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A Father Twice Over

WWE: John Cena/Trish Stratus, among others

Chapters 1-23

Kendall Lenore Cena jumped from foot to foot back stage in her locker room. Although she'd been making appearances in the WWE for the last year, tonight's match was different. Tonight she was going alone. No dad, no uncles and no aunts. Just her. Her dad knocked on her door and as he walked in, she was taken back eight years in time, when her entire world changed.
Eight Years Earlier...

John Cena had been getting dressed when he received the call. Twenty minutes later, he walked out of his dressing room and into Dave Batista's, almost in a trance. Dave took one look at John and knew something was up. John didn't say anything and instead held the phone out to him.

Dave took the phone and after twenty minutes of conversation, he hung up and sat down in a daze too.

"I know the test came back..i just don't understand....both of them? How?"

John shook his head. "She was my high school girlfriend. We broke up during my second year of college. I was 19. And then..three years ago, we bump into eachother. She was visiting her parents, and later that night..we ...things got carried away. She never told me she was pregnant, Dave. Either time...and now..she's gone."

Dave sighed heavily. "So...when do they arrive?"

"Two days."

Dave nodded and gave his best friend a big grin. As the other wrestlers started filtering into the room, he clasped his hand on John's shoulder.

"Welcome to fatherhood."

Two days later, Kendall and Braedyn Smith were standing in the living room of John Cena's house. The social worker had just left and now the new family was alone. John Cena.....her fathers name. Her social worker had said that Mr. Cena was in the WWE. Kendall didn't know what the WWE was,her mother hadn't owned a television, but Ms. Torres seemed to be a big fan. She offered to show Kendall a tape of RAW, but Kendall had refused to watch it. She, at that very moment didn't care who John Cena was. Kendall didn't want to be here. All she wanted was her mom back.

Neither party knew what to say and neither wanted to make the first move. Finally John motioned for them to sit.

"Maybe you could tell me about yourselves.....and then if you have questions I could answer them for you." he suggested.

Braedyn glanced at her sister before sticking her thumb in her mouth. Kendall wasn't going to be rude and ignore him...afterall, her mother had taught her better manners than that.

"I'm Kendall. I'm ten. This is Braedyn, she's 3."

"I'm very happy to meet you, Kendall. What do you like to do for fun?"

John watched as Kendall shifted uncomfortably.

"I like ....stuff." she said.

John nodded and tapped Braedyn on the nose with a smile.

"And you? What does Braedyn like?" he asked.

Braedyn couldn't help but smile back at him. She'd always been an easy going loving child.

"Pink!" she said.

John laughed taking in her pink shirt, pink skirt, pink socks and pink shoes.

"Pink huh? Guess what? I like pink too." He turned to his eldest daughter and looked at her before softly saying , "Kendall...I'm sorry about your mother. She was a good woman...the best I ever knew."

Silent tears traced down Kendall's cheek at his comment. She wiped them away as quickly as possible.

"Um....what...what do we call you?" she asked.

John's heart constricted at the question, but he expected it. He knew the girls didn't think of him as "dad" yet, but he hoped that one day they would.

"How about John for now...and later..when you're ready, we can go from there...okay?" he said. Kendal nodded, grateful he hadn't expected to be called dad.

A short time later, John led the girls into Braedyn's bedroom. He had coaxed Torrie and Trish into helping him decorate. He hadn't liked the room at first, but after meeting his youngest, he knew the room was perfect. Pink walls, a princess canopy bed with protective rails, a white dresser with lavender and pink flowers and a couple baby dolls on the bed. Braedyn loved the room...especially her trunk filled with dress up clothes.

John smiled. Braedyn was the easy onto Kendall. He opened her door and she walked in. Questioning eyes turned to him.

John gave a hopeful smile. "I thought you would like to decorate your own room. I figured we could go do the shopping today and also buy some clothes and stuff for you and Braedyn."

She didn't answer him and instead turned to survey the room. There was a few peices of furniture, a bed with a side table, a small desk with a computer and a dresser. Kendall's eye traveled the length of the room and stopped on the bedside table. She slowly walked to it and picked up the picture on it. It was of her mom, taken before Kendall was born.

"It's the only picture I have of's always been by my bed...I thought maybe you'd like it by yours." John said coming to stand behind her. Kendall gingerly touched the picture before hugging it to her chest and putting it back.

Braedyn came bouncing through the doorway dressed up like a princess and jumped up on Kendall's bed.


Kendall gave a small smile and tweaked Braedyn's hair.

"Guess what Braed's? John is going to take us shopping and you get to pick out new clothes and if you're really really good, he might even buy you a toy."

Braedyn clapped her tiny hands and ran towards the door. Kendall gave John a small smile murmering four words.

"Thank you for Mom."

John smiled. It was a small start, but it was one he would gladly take and build on.

Kendall and Braedyn had been with thier dad for almost a week now. Things had progressed pretty smoothly too. Braedyn was already calling John "daddy" and he was more than happy to fill those shoes. Kendall was loosening up, but still held herself at a distance.

