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A Father Twice Over Cont.

A Father Twice Over

Chapters 24-42

John Cena/Trish Stratus

Maria's victory over Steven Richards had impacted her success in the WWE. She'd been trained by the best and that match showed exactly why she was the female version of the Great One, himself. She'd also been easily accepted by the fans as the newest member of The Crew. She'd been making appearances at autograph signings and gave interviews on talk shows. Tonight was big, though. Tonight, the entire Crew roster and a couple special guests were making appearances on Oprah, where a few secrets were going to be revealed.

"I am so excited! Today is a special WWE edition. We have The Rock here. And not only do we have The Rock, but every single member of The Crew is here as well." Oprah said. She waited for the applause to die down, then continued.

"So please help me in welcoming The Rock, Jeff Hardy, Randy Orton, Dave Batista, John Cena, Maria Kanellis, Trish Stratus and Kendall Cena!"

The crowd erupted into applause and screams as the WWE Superstars made thier way onto the stage. After saying hello to the fans and to Oprah, the wrestlers took thier seats, the men behind on stools and the three women in front sitting on a couch. When the crowd got quiet, Oprah smiled.

"Thank you all so much for being here today. First let me say, I am a huge fan, although I didn't start watching wrestling until about a year ago." Oprah said.

"Thank you for having us. We are really excited about being here, but I have to admit, your show gets us guys in more trouble than we thought possible." Rock said.

"What? What do you mean?" Oprah asked.

Trish laughed, rolling her eyes. "Okay, it's like this. All women know that you don't bother men when they are watching the superbowl. Well, our men learned the hardway, that you don't bother us women, when we're watching Oprah."

"Oh how nice. I love that." Oprah said.

"And from watching your show, we know how much you love getting presents, so...we've brought some stuff for you and for your dogs." Maria said. Oprah looked up as Braedyn came from the audience and handed her a box.

Oprah opened it and held the items out for everyone to see.

"There's some Crew hats, t-shirts and work out gear and a few of Rock's t-shirts and some WWE dog collars for the dogs. Also, so the audience didn't feel left out, we brought t-shirts for everyone." Trish said.

The audience cheered as the t-shirts were passed out and Oprah thanked the WWE superstars for the gifts.

"Okay, so now, how did you all get into wrestling?" she asked.

"Well, Dwayne and I kinda grew up in the business. We're third generation wrestlers, so for me, it was just something I fell in love with at an early age." Randy said.

Dwayne nodded. "I actually started out in football instead of wrestling. And then I didn't last in football, so I switched..and I've been blessed with loyal and loving fans."

"John and I were both training to be body builders. We were messing around one day, wrestling at the park...just for fun. And the owner for one of the wrestling school happened to be around. He trained us, and eventually we got signed with WWE." Dave said.

"Jeff, what about you? Your story is kinda different." Oprah asked.

"Yeah, well, I only got interest in the WWE because of all the stunts the superstars get to do. I didn't care about wrestling. I just wanted to jump off 25 foot ladders and do crazy stunts all day long. I just happened to be okay at wrestling, so I was signed, along with my brother and a few of our friends." Jeff said.

"So, you joined just to jump off stuff and almost break your neck? Doesn't that seem a bit strange to you?" Oprah asked chuckling.

Jeff grinned. " brother and I owned a business where we were doing that anyway, so not much has changed in that sense. The WWE just pays better."

"Well, what about you girls?" Oprah asked, looking at the women.

"Well, I was a contestant in the Diva Search. I didn't win, but I got a call to come back and be an interviewer. I've just sort of progressed from there." Maria said.

"I was actually called by the WWE. I was a fitness model, and someone had seen me on television. I decided to give wrestling a try and once I tried it, I decided to stay with it." Trish said.

Oprah turned to John and Kendall.

"John, you have two daughters, Kendall being one of them, correct?" she asked.

"Yep, Kendall, who I'm sure everyone knows, and her sister Braedyn, who's over there." John said, motioning towards Braedyn and Lillian who were in the front row.

"Oh, she's a cutie." Oprah exclaimed smiling at the child, before turning her attention to John.
"Now, your guy's story is a little interesting. John, you didn't even know you had children. When you found out, what was your feeling?"

John hesitated. "I was upset at first, not that I had children, but that I hadn't been told before then. I missed out on ten years of Kendall's life, three years of Braedyn's. She was human, and she made mistakes, but she was an amazing person, someone I loved and she did a hell of a job taking care of my kids until the day she died. I can't be mad about that and I refuse to alow the girls to think any differently about thier mom."

"Kendall, what was it like meeting your dad for the first time?" Oprah asked.

"I had decided before I met him that I wan't going to like him. And then, when I saw him with Braedyn, I realized that for Braedyn's sake, I was going to have to try and like him." Kendall said.

"It was rough took awhile for us to get on the same page, but, in the end it worked out." John said.

"Now, how did you guys actually become known as The Crew and why do you change your name to The Rat Pack when Rock is with you?" Oprah asked.

Rocky laughed. "Actually, "Rat Pack" was a nickname given to us by one of the other Divas. It's never been used on camera. When we go out together, it's The Rock and The Crew."

"The name "The Crew" was actually something we hadn't planned on. It was something that Kendall called, Jeff, Trish and I during one of our matches, and the name just kinda stuck." John said.

"Rock, I heard that when you and Kendall met, there was a little bit of tension between the two of you." Oprah said.

Rock laughed. "The first time I meet Kendall, she's asking me to be a special guest referee for a match later that night. After I agree, I asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up. She told me she wanted to be a wrestler and of course me being The Rock, I told her that I'd be watching and if she impressed The Rock, then she'd impress the people. If she impressed the people, she'd be great."

Rock looked at Kendall. "She said, and I quote 'The people are not going to be impressed with Kendall Cena because she impresses The Rock. The Rock is going to be impressed with Kendall Cena because she impresses the people'. The Rock just didn't get talked to like that, especially by some ten year old snot nosed brat!"

Oprah laughed. "But, she did impress you, didn't she?"

Rock nodded. "Later that night actually. You have to understand, here's a girl who's ten years old, never stepped inside the ring before that night and had no training what so ever. And through out the entire match she's jumping into the ring to argue with me, throwing herself off tables, tackling people to the ground and punching people in the face. Hell yeah she impressed The Rock. "

"Is that why you introduced her as The Rock's neice?" Oprah asked.

Kendall laughed. "No. I told him I didn't need him to get to the people. He only introduced me as the people's neice so he could take credit for the people liking me."

Oprah looked at Dwayne. "Is that true?"

"Absolutely." Dwayne laughed and shook his head. "Of course it's not true. Kendall held her own that night and impressed The Rock. The only way for The Rock to let her know is to share the people with her, hence being dubbed the people's neice."

The crowd clapped at that, and when the audience grew quiet, Oprah addressed Jeff. "First congratulations on retaining the Intercontinental Championship. Who are you fighting next?"

Jeff waited for the applause to die down and spoke. "Thank you, Thank you. Well, Umaga and Ric Flair lost once again, so the next step would be to wait. Once one of the other superstars decides they want a shot at my belt, then we'll go from there."

"And you, Randy and Jeff, you two are tag team partners...what's that and who are you fighting?"

"Tag team partners are two wrestlers who fight on the same side against two other wrestlers. There's a tag team championship, which we are currently trying to take from DX." Randy said.

"And once we have those, we'll be going after the tag team champions on the other shows in order to become the undisputed tag team champions." Dave said with a laugh. The crowd cheered that idea on and Oprah smiled.

"Now, DX ..they are your rivals right? And Trish, you're fueding with thier female member?" she asked.

"Correct. DX is a group, like ourselves, who want to become the most powerful click in the WWE. The only thing standing in thier way is us. I am currently in the process of getting the championship belt back from Lita." Trish said.

"Maria as you all know is the newest member of The Crew. What you don't know is how she became a member of the crew. Why doesn't someone explain how it all started." Oprah said.

Everyone hesitated for a moment.

"We're all a really tight knit family off camera." John said motioning to the people on stage. "Us men are very over protective of our women. You hurt our women, we hurt you. Plain and simple. Maria was dating one of the ECW superstars. He decided to get physical with her, so we decided to get physical with him." John said.

"We attacked him during a show on purpose. In our line of business, its not uncommon to be suddenly jumped during a show. We knew that if we attacked during a show, they'd have to create a storyline which would allow us the oppertunity to kick his ass all over again." Dave said.

"Which is an interesting thing, because you didn't attack him all at once. You let him go one on one with each of you." Oprah asked.

"We wouldn't attack him all at once. We're better man than that." Jeff said.

"So what happened next?"

"He comes onto Raw, starts mouthing off about how he's going to get The Rock back and once he's done with Rock, he's coming after The Crew. So he brought some of his friends, we had a match and for the second time, he got his ass kicked. Then, he comes back the following week and wants a match with Maria." Rock said.

"And Maria, you fought him?" Oprah asked.

Maria nodded. "We had a pink slip match. If I lost, I'd leave the WWE and if he lost, he leaves the WWE. Suffice to say I sent him packing." Maria said with a smile as the crowd applauded.

"I have to ask. That was your first match. How were you able to defeat him?" Oprah asked.

"Rock's been training me in the ring since I was 16. I had a lot to prove, and I proved it." Maria said, smiling.

"Kendall, I heard you were a fighter. You liked to get into fights. True?" Oprah asked.

"It's not that I like fighting, it's just that I don't take crap from anyone, which usually ends up in me fighting. So it just makes me look like I like to fight, but I really don't. There's only been one person I've enjoyed fighting with and she's no longer employed by the company." Kendall said.

Oprah turned to the audience. "For those of you who don't know, Kendall has never actually wrestled in a match on tv, but she has wrestled in a match against a former WWE Diva. Let's take a look."

The clip starts. It's footage from Kendall's match against Jillian.

"So how come this wasn't shown on Raw?" Oprah asked.

Kendall smiled. "Well, from a legal standpoint, I can't fight during a WWE function. So this wasn't aired on t.v. and no tickets were sold. None of the workers or superstars were paid. It was just ike everyone came for a BBQ and a match."

"Well, how did this match come about?" Oprah asked.

"Kendall had actually fought with Jillian twice before. Jillian was disrespecting Kendall's mom on the anniversary of her death. Kendall took exception and kicked the diva's ass." John said proudly.

"Two weeks later, we're all in a meeting. Kendall is outside in the waiting room and Jillian walks in. This time, not only does she talk disrespectful of Kendall's mom, she also broke Kendall's locket in half. The locket was her mother's. Kendall once again took exception and kicked the woman's ass a second time." Trish said, clapping her hands on Kendall's behalf.

"You guys are exceptionally proud of that aren't you?" Oprah asked. The entire panel nodded.

"Kendall's been taught by her mother, father and all of us that you don't disrespect people like that. You especially don't disrespect the memory of someone who has passed and you certaintly don't disrespect the parents in front of the kid. Jillian got everything she deserved." Rock said.

"Well, I have to say that's an interesting way of doing things. So what happened with the match?" Oprah questioned.

Kendall smiled. "I won." The crowd cheered.

"Kendall is it true that you like to prank people? There was a long prank fued between you and Randy, how'd that get started and who else have you pranked?" Oprah asked.

"I prank everybody. No one's safe. But all of them are pranksters too. Uncle Dwayne covered my powedered donut in baking soda, so I sprayed soda all over him. We've gotten into food fights. With Uncle Randy, it all started because he kept calling me Kandi. He wouldn't stop so I posted a picture of him sleeping with a pink bunny all over the arena. He switched my entrance video to read my name as Kandi and it continued until he called a truce a few weeks later." Kendall said laughing.

"So are there a lot of nicknames?" Oprah asked.

John shook his head. "Just the kids. Braedyn we call Braed's and Kendall we call Keeks. Although, the girls and JEff have thier own nicknames for eachother."

"Yeah, that was one I never really understood. Kendall has a problem being called Kandi, but she's okay with Jeff naming her and Braedyn after a cereal. I just don't get it." Randy said.

Oprah turned to Jeff. "You nicknamed them after a cereal?"

Jeff nodded. "The first time I saw her, she was eating cornflakes, so I nicknamed her Cornflakes."

"And because Jeff's hair is always different colors, I nicknamed him Fruit Loops. Braedyn shortened it to just Fruity and so Jeff began to call her Pebbles."

"Jeff and Kendall...they have a strange way of communicating. It's like a whole other language. If anyone ever listens to them....and you understand what they say to each other, please....let the rest of us know." John said

"It makes sense to us." Kendall said.

"It's not even our own language. Most of the terms we use we got from our nicknames. We're named after cereal, so we refer to things that have to do with cereal. For example, instead of saying you're crying, we say you're soggy. You get wet when you cry, and when cereal gets wet, it becomes soggy. It's just stuff like that." Jeff said.

Now, I know there's two couples in this group. Okay, where's Lillian? Lillian come up on stage." Oprah looks out into the crowd. Lillian stands, holding Braedyn, and walks onto the stage. After handing John his daughter she sits next to the other girls.

"Most of you know Lillian as the ring announcer on Monday night Raw. What you don't know is she's also, Dwayne's fiance. Let's see that ring girl." Oprah said examining the diamond on Lillian's hand. "How and when did this happen? When did you two meet? Give me details."

"Lillian and I met through the Vince McMahon actually. She was being introduced to a lot of the superstars backstage. Me, being the cocky SOB that I was, said hello and proceeded to proposition her for...a little sumthn sumthn..if you know what I mean." Rock said laughing.

Lillian smiled, giggling. When the crowd quieted down, she spoke. "I grabbed the first wrestler I saw, which happened to be Triple H, who The Rock was fueding with, and told Dwayne that he wasn't important enough for me to date. And walked off with Triple H."

"It didn't stop me from seeking her out though. I asked her out every week for an entire year and finally one day she said yes. I had our first date all planned out and romantic. She was walking to my house and on the way there, it starts raining. Then a car comes by and sprays mud all over her dress. So, we decided to stay in, ordered pizza, had a few beers and kicked back. We've been together ever since." Rock said.

"So how did he propose?" Oprah asked.

"He replanned what our first date was supposed to be. We went to dinner, did a couple turns around the dance floor and then he took me onto this boat for a moonlit cruise, where he proposed. It was beautiful." Lillian answered with a smile.

"Now, you two aren't the only ones who got engaged right?" Oprah asked.

Trish smiled. "John and I are engaged." she said holding out her hand.

"Tell me the details of how all it happened." Oprah said examining Trish's ring.

"Well, actually, Kendall and Jeff surprised us with our first date. They lit the deck with Christmas lights, there were fresh flowers everywhere and Jeff cooked us this amazing dinner. It was fantastic, very romantic. We've been together ever since." Trish said.

"How did you propose, John?" Oprah asked.

"Well, I'm not as romantic as The Rock, so I proposed after a match. I was hot and sweaty, tired, just had a match. I grabbed the mic, told Trish to come out to the ring and proposed to her in the middle of Raw." he said.

"Both stories, so very nice. You all let me know when the dates are set, okay?" Oprah waited for the four to nod then turned to the others. "What about all of you? Jeff ...single or taken?"

"Single." Jeff replied.

"Randy? what about you?"

"Single." Randy replied.


"Single." she said.

"And Dave?" Oprah asked.

"Married, actually, last week, to Torrie Wilson. We were on our honeymoon when your show called and when I told her who it was, she started packing my clothes so I could come. She's like 'You just don't tell Oprah no.'" Dave said chuckling.

"Ohh is she here now?" Oprah asked.

Dave shook his head. "She's not, she's actually at an autograph signing right now."

"Well, tell her I said I'm flattered and congratulations on your marriage."

Dave smiled. "I will, thanks."

"What about you Kendall? Any boyfriends just yet?" Oprah asked.

Kendall didn't even have a chance to reply. The men did it for her. Echoes of "hell no" and "She better not" echoed through out the studio.

"What you don't want her to date?" Oprah asked.

"Dad says I can't date until he's dead." Kendall replied, causing the audience to burst into laughter.

"And once he's dead, she has to go through each and everyone of us." Rock said.

"Hey, don't count me in that." Jeff said holding up his hands. "I know Kendall, and she will be breaking that rule first chance she gets." he said.

"Jeff's gonna be the one that Kendall tells when she breaks that rule." John explained.

"I have to say, you come from all different types of backgrounds and places, and you guys function more as a family than most blood related relatives. It's very refreshing to see." Oprah said.

Rock smiled. "Blood doesn't make a family, love does. And we have massive amounts of love for eachother. That isn't ever going to change."

"Congratulations again, for everyone on their engagements and titles. Raw can be seen on Monday nights at 9 pm. Thank you guys so much for coming. For everyone at home, thank you so much for watching. See you next time."

Kendall was nervous when she walked into the arena for Monday Night Raw. A few months ago, Vince had started a contest for the WWE Employees. The employee who came up with the next pay-per-view would be given 25% of the show's ownership and profits. She along with four other superstars would be presenting thier ideas to the fans tonight. Once the ideas were presented, the fans would go onto the WWE website and vote for thier favorite. The winning idea would become the WWE's next pay-per-view.

She'd been working on this idea for the last six months and she hadn't let anyone in on her idea, not even her dad. She had wanted to do this on her own. Every spare second she had was used towards perfecting her presentation and it all came down to tonight. Tonight, in that very ring, she would be selling her show to the entire WWE fan base.

"All the superstars are around the ring. It's almost show time. You nervous?" asked Rock, backstage. He would be introducing the presentors tonight.

Kendall smiled, nodding a little. "Look at them. They dressed for this....I didn't."

Rocky looked around at Kendall's competition: Big Show, Jaime Noble, Kelly Kelly and Ivory. All were dressed up in nice work atire,suits and dresses. Kendall on the other hand, had worn her normal ring attire.

"That...." he said gesturing to the other's attire, "is not you, never has been and never will be. This..." gesturing to her attire, "this is you. Listen, the fans were impressed with you, Kendall, not your clothes. You go out there like you do every night, talk it up and kick thier ass. You've got this."

Kendall nodded, taking a deep breath. "I've got this."

The Rock's music came on and she watched as he went down the ramp and into the ring. After his normal posing he grabbed up a mic.

"Finally the Rock has come back to Nashville!"

The crowd chanted Rock's name and Kendall watched from backstage as he basked in the excitement and love from the fans. She had to admit; The Rock could bring it without even throwing a fist. The cheering from the fans were the testimony to that. She silently vowed, that tonight, she would do the same.

"Tonight is a special night! The Rock is excited! We have the entire WWE roster right here at ring side!" Rock grinned as the crowd cheered. "And in just a few moments The Rock is going to introduce the five finalists of the WWE Employee Pay-Per-View Contest!"

The crowd cheered as The Rock started the introductions. One by one, Kendall watched her competitors walk out onto the stage as thier music was cued. They walked very proper, like they'd grown up in an English boarding school. But they looked good, too....very distinguished. Kendall closed her eyes as Rock's words came back to her. 'This is've got this.'

