raw." Hunter said with a glare.

Undertaker and Kane looked at eachother and shrugged. They didn't care which show they were on. Matt and Jeff looked at eachother and clasped hands, happy that the brothers would be back in action again. Stephanie saw and smiled evilly.

"Yeah..be excited that you have your brother, Jeff...because what you won't have is the rest of The Crew. Randy and Trish will be joining Smackdown. Which means, Trish, since you're leaving Raw....you'll need to relinquish the Women's Championship, which will revert back to the former champion, Lita."

Trish's mouth dropped open and she narrowed her eyes at the youngest McMahon. Trish had just won the women's title from Lita last week, before the Helmsley-McMahon wedding. She'd only had it a week, and now she had to give it up because she was being traded by some two-bit ho and her husband?! Trish opened her mouth to speak, but was stopped as Triple H began to speak.

"Trish won't be the only one going to Smackdown. Batista...you'll be staying on Raw with Maria." he said with a smile. Batista glared at Triple H, but didn't move or say a word. Stephanie turned to John.

"That leaves you, John. You will be going to ECW. Because of this...John you will be relinquishing your WWE Championship." she said with a smirk.

John leaned back against the ropes, with a smirk of his own. His arms opened wide, inviting the group to come and take it from him if they though they could. The crowd cheered and Stephanie and Triple H glared at him.

Undertaker, sensing a brawl ready to break out, cleared his throat, glaring at Triple H. "You called us out here to tell us we're coming to Raw? I don't buy it. So why don't you stop your little tirade and get to the point. What the hell do you want with me and Kane?"

Triple H turned his attention to Batista, Maria, Matt, Jeff, Undertaker and Kane. "You want to know what I want? Fine...you four will be staying on Raw. I'm asking you the same question I asked them." he said pointing to J.R., Vickie and King.

"Will you submit to our rule and become members of DX?" Hunter asked. The six superstars looked at eachother, then looked at Triple H, and answered unanimously.

"Hell no!"

Triple H spit out curses towards the six and Stephanie's mouth dropped open.

"Let me introduce you to a couple of friends, the new general managers of ECW, Smackdown and Raw...Road Dogg Jesse James, X-Pac and Badd Ass Billy Gunn!"

Music hit and the three friends mentioned came out on stage and got into the ring, with part of the crowd cheering for the DX alumni. The crowd hissed and let The Game know they did not agree with that decision. Undertaker and Kane shook thier heads at the decision, and Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy tensed beside the Brothers of Destruction. Triple H turned to them.

"And you six....you guys are competing tonight! It will be Batista vs Maria in a hardcore match! Undertaker vs. Kane and Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy in a You're Fired match!" Hunter snarled.

The two sets of brothers looked at eachother, then turned a hardened glare on Triple H. Batista and Maria look at eachother, then glared at Triple H. They all took a step forward intending on beating his ass when Vince McMahon's music came on. Everyone looked up seeing Vince, Linda and Shane come out on stage.

"Before you go asserting your newfound power with the WWE superstars, Triple H....I have something I need to address. A few weeks ago....a video addressed to Shane, Linda and myself, showed up at the office. I'd like to show it now." Vince said as the video began.

A video clip started with Hunter and Shawn talking backstage. Hunter was telling Shawn that the only reason he was marrying Stephanie was to get his hands on her shares of the WWE. When the clip stopped, Hunter and Stephanie smirked at Kendall.

"Guys...I already know about that..." Stephanie interupted.

Shane held up a hand to quiet his sister. "Just wait Steph....it gets better."

~Clip restarts~

"So...that's our plan then."

The voice of Stephanie McMahon came on the screen, and the camera moved to a better angle to capture both Stephanie and Triple H in the shot.

Triple H nodded. "That's the plan. We marry, I get your shares, you run to Shane....Shane comes after me...I'll challenge him to a match...winner takes shares. I'll win, get control of his shares, you both run to Daddy ...Vince will challenge me for the shares, I'll win the match and then, you and I, Steph, will have control over the WWE."

The camera slowly zoomed out to show that the footage of Hunter and Steph was playing on a small television inside an office. Shane, Vince, Linda and another gentleman, no one had seen before were in the room watching it. After it ended, Shane reached over, turning the tape off and back in his chair, completely dumbstruck.

"I can't beleive she plans on taking over the company....especially with him." Shane said. "I don't know what to do...."

"Well...we can't let it happen, Shane." Vince said. Shane nodded in agreement.

"Well...we do have one option...it's just...it's a hard decision to make." Linda said, with an apologetic smile at the lawyer.

The lawyer nodded. "I understand that this is going to be a tough decision. You know why my client sent this and you know what my client proposes. I can give you a couple days to think it over, if you need it."

Shane thought for a moment, then shook his head and looked at his parents. "We need to do this, Dad. It's a good plan and I trust his client. Well, I trust his client more than Triple H, anyways." Shane sighed. "I'm in if you two are in."

Linda and Vince looked at eachother and then slowly both nodded. "Alright....if this is the only way to protect ourselves from them, then...we're in." Vince said.

All three signed the papers in front of them, then Vince slid them over to the lawyer.

"Tell your client.....it's a deal."

~Clip Ends~

As the clip ended, Triple H and Stephanie, looked at eachother in confusdion then stared at Vince. So did everyone else. This wasn't part of the storyline that everyone in the ring knew. It wasn't uncommon for that to happen, and for now, the only thing they could do was roll with it and see where it lands.

"After seeing that video...we knew that we had to stop you. We knew that we had to do anything we could to protect the company from your clutches." Shane said.

Linda nodded. "In order to do that....we did the only thing we could think of. We sold our shares of the company."

"What?! You sold your shares? To who?" Stephanie demanded, in shock.

Vince gave his daughter a sinister smile. "To the one person that would never let you have them!"

"Ladies and gentlemen, let's take you back to just a few moments ago, when the WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, his wife LInda and son Shane, came out to deliver a mind blowing announcement." J.R. said

~Clip Starts~
Linda nodded. "We sold our shares of the company."

"What?! You sold your shares? To who?" Stephanie demanded, in shock.

Vince gave his daughter a sinister smile. "To the one person that would never let you have them!"

Fans were on thier feet in a standing ovation, screaming the person's name as the music hit. Vince, Shane and Linda saluted Triple H and Stephanie, giving them a smug smile and departed the stage as the new owner of the WWE came out on stage. Every superstar in the ring dropped thier jaw when they saw who it was. The new WWE owner looked around, letting thier gaze stop on DX. The mic was lifted, and the new owner spoke.

"Finally.....The Rock is owner of the W...W....E!"