The girls had been bombarded by one part of John's family, with new members coming over every day. It was a lot of people to remember all at once, but the girls were coping fairly well. Now it was time to meet the other part of his family. John had to go back to work. The girls were actually looking forward to it. John had gotten the go-head from his boss, Vince McMahon. The girls were going on the road.

Tonight, John was planning on taking them to the arena with him. Kendall still wasn't exactly sure what it was that he did. He said he wrestled on television, which in her mind, seemed boring, but yet..he seemed to enjoy it.

Kendall was in the middle of selecting clothes for Braedyn when there was a knock on the door.

"Uncle Dave! Uncle Randy!" Braedyn smiled and launched her small frame at the two oversized teddy bears.

Dave Batista and Randy Orton smiled each giving the small child a peck on the cheek and a hug then did the same with Kendall. Kendall had felt an instant connection with the two and to her they were like the overprotective uncles she had never had but always wanted.

"John's in the shower...." Kendal said. Dave reached out to bang on the bathroom door yelling at John to hurry before sitting on the bed.

"So how's it hanging, Kandi?" Randy asked.

"I hate that name. Why can't you just call me Kendall, like everyone else?" she snapped making a face.

Randy laughed. "Because that would be way too easy. I could always call you Ken."

"Don't you dare...she is not a dude." John said coming out of the bathroom, dressed and ready to go.

Kendall finished pulling her hair back in a pony tail while John did the same to Braedyn. Kendall came out of the bathroom, rolled her eyes and re-did Braedyn's hair, as was her ritual every morning. The five headed down to the garage to thier car.

Dave was put in charge of protecting the girls while John and Randy had thier match. John had eplained that Randy and him would be wrestling against eachother. Kendall understood that they were pretending to be mad at each other for the camera, and that they'd probably get some bruises because of punching each other a few times, but for the most part it would be a normal wrestling match.

Braedyn and Kendall sat watching the small tv and were fine with the things they saw for the first two minutes. But then John and Randy started punching eachother and it started taking them longer to get up from the mat and Kendal started to worry. Trish and Torrie had come over to the locker room to hang out during the match.

"Trish......I thought...I thought they were wrestling....but they....that isn't wrestling...." Kendal stammered unable to take her eyes off the screen.

Trish looked at her confused. "Honey didn't your dad tell you what was going to happen?."

Kendal shook her head her eyes going wider and immediately she covered her sisters eyes with her hands. No one prepared her for this.

After the match, John stopped at the trainers to get his ribs and cut taken care of. Once he was done he headed to his dressing room and stood in the doorway shocked at what he saw. Torrie was holding a screaming Braedyn and Trish was trying to hold back Kendall who was trying to punch Randy. Dave Batista was beside Randy trying to calm Kendall down. He could hear Kendall screaming about hurting her "Daddy".

"What's going on?" he asked. He stepped forward only to be rushed by Kendall. He grabbed her up and looked questioningly at the others as she gripped him in a bear hug.

Torrie glared at him. "She thought you were being did Braedyn."

Dave and Trish glared at him too.

" said she knew what to expect. You said you told her." Trish snapped.

He walked over to Torrie and gave a quick kiss to Braedyn's cheek. "Daddy's fine Braed's. See he just has a booboo."

Kendall didn't move but Braedyn reached out sniffling and touched the bandaged cut.

"Booboo?" she said. John nodded with a smile. "Yeah...Daddy just has a booboo." Braedyn looked at him for a moment then leaned over and planted a big loud smooch on his owie and grinned at him.

"All better!" With that she wiggled down from Torrie and threw herself at her Uncles. John placed Kendall on the floor and crouched down in front of her.

"Kendall..I thought you understood...we talked about it earlier." he said.

"He hit you with a chair..... and the big guy threw you sounded bad." she said as her fingertips touched his cut.

John smiled. "It didn't hurt much honey. It happens all the time."

"All the time? You didn't tell me..."

John looked at her confused. "Yeah..hunny I did...remember? In the asked if I wrestled and I said yes...I even told you that Uncle Randy and I might seem mad at eachother but we really weren't."

"You said wrestled....People at my old school didn't wrestle like that. What if you get hurt like mom?" she murmered.

It took a moment for comprehension to dawn, but finally John understood.

"Ah.....Baby, I'm sorry. I didn't realise. Look, I've trained for years on how to do has Uncle Randy and the big guy (Umaga). We know how to make it look like it hurts without it really hurting that bad okay?" John lifted her eyes to his. "I'm very good at my job...I'm the best. I don't have to worry about me leaving like Mommy did. "

Kendal looked at him closely. "You sure you're okay? It doesn't hurt?" John smiled and shook his head. "Nah...I'm'll take more than a chair to get me down."

Kendall nodded and John swore that in an instant the look in her eyes changed from concern to furious. She doubled up a fist and socked her dad in the shoulder. John drew back in surprise. Randy and Dave stood there smirking. Boy was she a Cena..same look and everything.

"Kendall!" John said frowning. Kendall glared at her dad. "You knew I'd never seen your show, Daddy! I was worried!"

Upon being called Daddy, John's heart constricted and he gazed at his daughter with love.