As her music started, Kendall popped her neck and then ran out on stage, hands in the air. She got the crowd going as she ran down the ramp and slid into the ring, climbed up on the ropes and pushed a fist in the air. When Kendall climbed down, her name was being chanted.

"Damn...The Rock's neice can make an entrance!" Rock said. "Okay...quiet down so The Rock can talk! Each of the finalists created a video promoting thier pay-per-view idea. So what The Rock's gonna do is show the video's to the people, and then ask the finalist some questions, and when we're done...the people are going to log onto the website and vote for thier favorite."

The crowd cheered as the video started. Kelly Kelly's was first. Her idea consisted of four things: men and women superstars, skimpy swimsuits, chocolate sryup and wrestling. Jamie Noble's idea was to take rodeo events and turn them into wrestling events. For example, instead of roping a calf, you rope a superstar. Ivory, a part of RTC (Right to Censor) wanted all the superstars to compete in her show. Superstars would be eliminated from the match if they were caught doing or saying anything vulgar. If you made it to the end of the day, you get in the ring and the last one standing is declared Queen or King of Clean. Big Show had the best idea out of the four. His idea was called Payback, where each wrestler could choose to re-wrestle against someone they've lost to.

Kendall held her breath as her video came on. Her show was called Absolution. It was the only show where titles were NOT exchanged. Instead, superstars fought for the title of "best" in each category and most importantly the "best" in the entire WWE. In each category, the first stage is always the same. Beat out the other contestants in your own branch. Second stage was fighting the other branches to become the best among the shows. Then, in the final round, all the winners from each category, men and women, would compete against eachother in a match. This final match would undoubtedly prove who the best in the WWE really was.

With the video done, The Rock quieted the crowd. "You've met the finalists, you've seen the videos, now it's time for The Rock to ask some questions!"

The crowd cheered again as The Rock handed the first contestant a microphone.

The Rock moved to Kelly Kelly, and gave her a charming smile. "Hey mama....what would the Rock be doing in your show?"

"Judging the matches?" Kelly Kelly said timidly. The Rock chuckled. "Okay, Okay."

"Jaime Noble, the people want to know why you chose the rodeo of all things." Rock said.

"Hell's riding bulls and roping steers. Who doesn't have fun doing that?" Jaime Noble replied.

"Okay, Okay. The Rock ain't sure about you yet, so he's just gonna move this way. Big Show, The Rock knows you've lost some matches. Who woudl you pick to wrestle again?" Rock asked as the mic was passed to the 7 ft 500 lb man.

"Easy. Hurricane." Big Show said.

The Rock looked at the Big Show then over at Hurricane, who was standing outside the ring with a cocky grin.

"Wait...Hamburglar beat you?" the Rock said laughing. "You been eatin your wheaties, haven't ya?" he asked Hurricane.

Once the crowd calmed down he stood in front of Ivory.

"Oh...The Rock has a question for you. The people want to know, you like strudel....or pie?"

Ivory's mouth opened in outrage and she grabbed the mic from his hands. "How dare you speak to me like that? I am a woman! Something to be.."

Ivory's words cut off by Rock grabbing the mic back. "The Rock says know your role and shut your mouth!"

Rock glared at her for a few moments just to see if she would day anything. He was hoping she would. He was tired of her little group and wanted them gone. When she made no move to reply he went down to Kendall, crowd still chanting his name.

"Okay...quiet down. The people's neice is gonna tell how she'd talk the people's champ into doing her show."

Kendall took the mic offered to her and looked at her uncle. She hoped he would forgive her for the words she was about to say.

" a good wrestler. A great one at that. You've got the skill and the charm and most important, you've got the people in your corner." Kendall paused as a cheer went up and the Rock nodded smugly.

"You are all those things Rock, but you aren't the best. There wrestlers standing around this ring who are better than you, superstars who make The Great One look like The Worst One." Kendall paused knowing Rock would interupt at this point. He didn't disappoint her.

"Woah, woah, woah! The Rock can beat any jabroni here. Inside this ring, outside this ring, it doesn't matter. The Great One, the People's Champ...the most electrifying man in sports entertainment will take thier boots, shine them up real nice, turn them sideways and stick it straight up thier candy asses!"

The Rock paced across the ring, then got in Kendall's face. "The Rock can beat all thier candy asses, including you!"

Kendall got right back in Rock's face. "Prove it!"

For two minutes to the two glared at eachother. John shifted nervously. Rock and Kendall actually looked like they were about ready to go at it. Then, The Rock smiled. He reached out ruffling Kendall's hair.

"Don't worry. The people's champ and the people's neice are good. Kendall, if you win, The Rock will be at Absolution." he said.

He went back to the front of the group. More questions were answered and about twenty minutes later he asked all the contestants to sell thier idea one last time to the fans. Kendall waited patiently for her time to speak. When it came, she took the mic and walked to the center of the stage.

"Lets recap, shall we?" she said, addressing the fans. She pointed to Kelly Kelly.

"You have a girl who wants the WWE superstars turned into ice cream sundaes wearing 'skimpy suits'. I don't know about you, but there are just some people...." she nodded towards Big Show and some of the other wrestlers around the ring, "who shouldn't be in 'skimpy suits', if you know what I mean."

Kelly Kelly and Big Show frowned as everyone else laughed. Kendall waited a moment then turned her attention to Ivory who was just started to get to her feet.

"You have a group who wants to control what you say and hear. A group who wants to control what you do. Ivory, let me just exercise my right to censor you! right now" Kendall landed a kick to Ivory's head. As the diva fell to the floor, the crowd erupted into cheers. The members of RTC tried to climb into the ring but were stopped by members of The Crew.

Kendall gestured towards Jaime. "Rodeo clown over there...wants to rope and ride every single one of you." she said pointing to the superstars. "And instead of roping and riding behind closed doors, he wants to do it in front of all of you." she said pointing to the audience.

She looked back at Big Show. "Big're standing mighty close to him right now. I'd be careful if I were you. You might be first."

The crowd laughed as Big Show moved a step away, a look of horror on his face. Kelly Kelly looked disgusted. Rock was looking on in amusement until Jamie Noble starting cussing at Kendall, pointing fingers and spewing threats. Kendall ignored him and moved onto Big Show.

"Big Show has a good idea, I'll admit. I do have a question, though. What would happen if more than one person picked the same superstar to re-wrestle?" Kendall looked at the Big Show as Rock handed him a mic.

"You fight every time your picked." he answered then gave the mic back to Rock. Kendall nodded.

" you fight every time your picked. Of all the superstars here, how many have lost to Big Show and would like a re-match?" she asked. About 10 hands went up.

"Okay, Big Show, there's about ten men who want to kick your ass. Are you telling me that you're gonna fight them all at once?" she asked.

Big Show took the mic back. "One on one matches." he said.

Kendall rolled her eyes. " ten matches? Please! You won't even make it past the second one and at the end of it all, they'll be changing your name to the Dead Show."

The crowd laughed at this and Kendall continued. "As I look around this ring, I see lots of superstars who think they're the best. But talk is cheap."

Kendall turned to Matt Hardy. "Matt, you think you're a better wrestler than your brother. Prove it."

"Candice think your the hottest WWE Diva in the business. Prove it.", she said turning to the diva.

"Tommy say your the best hardcore wrestler in the history of wrestling. Prove it." Kendall let her eyes rest on Dreamer for a moment before turning her attention to DX.

" say your the best group in the WWE. That your group is better than NWO. Better than the Nation. Better than The Crew. Prove it. Get in the ring and prove, group on group and we'll see who the last one standing is." Kendall could see the jaws of DX Members clenching and she turned, addressing the entire roster.

"You all think you're the best. Absolution is your chance to prove to the people that you are what you say you are."

That night had changed people's opinion of Kendall. She was no longer thought of as just a stupid little kid. She was thought of a a smart young woman. The superstars had loved her idea and the fans had loved it even more. She'd been working steadily along with Vince and J.R. developing the new pay-per-view. It was scheduled to premier on her 17th birthday a year and a half from now.

Things didn't change just for Kendall though. A month after Kendall presented her pay-per-view to the people, Rock and Lillian got married 4 months ahead of schedule. Why? Lillian was pregnant! The two were very excited and after finding out about the baby, had bought a house right next door to John's and Trish's.

John and Trish's wedding was scheduled to take place five months after Dwayne and Lillian's. Braedyn was going to be the flower girl. Randy, Jeff, Dave and Rock would be John's groomsmen. Lillian was going to be the maid of honor. Lillian would be 8 months pregnant at the time, but she was adamant that she'd be able to handle being the maid of honor for Trish's wedding. Kendall, Torrie and Maria would be the bridesmaids.

Maria had won her first match against Beth Phoenix. She and Randy had also gotten back together, but were taking things incredibly slow. Dave and Torrie were still in thier newlywed stage and Jeff was, well he was just Jeff. The WWE finally got a home school program up and running. There were three teachers employed, one for K-5, one for 6-8 and one for high school. Braedyn and Kendall had been enrolled and had finally met some kids that they called friend.

There was one kid in particular, that Kendall got along with really well. Her name was Hannah Michaels, Shawn's daughter. Kendall and Hannah were complete opposites. Hannah was a girly girl. Her hair and make up were always done and her clothes always matched her purse and shoes. Still, when the connection was made and the girls started talking, they just couldn't stop. They talked on the phone all day and night. It drove John up the walls. Trish had to explain to John that girls Kendall's age had lots of important things to talk about. She just didn't mention that the important thing was boys.

The most important thing to date was Kendall having been asked out by a boy! Hannah and Kendall had met him during one of Hannah's routine shopping sprees. John had said no right away. It took two days, before Trish was able to persuade John to let Kendall go on the date with three stipulations. John had to meet the boy first, she had to be home by 11 and someone from The Crew had to be in the background watching over her. Kendall started to protest the idea of a baby-sitter, but then thought better of it. Her dad said someone needed to go with her. He never specified who and how long they had to stay.

She couldn't pick her dad, Rock or any of the girls. They'd watch her too closely. And she couldn't pick Dave because he could scare a grizzly bear. She wanted her date to feel comfortable, not caged. That left Randy and Jeff. She wasn't sure she wanted Randy to go. Randy would more than likely find ways to embarass her just because it's what they did to eachother. That pretty much left Jeff.

Kendall knew he would agree and actually she was happy he was going to go. Out of all the men in thier click, he was the one she could get away from the easiest and she planned on doing exactly that. Once inside the movie theater, some girls would be waiting outside. When Jeff is recognized, he'd going to be swarmed by the girls, allowing Kendall and her date to sneak off somewher else. The girls had specific instructions not to let him into the movie theater, until the lights went down, so he wouldn't be able to tell if Kendall was there or not. Kendall and her date would be back by the time the movie came back on.

Kendal was a bit embarrassed, though. Her date would be arriving in an hour and John had invited everyone over. Randy, Dave, Jeff, Rock and John were all downstairs while Hannah, Torrie, Maria, Trish and Lillian were upstairs helping Kendall get ready.

"You nervous, Kendall?" Torrie asked as she curled Kendall's hair.

"A little...mostly cus Dad is acting like a jackass about this." Kendall said, closing her eyes as Maria did her make up.

" it. He's your father, he's just a little over protective, that's all." Trish said defending her fiance.

"See, I love my dad, but this is exactly why he never found out I started dating. Mom and I kept it a secret for a long time before we told him." Hannah said.

"I'm sorry, but I have to agree with Kendall. I think Jeff is the only man down there who understands that Kendall isn't ten years old anymore." Lillian said.

"Just wait, Lillian. If you have a girl, Dwayne is gonna be exactly like John when she's old enough to date." Maria said.

Lillian rolled her eyes. "Heaven help my child."

Braedyn walked into the room with the phone. She handed it to Kendall. Kendall smiled excitedly as she talked to the person on the other line.

"Hey! Yeah, almost done. Yep. know what....I think I might have the perfect person! Yeah, okay see you then. Bye!"

Kendall hung up the phone and looked around. "Beau made a few calls since Dad flipped out about me going out on a date. He's bringing a friend and wants me to do the same. Hannah, you have thirty minutes to get ready."

The adults smiled. That would score BIG points with the men downstairs. Hannah stood there opened mouth then started shaking her head.

"I can't! Kendall, my hair's not done, my make up is horrendous and I have NOTHING to wear!" she said. Braedyn started laughing and before she could stop herself, Kendall joined in.

" look great. You always do." Kendall said. Braedyn nodded. " like like Barbie and she's the most beautiful doll in the entire world, Hannah."

"And you and Kendall are the same size, just wear something of hers. Come on, Hannah lets go pick something out while Trish calls your dad." Lillian said. Trish took the phone and quickly got permission from Shawn for Hannah to go. Thirty minutes later, the girls were ready. The two's taste in dress was the complete opposite, Kendall looked more punk while Hannah was more priss.

Kendall had chosen a black skin tight, 3 quarter shredded sleeved shirt that came to hip level over a denim jean mini skirt. An oversized chain belt hung loosely about her waist and on her feet were a pair of black wedge heeled sandals that laced around her ankle. Her hair was set atop her head with a few odds and ends sticking out. Her make up almost natural. They had used brown tones and smudged the eyeliner to give her that smokey look along with a light brush of rouge and some light colored lip gloss.

Hannah had chosen a flowered skirt that hit mid-thigh from Kendall's closet. Along with that she wore a white tank top under a skin tight, off the shoulder light pink shirt. White heeled sandals matched the white purse that Trish had let her borrow. Her hair had been curled and left to cascade down her back. Maria had redone Hannah's make up and since her outfit was mostly pink, Hannah's make up was done very subtly with pink hues on her eyes, cheeks and lips.

" two look pretty. Can I go on the date too Kendall?" Braedyn asked. Kendall smiled and ruffled Braedyn's hair.

"Thank you. Sorry pebbles, you can't come out tonight, but maybe next time okay?" she said. Kendall looked at Hannah.

"Okay, let's go get approval from the jackasses downstairs." she said.

The men looked up as the Trish, Torrie, Lillian, Maria and Braedyn came downstairs.

"Kendall's date called earlier. He heard that Kendall's father and uncles were having a hard time with her going out on a date so he's bringing a friend along so that Hannah can go with Kendall. Isn't that nice honey?" Trish asked.

John only gave a small smile. "It's good, but it would be better if neither of them went, Trish."

Trish's response was cut short as Kendall and Hannah made thier way into the living room. Both turned around so the guys could assess what they were wearing.

" we pass inspection, your over protectiveness?" Kendall asked her dad.

"Yeah...I guess." John was going to say more but the doorbell rang. Torrie opened the door, and motioned the two boys in. Kendall could tell her dad and uncles were judging the boys from thier appearance. In truth, Mike and Beau were about as similar as Kendall and Hannah. Beau was very clean cut and preppyish, while Mike was a little more laid back and grungy.

"Dad, this is my date, Beau Manning and his friend Mike Shepherds. Beau, Mike....this is my family." Kendall pointed to each person as she introduced them. "My dad, John and my soon to be mother, Trish with my little sister Braedyn. Nex to them is Unle David and Aunt Torrie, Uncle Randy and Maria, Uncle Dwayne and Aunt Lillian and that's Jeff and this is Hannah Michaels, my friend I was telling you about. Jeff will be my and Hannah's practically invisible bodyguard in the background tonight." Kendall said with a smile.

"It's nice to meet you all. Hannah, Kendall you two look absolutely fabulous." Mike said.

Beau nodded in agreement. "Yeah, absolutely gorgeous."

"Thank you." Kendall and Hannah replied with a blushing smile.

Dwayne cleared his throat. "So what's on the agenda for tonight?"

"Well, Kendall had expressed the need for a night of teenage normalcy, so Mike and I thought we'd take the girls to the Drive In Theater. They have a club house with pool and different types of video games on the premises. Some of our friends are going there tonight. We thought we'd meet up with them and watch the movie, then if its not too late, go for coffee." Beau said.

"My mom owns it, so she will be there as well if we need her. And she doesn't serve alcohol, so none is kept on the premises." Mike said

"Jeff is more than welcome to ride with us if he wants. Mike and I rode in my SUV and there's room for one more, or he could follow us. And yes I have insurance and have not been in any accidents." Beau said.

"We also all carry cell phones. Here's the numbers for Beau's and my cell phone, plus the number to the Drive In we'll be at, along with my mom's name." Mike said handing John a peice of paper.

"We promise to bring them back by curfew, safe and sound. Beau and I have both delivered this talk to our sisters dates, so we know for a fact that if at any time Kendall and Hannah are harmed or upset, Beau and I are going to have the entire WWE roster tracking us down to hurt us. Is there anything else we forgot to mention that you'd like to know?" Mike said.

The girls put a hand over thier mouths, stiffling thier giggles as the men stood thier open mouthed. Finally Jeff stepped forward.

"I think that about sums it up. I'll follow you in my own car. Let's go." He said.

When they left and the door was closed, John finally nodded. "Yep...those boys were scared. I think we got our point across."

Rock, Dave and Randy all nodded in agreement. Trish, Torrie, Lillian and Maria shook thier heads, bursting out into laughter and disappeared into the kitchen.

"That was hilarious. Kendall, did you see your dad's face?" Hannah said once they were in the car.

"Beau, Mike....I am so sorry you had to do that. I have a very protective family." Kendall said, shaking her head.

Beau smiled. "Don't sweat it. My brother and I did the same thing to my sister, when she started dating. Although, I have to admit, your dad and uncles have mastered the art of intimidation without words." he said laughing.

Mike nodded. "Yeah. I did the same thing to my sister when she went out on her first date."

Kendall laughed. "Good Lord, your sisters must hate you on date nights."

Mike laughed. "Yeah...but, you know Beau's dad is in the military, so he's not home all the time and my dad split when we were younger. Beau and I, being the oldest, were left in charge of it. In fact, we actually made our sisters go out on double dates with eachother, while we were watching from a distance."

Hannah wrinkled her nose. "That's horrible!"

Beau shrugged. "Hey, we did it because we cared about them. The same goes for you two. I mean, look at it like this. Kendall, your on t.v. and Hannah, your dad is on t.v.. Being famous or having a famous family can sometimes be a security risk. Having someone like Jeff tail you all evening is more for your protection than your embarrassment."

Kendall smiled. "Yeah, I guess. So tell us about your guy's family. Any siblings?"

"Actually, I have 2. I'm the oldest at 16. Helena comes next, she just turned 14. And the baby, my sister Rosalynn. We call her Rosa for short. She's 7." Beau said.

"What about you Mike?" Hannah asked.

"I have a younger brother and sister. Linsey is 14. She's best friends with Helena, Beau's sister. And then my brother, Jacob is 8. What about you two?"

"I have three brothers. Taylor and Tanner are 21. They're out in California finishing up college. And then Cody is 7." Hannah said.

"Well, I only have Braedyn, who just turned 8. She wanted to go out with us tonight." Kendall said chuckling. Beau laughed.

"Yeah, Rosa did too." Beau said laughing. Hannah and Mike started laughing.

"How funny. Jacob wanted to go tonight to hang out with the guys." Mike said.