~Clip Ends~

"The Rock is the new co-owner of the WWE. The Rock has beat Triple H and Stephanie McMahon at thier own game! I can't beleive it!" King exclaimed.

J.R. nodded. "The Rock has bought all the shares from Vince, Linda and Shane McMahon. He now owns 75% of the WWE. All I can say is.....Thank God!"

"I won't stand for this! Rock, you are not the owner of the WWE! It's a mistake!" Stephanie screached.

"Rock...I swear if this is true....I will find a way to...." Triple H was cut off by Rock.

"The Rock says know your role and shut your mouth! They are chanting The Great One's name..."

The people's brow rose, as Rock took a deep breath and let the crowd's chanting wash over him. Triple H stomped a foot and paced inside the ring. After the chanting died down, The Rock lifted his mic and addressed the superstars in the ring.

"Triple H, Stephanie McMahon......you say it's a mistake...you say the WWE doesn't have a new owner...Well let The Rock make one thing crystal clear to the two of you. The WWE does indeed have a new owner. And it's the jabroni beating, pie eating, trail blazing, eye brow raising, death-da-fying, electrifying people's champ...The Rock!"

Rock stopped as the people chanted his name. Then he looked down at DX.

"Triple H, Stephanie...you two came out and ran your mouth...saying you wanted to make some changes. Well The Rock says he has some changes of his own."

Rock crossed to the opposite end of the stage. "You say Randy Orton, the legend killer will leave Raw and go to Smackdown. You say Trish Stratus, the WWE Women's Champion will forfeit her title and follow Randy to Smackdown. You say John Cena, the WWE Champion, will forfeit his title and move to ECW. You say, you say, you say...Well the Rock says it doesn't matter what you say! Trish Stratus and John Cena will not be forfeiting thier titles and they, along with Randy Orton will be staying right here on Raw!"

The Rock paused as the crowd cheered that proclomation. Triple H looked mad enough to spit nails and he glowered at the people's champion.

"Triple H you say that version one, Matt Hardy has been traded to Raw. You say that the Dead Man...The Undertaker has been traded to Raw. You say that Kane...the big red machine has been traded to Raw. And you say, Triple H, that you've suspended Kendall Cena, the people's neice. Well, The Rock says Matt Hardy, The Undertaker and Kane will stay on Raw, take Kendall Cena's suspension, turn it sideways and stick it straight up your candy ass!"

Matt, Undertaker and Kane turned, taking a threatening step towards the billion dollar princess and her husband. The rest of the DX members came to stand beside Triple H. Seeing that, members of the Crew lined up beside Raw's three new superstars. The two sides were nose to nose, staring the other down.

"Woah, woah, woah, woah, woah....The Rock's not done! The Rock couldn't help but notice the tension between a certain legend and a certain legend killer. So The Rock thought what better way to relieve that tension than toget inside the ring and have a match, right here tonight in Little Rock?!"

Randy smiled, picturing where this was going. Shawn, shook his head, stood on the top rope and protested. The Rock smiled as the fans cheered for it. Rock smiled, thoroughly enjoying the growing anger coming from DX. Shawn and Triple H were pacing, cursing him up and down and sideways.

"Wait...wait...it gets better. Shawn Michaels will not be the only one in a match tonight. No, no, no, no, no! The Rock says that tonight, Brock Lesner, you will put your title on the line in a match against a 300 pound wall of steel...against an animal..against Batista!"

Batista smiled, rubbing a fist into his palm, while Brock shook his head, angry at having to be in a match. He joined Triple H and Shawn in pacing up and down the ring. Rock couldn't hold back a grin and after the cheering quieted, he turned his attention on two of the DX girls.

"Lita, Chyna...you say you want a title shot. You say you've earned it. Well the Rock says...you're right. You have earned it. The Rock's a fair guy, so tonight you two will be in a match."

Lita and Chyna smiled, assuming they were getting thier title shot and started mouthing off to Trish who gave it back just as bad. The Rock held up a hand.

"The Rock's not done. See, The Rock knows that there are two other divas who have earned the right for a title shot, and tonight they're going to be in a match just like you. But it won't be against Trish Stratus...no, no, no! Tonight we will hold a Fatal 4-way #1 Contender's match; Lita vs. Chyna vs. Maria vs. Beth Pheonix. The winner will go on to face Trish Stratus next week for the WWE Women's Championship!"

Lita and Chyna's mouth dropped open at that, but they quickly recovered and the two girls went back to bad mouthing not only Trish, but now Maria as well. Trish and Maria had smiled at eachother upon hearing the announcement and as the DX girls starting jawing at them, they smacked right back. Rock waited for the cheers to die down once more before turning back to Triple H.

"Triple H, earlier tonight you asked The Undertaker and Kane a question; you asked Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy the same question. And when you didn't like the answer, you took it upon yourself to put them in a match. Brother against brother....losing brother gets fired. Well The Rock says this...tonight the two sets of brothers will compete in a match tonight...but it won't be against eachother."

Rock paced to the other side of the stage before continuing. "No...The Great One says that tonight there will be an 8 person tag team match. In one corner you have Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy, The Hardy Boys......and thier tag team partner, The Undertaker and Kane...The Brothers of Destruction. And in the other corner you have DX's own, The Nature Boy Ric Flair, X-Pac, Road Dogg Jesse James and Bad Ass Billy Gunn!"

Road Dogg, X-Pac and Billy Gunn jumped on the ropes, spewing threats towards to The Rock. Ric Flair said nothing, but glared at his opponents. The two sets of brothers, stepped forward, standing side by side and simply set a hard ass kicking stare on the four DX members. As the cheering died down, The Rock held up a hand and looked specifically at Triple H.

"Now don't go getting all jealous, Triple H. The Rock didn't forget about you. The Rock knows you just got married last week on Raw. The Rock understands what it's like to be married....hell just look at The Rock's fine ass wife over there. " The Rock gifted Lillian with a smile, and a little pelvic thrust. "How you doing mama..."

Lillian grinned and blew him a kiss. The Rock chuckled. "Heh heh...lovin comes later, mama...Right now, The Rock's gotta take care of business."

Lillian laughed along with the fans and most of the superstars in the ring. The Rock turned back to Triple H.

"So The Rock understands, Triple H, what it's like to be married. He understands, husbands and wives like to talk together, dance together, eat pie and strudel together. Triple H, you're newly married. And in honor of your marriage...The Rock has planned something for tonight...that you...and your two dollar slut for a wife..can do together!"

Rock paused as the crowd cheered. Triple H looked ready to leap over the ropes and go after The Rock. The Rock glanced off the stage, over at a certain section and shook his head. "Hell no we don't want to see that slut eat strudel, you sick freak!"