"Well, Kendall and I had planned on taking Braedyn and Cody to the fair this weekend. Maybe you guys could bring your sisters and brothers and we could all go together." Hannah said.

Kendall nodded excitedly. "Yeah, Linsey and Helena would have fun going off on thier own and we could take the littler ones around. What do you say?"

Beau and Mike nodded in agreement. "Sounds fun." Beau said.

Three hours later, Beau and Mike were pulling away from Kendall's house, having just dropped them off.

"So..what did you think?" Beau asked.

"Hannah's nice, but all we're going to be is friends." Mike said.

Beau nodded. "Yeah, same for me and Kendall."

The two grew quiet...then at the same time spoke eachothers thought.

"I think I kinda liked your date!"

Back at Kendall's house, the two girls had bypassed the adults and went straight up to Kendall's room to dish.

"So what did you think?" Kendall asked.

"I had a great time. Mike's nice and all...he's just...not for me. But we're gonna be friends." Hannah said, changing into her pajamas. "What about you?"

"Yeah, Beau's nice and we're gonna be great friends, but nothing more." Kendall said.

As the girls settled under the covers after having talked for awhile, they both sighed.

"I have a confession to make." Hannah said.

"Me too." Kendall said, nodding.

The two looked at eachother, both speaking at the same time.

"I have a crush on your date!"

Kendall jumped up and down in her living room, waiting for Hannah to answer the phone. The phone was busy. A couple seconds later, her door was thrown open. Hannah stood in her doorway.

"He likes you!" they both cried at the same time. All at once the girls started talking at the same time.

(K) "I talked to Beau....."
(H) "I talked to Mike......"
(K) "he just wanted to be friends...."
(H) "Mike didnt want to date me...."
(K) "So I asked him about you..."
(H) "I wanted to know what he thought about you..."


The girls's conversation ended up with them screaming jumping around excitedly. It took a moment for one to process what the other had said.

"What? He likes me?!"


The next few months went by in a blur. She had gotten her license and had bought a used car to drive around with the money she saved from doing announcing. She was on the road when she had turned 16, so the WWE roster had thrown her a sweet sixteen party. All the superstars's kids came and it was so much fun. Mike and Beau had even shown up to visit her and Hannah. They hadn't been able to stay more than a couple days but they had been able to come to a show and hang out for awhile. Mike and Beau were here tonight for Trish and John's wedding. John, having had the bright idea to propose on the show, figured they might as well have the wedding on-air as well. Trish didn't really care, as long as they just got married.

They waited until after the show to have the wedding. The ropes were taken down and a dark merlot colored cover was placed on the mat and stairs were set in front, decorated in the same tool and flowers. There was two white pillars with fresh flowers on either side of the pastor. The stage and ramp had been set up in similar decorations as well.

Every superstar was dressed in thier finest clothes and were making thier way down around the ring for the ceremony. John leaned against the wall backstage. He looked up as he saw the groomsmen and bridesmaid walking towards him. The men were decked out in crisp looking tuxes. He, himself, was wearing a zuit suit tux. The girls looked absolutely fabulous.

They were wearing a merlot colored sleeveless knee length flowing dress. The neckline dipped into a low V in the front and two side drapes were clipped at a princess cut leve by a crystal pin. Everyone's hair was up on top thier head with curls hanging down and thier make up looked wonderful.

"You guys look amazing." John said, giving all the girls a kiss on the cheek. His eyes came to rest on Torrie as she spoke.

"Are you nervous?" she asked. John chuckled.

" I've been wanting to do this for awhile. I just want it to be perfect. Where's Braedyn and Kendall by the way?" he asked looking around for his daughters.

"Kendall said they needed a moment with Trish. They'll be here in a few minutes." Lillian said, rubbing her large baby belly.

In Trish's dressing room, Kendall and Braedyn were helping her prepare last minute fixes.

"Your hairs done and your make up's done. Braedyn's got her rose petals. Your boquet's over there." Kendall thought for a minute looking around the room. Snapping her fingers she turned to Trish.

"Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue." she said.

Trish paled. "I....I forgot...I don't have anything. Oh my word...I'm gonna get this jinxed." Trish said, looking like she's about ready to cry. Kendall's eyes widened and she laid a calming hand on Trish's arm.

"We'll figure it out. Something blue......Braedyn do you still have that blue flowered anklet that you put in my purse this morning? Check and see if it's there. Trish you can wear it cus it will be hidden under that gown." Kendall said, digging around in her purse. She pulled out two items. Braedyn fastened the anklet around Trish's ankle while Kendall held out a box to her. Trish took the box and gasped. Inside was a pair of fresh water pearl earings.

"They belonged to my grandma...then she passed them down to mom...and I took them after that. I got the locket, so I was ging to give those to Braedyn when she got older. I brought case I wanted to wear them...but I think you should." Kendall said.

Trish shook her head. "Kendall, I couldn't. These were your moms. You wear them."

Kendall shook her head. "There old and they are borrowed. Braedyn won't mind and I'll get them back after the wedding so they stay safe until Braedyn is older."

Trish smiled and fastened the earings on. "Thank you. So, all we need now is something new. Well, my purse is new, doesn't really go with my outfit."

Kendall laughed. "I think that Braedyn and I might be able to help."

Kendall got another box out of her purse and gave it to Braedyn. Braedyn gave it to Trish. Inside was a cameo necklace with a pearl chain. On the back the encription read 'To Mom with love, K & B'. Trish's eyes started to tear as she gingerly took the gorgeous necklace out. Kendall fastened it around her neck and then gave her a hug. Braedyn ran over to join in.

"Thank you so much girls. I love it and I love you." Trish said, dabbing at her eyes.

"We love you too Mom." Kendall said.

Braedyn grinned. "Love you too mom" she said.

Trish went to stand in front of the mirror and sighed in anticipation. " do I look?"

Trish was wearing a strapless gown with beading falling from the neckline and along the edge of a pleated overline draped diagonally across her legs. The back had minor bead work with a plain flowing train. Her hair was piled on top her head, curled into an impressive do with baby's breath and flowers mixed in. A veil was clipped to the back of her hair and allowed to cascade down her back.

Kendall smiled. "Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful."

Braedyn nodded. "Very pretty. Dadd's gonna go 'wow!'."

Trish and Kendall laughed, then turned as a knock sounded at the door. Vince McMahon walked in once gaining permission. Since Trish's parents weren't around anymore, she had asked Vince to walk her down the aisle. He had joyously agreed. He looked over the girl's appearance then settled his eyes on Trish.

"It's time..."

Kendall got to the gorilla just as her dad was walking out to take his place at the altar. She grinned and latched arms with Jeff.

"Nervous?" he whispered. The music began and Lillian and Dwayne started thier walk down the ramp.

Kendall shook her head. "Nope. I'm getting my mom today, Jeff." she said smiling at him as Torrie and Dave started down the ramp. He grinned and placed a kiss on her forehead.

"I'm glad to see your hard work is finally paying off, Cornflakes." he said.

She put a hand on his arm and looked at him sincerely. "Our hardwork, Jeff. This would not be happening if you hadn't helped me."

Jeff smiled as Randy and Maria started down the ramp. "It's time. Let's go out there and get your folks married."

Kendall hugged Jeff once more and the two went out on stage and down the ramp, Braedyn following a little ways behind them. Once the bridesmaids and groomsmen were standing in thier places, the wedding march started. John's breath caught as Trish and Vince came out on stage. She looked like a goddess.

Vince had to remind Trish to breathe as they walked down the ramp towards her future. She had to fight to stay calm. What she really wanted to do was run down the ramp and jump into John's arms. Vince helped her up the stairs and into the ring. Tirsh came face to face with the love of her life. And she saw the same love mirrored in his eyes.

"You look beautiful." John whispered.

Trish smiled, whispering back. "Thank you. You look very handsome."

"Are you ready?" John asked just as softly.

"Yeah. You?" she said grinning.

John grinned. "Hell yeah."

The two turned towards the pastor and as he began to speak, his words carried the couple to the start of thier new life together.

"Dearly Beloved..."

It was almost 2 a.m. when Kendall finally settled down to sleep. As she climbed under the covers, her mind strayed to the events of the last few hours. Her parent's wedding.

When the words "Dearly Beloved" were spoken, it was like a magical fairy had sprinkled some love potion over every single person in the arena. As the ceremony continued, you could see members of the WWE and thier spouses, fans holding onto thier significant others, locked in eye contact and promising thier love all over again.