Rock turned back to Triple H. "See tonight......tonight's main event is a very special main event. Tonight, Triple H...you and your wife will be competing in a mixed tag team match. But it won't be just any mixed tag team match...oh no...this will be a special husbands and wives tag team match. In one corner, it will be husband and wife Triple H and Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley. In the other corner, it will be husband and wife.....John Cena and Trish Stratus!"

John and Trish smirked at the announcement, while Stephanie looked at Triple H in disbelief. Triple H first threatened The Rock, then turned his anger towards the husband and wife champions. Trish and John took a step forward, not backing down. Once again, Rock kept peace by laying on one more announcement.

"Now The Rock has one final peice of business to conduct. Triple H....Stephanie, you two say that X-Pac, Road Dogg and Billy Gunn were the new WWE General Managers. Well The Rock says it doesn't matter what you say. The Rock brought his own general managers! The Rock says there is only one man qualified enough to run the hardcore branch, ECW. One man crazy enough..one man who can kick ass and talk trash better than any superstar on the ECW roster! The greatest hardcore legend of all time....Mick Foley!"

As the cheering erupted again, The Rock grinned and took a couple steps back, then continued.

"For Smackdown, The Rock knew he needed someone just as strong. Someone who could kick ass and talk trash with the best of them. Someone who could give the bottom line...The beer drinking, finger waving son of a bitch, Stone Cold Steve Austin!"

The crowd erupted once again as Steve came out on stage a beer in hand. He lifted the beer in one hand and the middle finger of his other in the air then drained the beer. The Rock took a couple steps to the side and began speaking again.

"The Rock found hardcore legend, Mick Foley, for ECW. The Rock found The Texas rattlesnake Stone Cold Steve Austin for Smackdown. Now The Rock needed to find someone for RAW. It couldn't be just any joe-schmoe from the back..no, no, no, no no! This person had to talk trash just as well as Mick Foley and Stone Cold. This person had to kick ass just as well as Mick Foley and Stone Cold. There was really only one person right for the job. Unfortunately, The Rock has a new multi-billion dollar company to run. He can't manage Raw. And if The Rock can't, then who can? "

Rock crossed to the other side of the stage as he talked. "It would have to be someone who talks trash just like The Rock. Someone who kicks ass just like The Rock. Someone who is electrifying just like The Rock. Someone who connects to the people just like The Rock. Someone just like The People's Champ himself. And suddenly, The Rock figured it out."

The Rock, slowed his pacing and smirked down at the DX members. "If you can't have The People's Champ...you get the next best thing....The People's Neice!"

The Crew, along with Matt Hardy, looked on in shock, but slowly the shock wore off and soon all seven superstars were grinning in disbeleif. Undertaker and Kane, tried really hard not to express any emotion, but if you looked closely you could see the corners of thier mouths slightly turned up. The crowd went ballistic, chanting Kendall's name as she walked out on stage, arm still in a sling. She lifted her good arm, waving to her fans, then looked down at the furious members of DX. When the chants died down, she brought the mic to her lips and addressed one DX member in particular.....Triple H.

"Ain't payback a bitch?"

Over the few months, Kendall acted as General Manager for Raw. Even though The Crew were family members, she refused to give them special favors and they didn't ask any of her. She was fair to everyone and for this reason, she was respected by the Raw superstars. Well, most of them anyway.

DX was still a continual pain in the ass, due mostly to Triple H. He refused to back down and so did Kendall. The straining tension between Triple H and Kendall had often lead to heated arguments and a few physical altercations. The altercations had slightly irritated Kendall's injured shoulder and Kendall was forced extend her time away from the ring in order to recover.

The following week on Raw, her arm back in a sling, Kendall relinquished her position of General Manager to her uncle, The Rock. Rock had tried to talk her out of it but she stood by her decision, telling him that altercations between her and Triple H would not stop until they got in the ring together. And she couldn't do that until she was fully healed. With no other choice, The Rock accepted her resignation as general manager. The following week, Hulk Hogan was named the new general manager of Raw.

Kendall trained harder than ever, wanting to come back bigger, better and badder than before. There were times where she thought she was so close she could taste it. Times where, at the end of the day, she wanted to hunt down Triple H and fight him then and there. And then there were times when she thought it would never happen, that she'd never get to the point where she could get back in the ring. She worked so hard, never complaining, and finally...nine months after Absolution, she got her wish.

It had taken more time to heal than everyone had expected because of additional injuries, but it had healed. And she did come back to Raw, bigger, badder and better....just like she promised. She hadn't told anyone her return date, not even her family. She wanted it to be a surprise. And although every single person in the locker room and in the audience were shocked at her sudden appearance, no one was more surprised than DX.


Clips from Kendall's return................

Brock laid Batista out with a third F-5 in a row. He knelt on the mat, then covered the animal for the cover. Batista miraculously kicks out, and Brock, stunned shot to his feet. While Brock argued with the ref, Batista slowly got to his feet. When Brock turned, Batista landed a foot to Brock's mid-section and the blonde giant went stumbling back into the referee. Brock regained his balance using the ropes as leverage, as the ref went down in pain. Batista and Brock exchange blows back and forth, but Brock is once again able to gain the upper hand and flattens Batista in a spine buster.

While Brock was busy landing kick after kick to Batista's ribs, Kendall ran through the crowd and lifted herself over the barricade. Brock's back was to her, and quickly she took the closest steel chair and slid into the ring. Without warning, Brock felt pain explode in his back from a chair shot. As he turned, Kendal struck again, connecting the chair to Brock's head. As Brock fell back, Kendall rolled Batista over so he was covering the DX giant, then slid herself out of the ring. The referee started the count, realizing Dave had a cover. After it was done, Kendall could be seen, slowly backing away through the crowd... a twisted smile on her face.

"Kendall hit Brock Lesner with a chair! Batista is the new Intercontinental Champion! Kendall Cena is back!"

Lita finished Mickie James off with a moonsault, then tiredly covered the girl. She got the three count and the referee lifted her arm in victory. Lita climbed on the ropes, celebrating her victory over Mickie James, but Lita's celebration was cut short. Kendall jumped over the retaining wall and slid into the ring behind the red head. As soon as Lita got down and started to turn, Kendall brought the red head down with a spear.

Kendall didn't stay long in the ring, and after a few seconds of looking at Lita, the young superstar slid out of the ring. Once again, Kendall slowly backed away amongst the fans, that same twisted little smile on her face.