Kendall had been to several wedding, but for some reason this one lasted over an hour without feeling like it was lasting forever. There were so many moments that came to Kendall's mind, she couldn't help but smile. She had been asked by one of the camera crew, what her favorite part of the ceremony was, and at the time she couldn't answer. The entire ceremony was...interesting, to say the least.

~~~Start Flashback~~~~

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today in the sight of God and in the face of this company, to witness the joining in marriage of John Cena and Trish Stratus. Who gives this woman in marriage to this man?"

Vince McMahon stepped forward, Trish holding onto his arm. "Her family and friends gathered here today do."

Vince kissed Trish's cheek and stepped back, allowing her to stand in front of John alone. The pastor smiled at the couple and began to speak.

"Marriage is an act of faith and a personal commitment as well as a moral and physical union between two people. Marriage has been described as the best and most important relationship that can exist between a man and a woman. It is a moral commitment that requires and deserved daily attention. Marriage should be a life long consecration of the ideal of loving kindness, backed with the will to make it last."

Kendall looked down at her sister as Braedyn started fidgeting. Kendall tried to ignore it, but the fidgeting was getting worse. Braedyn had to go to the bathroom, but she didn't want to miss the wedding. It was exciting for her. Finally unable to hold it any longer, she whispered for her dad.

"Pst. Daddy. Pst."

John looked over at his daughter. When she crooked her finger at him, he gave an apologetic smile to Trish and the pastor and went over to Braedyn. He chuckled as she whispered in his ear. He leaned down, whispering back to her and pointed to his mom, who was at the edge of the mat. His mom would show her where the bathroom was.

John laughed as Braedyn took off running up the ramp, tugging her grandma behind her. Looking around at the crowd, he shrugged and gave a laughing smile.

"Sorry folks....we're gonna need to take a short bathroom break."

The crowd laughed and Trish smiled as Lillian jumped up and followed in the direction Braedyn went.

"Sorry know pregnant women...." Trish said giggling.

A few minutes later, Braedyn, John's mom and Lillian all came back, apologetic smiles on thier faces. Once everyone was back in thier spot, the pastor started where he had left off.

"With mutual care, respect, responsibility and knowledge comes the affirmation of each one's own life happiness, growth and freedom. With respect for individual boundaries comes the freedom to love unconditionally. Within the emotional safety of a loving relationship, the knowledge of self-offered one another becomes the fertile soil for continued growth. With care and responsibility towards self and one another comes the potential for full and happy lives."

"This occasion marks the celebration of love and commitment with which this man and this woman begin thier life together. By gathering together all the wishes of happiness and our fondest hopes for John and Trish from all present here, we assure them that our hearts are in tune with theirs. These moments are so meaningful to all of us, for what greater thing is there for two human souls than to feel that they are joined together in unconditional love. For this reason, I say to those assembled here today, if there is anyone amongst us who can show just cause why these two should not be joined in holy matrimony, speak now or forever hold their peace."

The pastor looked up and let his gaze travel across the crowd.

"It is now that John and Trish would like to portray thier love for one another through a song, to be sung by Dwayne and Lillian Johnson."

As Dwayne and Lillian took the mics and got into place, the crowd went nuts. The fans were so loud and excited chanting Rock and Lillian's name, that Lillian and Dwayne had a hard time hearing the music. Finally, Dwayne held up his hand to get the crowd to quiet down.

"Hey....The Rock and Lillian thank you for your cheers and chants. But you all need to shut up, so The Rock can sing a song with his fine ass wife!"

The crowd erupted again, but this time as the music started, they got quiet. Lillian and Dwayne's blended tones were like a choir of angels as they sang 'My Endless Love', a duet originally by Diana Ross and Lionel Ritchie. The chemistry between the two singers was so exceptional, every single couple out in the audience or on the WWE roster, felt like Dwayne and Lillian were singing that song for them, as well as for eachother.

John never took his eyes off Trish through the entire ballad. She looked absolutely beautiful. The way she stood just now, with her face slightly turned to watch her two friends sing. The lights from above and softened just enough to leave this glowing hue along her cheeks. She looked absolutely radiant and he was completely lost in her beauty.

John was startled out of his dream-like state by a poke from Trish. He glanced around, quickly realizing that the song was over and from the way Trish was frowning at him, he guessed the pastor had asked him something and Trish wasn't too happy with John's attention span. Unable to help himself, he threw his hands up in defeat and turned a charming smile towards the crowd.

"I can't help it! You're so damn beautiful, mama....I got distracted." he said with a chuckle. Everyone couldn't help but smile at that and it was apparant from Trish's look that she had forgiven him. John turned to the pastor. "I apologise...please continue."

The pastor smiled, holding back a chuckle. He kinda wished all marriage ceremonies were humorious like this one.

"Having shown those who are present today of the love between them, it is now time for John and Trish to show eachother with a promisary vow of commitment, that they have written themselves. John..when you're ready."

John took a deep breath, took Trish's hand in his and blocked out every person in the room but her.

"Trish, we started out as enemies, progressed to friends and finally became us. The road has been bumpy and we've faced more hardships than one relationship should stand through. But we survived and the majority of why is because of you. You are my anchor....the one thing that makes everything make sense. You are my ray of hope when the world becomes too bleak for me to bear. You my best friend, my everything. You are my heart...and without you, there would be no love in me. Without you....there is no me."

As he finished, all the girls were wiping the tears from thier cheeks. The pastor, cleared his throat and looked at Trish with a smile. "Trish...when your ready."

Trish smiled, choking back her tears. " do I compete with that...." she said with a chuckle. The crowd laughed with her, and started a Trish chant to encourage her. Trish laughed and after a few seconds, she calmed them down.

"Thank you...for that." she said to the fans, before turning to John.

"I have tried for months to write my vows, and...every single try ended up in the garbage. So...instead of writing the normal vows..I went back to my comfort zone and wrote a poem for you. I worked exceptionally hard on this..." she said taking a small peice of paper from Lillian, then fixed John with a stern stare.

"And if you laugh..I swear to God John, I will clobber you right then and there, wedding dress and all!"

John held up his hands in mock defeat, trying to hold his laughter back at that comment.

Trish cleared her throat and began the poem.....

"I am trapped...

Haunted by your face
Captive by your bliss
Bound by your laughter
Silenced by your kiss

I am trapped...

Imprisoned by your smile
Enslaved by your cries
Captured by your scent
Enchanted by your eyes

I am trapped...

Chained by your words
Secure in your hug
Safe in your arms
Cherished by your love"

Trish looked into John's eyes, all the love she felt for him flowing out in her next few words.

"I am trapped.....

Don't ever set me free."

A single tear escaped the corner of Trish's eye as the last phrase was spoken. As her vows ended, John cleared his throat, and turned wiping a tear away as inconspicuously as possible. Trish's vows were so soft spoken, yet the feeling in her tone and her words had brought tears to most everyone in the house. John looked at the pastor and gave a small laugh.

"Can I kiss her yet?" he asked loudly. The pastor laughed along with the crowd and shook his head.

"A few more moments, son, and then she's all yours. We have all been shown John and Trish's love through song and through vows of heartfelt commitment. It is now time to honor the love between John and Trish, with a ring. The ring symbolizez two lives now joined in one unbroken circle. Wherever they go, may they always returen home to one another. John, please place the ring on Trish's finger and repeat after me."

John took the ring from Dwayne and slid it onto Trish's finger, repeating what the pastor was saying.

"I give you this ring, as a pledge of my love, and as the symbol of our unity. With this ring, I thee wed."

Trish took the ring from Lillian and placed it on John's finger.

"I give you this ring, as a pledge of my love and as a symbol of our unity. With this ring, I thee wed."

The pastor smiled, turning to John. "By the power vested in me, by the State of California and Almighty God, I now pronounce you man and wife. Now, son.... you may kiss your bride."

John smiled, and drawing Trish close to him, his lips met hers in a passionate caress. The crowd went nuts and shouts could be heard from the WWE superstars. As the kiss ended, the pastor turned the couple towards thier friends and fans.

"May I present to you, for the first time, Mr. and Mrs. John Cena!"

~~End flashback~~

Kendall smiled to herself in the dark as her mind continued to play tonight's events. After the ceremony, the fans were finally able to leave. Trish, John and the entire wedding party took pictures and then went backs to the hotel to change into more comfortable clothing. After the arena had been cleared, the wrestlers, stagehands, cameramen...pretty much everyone gathered at the hotel's ballroom for a private WWE reception in John and Trish's honor.

~~Start Flashback~~

When Kendall walked into the reception with Braedyn, she was immediately accosted by Hannah and Mike. Kendall hugged them both as Braedyn ran over to Stacy and her daughter, Carrie.

"I can't beleive you're here! Thank you so much for coming guys!" Kendall said.

Mike leaned in a kissed her. "Wouldn't think of missing it...unfortunately....I can't stay too long. My plane leaves in a couple hours. I gotta be back home tomorrow."

"I'll be home in two days, and then I'll have two weeks to spend with you, baby." Kendall said with a smile, leaning in to kiss him back. Hannah rolled her eyes, clearing her throat.

Kendall broke apart from Mike and looked sheepishly at Hannah. "So uh...where's Beau?"

Mike frowned and Hannah looked away. Kendall glanced at them confused. "Did he not come?"

Hannah frowned and looked at her best friend, saying sarcastically. "Oh no...he came. He just happened to bring some peice of trash with him. When dad found out, he and Hunter paid Beau a little visit. Suffice to say, his cheatin ass won't be around to break this kid's heart anymore!"

Kendall looked at Hannah, and unable to help herself, let a laugh go. "Oh my God, Hannah...I'm sorry that Beau was a jackass...but just played on your dad's name...."

Hannah grinned. "I know...I been working at the line for like an hour. Classic huh?"

Kendall nodded laughing. "Yeah...absolutely classic." she turned serious for just a moment. "Seriously though, if you want though, I can go rock bottom his ass into the smack down hotel....."

"Jab the people's elbow into the ass clown's stomach..." Hannah interjected

"Drop a stone cold stunner on his punk as....." (K)

"Shine your boots up real nice, turn them bitches sideways" (H)

" and stick it straight up his candy ass..." (K)

"Saying F-U cus he can't see me!" Kendall and Hannah ended thier little tirade together, disolving into giggles. Mike chuckled. These two were some crazy ass bitches....that's for sure.

Mike cleared his throat, putting his arm around Kendall. "Doll, I gotta go. My cab's outside." He leaned in for a kiss, and smiled.

"Call me when you get home, Kendall. Hannah, as always, it's been a pleasure."

Kendall smiled as Mike retreated out of the arena to his cab. Hannah tugged on her arm.

"Kendall, I gotta go too. Dad and I are flying out tonight. My brothers have some performance thing tomorrow evening." she said.

Kendall nodded, a bit sad. " me later and have a safe flight."

The two girls hugged, then went thier seperate ways. Kendall made her way over to the table at the front of the room, already filling with the wedding party. She sat down next to Jeff, who's eyes were closed. Quietly she picked up a table mint and tossed it. One eye opened as the mint hit his forehead. Seeing kendall he grinned.

"What's up Cornflakes? Where's Hannah and Mike?" he asked.

"They both had to fly out tonight so they left. Where's Matt?" she asked, looking for Jeff's brother. Jeff shrugged.

"Don't know. Don't care. He's being a prick right now." he said. "Where you staying while John and Trish are on thier honeymoon?"

Kendall wrinkled her nose. "Uncle Dwayne's. I love that man dearly, but sometimes he's just as overprotective as Daddy."

Jeff laughed. "Well, it's because they care, Kendall. It ain't ever gonna change, but if you decide you need a break, my door is always open."

Kendall grinned, nodding. Both turned towards the door as Trish and John were announced.

"Please welcome Mr. and Mrs. John Cena."

John and Trish smiled, nodding at the applause and started towards the wedding party table. Rock and Lillian had made up a plate for them, already. The couple shook hands and hugged thier friends and family on the way to the table, and once there, addressed those assembled.

"John and I wanted to thank each and every one of you for attending the wedding and reception. Tonight was special and it wouldn't have been half as special if you hadn't been there." Trish said.

John nodded. "Vince, thank you for the's amazing. Guests, Vince is paying, so eat all you want and drink up!"

Vince laughed as a cheer went up around the room. Trish and John sat down and the entire room was instantly filled with chewing sounds and small talk. After dinner was over, Randy rose, gathering everyone's attention.

"I'm gonna start the toast off and just say that this wedding was something we were all expecting and waiting for. John, it's a good thing your not as slow inside the ring as you are outside the ring." Randy smiled at John's glare. "Seriously, though, I wish you the best of luck and hope for all the happiness in the world for you two."

Maria stood as Randy sat. "I've seen Trish without John in her life, and I've seen John without Trish. Neither is a pretty sight. Without eachother, you guys are lost and well, basically hopeless. I hope someday, I have that kind of love. To your future." she smiled lifting her glass in thier direction, then sat down.

Dave and Torrie stood together. "Torrie and I just want to say we love you both, and Trish, I'm gonna make the same promise that John made Torrie, when we got married. If John gets out of line, or you just feel like having him get his ass beat, you let me know and I'll come over, fists ready."

Torrie rolled her eyes, then lifted her glass. "To a lifetime of love and happiness..."

Trish smiled and turned her attention to Rock and Lillian as they stood.

"I've known Trish and John since they debuted in the WWE. When they first met, they fought al the time. Made most of us want to smash thier heads upside a wall. They stopped working thier storyline got better but not by much. And then all of a sudden, I don't know..the two just...stopped spitting fire at eachother..." Rock began.

Lillian cleared her throat, laying a hand on his arm. "Baby, I love you, but my feet are swollen and they hurt. Could you hurry it up?"

Dwayne rose a brow in her direction. 'Okay, mama...." He turned to John and Trish, who were trying to hide thier laughter. John was failing miserably.

"Go ahead John, laugh it up. When Trish gets pregnant, you're gonna be in the same exact spot and getting it ten times worse. Trish I wish you all the luck in putting up with that candy ass right there." he said pointing to John.

Lillian rolled her eyes. "What he that we're happy for you and we wish you all the best in your future life together."

Dwayne and Lillian sat down and Kendall and Jeff stood up.

"So...our's is a little different....we wrote something for you that we want to read." Jeff said.

"We hope that you like it." Kendall said.

It took an intelligent man to realize he must have dreams.
It took an intelligent woman to realize that she must have dreams of her own.
It took a patient man to wait for the woman to realize what her dream was.
It took a patient woman, to wait for the man to realize what his dream was.
It took help from two daughters for the man to realize his dream was her.
It took help from a friend for the woman to realize her dream was him.
It took a fearless man to sacrifice everything to obtain his dream.
It took a fearless woman to sacrifice everything in reaching hers.
It took the man three years to finally capture every part of his dream.
It took the woman three years three years to to be captured by her dream.

Jeff took a sip of water, then continued. "That being said.....there's only one thing left to say."

Jeff and Kendall looked at eachother, then back to John and Trish, saying together...

"It's about damn time!"

~~End flashback~~

Kendall's eyes closed as she fell into a deep sleep. What had been her favorite part of the night?

Becoming Trish's daughter.

Dwayne paced in his living room. Trish and John were gone for a month long honeymoon and Braedyn and Kendall were staying with him and Lillian during that time. Braedyn was upstairs asleep, along with Lillian. Kendall...well she certainly wasn't home that's for sure. Kendall was late...twenty minutes late. Dwayne had tried calling her cell phone but she didn't answer.

He checked out the window as he saw headlights. He gritted his teeth as Kendall kissed her boyfriend, Mike Shepherds goodbye, then ran to the house. Dwayne placed himself in front of the door, so the first thing she'd see when she got in was him. Kendall opened the door quietly and smiled sheepishly at her uncle as she closed it behind her.

"I'm so sorry, Uncle Dwayne. I forgot my cell phone at the restaraunt and we had to go back. I tried calling but Mike forgot his and my battery was dead." she said.

"OKay, but...don't make this a habit, okay?" he said gruffly.

Kendall grinned and hugged him. "I promise..I won't."

"Alright..." Dwayne said, hugging her back. "I'm going to bed now."

Kendall cleared her throat, and blushed lightly. "Um...before you do...could....could I talk to you for a minute?"

"Sure." Dwayne led Kendall to the couch, turning another lamp on to see better. "What's up, Keeks?"

Kendall hesitated, not sure how to start. "Well, it's just that...Mike and I have been arguing a lot lately. I barely have any time to spend with him...and he says that even when I'm with mind is still in the ring. He wants our relationship to be normal...but I'm not sure what that means."

Dwayne nodded as Kendall took a breath and continued. "And...I like another person too. I have for awhile....and he's more into wrestling and stuff, like me, but he's over 18. And even though I know nothing could happen with this guy, the more time I spend with Mike, the more I wish he was this other guy. And then I feel guilty because I start thinking that maybe if I did more normal things with Mike, then I wouldn't like this other guy so much. I don't know what to do."

Dwayne let all that process and then regarded his neice. " suggestion would be to try some of the things Mike considers "normal" given they are within reason and not illegal....and then..if you still like this other guy more than might want to think about just being friends with Mike."

Kendall sighed and made a face. "Guys are so confusing. I swear sometimes, I wish I never would have met any." She got up and hugged him. "Thanks Uncle Dwayne. It's a good idea."

Dwayne hugged her back. "Glad I could help."

Kendall grinned and started walking towards the stairs, intending to go to bed.

"Keeks?" Dwayne's voice stopped her. She looked back at him in question.

"Whatever you may feel for a certain rainbow haired high flyer....don't carry it into the ring and on-air. It will only bring him a lot of trouble....and you a lot of heart ache. Wait till your 18 to do that shit, okay?" He said with a knowing smile.

Kendall's mouth dropped. "How....How did you know?"

Dwayne gave her a look. "Jeff may be blind, honey, but the rest of aren't. It hasn't been that hard to figure out."

Five nights later.......

Dwayne was pacing again in the living room, on the phone with Jeff. This week had been hell on him. Kendall had been late almost every single night. At first it was one 15-20 minutes but then it escalated. Soon it became an hour, then two hours until finally five days later, it was 4:45 am and she still wasn't home yet.

Dwayne's head snapped up as he heard the door shut. He hung up on Jeff, muttering that Kendall was home and went to confront his neice.

"Where the hell have you been?!" he snapped.

Kendall caught by surprise, turned so fast, she lost her footing. Rock caught her before she hit the floor and as soon as he did, the smell of beer and cigarettes hit his senses.

"Thanxsh knuckle Dane!" she said, giggling.

Rock set her back from him as the smell of alcohol swarmed his nostrils. He stared at her increduously.

"You've been drinking! And smoking!"

Lillian, having been awoken by the Dwayne's yelling, came downstairs and looked at the two.

"What the hell is wrong with you two? There's other people in this house trying to sleep." she said with a yawn.

Dwayne pointed hastily to Kendall. "Your neice is drunk!"

Lillian looked at Kendall. The young girl was swaying on her feet and looking cross-eyed at a strand of hair she kept trying to blow away. When it came back she'd giggle then do it again.

"Kendall..are you drunk?" Lillian asked stepping closer. Immediately she took a step back, overwhelmed by the combination of alcohol and tobacco.

"Nopes..." Kendall said shaking her head really fast.

"Dwayne! She's gonna fall!" Lillian's eyes widened as Kendall swayed unsteadily on her feet, reached for the wall and missed. Dwayne didn't reach Kendall in time and the girl went face first into the carpet. Kendall was completely passed out. Dwayne picked the girl up in his arms and carried her to the spare bedroom, Lillian right behind him.

"We are so having a talk with her tomorrow." Lillian said.

Dwayne nodded. "Yep..just as soon as her candy ass wakes up."

The next morning, Kendall was woken up by the sound of her door crashing open.

"Ughhh Uncle Dwayne it's early!" Kendall said putting her aching head back under the covers.

"It's 2 in the afternoon." He laid some asprin and water on the bedside table. "You have exactly 30 minutes to get your ass out of bed, into the shower and downstairs. Time starts now." Then, he walked out, leaving Kendall sitting on the bed in confusion.

Thirty minutes later, Kendall came downstairs, looking like death warmed over. Lillian ushered her into the living room where Dwayne was waiting. Kendall could see he was angry. Dwayne wasted no time and pointed to a chair.

"Park your ass right there and tell me what the hell you did until 5 am, young lady."

Kendall sighed, sat down and shrugged. "Uncle Dwayne...please...not so loud. I hung out with Mike, that's all. We went to some party. I told you about it."

Lillian laid a hand on Rock's arm when his mouth opened. "You've been late almost every single night this week...and then you didn't get home until 5 this morning, Kendall." she said.

"I'm sorry Aunt Lillian...I'm just...I made some mistakes. Look guys...I don't feel good...Do you mind...can I go now?" Kendall said.

"I'm not surprised you don't feel good. You came home reeking of cigarettes and beer. Care to explain?" Lillian replied.

Kendall shrugged placing her hands in her head. "I don't know....It started off as one came to two and everyone else was smoking and drinking...I just...I wanted to be like everyone else. I'm sorry. It won't happen again...Can I please leave now?"

"No..your ass can't go now. Your sixteen damn years old Kendall, not twenty-one! It's illegal for you to drink and if you had gotten pulled over you would have spent the night on the cold concrete floor of a jail cell rather then in a nice and comfortable bed! You could have been in an accident and gotten hurt or died, young lady!" he shouted, upset. Kendall's attitude disturbed him.

"I said I was sorry! I said it wouldn't happen again!" Kendall cried in frustration.

"Well excuse me if that line means jack shit coming from you!" he shouted back.

Kendall sat back in a huff, glaring at her fingers. Her head was throbbing, her stomach was queasy and she just wanted to sleep. She so did not feel like putting up with this shit, especially from someone who wasn't her dad. Lillian put a hand on Rock's arm. Dwayne turned away, taking a few deep breaths to calm himself. After a few moments, Lillian spoke.

"Look, Kendall.... we love you and we're just trying to protect you. With your mom and dad away, you are under our care. That means you come home on time, you don't smoke and you don't drink. You especially don't drink and drive. Period!" she said.

"Fine. I already said I wouldn't drink and I'll be on time from now on." Kendall said impatiently.

Dwayne shook his head. "There isn't a 'from now on', Kendall. You won't be going out or seeing Mike until your parents come home."

Kendall jumped up from the chair. "What?!! NO! I have plans!!"

"Not anymore! You're grounded!" Dwayne shouted.

"Grounded?! You can't ground me! Mike's taking me to his prom on Friday!" Kendall screamed.

Lillian jumped up and placed herself in the middle of the two. "Listen, we'll talk about Prom. But, for right now, your stuck inside Kendall. I"m sorry, but what Dwayne said stays. You're grounded."

"You can't ground me! You are not my mother!" Kendall screamed pointing at Lillian.

"And you are not my father!" she screamed at Dwayne. "You can't tell me what to do!"

Dwayne's eyes narrowed and he took a step closer. "My house, my rules! You're not going! Period! End of story!"

"I hate you! I f****ing hate you!" Kendall pushed Dwayne out of the way and ran out the door towards her house. When Dwayne went to follow, Lillian stopped him. When he looked at his wife, Lillian's heart broke at the hurt she saw in his eyes.

"Dwayne...she didn't mean it. She'll come back and apologize in a little while." she said, hugging him. "This is the first time we've had to do any type of parenting like this with her. She's just trying to see how far she can go with us. She did the same thing with John and Trish."

Dwayne nodded, then sighed. "Yeah...I know. Damnit, Lillian. If we have a girl...I swear, Lillian... I swear to God, she is not setting foot outside this house for a date. I'm not doing this scene again."

Lillian laughed. "Anything you say, Big Daddy."

Kendall ran across the street to her house. She was so angry. It had been a mistake and a stupid one at that. She had only meant to take a sip of the beer. Before she knew it she'd thrown back almost an entire six pack. Kendall remembered coming home, but not getting to her bed. She realized that they would be upset, but she didn't think they'd be this upset.

What really pissed her off was not being able to go to the prom with Mike. Being in the WWE Homeschool program, she wasn't going to get a prom before she graduated. Going with Mike was her only chance of ever experiencing one. She couldnt' beleive Uncle Dwayne was taking that away from her.

Kendall hesitated on who to call. On one hand, she knew she should call Mike. He was her boyfriend after all. Still, deep down, she couldn't help but want nothing more than to call up Jeff and be with him. Kendall sighed. This had been happening awhile now...her not knowing who she wants more...Jeff or Mike. FInally, making a decision, she picked up the phone and made a call.

Kendall through her arms around Mike the minute he walked in the door. After assuring her that he had parked down the street, they sat on her bed and talked. He held Kendall as she cried on his shoulder and once she felt better, he kissed her. She smiled.

"Let's go swimming." she said.

Mike grinned. "Sounds fun darling, but I didn't bring a suit."

Kendall stood up, leading him towards the back, a teasing mischevious smile on her lips.

"You can borrow one of Dad's."

Jeff parked in the driveway of Kendall's house. Dwayne had called him about half an hour ago. Dwayne and Lillian had gone to pick up Braedyn after Kendall ran out of the house. On the way, Lillian started having contractions and she and Dwayne were at the hospital, checking in. After Lillian was settled, Dwayne had called Dave, who had agreed to keep Braedyn. Then he called Jeff, explained about the fight from this morning, and asked him to keep Kendall at his house.

Kendall wasn't Jeff's favorite person right now. Every single night, Jeff was getting calls from Dwayne about Kendall being late, and then finally not coming home all night. Furthermore, when she did show up, she was wasted. And to make matters worse, she'd apparantly driven herself home that way. He had already had two talks with her and both times, she had promised to start behaving for Dwayne. And yet, here he was, at Kendall's house, having to deal with it again.

Jeff knocked on the door and walked in when he got no answer. He called Kendall's name and checked inside the house. She wasn't there. Frowning, he went to the back door and opened it. His head turned towards the pool area. He couldn't see her, but he could hear her. And she wasn't alone.

Kendall and Mike were lounging on the pool stairs, making out. Jeff frowned, narrowing his eyes and gave a low growl. He went and got two towells and an orange from inside the house and then went back to the pool area. Standing at the edge of the deck, he threw the orange at them just as Mike was untying Kendall's top.

Kendall and Mike broke apart when the orange hit the water and made eye contact with Jeff. Kendall quickly retied her top and gulped. He looked pissed.

"What...what are you doing here?" she asked.

Jeff glared at Mike. "If you're not off this property in ten seconds, you and I are gonna have problems."

He turned to Kendall next. "And have ten seconds to get upstairs and get dressed or you're gonna have problems of your own." he said tossing the towells thier way.

Kendall stared openmouthed. "What? Jeff...what are you talking about?"

"'d get moving if I were you!" he called as he walked away from the two.

Seeing the look in Jeff's eye, Mike was out the door before Kendall had a chance to say goodbye. Kendall had made it to her room in record time and as she got dressed, her mind kept spinning. At first, she'd been secretly happy that he had shown up. Then, he had thrown her boyfriend out and the more she focused on that, the angrier she became. She rounded on Jeff the moment he opened the door and slapped him across the face.

"Who the hell do you think you are?! You had no right....Ah!"

As soon as he felt her hand on his cheek, he snapped. Before Kendall knew what happened, she found herself face down over his knee. Jeff waisted no time and as soon as she felt the first smack on her posterier, Kendall came alive.

"OW! Jeff stop! What are you doing!" she cried, struggling to get away. Jeff just held her tighter and kept going. Kendall cried out at each spank and struggled. After about a dozen or so, Jeff stopped abruptly and stood up, letting her drop to the floor. Kendall's eyes were watery, but no tears had spilled. She was in shock. Her best friend had just spanked her! And damn hurt!

"You... you spanked me!" she stuttered.

Jeff turned, glaring at her. "You're damn right I did and you're lucky that's all you got! And if I ever catch you with Mike like that again, I'll do it one more time! You've been behaving like a selfish spoiled brat all week and it stops now!"

Kendall's mouth dropped open. "You can't tell me what to do Jeff! I don't have to listen to you!" she sputtered.

Jeff put his face real close to hers, his jaw clenched. "Do you really wanna test that theory, Kendall Lenore?"

Immediately Kendall sat back in silence at the mention of her middle name. Jeff nodded . "Didn't think so. You have 5 minutes to be down at the car with your bags. Lillian went into labor so you're staying with me."

It took a few moments for his words to process. Lillian went into labor. She was staying with Jeff. Kendall's jaw dropped. She was staying with Jeff. Jeff....the man that just spanked her like a child. Kendall sighed, standing as she rubbed her stinging rump. This was going to be an uncomfortable week.

Kendall was walking out the door, bag in hand when Jeff honked the horn. Kendall got in the passenger seat and looked at him.

"What...what about my car?" Kendall asked.

"Where's your keys?" Jeff took them as she held them out, pressed the automatic lock on her key chain and then dropped the keys in his pocket.

"You get them back when your dad gets back. Not before." he said, putting the car into gear.

Kendall stared open mouthed. "But.."

"No Kendall..." Jeff snapped, interupting. "No won't be needing your car because you won't be going anywhere."

"And I wouldn't even think about arguing this with me." Jeff said as Kendall's mouth opened again.

Kendal sat back with a sigh as Jeff pulled out of the driveway and sped off down the road. The entire trip was completely silent, no music, no talking...nothing. Kendall hated it. When they arrived at the house, Kendal was hoping things would become less tense. As Jeff turned off the car, she looked at him.

"Jeff...I'm sorry." she whispered.

Jeff paused, hearing her. Then he got out of the car, never looking at her and walked away, murmering under his breath.

"You know where your room is. I'll be in the shop."

It wasn't until the next morning that Dwayne had called with an update and it was a surprising update, to say the least. Lillian had been admitted to the hospital and within a matter of hours, was in full labor. It was a long labor. A long and painful labor but she was fine and getting better. Dwayne had actually been surprised at how much energy she had, despite having given birth to not one, but two babies.

Dominic Julius Johnson was born at 9:57 am, weighing in at 6 lb 2 oz and measuring in at 21 inches tall. His sister, Mikayla Rhianne Johnson was born at 9:59 am, weighing in at 5 lb 6 oz and measuring in at 19 inches tall. Both had lots and lots of hair and had all toes and fingers accounted for. Dwayne and Lillian had been surprised to say the least, when told that there was another baby. Somehow, all the doctors, sonograms and ultrasounds missed the second baby.

Torrie and Maria had gone shopping to prepare for the extra baby. They had bought another crib, car seat, highchair, clothing and especially diapers. Randy and Dave had come over to Dwayne's house to set it all up, while Jeff had taken Braedyn and Kendall to see the new babies.

Kendall had been nervous when she first walked into the room. She thought they would hate her for how she'd been acting. Kendall, Dwayne and Lillian had talked for almost an hour and after everything Kendall apologised. By the end of visiting hours, the three were acting like the fight had never happened and for that Kendall was grateful. That only left one person on the 'Who's Mad at Kendall' list. Jeff Hardy.

It had been three days, and she and Jeff were still not talking. There were of course times where they had to exchange words, but for the most part, he didn't bother her and she didn't bother him. It was beginning to take its toll on Kendall. It was beginning to affect Jeff, as well and the others commented on it at the BBQ the day Dwayne and Lillian brought Dominic and Mikayla home.

"John and Trish called to see if they could stay an extra week. Vince gave them the time off. I told John about the stuff going on with Kendall. They talked on the phone for about an hour and she seems calmer. I hope you don't mind Jeff, but I told them that they could stay. If you don't want to keep Kendall here, she can come with one of us." Dwayne said.

Jeff shook his head. "'s cool. She can stay here. Where's Braedyn going?"

"Actually, Torrie and I dropped her off at John's parents house. They were gonna go camping and they invited her and Kendall along, but Kendall didn't want to go apparantly." Dave said.

Jeff looked up surprised at that. "Huh....she didn't tell me."

"Jeff...what's going on with you and Kendall?" Torrie asked.

"Yeah, you two act like you don't care about each other anymore. It's been like that for about a week now." Maria said.

Jeff hesitated, then shrugged. "It's complicated...."

"Complicated how?" Randy asked.

Jeff's mouth tightened into a grim line. "We had a difference of opinion."

Dwayne rose a brow in Jeff's direction. "What happened?"

Jeff hesitated a moment then said quietly, "I spanked her."

Everyone's mouth dropped open. "You what?" Torrie asked.

Jeff sighed, running a hand through his hair. "I know, I know. But guys....I mean..I'd been getting calls from Dwayne every single damn night, she was always late getting in, then she started drinking and smoking and worse still, she was driving after she'd gotten drunk. And then..when I went to pick her up...Mike was undressing her in the pool! And when she slapped me and I just...I lost it. It was the first thing that came to did it."

It took a moment for all that to process and when it did, the guys were silent for the first time in thier life. Lillian cleared her throat, asking the question they were all wondering.

" upset you more....the fact that she was doing that with Mike....or that she wasn't doing that with you?" she asked.

Everyone had known for awhile how Jeff felt about Kendall. Everyone also knew that secretly, Kendall felt the same way. The difference was Jeff had known how he felt for awhile. Kendall was just beginning to fully realized how she felt about him. Jeff had been concerned at first... about how everyone would react to his feelings for Kendall, but even John and Trish were silently wishing the two would hook up, which everyone knew wouldn't happen until after Kendall was 18 or older.

Jeff sighed. "I don't know....a little of both, I guess."

Everyone was silent for a moment and Jeff looked around. "Look, I know that she deserved it, but I'm probably the last person who should have done it. I'm not a parental figure for her. I can't be." Jeff said.

Dwayne put a hand on his arm. "'s not about being her parent. You're older than her and were in a position where that came in to play. You were there and you did what you thought was right. No fault in that." Dwayne said. "Believe me....had I been there, she'd have gotten a lot worse."

Everyone else nodded, murmering thier agreement. Jeff cleared his throat. "Listen guys.....I told John and Trish about everything, and we agreed that nobody should say anything about it to Kendall. I don't want to embarrass her. It's in the past, I want it left there."

Everyone agreed and then Dave looked around. "Speaking of our little fire cracker, where exactly is she?"

Kendall had snuck off the first chance she got. After changing her clothes, she went out back to Jeff's garage where a small gym had been set up. She put on her headphones, grabbed a pair of boxing gloves and started punching the bag. When tears threatened to overspill, she narrowed her eyes and punched the bag harder, switching every now and then to kicking.

An hour later, she hadn't even slowed down a little bit. Sweat was dripping from her face and down her skin. She had taken her boxing gloves off, liking the feel of her fist against the bag better. Her knuckles would be raw, but she didn't care. Maria stood in the doorway to the gym, watching Kendall. She must have stayed there for fifteen minutes just watching that girl pound her frustration out into the bag. When Maria approached, Kendall didn't even let up for a moment.

"Kendall...the food is ready." she said. Maria didn't get an answer from her so she went behind Kendall and tapped Kendall on the shoulder. Kendall threw an arm back out of surprise. Maria ducked the arm and plopped down on the floor, a hand to her chest. Kendall's headphones came off, her mouth dropped.

"Crap..Maria..I'm so dorry. I had the head phones on startled me." Kendall said. "Are you okay?"

Maria took a deep breath and nodded. " startled me too. Damn fast reflexes you got kid."

Kendall gave a small smile. "Sorry, Maria."

Maria smiled, getting to her feet. "It's okay. No harm done. I just came to tell you that the food is ready."

Kendall nodded. "I appreciate that. I'm not hungry though. I'll just keep training."

Maria bit her lip. "Um...okay. I'll let everyone know."

Kendall nodded and returned to her punchbag routine as Maria walked out. As soon as Maria left, Kendall climbed onto the balance beam, Jeff had installed for her when she first started training. It had helped her balance on the top ropes and turnbuckles tremendously. She bent slowly lifting herself into a handstand on the small padded peice of wood and bending her arms, she lowered and raised her body in handstand fashion.

Dwayne stood in the doorway just like Maria had, watching. He had to admit. Kendall, as young as she was, was probably the most natural athlete he had met in a long time. It seemed that no matter what sport it was, karate, kickboxing, wrestling or gymnastics...Kendall always caught on right away and exceeded most people's expectations.

Dwayne tensed as she stood up on the beam and did a line of flips across it. Hehated it when she did that. Kendall was gifted, but he was always concerned she'd end up hitting her head doing that. Trying not to startle her, he rapped his knuckles lightly on the door. Kendall popped her head in that direction and seeing her uncle satdown on the balance beam. She gave him a small smile as he came over.

"Looking good. You balance better than anyone I know." Dwayne said.

"Thanks." Kendall said grabbing a drink from her water bottle. "So, what's up?"

"Just wanted to know if you needed to talk. You and Jeff..don't really act like you've got everything all sorted out." he said with a shrug.

Kendall looked away, not responding. Dwayne came closer and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.

"Listen, what happened between you and's in the past. It's time to get over being upset about it and get back on track. " Dwayne said.

Kendall sighed. "I'm not upset....I was at first you know. I's embarrassing what happened...but I'm not upset anymore. He's right...I shouldn't have done any of those things."

Dwayne looked at her confused. "Well, if your not upset, why are you two still fighting? I mean, I know you two still care about eachother, but you act like you don't."

Kendall raised her eyes to his. Dwayne's heart constricted at the pain he saw in them.

"He doesn't act like he still cares. He barely talks to me, Uncle Dwayne, and he doesn't ever want to be around me. I made a lot of mistakes and I've apologised for making them, but nothing I do gets his forgiveness. I lost my best friend, and in losing him...I feel like I've lost a part of me. I don't know what to do." she said

Dwayne sighed. "He cares, Keeks. He cares a lot and I bet if you talked to him, he'd tell you that himself."

Kendall nodded, quickly wiping the tears away before they fell. "Later...Uncle Dwayne. I don't...I can't...not right now."

Dwayne nodded, hugging her and kissed her cheek. " want to come eat?"

Kendall laughed as her stomach growled. "Apparrently, my stomach needs it. Give me a few to shower and change, and I'll walk back with you.

Ten minutes later, Dwayne and Kendall left the garage gym and headed back to thier family and friends.

Kendall was back in the gym the following day; the conversation with her Uncle Dwayne still on her mind. Kendall finished her workout on the bags and climbed onto the balance beam as she pondered over his words. She wanted to beleive that her uncle was right, that Jeff still cared, but she wasn't sure. She'd never seen him this angry at her and she hated that she had been the one to anger him. She was just so confused.

She knew she had messed up, but she didn't think she had messed up bad enough to ruin one of the relationships she held dear. Jeff was her foundation. Her security blanket. Being without her foundation, her security blanket had made her realize just how much she needed and wanted Jeff around her, and not only as a friend. Without him, she felt like she was falling. It was a feeling she didn't know how to cope with.

Kendall got so wrapped up in her thoughts, she failed to see Jeff standing in the doorway. She finally spotted him, mid flip across the balance beam. She was so startled by his presence, she didn't rotate enough and came crashing down head first against the bar and crumbled to the floor. Immediately, she turned on her side, curling into a ball. She grabbed her head, wincing in pain. Jeff was at her side in an instant, his hand feeling along her scalp for injuries.

"Damnit! You startled me." Kendall said through clenched teeth as she sat up, rubbing her head.

"Sorry. You'll probably have a bump on the head, but it should be better in a couple days. You okay?" he asked. Kendall rubbed her head and nodded. Being so unstable when it came to Jeff, having him here, next to her, touching her...only made things ten times worse. She couldn't think about anything but the feel of his fingers and the smell of his cologne. She wanted to embrace the feeling, but she held back. She was still so confused.

"I've noticed you been working out a lot lately. Any particular reason why?" Jeff asked. Jeff inwardly sighed as he watched Kendall retreat within herself.

"Shouldn't you be getting ready for Mike's prom?" he asked, trying again.

Kendall shook her head, saying quietly. "Mike and I...uh..we broke up."

Jeff looked at her in shock. "What? When? Why?"

Kendall drew her knees up, resting her arms on top her knees. She gave a small smile, looking at her hands. "The other day. I was gone all the time and even when I was home...I wasn't really here. I was always talking about training or a match...or you."

Jeff sat down beside her upon hearing that. He kinda liked that she talked about him all the time. Kendall sighed as Jeff sat down beside her, listening. "Mike wanted to be with someone normal...someone who did normal things. But I'm not normal and I never will be."

Jeff sighed. "I'm so sorry, Kendall. You must be upset."

Kendall looked at her shoes, a small smile on her face. "You know....I'm not as upset as I thought I would be. I's kinda ironic isn't it? I worked so hard at trying not to lose him and in doing that, I not only lost Mike but also someone I cared about more than him. I lost you."

Jeff cocked his head to the side, confused. "You didn't lose me, Kendall. I'm still here."

Kendall finally rose her head and looked at him. "Are you, Jeff? Because....I gotta tell you....lately, it doesn't seem like it."

Kendall stood and moved away from him, to lean against the wall. "Jeff, you've barely spoken to me since I got here. And the only time we hang out is if we're eating, and even then the tension is so thick you could cut it with a knife. Do you realize that it's been almost a week since you've even smiled at me?"

She threw her hands up in the air in frustration and gave a nervous laugh. "What you did...spanking me...I deserved it. I get that and I'm not upset about it. I made mistakes, ...huge ones, I'll admit, but that's all they were Jeff. Huge mistakes. I've tried to show everyone that I won't make them again and I've apologised over and over again. Everyone else forgave me, Jeff..why can't you?"