Inside the ring, Jeff Hardy and Shawn Michaels were exchanging blows again. The match had been going on for nearly twenty minutes now, and both superstars were getting tired, but neither was giving up. Thier tag team partners, Matt Hardy and Ric Flair, weren't giving up either and were fighting on the outside of the ring. Kendall was hidden amongst the fans near the ramp area, waiting for the moment to attack.

HBK had just hit Jeff with a high kick to the chin and Ric Flair was busy at the opposite end of the ring, on the outside near the announcer's table, and was taken head first into the steal steps by Matt. The ref was bent halfway over between the top and middle ropes, trying to seperate the two on the outside. With the referee distracted and Shawn's back to her, Kendall slipped over the railing and slid into the ring. When Shawn's attention finally returned to Jeff, he turned around and was met by Kendall's boot.

"Kendall is back! She just gave Shawn Michael's his own 'sweet chin music'!" J.R. exclaimed.

"What is she doing? She just went under the ring!" King said.

As Shawn Michaels went flying back, Kendall slid back out of the ring and dove underneath it before the ref and Ric Flair saw. Jeff was slowly getting to his feet and he glanced around in confusion seeing Shawn Michaels on the mat. Jeff began to climb to the top rope for the swanton bomb. Ric Flair sent Matt shoulder first into the stairs and started his way around the ring towards Jeff.

Kendall peaked her head out from under the ring and glanced seeing Ric going after Jeff. Disappearing again, she tore across the space to the other side of the ring and just as Ric passed the announcers table, she stuck her leg out of the apron, making the nature boy trip and stumble forward. Kendall slid out from under the ring and grabbed one of the tag team title belts. When Ric regained his balance and turned around in confusion, Kendall slammed the belt against the vetran's head, knocking Flair off his feet.

During this time, Jeff had flown off, landing the swanton bomb and was covering Shawn Michaels. As the ref counted, Kendall snuck off intro the crowd once again, a twisted smile upon her face.

"Kendall Cena strikes again and because of it, Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy are the new WWE Tag Team Champions!"

Chyna swung Beth Phoenix into the turnbuckles, landing her against the ref. The ref went down and as Beth came stumbling out from the corner, Chyna lifted Beth Phoenix above her head. She tossed the younger female in the air and took a step forward, allowing Beth to fall front first into the mat. Kendall once again came from the crowd, slid into the ring and stood behind Chyna. When Chyna turned, Kendall landed a kick to Chyna's stomach, then grabbed the woman around her neck and pulled her down to the mat in a DDT.

Chyna rolled to her back in the mat, her eyes closed as the inside of her brain swished around. Kendall climbed to the top rope and did a backflip off it, landing on Chyna. Seeing the ref and Beth Pheonix start to stir, Kendall slid out of the ring and got back over the barricade. Beth crawled over to Chyna and got the cover. Once again, Kendall could be seen backing away into the sea of fans, that twisted smile on her face and her eyes never leaving the ring.

Triple H was talking with Brock, Chyna and Lita when the four of them were joined by Ric and Shawn. Triple H was the only one who hadn't suffered an attack at the hands of Kendall so far tonight. The six superstars began to walk down the hallway towards DX's dressing room.

"Hunter....you, not us, are at the top of her list. She could do a lot worse than just mess up your match tonight." Ric said.

As they came to DX's dressing room, Triple H sighed. "Look, I'll be extra careful okay? I'll keep a close eye out for her. I'm not worried."

When they let themselved into the dressing room, they were shocked by what they saw. It honestly looked like a brawl had taken place in their dressing room. Pictures that had been hung up were now crooked, some even broken on the floor. Lamps had been shattered and plants knocked over. The couch was knocked over with Stephanie McMahon laying on the floor behind it. When Triple H climbed over the couch and knelt beside his wife, he growled and told DX they were accompanying him down to the ring that night.

DX accompanied Triple H down to the ring for his match against The Undertaker. For once they didn't interfere in the match, but placed themselves around the ring, facing the audience. They figured since Kendall had come in through the crowd with all the others, she'd do the same with him and they weren't going to let that happen. It was nearing the end of the match and Kendall hadn't made an appearance yet. Triple H had split Undertaker's head open with the sledge hammer and was going for the cover. He would have gotten a three count too, if he hadn't been distracted by the arrival of some unwelcomed guests.

John, Trish, Randy, Maria, Dave and Jeff came out on stage and after a moment slowly started walking down the ramp. Triple H broke the count on his own, got to his feet and shouted for DX to move to the ramp. Triple H watched, his back turned to the audience, as all of DX lined up at the bottom of the ramp. During this time, Kendall had snuck through the crowd and slid into the ring behind Triple H. She had taken up his sledge hammer and was ready to use it. As he turned, she jamed it into his stomach and as he bent from impact she slammed it against his head and he went down.

"J.R.! Kendall just hit Triple H with his own sledgehammer!" King said.

Kendall slid out of the ring and dove underneath it just before DX noticed that thier leader was down in the ring. As DX slid into the ring and ran across it to Triple H, Kendall crawled underneath the ring in the opposite direction. Just as DX reached Triple H, Kendall slid out from under the ring, dressed in a new shirt and ran to the ramp. She met her team halfway up the ramp, and the group turned and looked back at the superstars in the ring. The rest of The Crew slid into place behind Kendall

Kendall closed her eyes, letting the sound of the chanting fans wash over her and then she snapped her eyes open. Together, all seven Crew members lifted thier fists and/or titles into the air, signifying that once again...The Crew was whole. Tonight had been about sending a message to DX. It was written on her shirt and it was only three powerful and promising words.

Payback's a Bitch.

Kendall's return had been a surprise for all the superstars and fans, but mostly for DX. It had been a calculated message for them, esecially Triple H. Kendall Cena was back...and she wanted payback. Two weeks later, she got her wish. DX and The Crew went for one final match at the pay-per-view, Vengeance. After a grueling 45 minutes, Kendall Cena finally got the pin on Triple H...1-2-3, just like before.

After that match, DX fell apart and within a few weeks, even Triple H and Shawn Michaels were fighting against eachother. With DX no longer there, The Crew stopped doing so many matches together. They would always be friends and would have eachothers back, but there simply wasn't reason to have such a large clique on Raw. The superstars mutually agreed not to get rid of The Crew completely, but put the faction on hold while they all focused on individual tracks.

In the following months, Kendall worked extra hard to establish herself as a permanent fixture in the WWE. She not only went down to the ring with Matt and Jeff as thier manager, but she also competed in matches of her own. She, along with Trish and Chyna competed in the King of the Ring. None of the females won, but the fact that they competed was a major victory for Kendall. She and Maria also competed against Brian Kendrick and Paul London in a tag team match and had actually won. She had also fought in a tag team match with Trish against John and Jeff. It was a match made just for the hell of it, and although the girls did good, they weren't strong enough to overpower the boys.