Kendall slowly slid down the wall, as tears poured onto her cheeks. "I miss you Jeff. I miss smelling your cologne when your near me and I miss spending time together. I miss calling you Fruit Loops and I miss hearing my name from your lips. And I miss the way your hair is all wild in the morning when you wake up and your grumbling when there's no cofee in the coffee pot. I miss being held by you on the couch when we stay up all night talking. I want it all back, Jeff. I want you back. Just tell me what I have to do. I'll do anything. Just tell me what you want and I'll do it, Jeff. Anything...I'll do anything...just please...come back to me."

Jeff went to her, gathering her into his arms. He had no idea she was feeling like this, and his feelings were mixed. He felt horrible that she was hurting. At the same time, he couldn't help but feel a small sense of satisfaction in finding out she felt for him, how he felt for her.

Jeff sighed as he rubbed circles on her back. "Shhhh....I never left. I'm right here, baby."

Jeff stayed there with Kendall in his arms, soothing her until her sobbing turned to sniffles. When he tried to set her back from him, Kendall tightened her hold and snuggled closer. It felt so good to have his arms around her, and frankly she wasn't ready to give that up.

"Kendall..we gotta talk." Jeff said, chuckling. Sighing, she sat back and lifted her eyes to his.

"Listen Kendall....All those things you did...I know that they were just mistakes. Your 16, almost 17....I understand you're gonna make mistakes....that's how you learn. Hell....I've made the same mistakes you did...and more than once." he said with a tiny laugh.

"Well, then why did you get so angry?" Kendall asked.

Jeff sighed. "Just because I made those mistakes doesn't mean I don't worry about you when you make them. You were drinking and driving, Kendall. You could have been pulled over and arrested. You could have been in a car accident. Someone else could have been hurt, possibly even killed. You could have gotten hurt."

Kendall watched as Jeff stood and started pacing in front of her.

"I know nothing happened, but it could have. I could be talking to your tombstone right now, instead of being here, talking with you. I love you too much to let anything like that happen to you, Kendall." Jeff said.

Kendall's head snapped up and she stood, moving closer to him. "I love you too Jeff...."

Jeff, not hearing her, continued his tirade. "And ran off and Lillian went into labor. And when I find you...your playing strip tease with Mike, in your parents swimming pool! And all I could think was how much I wanted to be in that pool with much I wanted to be Mike at that moment. I was so mad that it was Mike and not me!"

Kendall took a step closer: "I wanted it to be you too, Jeff."

Jeff ran a hand through his hair, once again what she's saying not processing. "And then you slapped me.....and I just snapped. And well...."

Kendall tried to interject again, but Jeff just wasn't listening.

"I know I shouldn't have spanked you Kendall, but I just didn't know what else to do! And it's not like you didn't deserve it, it just probably shouldn't have been coming from me and..."

Jeff's words were cut off as Kendall grabbed his face between her hands and softly pressed her lips to his. After a moment, Kendall felt one of his arms circle around her waist, and the other running through her hair to rest at the back of her head. Her lips parted under his, and thier tongues met in a harmonic symphany as the kiss deepened. When they finally pulled apart...Jeff and Kendall took a quick step back, dazed. There were definitely sparks between them.

" were you saying...before?" Jeff asked in a breathless whisper.

Kendall looked at him from half lowered lashes, her voice deep and rich with passion. "I said I wanted it to be the pool...the other day, I wanted it to be you too."

Without a second thought, he pulled her to him and once again, sampled the sweet taste of her lips. When Kendall reacted with such raw passion, he almost forgot who she was. Almost. Kendall stood in shock as she was suddenly pushed back from him. She looked at him in questioningly.

He looked at her. Lord, she was beautiful. The swell of her breasts were floating up and down as she panted, out of breath from the kiss. Her lips were slightly swollen and bruised from his lips and her eyes were hazy, glowing with desire and passion. He wanted nothing more than to bring her back in his arms for more, but he couldn't. At age 24, he was eight years older than her and legal, but she wasn't. She had another year to go.

"Kendall...." he began, "I would love nothing more than to be with you, but......I can't."

Kendall's face fell. "Oh...."

"At least not until your 18, anyway. And by probably won't even want to be with me anymore." he said, turning away, closing his eyes to the thought. Slowly, a smile replaced Kendall's frown. Walked to him, she let her arms travel around his waist. She waited until he looked at her, then whispered the words he'd been hoping to hear.

"I'll wait for you....If you'll wait for me."

Jeff and Kendall had agreed to keep thier kiss a secret. They didn't want to create any trouble for either of them. The gang was just happy that things were getting back to order. Kendall was excited too, because in three weeks, she would be turning 17 at the premier of her show Absolution. Everyone had been working thier butts off to get that show done on time and it looked to be one of the most anticipated shows in WWE history.

Kendall wasn't focusing on that though. She had two show's to do tonight. Raw was being helf in New York City tonight, and after the show, Jeff and Kendall were expected at the Conan O'Brien show. Before that though, they had to get through Raw. Evan though Kendall could have started wrestling at age sixteen, she had promised her dad she wouldn't start until after she graduated. Well, she'd finally done it, and tonight she was going to make her presence known.

John had wanted to be present for her first match, and since he and Trish were still on thier honeymoon, she wasn't going to wrestle tonight. They were getting back this weekend, so her first match was set for the Monday after. Tonight, she and Maria would be going to that ring to make a few statements. And first and foremost, they planned on giving those statements to the female members of DX.

Later that evening, before Lita's match, the newest female member of DX was announced. Triple H had brought back Chyna.
It had been a huge surprise to the fans and to most of the WWE superstars. Chyna was a fierce competitor, stronger than most and bigger too. She didn't scare Kendall though. During Chyna and Lita's matcha gainst Candice and Mickie, Kendall and Maria ran down to the ring and drop kicked Lita, then Chyna, allowing Mickie to get the pin, 1..2..3.

Mickie James and Candice Michelle, stood outside the ring, looking towards the two female Crew members making thier way up the ramp. Mickie and Candice had just won, they weren't about to complain, but they were curious. Lita and Chyna had made it to thier feet and were inside the ring, glaring daggers at the Kendall and Maria. Kendall was walking backwards up the ramp, a viscious smile pasted to her lips and a mic in her hand.

"Hey Lita! Just so we're matter how many overgrown powder puffs you bring into the ring, you still can't see us." Maria said, as the girls waved thier hands in front of thier faces. Kendall took the mic, turning towards Lita.

"Get ready, Lita. I'm coming for the belt."

Later that night, at the Conan O'Brien Show...........

"My next guests are two of the most up and coming wrestlers in the WWE. He jumps off 25 foot ladders, smashes people through tables and always seems to have different colored hair every single week. She is the youngest announcer in the history of the WWE and soon to be youngest wrestler. Please welcome Jeff Hardy and Kendall Cena." Conan said as the crowd cheered.

Jeff and Kendall came out on stage, waving to the screaming fans. Once the fans settled down, the two superstars said hello to Conan and sat down.

"Welcome, Welcome. Now for anyone who doesn't know...Jeff, you are one of the original members of The Crew, and the biggest high flying wrestler in the WWE. And, Kendall, your an announcer but don't wrestle." Conan said. Jeff and Kendall nodded and the crowd clapped.

Conan waited until the crowd quieted down, before addressing Kendall. "But..I've watched don't just do commentary. You're at ringside, helping in some way and if people get on your bad side, you waste no time in hurling your body at them. In fact, you two are called the high flying twins, when you work together right? Isn't it dangerous?"

Jeff and Kendall laughed. "Well, Jeff helped to train me, so of course I have a little of his flying style." Kendall said.

Jeff nodded. "It can be dangerous, but we train for it and we take every precaution we can to prevent any injuries."

" heard that there are 2 couples in your group who have gotten married within the last year. Is that right?" Conan asked.

"Actually there's 3. Dave Batista married one of the WWE Divas, Torrie Wilson, at the beginning of the year. Dwayne Johnson, also known as The Rock, married ring announcer Lillian Garcia about 5 months ago." said Jeff.

"In fact, almost 3 weeks ago, Uncle Dwayne and Aunt Lillian had twins, Dominic and Mikayla. Look aren't they cute?" Kendall chimed in as a picture came up of Dwayne and Lillian holding the twins.

Conan nodded. "They are cute. So Dave married Torrie and Rock married Lillian and had cute babies. The third is your dad right?"

Kendall grinned. "Yep...after 4 years, Dad finally got off his ass and married mom. They're on a honeymoon right now."

Jeff laughed. "For those of you who don't know who Kendall is talking about...John Cena, her dad jsut married Trish Stratus."

"Wow...well tell them all I said congratulations. I've noticed that in all your interviews, you refer to the men and women as aunt and uncles. You're not actually related to all of them, are you?"

Kendall laughed. "Not by blood no. Actually, I was 10 when I met Dave, Randy and Jeff. My sister Braedyn, who was 3, referred to Dave and Randy as Uncle Dave and Uncle Randy. It just kinda stuck. With Jeff....he's just like me, which is how we became best friends. I mean, seriously, how many people call thier best friend, Uncle this or Uncle that? None. It was never an option to call Jeff uncle, for me at least."

"Thank God. I mean look at me....I don't exactly fall into the parental figure category." Jeff said laughing. Kendall chuckled and when the crowd calmed down, she continued.

"But Rock, he's actually the only one I call Uncle in the ring. And he's the one that started that. The first day I met him, after a match, he told the audience that I was related to him and dubbed me The People's Neice. The fans liked it, so the nickname stuck. At first, I didn't like it..l have to be honest. Rock is a bit controlling, but once I got to know him, we became really close. He's like a second father to me." Kendall explained.

"Okay, now....I've been told you guys have special nicknames for eachother." Conan rose a brow at this.

Jeff nodded. "She's Cornflakes and I'm Fruit Loops."

"Of all the names you could be named after, you named eachother after cereals?" Conan asked, raising a brow as the audience laughed. "How, exactly did that come about??"

"The first time I met her, she was eating cornflakes. The name just kinda stayed." Jeff explained.

"And Jeff became Fruit Loops because his hair had a whole bunch of colors in it, when we first met." Kendall explained further.

Conan chuckled. "I was expecting some really funny outrageous story...and yet...your answer is so simple and surprisingly logical."

The audience laughed along with Jeff and Kendall.

"Okay, so you call yourselves cereals.....but, I heard that you guys have your own language....that the other's can't understand what you say sometimes. Explain that, because I gotta say....I've understood everything you've said so far." Conan said.

"Okay, so we're at my house doing a BBQ, and Kendall had a little too much sun or something cus she comes over to me and says and I quote...'Hey Toucan Sam, your rainbow's popping out skittles'." Jeff said.

Kendall laughed. "To which he replies...'At least skittles aren't soggy like wheat grains'. This goes back and forth for awhile and then we realize that everyone is staring at us like we're crazy because it made sense to us, but not them."

Conan made a face at the audience. "Yeah...can't imagine why...rainbows, skittles...wheat grains." As the audience laughed, Conan turned back to the two wrestlers. " Your rainbow's popping out skittles? Skittles aren't soggy like wheat guys understand all that? What does all that mean?"

Kendall laughed. "I told Jeff that his braid was coming out."

Jeff grinned. "And I replied that at least my hair wasn't wet."

The audience laughed and Conan shook his head. "They're two do have a language all your own. I'm not even gonna try to figure how you connect the two..."

Kendall and Jeff chuckled. Conan shook his head again, and then turned the conversation back to wrestling.

"Kendall, you've said before that you wanted to wrestle as soon as you were legally able, but you're almost 17 and you haven't wrestled yet. Why is that?" Conana asked.

" you know 16 is the legal age to wrestle. However, my dad wanted me to graduate high school before I wrestle. So, I'm graduating at the end of this week, and hopefully will be wrestling shortly there after." Kendall replied.

"What about college?" Conan asked.

"Yeah, I'll be taking online courses while I'm wrestling to get my business degree. Vince is actually teaching me about the industry from a business standpoint. He doesn't know it yet, but he's training his replacement." Kendall said with a mischevious grin. The crowd laughed at that and Conan smiled.

"Wow...kickin your boss to the curb, huh? Hopefully he doesn't watch the show, so he won't suspect anything." he said.

Kendall gave a wink to the camera. "Just kidding, Vince."

" I gotta say....when I found this out I was a little concerned. Earlier tonight you fought Brock Lesner...who is..relatively a giant. I mean, your a big guy, jeff and Brock is like four times your size and you challenged him to a ladder match for next week's Raw. Why in the hell would you do that?" Conan asked

Jeff shrugged. "He pissed me off. In return, I pissed him off, so we had a match tonight on Raw. His little girlfriend, Lita thought she should be in the match as well, causing me to lose and so...I challenged him to a ladder match for next week. I'm in my element during a ladder match. It's the match I've done the most and I win 99% of the time. Brock's never done a ladder match. He has no idea what he's stepping into."

Conan looked up. "There's a whole bunch of talk about a new pay-per-view. What exactly is it?"

"Well, actually Kendall was the one who came up with the idea of Absolution." Jeff said.

"Wow...explain." Conan said.

"Well...WWE was having an employee contest for a new pay-per-view. I had the idea of making the wrestlers prove thier better than someone else. I entered the contest, won and now Absolution is premiering on July 17th." Kendall said.

"What is different about this show compared to your other pay-per-views," Conan requested.

"It's kind of like student of the month at school...or employee of the month. Basically the superstars are fighting to obtain new titles...Best Female Superstar, Best Male Superstar, Best Tag Team and then ECW, Raw and Smackdown will compete against eachother, the winner walking away with the title Best Show." Kendall said.

Jeff nodded. "There are going to be other non-titled matches taking place. My brother Matt, challenged me to a match to prove who the better brother really is. Kane and Undertaker are also doing a better brother match. The Great Khali is going against Umaga and Big Show in a Triple threat match, just to name a few."

"We're gonna seperate the best wrestlers from the better wrestlers. It's gonna be big." Kendall said.

Conan shook Jeff and Kendall's hands. "Guys thank you so much for coming. WWE Raw is on Monday nights at 9 and the premier of Absolution is coming up on July 17th. Have a good night folks."

Kendall had been unpacking her bags when Trish knocked on the door. Kendall smiled, motioning her in.

"Hey mom, what's up?" Kendall asked.

Trish sat on Kendalls bed and patted the spot beside her. "I know something happened between you and Jeff. I want details!"

"Well...Jeff and I didn't speak for about a week and during that time, Mike and I broke up. I didn't get to go to prom, but I was okay with that. Prom night was the night that Jeff and I told eachother how we felt about each other." Kendall fixed Trish with a mock stern. "You should have told me, Mom!"

Trish laughed. Kendall wrinkled her nose at that. "I wasted so much time. But either way, I got Jeff and that's all that matters. Well, at least I'll have him when I turn 18. We decided it would be best not to pursue anything until then."

Trish nodded. "Good, I'm glad you both are being smart about this. Well, it sounds like you finally realized who you wanted."

Kendall smiled, blushing. "Yeah...and I can't wait to get him."
Two days later...During Raw Live

All the members of DX stood in the middle of the ring, Stephanie McMahon included.

"Last week, during mine and Chyna's match....Maria and Kendall took it upon themselves to come down to the ring and interfere in our match." Lita said.

"Kendall, you say you're coming after the belt, well I saw we're coming after you." Chyna said, taking the mic from Lita.

Hunter took the mic from Chyna and spoke when the crowd quieted.

"Every single week, DX proves that they are the leading force in the WWE. Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels did it by beating Randy Orton and Batista. Lita has done it by beating Trish and Maria. Brock Lesner's shown it by beating Jeff Hardy and I've shown it by beating John Cena." he snapped.

Hunter was cut off by The Crew's music coming on. John, Randy, Dave, Jeff, Trish, Maria and Kendall walked out on stage, with John and Kendall holding mics. The crowd was on thier feet, stomping and cheering to the music. When the cheering died down, Kendall put the mic to her mouth and started to speak.

"Now Triple H, if you're going to start telling stories, you have to tell the whole story. You've left out some details." she said.

"What details would that be?" Hunter asked.

"How about the fact that the only reason Rick Flair and Shawn Michaels won was because Brock came down in the middle of the match and helped?!" Kendall motioned towards Brock. "Or the fact that Brock Lesner didn't win his match all on his own either. He had help from Lita. And speaking of Lita...she had help too, Triple H. From you. Every single match she's won, she's only won because you've been there to help her."

"Hey! That's not true! I can win my own matches!" Lita shouted.

John lifted his mic, glaring daggers at Hunter. "And Triple H, lets get one thing straight. The only reason you won those two matches against me was because you had some help from that little bitch right there!" he said pointing to Steph. John paused as the crowd started chanting slut towards Stephanie. Stephanie narrowed her eyes as Triple H spewed threats towards the fans.

"You haven't proven that DX is better, Triple H. You've proven that the members of DX can't win thier matches, unless someone helps them!" John said. The crowd went nuts as DX paced back and forth in the ring, scowling at the two Cena's.

John smirked. "You think you're so much better than us? Prove it! At Absolution....DX vs. The Crew!!"

"You're on!" Triple H said and the crowd cheered.

"DX is gonna kick your ass, John Cena, especially with me in thier corner!" Stephanie said.

John smiled. "Steph....I'm glad you feel that way because I have a little surprise for you. See..I knew that you would want to be there for your man..for DX, so you're joining the match! On the DX side it will be Triple H, Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels, Brock Lesner, Lita, Chyna and the billion dollar princess herself...Stephanie McMahon!"

Triple H took the mic and smirked. " must be on crack! Hey man.....we have more team members than you, but if you still want to get your asses kicked, that's fine by me." Triple H said.

John smiled. "Actually Triple H.....we're even. You see, I wasn't done. Dx will have Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, Brock Lesner, Lita, Chyna and Stephanie McMahon...but The Crew will have John Cena, Randy Orton, Batista, Jeff Hardy, Trish Stratus, Maria and......"

John paused for a moment. "..... Kendall Cena."

Members from DX spit out thier protests and anger as the crowd cheered for the smirking Crew members.

"Hey, we're not done! Lita you say you can win your own matches, how 'bout we test that theory tonight! You and Chyna against me and Maria!" Kendall said.

"You want us? You got us!" Chyna replied, cracking her knuckles. Stephanie took the mic from Chyna.

"Fine it's a match. In this very ring, Lita and Chyna with me in thier corner, against Kendall and Maria." she said. The crowd went wild and over the noise, Trish took the mic from Kendall.

"Oh, hey Steph......just in case you get any bright ideas about helping tonight.....I'm gonna be at ringside right along with you. If you mess with thier match and I'm gonna mess with you!"


The night was going great for the members of The Crew. Randy and Batista had won thier match against Brian Kendrick and Paul London. Trish had won her match against Mickie James and John had won his match against Bobby Lashley. Jeff's ladder match had produces some injuries for the high flyer. Jeff had bandaged ribs and a dislocated shoulder, but he didn't care. He had beaten Brock and that was all that mattered.

The entire group was waiting for Kendall to get back to the locker room. With all that happened during the last few minutes of the match, they knew she was going to be upset. Stephanie had jumped onto the ropes, trying to get into the ring when Maria was going for the cover. Trish had chased Steph around the ring and into the backstage area, leaving both sides without someone in thier corner.

The choas had distracted the ref and Chyna was able to sneak the women's championship belt into the ring and hit Maria over the head with it. Maria was able to land a low to Chyna's head and had tagged in Kendall. Kendall had ran at Chyna and jumped on top of her. When Lita got inside the ring, Kendall side stepped, watching as Lita flew over the top rope from momentum and landed on the floor of the arena, near the announcers table.

Kendall had her back to the audience, set up to spear Chyna. When the larger woman stumbled to her feet, Kendall was about to attack when she saw Brock Lesner standing out on the stage. The ref saw him too and was yelling at him to go back into the locker rooms.

Kendall turned her attention back to Chyna and as Chyna got to her feet, Kendall speared her, knocking the diva right back to the ground. Before she had a chance to cover, with Brock keeping the official busy, Triple H snuck through the crowds and entered the ring, behind her. When she turned, she was pedigreed. Triple H drug Chyna over on top of Kendall and then went back into teh crowds. As Brock left, the ref turned around and slid to the floor. One...Two...Three! Kendall and Maria had lost.

Everyone's head lifted as the door was slammed open and a furious looking Kendall walked in, camera's following.

"That jerk!" Kendall muttered.

" was your first match. You did good, even if you didn't win." Jeff said. Kendall gave him a look.

"I would have had a better chance if Triple H hadn't given me a pedigree." Kendall told her dad.

"I'll take care of it, Kendall." John said.

" just leave those bastards to us, Kendall." Batista said. The others rose, voicing the same opinion.

Kendall shook her head.

"I appreciate that you want to. I really do. But this is one fight I don't need help on." A mischevious smile curled on Kendall's lips. "I know exactly how to handle this."


Later that night, the main even, Triple H vs. Carlito is just about to end. Triple H delivers a pedigree to Carlito, gets the pinfall and wins the match. It's at this time, Kendall appears on the the titantron above the stage entrance, making Triple He's celebration short-lived. She's standing back her hands clapping at Triple H's victory in a mocking manner.

"Congratulations, Triple H, on winning a match without someone helping you. But you haven't quite gotten the concept just yet, because earlier made some mistakes. You made the mistake of getting involved in my match. You made the mistake of giving me a pedigree and most importantly, Triple H...." Kendall leaned a little coser to the camera, her expression hardening. "Most importantly, Triple H, you pissed off the people's neice!"

Kendall silently growled at the camera as the audience started chanting at Triple H.

"Because of you, I lost my debut match, Triple H. So, I have to agree with the thousands of San Antonio fans. You are an asshole!"

The crowd cheered, and Triple H cussed them out as Kendall smirked at him from the big screen.

"Here's what you forgot to realize, you jackass. I'm Kendall Cena. I don't just get angry. No, no...I get angry....and then....I get even! It could be tonight! It could be week from now....hell one year from now! I promise you this, Triple will feel my wrath! It's gonna come hard and it's gonna come fast, right when you least expect it. Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, The Undertaker, John Cena...even Vince think payback from them is bad? It's nothing compared to what I'm gonna do to you, Triple H. I'm gonna hit you where it will hurt you the most! And when it happens, Triple H, you will know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that no one...and I mean NO ONE messes with Kendall Cena!"

~~Ending of Smackdown later that week~~~

"Mr. McMahon....Last week, Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler were elected to sit in as the lead announcers for the premier of WWE's newest pay-per-view, Absolution. This being said, there are only two seats left, and four commentators. We would like to know which of us you will be choosing to be at the announcing table for the premier of the WWE new pay-per-view, Absolution." Johnathon Coachman said.

Vince looked at the two sets of men before him. Coach and Tazz were commentators for ECW and Michael Cole and JBL were commentators for Smackdown.

"Oh..I see...well which of you do you think I should choose?" Vince asked the four.

"Me!" all four shouted in response. Vince chuckled, smirking at the crowd.

"Mr. McMahon, I've been a ring announcer since 2000 and have not only served as your executive assistant, but also as the assistant to the General Manager of Raw, William Regal." said Coach.

Tazz cleared his throat. "Vince, I've been inside that ring as a wrestler and outside the ring as a commentator. I know this sport inside and out and I have a connection to the audience that none of these other jokers have."

Vince nodded at that true statement, then turned to Michael Cole as he began to speak.

"Mr. McMahon, I've been an announcer since 1997, three years longer than Johnathon Coachman, and am now the current lead announcer on Friday Night Smackdown. " Cole replied.

JBL grabbed the mic. "And I'm a better wrestler than Tazz, Mr. McMahon. I've beat him once before, and I could do it again. Mr. McMahon, you and I are a lot alike. We're both handsome, former champions and we're both rich! I should be the logical choice."

Tazz growled at JBL. "All the money in the world won't save you when I'm kickin your ass!"

Vince, put up a hand and looked around the crowd. He was about to respond when music came on.

"Time for talking smack and kicking ass"

The crowd went wild when Kendall Cena came out onto the Smackdown stage. She walked down the ramp and slid into the ring, climbing on the ropes and stuck her fists into the air. She smiled, showing her appreciation for her fans, then climbed down and grabbed a mic.

"Vince, I'm sorry to interupt, but I was backstage, listening to these three jackasses..." she motioned to JBL, Cole and Coah, "and Tazz." motioning to her favorite ECW superstar, "when a brilliant idea for a match came to mind. I just had to come out here and see what you thought, Vince." Kendall said with a smile.

"Hey! We're out here talking about who's doing the announcing, not about some stupid match that you want!" JBL growled.

Kendall rounded on JBL as soon as the words left his mouth. "Shut your mouth! The People's Neice wasn't talking to you, you impotent jackass!"

JBL's mouth dropped open and he looked towards the audience, shaking his head. Vince hid a laugh behind a smile as Coach, Cole and Tazz all smirked at JBL. Vince looked towards Kendall as she continued to address JBL.

"And you should care about the match because it involves you, JBL! You think because you beat Tazz once, three years ago that you can beat him today? You think it makes you a better wrestler? Well, I say at Absolution, we find out! JBL, the finest financial advisor/announcer on Smackdown vs. Tazz, the deadliest hardcore heat in ECW!" Kendall said.

Vince's brows rose at this. It was a challenge to JBL; either put up or shut up. Tazz was smiling, a sinister laugh came from him. Everyone could tell Tazz wanted this match. With all the cheering, Vince figured the crowd did too. He looked at JBL, who was shaking his head.

"I already beat him once, I don't have anything to prove! Besides, you don't have the authority to make matches!" JBL said.

Kendall's brow rose and the crowd bood. Vince held the mic to his lips speaking over the noise.

"That's true, Kendall does not have the authority to make matches...but I do. Tazz is nodding, so I know he's agreed to it. If you agree, JBL, you'll have a match at Absolution." he said.

When JBL didn't say anything, Kendall spoke.

"Okay...okay. I understand, JBL, that you's been a long time since you stepped into the might be a little nervous. I get that....but I think I know a way to cheer you up." Kendall said.

Kendall paced inside the ring, looking at JBL. "There are over twenty thousand fans here tonight in Miami, JBL. Let's see if they can convince you to step inside the ring with Tazz at Absolution."

She turned towards the crowd and stole a Stone Cold catch phrase. "If you want to see JBL get his ass kicked at Absolution, give me a hell yeah!"

"Hell yeah!" the crowd shouted.

Kendall put a hand around her ear. "What?"

"Hell Yeah!" the crowd shouted louder.

Kendall turned to JBL. "Well, there you go. I want it, The fans want it and I know Tazz wants it. Now all you gotta do, JBL, is step up and accept."

"You want me and Tazz to go at it? Fine! At Absolution, I'm gonna prove once and for all that I'm the better wrestler, the better announcer and the better man!" JBL shouted. As soon as the words were spoken Tazz flew at JBL, knocking him to the ground. After a few kicks and punches, Tazz grabbed Kendall's mic, and growled at the writhing man on the floor.

"Just like tonight, at Absolution, I'm gonna make you my bitch."

As soon as Tazz and JBL were gone, Vince looked at the remaining three people, Kendall Cena, Michael Cole and Johnathon Coachman. Coach and Cole gave a smug smile as they realised that they were the only two announcers left.

"Well...since Tazz and JBL are in a match at Absolution...that two." Vince said, addressing the two.

Kendall shook her head, clearing her throat to get thier attention. "That's not entirely true, Vince."

The three males looked at her. Vince smiled and chuckled, then spoke to her.

"Kendall...there's no doubt that you are one of the best announcers in the WWE. Unfortunately, you are scheduled to compete at Absolution. So you see, it would be impossible for you to announce the pay-per-view." Vince said.

"Oh..I know. But see...while I was backstage...I had another brilliant thought. See, I can't be next to J.R. and King, where I should rightfully thought..well if I can't do it, I'll send someone to do it for me." Kendall smiled.

"Okay....I'll bite. Who'd you have in mind?" Vince asked. Michael Coal and Johnathon Coachman's mouths dropped open.

" can't..." Coach's words were stopped by Vince's look.

"Let's just find out who she picked before we decide on anything, Coach." he said.

Kendall smirked at Coach, then smiled at her boss. "Well, I figured you would want to meet them, so I made some calls, and they're here tonight, waiting backstage. Vince my replacements."

Kendall paused, then smiled. "The Rock and Sock Connection!"

The Rock's music came on and Rocky and Mick Foley came out on stage and headed to the ring. The crowd rose to thier feet shouting and clapping thier approval. Coach's and Cole's mouth dropped open in shock. Vince's followed suit. This was indeed a surprise, but a well recieved one. When The Rock and Mick Foley were in the ring, Michael Cole and Coach wasted no time in protesting the idea.

"Mr. McMahon, you can't seriously be considering this!" Coach said, then turned to Rock and Foley. "You two shouldn't be here! Go back up the ramp and get the hell out of my ring! Get the hell out of my arena!"

"Sir.....The Rock and Mick Foley are good athletes, but they don't know the first thing about announcing!" Michael Cole said.

When Vince opened his mouth to speak, The Rock held up a hand to silence everyone. Grabbing Kendall's mic, he brought it to his lips.

"Finally....The Rock has come....home!"

The Rock gave a small smile as the Rocky chant echoed off the arena walls. After a few moments, Rock turned his attention to the jabroni's in front of him. The Rock took a couple of steps back, then focused a frown on Coach.

"First and foremost, let the Rock make something crystal clear to you, Johnathon Coachman. This is not your ring and it is not your arena! No, no, no, no, no. It always has been and always will forever be...The People's. So, Johnathon Coachman...The Rock says this...Know your role and shut your mouth before The Rock throws your candy ass out of the people's ring, out of the people's arena and onto the people's streets!"

Rock paused as the Miami crowd cheered at the comment, then turned to Michael Cole.

"You say The Rock and Mick Foley are 'good' wrestlers. Well, let the Rock remind you of a couple of things, Michael Cole. There is only one....ass kickin, trash talkin, crazy ass son of a bitch; The greatest hardcore legend of all time and his name is Mick Foley!"

The crowd chanted Foley as Mick stuck his hand in the air, nodding his head. The Rock waited for the crowd to calm, then continued.

"And..there is only one...jabroni beating, pie eating, trail blazing, eye brow raising, the most electrifying man in sports and entertainment and that is The Great One...The People's Champion....The Rock!"

The Rock's chest was heaving as his name was chanted throughout the arena. He kept his hardened gaze on Michael Cole for a few seconds then once again put the microphone to his lips.

"And more importantly than that, Michael Cole...more importantly than that, they are each one-half of the most dominant and greatest tag teams to ever grace the WWE. Together they are the most electrifyingtag team champions of all time...The Rock and Sock Connection!"

Once again the crowd went ballistic, and Foley grinned as the 'Rock and Sock' chant began.

Mick Foley grabbed a mic and looked at Cole. "You're forgetting something, Michael Cole. Both myself and Rock have done announcing at many functions for the WWE, as well as mnay functions outside the WWE, something you or Coach have never done, might I add. Point is, Rock and I have same amount of experience as you and Coach. The difference is that we don't make an ass out of ourselves doing it!" Foley said.

The crowd laughed as the two announcers turned a deep shade of red. Rock grinned at thier displeasure, then returned his sight back to Michael Cole.

"Michael Cole, you say that The Rock and Mick Foley don't know the first thing about announcing. Well the Rock says this.....your job isn't rocket science, jabroni. You come to the arena, grab your little headset and you run your mouth! You say that The Rock and Sock Connection don't know how...well The Rock says it doesn't matter what you say! The Rock N' Sock Connection will be announcing, along side J.R. and Jerry Lawler, at Absolution!" Rock said.

The crowd went crazy and Coach shook his head, his eyes narrowed in anger. "You will absolutely NOT be announcing the pay-per-view!"

Foley took a mic from Vince, and grinned. "See...we had a feeling that you and Michael Cole wouldn't agree, Coach, so Rock and I came up with a fair way to decide. It will be the first match of the evening at the premier of Absolution: The Rock and Sock Connection vs. Michael Cole and Johnathon Coachman. Winner takes the table."

The crowd cheered thier approval, but Cole and Coach shook thier head in disbelief. Vince nodded approving of that match. Coach and Cole turned to Vince.

" can't seriously be considering this...." Coach began. Vince held up a hand stopping his protests.

"The match is set, Coach. You and Cole will be competing in a match at Absolution against The Rock and Mick Foley. If you win, you get the announcer's seats. If they win, they get the seats. Good luck." Vince smiled, nodding his pleasure at the match as he left the ring and disappeared backstage. Michael Cole followed suit shortly thereafter, shaking his head on the way out with the crowd's cheers echoing after him.

Johnathon Coachman still stood in the ring with Rock, Mick and Kendall. His eyes came to rest on Kendall. She had a smirk..a smile on her face. She had enjoyed this. He had everything set up and if it wasn't for her, he'd already have been in the announcers sear. Anger overtook Coach and he screamed at her.

"You think this is funny, bitch?" he shouted.

Immediately, Rock's brow rose and his body stiffened in anger. Mick's fists were clenched at his side.

"What in the blue hell is wrong with you, Johnathon Coachman?! You don't speak to The Rock's neice like that!" Rock said.

Coach ignored Rock and took a couple steps forward, screaming at her some more. "You won't think it's so funny when I kick your ass, bitch!"

Hearing that, Kendall immediately told Coach to 'just bring it' and seeing that Coach advanced on her. He didn't take two steps before he was intercepted by Mick Foley and Mr. Socko. When Mick took the sock out of his mouth, Coach stumbled back right into a Rock Bottom. The Rock stood over Coach, angrily waving his arms from side to side signaling it was time for the people's elbow. Then he stopped, and pointed to Kendall. The crowd went crazy as Kendall moved from one side of the ring to the other, gave Coach a 'you can't see me' wave, then jammed an elbo down onto his ribs.

Smackdown ended with The Rock, Mick Foley and Kendall Cena on the ropes, their hands raised in victory and the crowd chanting thier names.

Kendall woke up and looked at the clock as her cell phone rang. It was 2 am. She opened her phone, saw who it was and smiled, despite being woken up.

"Hannah Michaels...I swear I am buying you a watch!" Kendall said.

Hannah frowned over the phone. "What are you talking about?"

"It's late Hannah."

"It's only 8:00 at night. You're usually up later than this."

Kendall rolled her eyes. "Hans....where are you?"


"And where am I?" Kendall asked.

"At home in...ohhhhhhh time change. Damn, sorry Dalls, I forgot." Hannah said sheepishly.

"It's okay, I'm glad you called. Are you coming to Absolution?" Kendall asked.

Kendall heard her best friend sigh.

"No....I stayed out an hour after curfew at Mom's house so now she and dad won't let me go. On the bright side, your grandparents convinced my mom and dad that they needed a sitter for Braedyn that night, so.....they are gonna order the show for us and Braeds and I will watch it over there." Hannah said.

Kendall laughed. "I'm sad that you can't be here, but I'm glad Braeds will have you around. She opted to go to a couple of camps this year and tonight was the first time I got to see her in like a month. She's really freaked about me doing the pay-per-view."

"What? Why?"

Kendall shrugged, even though Hannah couldn't see it over the phone. "I'm not sure. She's watched Dad and everyone else doing pay-per-views. She's probably worried that I'll get hurt or something."

Kendall could pictured Hannah nodding. "Yeah, I can understand that, Kendall. I mean, you've done a couple of matches, but you're the least experienced and you're going against DX. It is kinda scary when you think about it. But I have to tell you...if my dad hurts you, I'm gonna kick his butt!"

Kendall laughed. "Remember what we're taught. What happens in the ring has nothing to do with what happens at home, especially between your family and mine, Hannah. I might have to fight your dad, and he's twice my size, there's a good chance if I do fight, I'll get bruised and what not, but it comes with the territory."

Hannah grumbled. "Yeah I know. I still don't have to like it though."

Kendall laughed. " you don't."

Hannah changed subjects, and by her tone Kendall could almost see Hannah's wheels turning.

"So....anyone new I should know about?" Hannah asked.

"No....not that I know of......why? Do you?" Kendall asked slowly.

Hannah sighed. " dates have been gross." Then Hannah grinned. "Besides, I'm saving myself for Matt Hardy."

Kendall chuckled. Hannah had always had a thing for Matt. Kendall never understood why. She could barely stand the guy and she only tolerated him because he was Jeff's brother.

" know he's dating Ashley right? In and out of the ring." Kendall asked.

Hannah sighed again and Kendall had to fight to keep from laughing.

"Yeah...I know..the bitch. So what about come you haven't gone out? And don't give me the whole I don't have time excuse. You still upset about Mike?" Hannah asked.

"No..Mike was a long time ago. But.....I actually...I'm saving myself for someone, too." Kendall said slyly.

Hannah appeared puzzled. "What? When? Who? Why didn't you tell me?"

"We're waiting to do anything until I'm eighteen...just another year to go. But we've talked about it and he really likes me and I really like him." Kendall said.

"Who?" Hannah asked. Kendall hesitated.

"You promise not to tell a soul??? I'm waiting for Matt's brother." she whispered into the phone.

Kendall held the phone away from her ear as Hannah was shrieking in the background.

"Oh my gosh! You're in love with Jeff! We'll be sister-in-laws, Dalls!" Hannah cried.

Kendall laughed rolling her eyes. "Hans....I'm can't tell a soul. When I'm eighteen, we'll see what happens then. I swear if you tell, I'm never going to forgive you."

"What guy? I don't know any guy."

Kendall chuckled. "Good...keep it that way. Listen, Hannah...I gotta ask a favor."

"Sure, anything." Hannah replied.

Kendall sighed. "Listen...when you're watching Absolution...if things start going wrong...and you don't think Braedyn can handle it....turn the t.v. off okay, no matter what. I don't want Braedyn scared if something goes wrong. Promise?"

"Absolutely. Listen....I have to go...I'll call you later okay..and Kendall, be careful on Sunday. Nothing more than a couple broken bones okay?" Hannah said.

"Just a few fractured ribs, Hans...I promise." Kendall replied her normal response and smiled, hanging up the phone.

Kendall was about ready to turn out the light, when Braedyn walked into her room. Kendall smiled and lifted her covers so Braedyn could climb in. Braedyn snuggled down beside her sister and hugged her tightly.

"Couldn't sleep?" Kendall asked. Braedyn shook her head.

"Still worried about the pay-per-view?" Kendall asked.

Braedyn nodded and Kendall asked her sister why.

"Daddy, Mom and the Uncles have been doing this a long time and they can get hurt. This is your first one and I don't want you hurt, Keeks." Braedyn said.

"Braedyn, I can't guarentee that I won't get hurt, but you know....getting hurt has a good side." Kendall said. Braedyn looked up at her like she was crazy.

"No seriously. The good part is recovery. If I get hurt, it means that I'll be around here more often. We'll be able to hang out more and go do some things together. We could even buy you a new wardrobe with Daddy's credit card....lots of clothes with frills and...lace and bows. Big bright pink bows!" Kendall said.

Braedyn looked horrified at the thought of the big bright pink bows. "Ew...lets not and say we did okay Keeks? But..I wouldn't mind having you around. It would be fun...playing games and stuff like we used to."

Kendall smiled, nodding. "Well, its set then. I'll just have to find a way to get hurt so I can spend some time with my lonely little sister!"

Braedyn giggled and the two snuggled down under the covers, falling into an easy sleep.

Vince McMahon stood out in the ring with Kendall Cena.

"Ladies and Gentleman...before we begin tonights matches there are three people we must address. J.R., King, Lillian...if you could come to the ring please." Vince said.

The three requested people stood in the ring in confusion. Kendall smiled at them, then at the crowd.

"The three of them don't know what's happening." Kendall turned back to the three and winked. "Don't worry, you don't have to be afraid. It's nothing bad, I promise."

Lillian giggled and the two men chuckled. Vince cleared his throat.

"All of you have worked for this company for a very long time. Without the three of you, the WWE would not have a voice in and out of the ring." he said.

"The website held a poll on who the fans thought were the best commentators and ring announcer. We gathered thier votes, added them to the votes from the WWE superstars." Kendall said.

"Tonight's show, Absolution, is about being the best. And you three are the best. On behalf of the WWE and the millions of WWE fans...we present you with your own 'Best Commentator' and 'Best Ring Announcer' belts." Vince said, handing the three thier respective belts.

"Congratulations." said Kendall, handing J.R. her mic.

As the three took thier belts, J.R. spoke into the mic.

"On behalf of Lillian, King and Mr. McMahon, to Kendall...the rest of the WWE Superstars and employees and most of all the WWE fans...thank you. We love what we do and we'll continue doing it the best we can. Thank you very much."

The three announcers stood in the center of the ring and lifted their belts above thier heads like champions and were blown away by the clapping and cheers from thier beloved fans.

Ten minutes later..........

"Tonight is the night! I am Jim Ross, sitting next to Jerry "The King" Lawler and welcome to the premier of WWE's newest pay-per-view Absolution! We have a spectacular show planned for you tonight, ladies and gentleman. Tonight we will find out who the best and most dominant wrestlers are in the WWE!"

The King looked at J.R. "There are four brand new titles up for grabs tonight...Best Female Superstar, Best Male Superstar, Best Tag Team and Best Show. Now, even though there's only four titles up for grabs, we do have more matches planned. We have the Hardy brothers in a match against eachother. Undertaker is also fighting his brother, Kane of the most anticipated matches of all time....DX vs. The Crew. Tonight's gonna be big!"

J.R. nodded. "Indeed it will, King. But before all that, we have a unique first match. Just two days ago on Smackdown, Mr. McMahon made a match between Johnathon Coachman and Michael Cole against The Rock N' Sock Connection. The winner of this match gets to sit up here with us, King! Coach and Cole are already in the ring, we are just waiting for the arrival of Mick Foley and The Great One himself, The Rock!"

"Making his way to the ring, he is one half of the Rock and Sock Connection, Mick Foley!"

Once Mick was in the ring, The Rock's music sounded.

"And his tag team team partner, he is the most electrifying man in sports and entertainment....The Rock"

The Rock hadn't even dressed in his gear for the match, but had on black running pants and a white tank top. Mick hadn't dressed either. This was going to be a peice of cake and they knew it. Michael Cole and Mick Foley started it off. They locked heads, but Mick quickly gained the upper hand and smashed an elbow to Cole's head. Mick landed a few kicks to Michael's ribs as he fell to the ground then turned, putting his hand up in the air. As Cole stumbled to his feet, he got a mouthful of Mr. Socko.