Throughout her time in the WWE, Kendall had gone through many 'youngest this, youngest that' titles. She had been the youngest announcer, the youngest superstar, the youngest general manager. These were great and wonderful titles to be, but it wasn't enough for Kendall. There was one title Kendall wanted but hadn't been able to get. The WWE Women's Championship. Today, Kendall would get her chance to prove she should have it.

Everything Kendall had done, everything she had trained for, all of the sacrifices and hardships came down to today. Today, Kendall needed to step up her game and get the job done. Today, Kendall had a match. She was scheduled to meet Beth Phoenix in just a few moments. The match would determine the #1 contender, who would then move on to Wrestlemania, next month, to face Trish Stratus for the Women's Championship.

"The following match is scheduled for one fall. Making her way to the ring, being accompanied by Shelton Benjamin, she is the glamazon, Beth Phoenix!"

Beth and Shelton came out on stage and the crowd cheered as they got into the ring. As soon as the music died down, Lillian introduced Beth's opponent.

"And her opponent, being accompanied to the ring by Jeff Hardy, she is the youngest WWE Superstar...Kendall Cena!"

The crowd went nuts for the favorite, and Kendall and Jeff ran out on stage, did Jeff's little dance and then ran down the ramp and into the ring. The two climbed up to the top ropes, posing for the fans, then flipped back down to the mat. Shelton and Jeff slid out of the ring to let the two girls get busy with thier matches.

The bell rang, and immediately Kendall and Beth locked arms. Beth landed a forearm to Kendall's stomach and the two broke apart. Beth grabbed Kendall's hand and pulled, sending the young superstar towards the ropes. Kendall bounced back onto the ropes, then sprang forward. Beth was grabbed by her hair and went face first into Kendall's knee. Beth crumbled to the floor, holding her forehead and Kendall went for the cover.

"1...2...kickout by Beth Phoenix." J.R. said.

As Beth got to her hands and knees, Kendall planted a boot into the middle of her stomach, causing Beth to roll to the edge of the ring. Beth used the ropes to help her stand. Kendall grabbed her from behind and pushed her neck onto the middle rope for a count of five, then let her go.

Grabbing Beth's hair, Kendall lead the glamazon to the center of the ring and planted her face first into the mat. Kendall slid over her, grabbing her leg for the cover. Once again, Beth kicked out. Kendall quickly got to her feet and set Beth up for a suplex. Beth was able to stop Kendall's movement and counter with a suplex of her own. Kendall went bouncing across the ring, her back arching in pain.

The two divas got to thier feet and started exchanging blows. Beth hit Kendall with an exceptionally hard hand to the chest and she stumbled back from impact. She was knocked to the mat by a clothesline from Beth. Beth went for the cover.

"1.....2...and a kickout from Kendall." King said.

Beth picked Kendall up by the hair, landed a kick to her stomach and then sent an open palm to the side of Kendall's face. Kendall fell back against the mat, and Beth went for the cover once again. Kendall was able to kickout after a one count.

Beth picked up Kendall over her head and slammed her body back down. Kendall curled to the side and jerked as Beth landed a viscious boot to her ribs, then dropped a sharp elbow on top of that. Beth went for the cover again, but again...Kendall kicked out after a one count.

Beth growls and lifts Kendall to her feet by her hair. Picking her up, she slams Kendall back first onto her knees. Truthfully, after having been given a back-breaker twice in a row from Triple H, Beth's seemed almost non-existant. Kendall easily rolled to her knees, only slightly winded from the back-breaker. Beth looked at her in disbelief and pulled her up by the hair. Kendall went flying towards the ropes and sprang off of them, but was caught in a clothesline from Beth. Beth quickly went for the cover.

"1..........2...Kendall kicks out again!" J.R. said.

Beth screams out of frustration, smacks the mat beside Kendall and rises to her feet, advancing on the referee. While the glamazon argues with the ref, Kendall slowly got to her feet, and set herself up to attack. Kendall blocked out the sound of the fans cheering and Jeff's voice from the side of the ring. Her eyes narrowed on the woman in front of her and when Beth turned, Kendall attacked, knocking the glamazon down with a spear.

Kendall rolled to her feet and climbed to the top rope. When Benjamin got up onto the apron, Jeff flew across the ring, knocking him off, then slid under the ropes and the two men started exchanging blows. Kendall flew off the top rope, delivering a Cena-sation to the blonde glamazon, then went for the cover.

"1....2....3! Kendall's done it! Kendall will be advancing to Wrestlemania where she will be facing her step-mother, Tirsh Stratus for the WWE Women's Championship!"

Tonight was a huge ordeal for Kendall. One week, after her 18th birthday, she, Kendall Cena was going after the Women's Championship. Her opponent...a six foot 200 pound wall of Chyna. Her step-mother, Trish Stratus was supposed to have been her opponent, but, a month before Wrestlemania, the doctor's declared Trish unable to perform. Trish was 4 months pregnant.

Kendall undid her seatbelt as Jeff pulled into the arena parking lot. She opened the door and jumped out before the car rolled to a complete stop and Jeff gave her a look.

"Cornflakes....I know you're excited and nervous all at the same time, but please remember that if I run over you on accident...you won't have anything to be nervous and excited about." he said.

Kendall laughed andleaned in through the passenger side, planting a kiss to his cheek. "Sorry, baby."

Jeff smiled and after gathering thier bags, Jeff and Kendall headed inside to meet up with everyone else. Kendall knocked on the dressing room door, announcing thier presence in case anyone was indecent. Trish told them to come in and Kendall rushed in and gave her mom a huge hug.

"So you nervous?" Trish asked.

Jeff gave Trish a look. "Are you kidding? She's been so excited the whole damn trip up here, she was driving me nuts!"

Jeff turned, muttering under his breath about jumping out of cars when they're moving and forgetting seatbelts and messing with the stereo.

Kendall laughed. "I'm really more excited than anything. You're tough Mom, so if I beat you tonight, then I'll have finally earned my spot, especially since we're doing a hardcore match tonight."

Trish smiled and kissed Kendall's cheek. "You earned your spot eight years ago when you tackled Melina to the ground at age 10. But...I ain't going easy on ya, darlin...so...like your Uncle Rock says...just bring it."