Cole was drug to Mick's corner, where The Rock was tagged in and a viscious chop was laid to Cole's chest. Cole bent over in pain, and The Rock gave him a DDT. It was obvious that Cole had no fight left in him, but the Rock had just gotten started. He still wanted to kick someone's ass. So, he lead Cole over to the corner and tagged Coach in himself.

When Coach refused to get in the ring, Rocky took a step closer, grabbed his head and flipped Coach into the ring. Coach never even stood a chance. A few well placed elbows and kicks, and then The Rock Bottom found Johnathon Coachman lying on his back in the center of the ring, ready for the people's elbow. The Rock slid off his elbow pad, throwing it out into the audience, then moved back and forth across the ring and delivered the people's elbow to the Coach. One, Two, Three....Match won.

After thier victory, Mick took a seat next to Jerry and Jim Ross. Rock stopped off at Lillian's chair and the crowd cheered as he gave the announcer a "smokin hot, had everyone drooling" kiss. Lillian blushed and grinned, whispering that he needed to behave. Rock gave her a charming smile and winked, then took his seat next to Mick, as Lillian got up in the ring to announce the next match.

"This match is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring, from Chantilly, Virginia and winner of WWE's Tuff Enough, Season One...Maven!"

"Damn...look at The Rock's fine ass wife up there!" Rock said as he put on the headphones with a smile.

"Lillian Garcia Johnson...she's our most talented and beautiful ring announcer, that's for sure. How are the twins doing, Rock?" Jim Ross asked.

Rock grinned even wider. "The Rock's kids are doing just fine, big and strong just like thier daddy."

Mick laughed. "Lucky for them they look just like thier mommy!"

Rock fixed Mick with a stare, then turned his attention to the ring.

"And Maven's challenger, from Los Angeles California, he is the winner of WWE's Tuff Enough Season Three...John Morrison!"

"Maven and John Morrison, both winners of Tuff Enough and I have to say two of the most talented new superstars in the industry." J.R. said as the match began.

"Mick, Rock...who are you guys pulling for in this match?" King asked.

"Listen, The Rock doesn't know these two jabroni's from two jackasses. The Rock doesn't care who wins." Rock said.

"Well, Maven is stronger than John Morrison, but Morrison is faster. I'm gonna have to go with Morrison in this one. Oooh Maven is taken down in a high flying kick!" Mick said.

Maven was on his side, holding his head. Morrison grabbed Maven and helped him up and then lifted Maven across his shoulders and fell backwards, slamming Maven back-first onto the mat in a power slam. Maven's back arched in pain and Morrison went in for the cover.

"One...Two...and a kick out from Maven." King said.

Once again, Morrison lead Maven to his feet and then used his arm to pull him towards the ropes. Maven built his momentum, falling back against the ropes and then sprang forward, tackling Morrison to the mat. The two superstars were both on the mat unmoving. The ref started counting to ten but both superstars made it to thier feet.

Maven landed an elbow to Morrison's face, causing the man to stagger back against the ropes. Maven laid an open palmed chop against his opponents chest and John Morrison bent in pain stumbling to the center of the ring. Maven brought him down with a drop kick and got the cover.

"One...Two...and a kick out from John Morrison. These two men, both winners from WWE's Tuff Enough Challenges...have competed in several matches against eachother and as tag team partners. They know eachother's ability and manuevers like the back of thier hand. The person who wins is gonna have to bring something to the table that has not been done before." J.R. said as the match continued.

Morrison pulled Maven's arm, sending him to a corner. Morrison followed, grabbing the ropes he jammed his shoulder into Maven's mid-section. Once...Twice and a third time. Maven slowly slid down to the floor, Morrison only let him rest for a second before he pulled Maven up by his hair so he was once again standing in the corner. He opened Maven's arms and chopped a hand onto his chest.

As Maven was bent over in pain, Morrison walked back a few steps, his hands up in the air, shouting his impending victory to the crowds. The crowd cheered as, unknown to Morrison, Maven was crouching behind him ready to spring when Morrison turned. Morrison went down in a spear, and Maven climbed to the top rope. He flew off the turnbuckle, landing a leg on Morrison's chest, then covered him. One..Two..Three!

"Here's your winner...he is the best Tuff Enough Champion.....Maven!"

"What a trememndous first hour, Ladies and Gentleman. If your just tuning in, The Undertaker has just beaten his brother Kane in the first brother against brother match tonight." J.R. said.

"What a match that was huh? I would definitely not want to be on either Kane's or Undertaker's bad side any time soon." King said.

"Me neither, King. Later on this evening we'll be having another brother against brother match. Jeff Hardy will face his older brother Matt Hardy in a no disqualitfication match." J.R. replied.

"What a match that's gonna be. Matt and Jeff are equally matched and equally as risky. But I have to say, I'm kinda pulling for Matt on this. With Jeff being a part of The Crew, his fame has skyrocketed him past his brother. Matt was left behind and he ain't too happy about it." Mick Foley said.

"What the hell is that, Mick Foley?" The Rock exclaimed. "Matt thinks he's been left behind? Well The Rock says this... The Crew has nothing to do with Jeff Hardy's success. Matt Hardy turned his back on his brother and left Jeff in a situation that he never wanted to be in in the first place. Jeff made the best of it and has worked his ass off to climb up the ladder of success. If Matt Hardy has a problem with that, then he can kiss the people's ass!"

"The Hardy's match is going to be one of the most controversal challenges to date. Matt was the one who challenged Jeff to the match and Jeff has never been one to back down. This match is gonna be brutal and could possibly be career ending for one or both of the brothers." J.R. said.

The four announcers looked to the ring as Lillian announced the next match.

"This match is a triple threat elimination match. Contestants will only be eliminated by pinfall or submission until only one is left. The last superstar standing will take home the championship belt for Best Female Superstar. Making her way to the ring, from ECW ...... Victoria!"

As Victoria's music came on, J.R. explained about the match.

"Earlier this week, Victoria beat out all the other diva's from ECW. She'll be facing the top female superstar from Smackdown as well as Raw. The three divas will try to eliminate eachother until only one is left. That woman will be named WWE's Best Female Superstar for this year." J.R. said.

"And one of her opponents, from Smackdown....... Ivory!"

"Puppies!" exclaimed King as Ivory jumped into the ring.

"And the third and final contestant...from Toronto, Ontario, Canada...she is Raw Diva...Trish Stratus!"

"My money is on Trish Stratus. She's stronger, faster and let's face it...she wants it badly..just to rub Lita's nose in it. What about you Rock?" Mick said.

"The Rock doesn't care about any of the damn diva's! The Rock's busy looking at his fine ass wife!" The Rock fixed Lillian with a mischevious smile and a wink. "Hey you doing?"

Lillian shook her head and rolled her eyes as she took her seat by the bell. Rock laughed and turned his attention to the match.

While Trish is entering the ring she is attacked by Victoria with a forearm across her back. The bell rings and Ivory lands a viscious kick to Trish's ribs. Victoria grabs Ivory's hair from behind and yanks the Smackdown diva to the mat. Victoria drops an elbow into Ivory's midsection the stands for a few well placed kicks to Ivory's ribs. Trish is able to stand and joins Victoria. Ivory is being double teamed by the ECW and Raw divas, both landing hard and fast kicks to her abdomen.

"These three women have never gotten along. And as you can see, they can't work together for very long without their past fueds coming to the surface." J.R. said as Victoria violently shoved Trish backwards.

VWith Trish stumbling back towards the ropes, Victoria goes in and covers Ivory. The ref gets a two count before Trish interupts with a forearm across Victoria's upper back. Victoria gets to her feet and runs at Trish, but is dropped to the mat by a clothesline from the Raw Diva.

Trish grabs Victoria's hair and pulls her to her feet and leads her over to the corner. Victoria goes face first into the top turnbuckle. Victoria spins so her back is against the turnbuckles, and trish grabs ahold of the side ropes and lands kick after punishing kick to Victoria's mid-section. Then her foot lifts and lodges itself against Victoria's throat, choking the air from her for a short count.

Behind them, in the center of the ring, Ivory slowly stumbles to her feet. Seeing the other two she runs at full speed towards them. Trish bounces off Victoria from impact and collapses to the mat, rolling off the ring and onto the arena floor. Victoria dazely slides down onto the matt so she's sitting back leavining against the bottom turnbuckle. Ivory back up the the opposite corner, runs and lands on Victoria in a bronco buster. Once done, she picks Victoria up and slams her body into the mat and goes in for the cover.

"One...Two..Three! Ivory has eliminated Victoria! It's between Ivory and Trish Status now." King exclaimed.

Ivory rolled herself out of the ring, grabbed Trish by the hair and tossed her into the ring. Trish was using the ropes to pull herself up as Ivory started climbing them. Ivory makes it to the top rope when Trish lands a punch in her stomach. She plops down on the top turnbuckle from impact. Trish grabbed Ivory's head and smashed an elbow into her face twice.

Trish bent at the wist, grabbed ahold of the bottom rope and lifted herself into a handstand. Her legs locked around Victoria's neck and lowering them, she flipped Ivory over off the ropes and into the center of the ring. The crowd went nuts as Trish herself climbed to the top rope and flew at Ivory, landing a hard punishing elbow into the Smackdown superstar's mid-section. Trish went for the cover.

"Here is your winner...WWE's Best Female Superstar...Trish Stratus!"

Trish leapt off Ivory and onto the ropes, her hands up in victory, with a huge smile plastered on her face. She failed to notice that two people had entered the ring from the crowd and were standing behind her.

"What's this? It's Stephanie McMahon with Chyna and Lita!" King said. When Trish turned, Chyna landed a kick to Trish's stomach. As Trish doubled over, Lita planted her face first into the mat with a DDT.

"This isn't right. It's three on one!" J.R. said as the three female DX members started kicking Trish simultaneously.

"Trish ain't alone....She's got The People's Sister and The People's neice!" The Rock said as Maria and Kendall ran down the ramp. Kendall slid under the ropes into the ring and threw herself at Chyna and the two rolled under the bottom rope and onto the arena floor. Kendall climbed on top of Chyna and let her fists fly.

Maria tackled Lita and the two were exchanging blows to the face, back and forth. Lita was able to get a good shot in and Maria stumbled back against the ropes. Lita ran at Maria, but Maria bent and lifted Lita over the top rope and onto the floor. Kendall slid back into the ring and she and Maria helped Trish to her feet. Stephanie was leaning over the ropes looking at Chyna and she stilled as she realized who was still in the ring. She turned and the three Crew members advanced on the youngest McMahon, stalking her like prey.

"It's Triple H! It's DX! They've come to rescue Stephanie!" J.R. said.

Triple H, Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels and Brock Lesner slid into the ring and hit the three Crew members from behind, knocking them to the floor. They got in a few kicks to the women's ribs before they were joined by more superstars.

"And The Crew members running down the ramp to help thier women!" King said.

John Cena, Jeff Hardy, Randy Orton and Batista ran down the ramp and attacked the men. Lita and Chyna were back up and getting into the ring, Stephanie right behind them. Kendall, Maria and Trish saw them coming and tackled them before they had crossed half the ring. It was only a matter of minutes before the entire ring was a full out brawl between the two rivals.

"I can't beleive it...a preview of DX vs. Crew!" King said.

"Ladies and Gentleman, let's take you back when just a few minutes ago, after Trish had just been declared the winner of the Best Female Superstar Match, Stephanie McMahon, Lita and Chyna interupted her celebration." J.R. said as a rewind clip was played.

"As you can see by the end of the clip the entire Crew team and all of DX had to be seperated by the officials and security. The two factions are scheduled to meet later tonight and judging from what happened a few moments ago, I can only imagine how intense and volatile that match is gonna be." J.R. said.

"Well, they are all great competitors. Kendall may be the lest experienced, but I have to tell you..she was trained by some of the best, including The Rock. In fact, Kendall beat out everyone but her mother in the pre-qualification match for the best female superstar match." Mich said.

"Speaking of that. Rock, are you at all worried that because of thier relation to Kendall, John Cena and Trish Stratus will be more focused on protecting thier daughter, than winning the match against DX?" King asked.

"What do you mean is The Rock worried? The Rock says this, jabroni, The People's Neice was trained by every single person on her team as well as The People's Champ. John Cena and Trish Stratus know the Rock's neice can take care of herself. She has been for a long time. She's strong. She's fast. She's gonna go out there talking smack and kicking ass, just like we all expect her to; Just like we all know she will. Hell no, The Rock, isn't worried." The Rock said.

"What are your thoughts about the outcome of that match?" J.R. asked.

"Here's what's gonna happen, and The Rock guarendamntees it. The Crew is gonna come down to the ring and one by damn one, the members of DX are gonna get thier candy asses kicked and counted out..1..2..3." Rock said. "Now shut your mouth jabroni's...The Rock's fine ass wife is about to talk."

"This next match is the first stage in the intergender Best Tag Team match. All tag teams who wish to enter will make thier way to the ring for a tag team over the top rope battle royal. If one half of the tag team goes over the top rope, the whole tag team will be eliminated."Lillian said, looking out into the crowd.

"When there are only two tag teams left standing, the rules will change for stage two. In stage two, both members of the tag team can be in the ring at the same time. However, instead of throwing the other team over the top rope, to win, the tag team must beat his opponent by pinfall only. The winner of that match will become the undisputed WWE Best Tag Team champions." Lillian continued.

Lillian sat down as superstars started piling out from backstage. Hardcore Holly and Crash Holly came out first, with The Dudleys and Edge and Christian right behind them. Deuce N' Domino, Shawn Michaels & Ric Flair, The Highlanders and APA (Varook and JBL reunited) also came down the ramp towards the ring.

The Rock laughed as he spotted JBL limping. "The Rock warned the jabroni not to mess with Tazz. He didn't listen and now look at his candy ass, limping from a Tazzmission beating!"

Lance Cade & Trevor Murdock were followed by Brian Kendrick & Paul London, the newest tag team in the WWE. They were followed by Randy Orton & Batista. The Brothers of Destruction (Undertaker and Kane) and The Hardy Boys (Jeff and Matt) were no longer an active tag team match, but had reunited for this premier match. The two tag teams had competed with and against eachother before and both teams respected the other. They met in the middle of the stage, knocked knuckles together as a sign of luck and respect, then ran down the ramp and into the ring to cause some damage.

As soon as the bell rang, the ring became a frenzied all-out brawl. Almost Immediately, both The Highlanders attacked Undertaker and Kane. The Brothers of Destruction grabbed the Scotsmen by the neck and tossed them over the rope and onto the floor. One down...lots more to go.

"If you excuse The Rock and Mick Foley....The Rock n' Sock Connection have one more match to win." The Rock said as he and Mick Foley took thier head phones off and joined the match.

"I don't believe it...Rock and Mick Foley back in action one last time!" J.R. exclaimed.

One by one, the tag teams were eliminated. Deuce n' Domino, APA and Lance Cade & Trevor Murdock were all eliminated within the first few minutes of the match. The Hardy's and Randy Orton teamed together and eliminated Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair. The Dudley's eliminated Edge & Christian. Brian Kendrick & Paul London eliminated the Dudley's.

"Five teams left, The Hardy Boy's, Rock n' Sock Connection, Undertaker & Kane, Randy Orton & Batista and Brian Kendrick & Paul London. " J.R. said.

King motioned towards the stage which was filled with the female superstars. "Oh my gosh! Puppies! Lots and lots of puppies!"

The men continued to battle as the women surrounded the ring in pairs. Lita & Chyna and Jacqueline & Victoria stood on one side; Maria & Torrie and Kendall & Trish stood on the second side; Ivory & Jazz and Candice Michelle & Mickie James stood on the third side; Beth Phoenix & Molly Holly and Melina & Kelly Kelly stood on the fourth side. The boys stopped fighting as they realized the women were around the ring.

All at once the women slid under the ropes and joined in. The women had a plan. All the women except two pairs attacked Undertaker and Kane. With the help of Brian Kendrick and Paul London, the Brothers of Destruction went over the top rope. But they didn't go alone. Undertaker took Jacqueline & Victoria with him while Kane took Mickie James & Candice Michelle.

The men weren't really paying attention to the others. Thier attention was on the four females in the center of the ring. Trish Stratus & Kendall Cena were staring down Lita & Chyna. Gradually, the other female tag teams noticed the four divas in the center of the ring. Once the teams chose a side, the stood behind thier chosen party. The men stayed to the outside, confused as to what was going on.

"The guys around the outside, the women have obviously chosen sides. The four in the middle part of DX and The Crew. We've already had one altercation after Trish's match and I can guarentee that it won't be the last between the two teams. Right now, Lita, Chyna, Trish and Kendall are in this match simply because it allows them to go at eachother before thier big match later tonight." J.R. said.

Maria & Torrie and Beth Phoenix & Molly Holly came to stand on either side of Trish and Kendall. Ivory & Jazz and Melina & Kelly Kelly stood on either side of Lita & Chyna. The two sides squared off against eachother, talking a lot of trash. Randy Orton and Batista were eliminated during this moment by a surprise attack from Rock and Mick Foley. The Hardy's followed suit, eliminating Brian Kendrick and Paul London.

Jeff and Rock got between the girls; Rock facing Lita's side and Jeff facing Kendall's side. Before anything could be said, Melina delivered a low blow to the people's champ. Maria bypassed Jeff and tackled Melina. In a matter of seconds, Jeff was almost trampled by the rush of Trish's girls attacking Lita's.

The Rock had recovered and picked Maria up off of Melina, set her to the side then picked up Melina. Melina struggled but Rock easily overpowered her and Melina found herself tossed over the top rope. Melina & Kelly Kelly had been eliminated. Beth Pheonix and Chyna were going at it and with the help of Ivory, Beth went over the top rope eliminating herself and her tag team partner, Molly Holly.

Everyone was pretty much leaving Trish and Lita alone. Those two weren't here for the titles, they were here because it gave them an excuse to get in the ring with eachother. Chyna has just eliminated Maria and Torrie. Kendall was being double teamed by Ivory and Jazz. Jeff Hardy got inbetween them and tossed Ivory over the top rope, eliminating her team.

Kendall whispered a small thank you to Jeff and then jumped on Chyna's back. Chyna was able to disentangle Kendall's arms and lifted her high above her head. Kendall was airborne, but she managed to hang on to the top rope and swooped down under the bottom one to re-enter the ring. Her feet had never touched the floor, she was still golden.

Chyna was busy trash talking with Rock, and she didn't notice Kendall behind her. Kendall landed a high kick to the back of Chyna's head and the ninth wonder of the world went stumbling over the top rope and fell to the arena floor. Trish and Kendall then teamed together and clotheslined a dazed Lita over the top rope to join her partner on the arena floor. Lita & Chyna had been eliminated....twice.

The three remaining teams stood in a triangle, looking at eachother. Jeff and Matt Hardy, Rock and Mick Foley and Kendall and Trish. The girls looked at eachother, nodded once, then flew at the boys. Kendall went against Jeff and Matt while Trish went against Rock and Mick Foley. The girls put up a good fight for a few minutes, but the boys simply over powered them and both girls flew over the ropes to the concrete floors. The two final teams stood in the ring, facing eachother.

Lillian's voice rang out as the bell sounded.

"This match is scheduled for one fall, winning by pinfall only and is stage two of the Best Tag Team match. In one corner, Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy...The Hardy Boys! And thier opponent...The Rock and Mick Foley....The Rock n' Sock Connection!"

The Hardy Boys and The Rock n' Sock Connection, stood inches apart, neither team speaking, only staring at the other. Matt and Jeff threw the first punch and soon the two teams were exchanging blows back and forth.

The Rock grabbed Jeff by his hair and slammed his head into the top turnbuckle. Turning the multi-colored wrestler around, Rock laid a series of three opne palmed chops to Jeff's chest.

Matt Hardy had gained control over Mick Foley and was laying several hard kicks to the legend's side. Grabbed by his head, Mick Foley was tossed out of the ring, through the middle and top rope.

"Mick Foley out of the ring, but not out of the competition." J.R. said.

Matt turned and landed a forearm across Rock's back. The Rock stumbled back and Matt Hardy jumped, landing a leg drop to the back of the people's champion. As Rock fell to the mat, Matt landed several kicks to his ribs. Jeff climbed to the top rope, but was shoved off the turnbuckle by Mick Foley, before the swanton bomb could be delivered.

Jeff fell to the mat beside The Rock. Mick Foley and Matt Hardy were once again fighting in the ring. Matt Hardy rushed Mick, Mick took him down with a clothesline. Matt rushed him again, and when Mick went for a clotheline, Matt landed a kick to Foley's stomach. Matt hooked his arms around Mick's neck and sent him to the mat with a Twist of Fate.

Jeff climbed to the top rope and flew, landing the swanton bomb on Mick. The Rock, back on his feet, was rushed by Matt. Matt was met by The Rock Bottom. Jeff struggled to his feet and punched The Rock's head. Rock retaliated by punching him back. Behind Jeff, Mick Foley was getting to his feet and drawing out Mr. Socko.

The Rock gave Jeff an extra hard punch to the head. Jeff reeled around and got a mouthful of sock from Mick Foley. As Jeff stumbled back, Mick let go and Jeff turned right into a Rock bottom. The Rock n' Sock Connection lined up the Hardy Boys and delivered a dual people's elbow to the extreme brothers.

Mick covered Matt, Rock covered Jeff and together they got a three count.

"Your winners and WWE's Undisputed Best Tag Team Champions.....The Rock n' Sock Connection!"