The two girls laughed and as everyone else arrived, they waited for their match.
Kendall Lenore Cena jumped from foot to foot back stage waiting for her music to cue. Although she'd been making appearances in the WWE for the last 8 years, tonight's match was different. Tonight she was going alone. No dad, no uncles and no aunts. Just her.

"This next hardcore falls count anywhere match is scheduled for one fall and is for The WWE Women's Championship. Introducing first, the challenger, she is the youngest WWE Superstar, Kendall Cena!"

Kendall ran out on stage, did her little routine, then slid herself into the ring. She climbed to the top rope, posing for the fans, then did a backflip off them. She retreated to a corner, waiting her opponent...Chyna.

"Introducing now, she is the ninth wonder of the world and the WWE Women's Champion...Chyna !"

Kendall narrowed her eyes on the women's champion, focusing her thoughts on winning the gold. The bell rang and the match got underway. Kendall and Chyna locked arms, then Chyna hit Kendall with a fist to the head. Kendall answered back with a fist of her own. The two exchanged blows to the head, and then Chyna turned, knocking Kendall down with a clothesline. Chyna went for the cover, but Kendall kicked out after a one count.

Chyna rolled to her feet and jammed the toe of her boot into Kendall's ribs. Chyna crouched, waiting as Kendall stumbled back up to her feet. Chyna jumped, landing a round house kick to the side of Kendall's head. The younger superstar stumbled back against the ropes, leaning on them for support. Chyna came at her, but Kendall bent low, picked Chyna up and tossed her over the top rope and onto the arena floor.

Kendall followed, sliding out of the ring under the bottom rope and grabbed the ninth wonder of the world by the hair. Chyna went face first onto the top of the banister then was thrown shoulder first into the steel stairs at the corner of the ring. Chyna cried out in pain, rolling to her side to catch her breath.

Kendall didn't let her rest for very long though. As soon as she found what she was looking for under the ring, she staged herself to attack again. When Chyna made it to her feet, Kendall knocked her back down with a shot across the back with a bamboo cane. Chyna fell to her knees, and Kendall delivered another shot across the back with the cane. As Chyna fell to the floor, Kendall covered.

1...2...kickout from Chyna.

Kendall grabbed Chyna's hair, pulling the older woman to her feet. As she swung Chyna towards the barricade, Chyna switched positions and Kendall went in shoulder first instead. Slightly recovered, Chyna grabbed Kendall by the hair and slammed her forehead onto the top of the boundry wall. Kendall's head bounced off the top and she stumbled back. Chyna ran a few short steps and knocked the youngster over the retaining wall and into the audience with a clothesline.

As Chyna bent over to grab Kendall's hair, Kendall smashed her fist into Chyna's jaw in an uppercut. Chyna stumbled back, around the ring near the ramp. Kendall jumped on top of the barricade, ran a few steps then tackled Chyna to the ground, landing on top of her. Kendall let her fist fly to Chyna's head a few times, then went for the cover.

1...Chyna gets a shoulder up.

Kendall grabbed Chyna's hair and lead her backwards towards the ring. Chyna runs at her, picking the young girl up and jamming her back against the edge of the ring. Kendall fell to her hands and knees just outside the ring and Chyna landed a heavy forearm across the back of her opponent.

As Kendall fell to the floor, Chyna dug under the apron, and got out a trash can and a couple baking sheets. As Kendall was rising to her feet, Chyna plowed her head with the cookie sheet. Kendall stumbled back, her fingers around her head. As Kendall took a step forward, Chyna hit her in the head again with the metal trash can.

Kendall went down to one knee, grabbing her head in pain. As Chyna went to hit her a second time with the trash can, Kendall punched her arm forward, connecting with Chyna's stomach. Kendall grabbed the trashcan and it over Chyna's body, head first. Then she planted a dropkick to the trashcan, sending Chyna and the trashcan rolling to the floor.

Kendall climbed to the top rope and flew a heavy and punishing leg lift on Chyna's stomach. Kendall rolled to the side, grabbing the back of her leg. She had done damage to Chyna, but that had also stung her leg. The two divas laid there for a moment, then Kendall slowly inched her way over to Chyna. She took the trashcan off the diva and went for the cover. Surprisingly, Chyna was able to get a shoulder up, right before the count of three.

Kendall got to her feet and pulled Chyna to the ring by the hair, sliding her in under the bottom rope. Kendall lifted herself onto the apron, then used the ropes to springshot herself over the top rope and onto Chyna. Kendall's ribs exploded in pain as she landed on Chyna's drawn up knees. The younger female rolled to her side, her bottom leg beating against the mat in pain and frustration. Chyna was able to reach over for the cover.

1....Kendall kicks out.

Chyna makes it to her feet before Kendall. Kendall is grabbed by the hair and shoved into one of the corners. All of a sudden she feels Chyna's shoulder slamming into her mid-section. Kendall is pushed back onto the turnbuckles as Chyna rams her shoulder into Kendall's stomach a second time. As Chyna ran at her a third time, Kendall sunk to the mat and rolled out of the ring. Chyna couldn't stop herself in time and went shoulder first into the turnbuckles.

Kendall dug under the ring and got a trash can lid. As Chyna stumbled back against the ring, Kendall jumped up slamming the lid into the back of Chyna's head. Kendall got a lid in each hand as Chyna rolled to the center of the ring from impact. As Chyna was getting to her feet, Kendall slammed the lids on either side of Chyna's head like symbols. She goes for the cover, but Chyna kicks out right before a three count.

Kendall groaned, and rolled to her feet and grabbed Chyna's hair, pulling her to her feet. Kendall lifted Chyna over head and body slammed her back down to the mat. Kendall went for a quick cover but Chyna kicked out again.

Kendall sent Chyna towards the corner, but Chyna changed thier positions and Kendall slammed back against the turnbuckles. Chyna ran towards her, but Kendal stopped her with an elbow to the face. As Chyna fell back, Kendall hopped up towards the top rope. Chyna came at her with one of the lids and smacked it into Kendall's head.

Kendall fell back, sitting on top of the turnbuckle, dazed. Chyna reached up, grabbing Kendall by the throat and threw her down to the mat. She landed several kicks to the young girl's ribs, then went for the cover.

1....2...Kendall got a shoulder up.

Both girls got to thier feet in good time, and Chyna ducked under Kendall's arm, then landed a foremarm to her chest. Kendall stumbled back but didn't fall. Chyna took a few steps then landed a kick to Kendall's stomach, sending the younger woman back through the ropes and onto the floor.

Chyna bent, grabbing Kendall's hair as Kendall started getting to her feet. She brought the youngest superstar into the ring, then tossed Kendall onto the mat by her hair. She went for the cover, but Kendall kicked out shortly after the ref counted to one.

Chyna led Kendall to her feet, and then jabbed an elbo into her face. Another elbow to the face and Kendall was stumbling back against the ring. Chyna sent Kendall against the ropes and then dropped her in a side slam. Chyna climbed to the top rope and jumped off. Kendall rolled out of the way and Chyna had nothing but the mat to land on.

Kendall got to her feet, while Chyna rolled to the side of the ring. Using the ropes Chyna, pulled herself up and when she turned, Kendall slammed her down to the mat with a spear. Kendall climbed to the top rope, taking a moment to breath. A few seconds later she flew off the top rope and landed the Cena-sation on Chyna. She went for the cover.

"One...Two.....Three! Kendall won!" King cried.

"Here's your winner and the new WWE Women's Champion....Kendall Cena!"

Kendall sat up with a shocked look on her face. She looked to the ref, unable to beleive that she had done it. She got to her feet, with the help of the ref and as the ref handed her the title and rose her arm, Kendall shrieked and stated jumping up and down excitedly in the ring. Kendall ran over to the corner and jumped up on the ropes, holding the belt in the air as the crowd cheered.

When Kendall hopped down she turned and was immediately lifted off her feet and wrapped in a pair of strong arms. Kendall laughed, wrapping her legs around Jeff's waist as he twirled her around. As soon as she felt his arms around her, she didn't think twice about it and fastened her lips to his.

"Oh my word! Kendall's kissing Jeff!" King exclaimed as the crowd cheered.

Jeff and Kendall slid apart, almost in shock at the kiss. Kendall blushed slightly and her eyes widened as she looked at Jeff. Jeff wore a knowing smile, and before Kendall knew it, Jeff's lips locked with hers for the second time that night.

"Holy Tolito! Jeff's kissing Kendall!" King exclaimed again.

Jeff and Kendall broke apart when the chanting and cheers from the fans registered. Kendall laughed and blushed, then looked at Jeff as he chuckled. As if thinking the same thing, Jeff and Kendall turned to the crowd, lifting the shoulders and hands as if saying 'what the hell' and locked lips for a third time that night.

"Wooohooo! Jeff and Kendall are kissing eachother!" King exclaimed.

The night had been good to Kendall. A week after she turned 18, she'd won the WWE Women's Championship at Wrestlemania. Most importantly, a week after she turned 18, Kendall finally captured the man she waited so long to get.

Five years later.........

Kendall fanned herself and peeked around the door frame to look at her family and friends. These were the people who had inadvertantly helped to raise her from the time she was 10 years old to now. These were the people who had poured thier blood, sweat and tears into her because they beleived she could be the best female wrestler the WWE had ever seen. These were the people that she shared daily memories and conversations with. These were the people she loved...her family.

Vince McMahon was proudly showing off his brand new addition and soon to be addition to his family. Stephanie had given birth 1 month ago to a little baby girl, Aurelya Lyndon McMahon-Levesque. Paul and Stephanie were definitely very proud new parents. Shane had started dating a girl named Aysia, who became a WWE diva two years after Wrestlemania. Earlier this year, Shane and Aysia had gotten married and were now expecting a little baby boy.

Matt Hardy and Ashley Masarrow had broken up shortly after Wrestlemania. Matt had dated several of the divas since his break up, but he soon became fed up dealing with the constant maintenace and drama that came with the girls. Matt swore off girls for awhile, saying that he needed time to work on himself before he worked on a relationship. Two days later, he met his current wife.

He had woken up extremely early one morning and couldn't get back to sleep. So, he went down to a local coffee shop and stumbled across the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. He was baffled when she told him that they'd already met many times before and that she actually knew his brother quite well. His curiousity was peaked and he sat down in the chair across from her.

When he sat down that first morning, he never expected her to be 'the one', but a year after thier first date, he proposed. Six months later with Kendall and Jeff as their maid of honor and best man, Matt Hardy and Hannah Michaels got married. It had taken Shawn a long time to accept that Matt and his daughter were together, but when Hannah announced she was pregnant, Shawn fully accepted Matt as his son in law. Nine months later, Gabriel Shawn Hardy was born. A year after that, his sister, Grace LeAnn Hardy blessed them with her presence.

For the last three years, Dave and Torrie have gone with the WWE overseas. They didn't just come back with suveniers, though. Everytime they went overseas, Torrie and Dave fell in love with the children at the orphanages they visited and have adopted five kids so far. The oldest, Miguel is 15 and comes from Portugal. The next one, Asha, comes from Africa and just turned 12. They adopted 7 year old twins from Endland, Donovin and Dillion. At age 3, Mei Ling is the youngest out of the siblings. With so many kids, Torrie retired from wrestling, but still made occasional appearances. Dave and Kendall are in the process of adopting thier sixth child, a 10 month old little girl from Hawaii named Nalani.

Randy and Maria were still together despite everyone's beleif that it wouldn't last. In fact, after seven or more years of dating, Randy had finally gotten off his butt and proposed to the beautiful bombshell. They were scheduled to tie the knot later in the year with a gangster 'Guys & Dolls' themed wedding. As for kids, both are in absolute agreement, that neither of them are ready for kids of thier own. Maybe after a couple of years, but for right now, they were happy being Aunt and Uncle to the forever growing amount of kids that seemed to just pop up in the group.

Dwayne and Lillian's family had grown as well. Aside from thier twins, Dominic and Mikayla(8 or 9 now), they adopted a brother and sister pair, Adrina Lanae(7 now) and Andrew Tobias (5 now) . Right after the adoption went through, Lillian found out she was pregnant and Alton Lucas (4) was born. Three years later, Dwayne and Lillian got another surprise and nine months later Lillian gave birth to Roni Aileen (6 months old now). Dwayne and Lillian had always wanted a big family, and even though most people would think 6 kids was a big enough family, Dwayne and Lillian didn't. They planned on adopting more kids once Roni was a few years older.

Kendall's little sister, Braedyn was going to be turning 16 soon. All the worries that Randy, Dwayne, Dave and John had with Kendall were ten times as worse with Braedyn. The men were really grateful when Dave's son, Miguel, took on the role of protector when it came to Braedyn, even though technically, it didn't make anything easier on them. Braedyn surpassed Kendall in stubborness and defiance. Compared to her little sister, Kendall was a proper young lady, both in behavior and dress.

Kendall was definitely a bit more reserved than Braedyn in clothing. Kendall's style was like Jeff's...sort of punk but not goth. Braedyn was like an eclectic music collection when it came to her wardrobe. Braedyn always wore black fingernail polish like most gothic people had. Her make up was darker around the eye, but it was more punk style than anything else and her hair was dyed blonde with bright pink highlights and cut in a rock band spikey look. Her clothing was a collection of skateboarder, punk/rocker chick and goth. Braedyn definitely had a style all her own.

Just like her sister, Braedyn was finishing school a year ahead of everyone else. She had plans with the WWE, although her plans were much different than Kendall's had been. Unlike her big sister, Braedyn wanted nothing to do with the actual wrestling part of the WWE. She'd been allowed to train as an intern over the summer in the audio and video graphics section of the company and she fell in love with it. Vince had told her that after college, he'd have a job for her if she wanted one. Two weeks after graduating highschool, at age 16, Braedyn would be leaving for college.

As for Kendall's parents, Trish gave birth to a healthy baby boy five months after Wrestlemania. It was the first and only time that John had been in the hospital room when one of his three kids were born. It was a moment that he cherished with his son and one he would have given anything to cherish with his daughters. He had given his all raising his daughters for most of thier lives, and now he would do the same throughout his son's entire life. At almost 5, Christopher Bailey Cena, looked just like his mama and acted just like his daddy. He was definitely the apple of his parents eye. With Kendall gone and Braedyn leaving, the house was becoming too silent for the two parents. So, after careful consideration, they decided to follow in thier friends footsteps and were currently in the process of adopting a little baby girl named Ayna from Ethiopia.

As for Kendall, she moved in with Jeff six months after they officially became a couple and has been living there with him ever since. Jeff and Kendall were both still wrestling, although Kendall was inactive at the moment. A couple weeks ago, Kendall was forced to take time away from the ring due to some medical concerns. It was going to be 8-10 months before she was able to come back.

Epilogue................5-6 months later

Kendall gasped, startled as she felt a hand touch her elbow. She looked over and saw her Uncle Dwayne and Dad.

"Sorry Keeks....didn't mean to startle you." John said.

Kendall smiled. "It's okay."

"How you feeling? You weren't feeling well earlier..." Dwayne asked.

Kendall shook her head, and fanned herself with her hand. "Just..you know..hot. Nervous. I'll be okay."

John and Dwayne looked at eachother, then nodded to her. "Okay...but if we get up there and you need a moment...let someone know."

Kendall grabbed him up in a hug. "Hey...it's gonna be fine. I'm alright. Let's just get it done so I can put normal, cooler clothes on."

Dwayne and John laughed. Dwayne took off a moment later, running after one of his many kids. John looked at Kendall.

"Ready?" he asked.

Kendall shook ehr head and sat down. "What if I get out there...and...I forget what to say....or I fall over or I get sick? Maybe we shouldn't do this...." she said, a little panicky.

John tilted her chin up and set a warm smile on her. This had been their routine for over a decade now.

"Hey....what's my name?" he asked.

"John Cena." Kendall said.

"And what is your name?"

"Kendall Cena"

"And what's our move?" he asked.

Kendall waved her hand in front of his face. "You can't see me."

"That's right, baby girl. They can't see you, they don't exist. No one but us. Got it?"

Kendall nodded and took a deep calming breath. She leaned over capturing her father in a hug and whispered in his ear.

"Thank you Daddy. I love you."

John smiled, tucked a strand of hair behind his daughters ear and murmered 'I love you' back. He stood, offered his arm and Kendall and him went out into the small room, behind the others. Kendall slid up next to Jeff and smiled at him. He turned to her and smiled. She looked tired, but as always, she was the most beautiful woman in the room.

"How you feeling? You doing okay?" he asked, concerned.

"Yeah...just kicks a lot. Kinda hurts." she replied with a smile, rubbing her belly. Jeff leaned over, placing a kiss on her protuding belly. Kendall wasn't due for another month, but she looked big enough to pop. She was carrying twins.

Jeff looked at her. "Want to reschedule?"

Kendall gave him a look. "Are you kidding? Do you even know how long it took me to get in this outfit? We're past the point of rescheduling, babe."

Jeff laughed and took her hand. "Ready then?"

Kendall nodded, smiling at him. "Ready."

The couple looked at eachother as a voice was heard overhead.

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to join together Jeff Nero Hardy and Kendall Lenore Cena, in holy matrimony."


A short time later........

Kendall tried to hide the pain she was feeling, and she looked over at the preacher. Jeff looked over at Kendall as her grip tightened considerably on his hand. He could tell something was wrong.

"Are we married yet?" Kendall asked the minister. The official smiled as the guests laughed at Kendall's impatience.

"I now pronounce you man and wife.....now my dear, you are married." he turned to Jeff. "And you can kiss your bride."

Everyone chuckled as Kendall pulled Jeff in for a kiss, not allowing him the chance. As another pain rocked her body, she clung to Jeff and whispered in his ear. Jeff's eyes widened as he listened and immediately Kendall found herself being carried out of the church with Jeff shouting at people to get out of the way.

"Out of the Way! She's having contractions!"


Later that night.....way later that night.....................

Jeff pushed Kendall out into the waiting room in a wheel chair. They were both tired, Kendall especially, but they were excited and happy too. Jeff smiled, and threw some scrubs out into the waiting room to his fellow wrestlers.

"Get dressed....All of us are gonna go for a walk." Kendall said.

When everyone was dressed in scrubs, they followed Jeff down into the maternity ward. He pulled the wheelchair to a stop in front of a large window looking into the nursery. There weren't many deliveries tonight at the hospital and only three babies were in the room.

"We sat in front of this window, looking at the babies in that room.....just studying thier behavior." Jeff said. Everyone looked at eachother in confusion, then looked at the three babies.

Kendall pointed to the one on the left side. "See the biggest one right there? That's Tristan....Tristan Sloan. He's deamnding and impatient. He doesn't like to wait."

Jeff pointed to the baby on the right side. "That's Daemon Cade...............he's picky...has to be held a certain way, has to be fed a certain way.....and when he isn't...he's loud. Really loud.

Kendall grabbed Jeff's hand as it was placed on her shoulder. She motioned to the middle, content baby.

"That's Emma Chianne......she's small, but she's strong." Kendall commented as her eyes began to tear.

"They're all beautiful Keeks, but...which two are your's?" John asked. Kendall looked down wringing her hands, and wiped the tears from her eyes.

"We didn't end up having two, Daddy." she whispered.

Everyone stilled, and they looked at Jeff and Kendall, in shock and sadness.

"You didn't?" John whispered, feeling like his heart was tearing in two.

Jeff and Kendall waited a moment, then looked at the group with big huge smiles on their faces. Their next words completely shocked and excited the entire group.

"We had three..........."



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