"Baby I'm fine....I promise. Let's make a deal okay?" John rubbed his shoulder for a second before tweaking Kendall's nose. "How 'bout before every match you and I sit down and I tell you what's going to be done..that way you won't be surprised?" he said.

"What if you forget?"

"I won't forget...but you could always ask Uncle Randy or Uncle Dave or anyone else and they can tell you. So I'll tell you about the match before I go on....and keep calling me dad?" John asked, holding his breath.

Kendall thought about it for a moment then agreed.


John smiled and gave her a hug. " that that's settled, go apologise for hitting Randy and yelling at him."

Randy held out his arms and she ran into them with a hug.

"I'm sorry I scared you, Kandi." he said. Kendall stepped back from him and gave him a overly sweet smile.

"Uncle Randy, I'm sorry for being mad at you and yelling at you and punching you." Kendall gave Randy her best imitation of the Cena stare, "but if you call me Kandi again, I'm gonna tell the whole locker room that you sleep with a stuffed toy."

"But that isn't true..." Randy started.

Kendall shrugged. "They don't know that."

Randy's eyes widened. Kendall turned walking out the door, leaving Randy to glare at a room full of laughing co-workers.

"She is so your daughter, John." Trish said, giggling.

John laughed, smiling proudly. "Yeah...isn't it great? I've got a mini me..."

"Lord help us all..." Randy muttered stomping out the door like a sullen child, a new round of laughter echoing in the halls.

Kendall and Braedyn had been on the road with thier dad for over six months now and Kendall was really starting to like it. Every week they were in a different city and they got to hang out with all the WWE superstars and families. Of course there was still schoolwork to do. Kendall hated school. The good thing about school was that she was really good at it, so she got her work done in no time at all.

Kendall and Braedyn had been introduced to a lot of the WWE superstars, even ones who weren't on RAW. Kendal had ones she liked and disliked, just like the fans. Braedyn, of course, loved everyone. However, everyone knew that Dave Batista was Braedyn's favorite, aside from her dad. Trish was Kendall's favorite. Her and Jeff Hardy. Jeff was like the older brother and Trish, well, Kendall often thought of her as a mother figure.

Uncle Dave was great, but he was busy with Smackdown a lot and Braedyn took up most of his spare time. Kendall really liked Uncle Randy too, but he was one of those people, who pushed your buttons on purpose. Even after her threat to reveal that he slept with a stuffed animal, he still called her Kandi. She was the daughter of John Cena, the daughter of the WWE Champion. "Kandi" made her sound girly and being The Champ's daughter, she was anything but. It made her feel like she was being put in the same category as the three divas she absolutely couldn't stand: Candice Michelle, Jillian and Melina.

Melina always gave Trish a bad time and she wasn't really that nice of a person to anyone else either. Kendal just thought that more time and thought should have been given to someone else with more talent, brains and feelings. As for Candice Michelle and Jillian, they were forever trying to get with Kendall's dad. Unfortunately, getting rid of the two was harder than expected.

They'd already gotten her in trouble more than once. Around them, Kendall just seems to forget her manners. But, Kendall had a plan. She had been secretly dropping off notes for Mr. Kennedy and Mr. Regal, from a secret admirer. She had been doing the same to Candice Michelle and Jillian. Now, Mr. Kennedy and Mr. Regal have no idea who the notes are from, but the girls think thier notes are from John Cena.

In a few weeks, with the help of Trish, a date will be arranged for the "secret admirer" couples. By the time Candice and Jillian realise thier date is with Kennedy and Regal they won't be able to get away, especially since Regal's the GM of RAW. This will give John, Trish and the girls a chance to get away for the much anticipated and long awaited week long vacation. They were going to go to Trish's ranch. At least Kendall hoped so.

Trish was supposed to ask him soon. Trish had never said so outloud, but Kendall was pretty sure Trish had a crush on her dad. Kendall wouldn't mind if her dad and Trish got together though. She would kinda like having Trish as a mom. And since her dad was to pea-brained to notice, it was up to Kendall to make it happen.

Kendall paced in her dad's dressing room. Uncle Randy had been hurt in a match last week. Braedyn hadn't been feeling good so Uncle Dave opted to have her stay at the hotel with him, instead of going to RAW. Torrie and Jeff were preparing for a match and Trish was on her way out to the ring.

The problem? Kendall was bored. With everyone busy, sick or hurt she had no one to talk to. So, while her dad was in the shower, Kendall snuck out the door and made her way to the only place she'd been forbidden to go...the stage. Trish was back there getting ready to go out when she saw Kendall.

"What are you doing here? You're not allowed up here baby." Trish said giving the girl a hug.

"Wanted to wish you luck." Kendall smiled.

Trish laughed. "Well, thank you darlin. Now...go back to your dad before we both get on his bad side huh?"


Trish smiled, winking at Kendall as her music started. The crowd went nuts, and Kendall couldn't help but stay and watch Trish walk out on stage and make her way to the ring. Melina, accompanied by Nitro and Edge, walked up to the entrance of the stage, bumping into Kendall.

"Watch where you're going you little brat." Melina snapped rudely.

Kendall glared at the woman standing her ground. "I was here first. You watch where you're going, you overgrown cookie crisp!"

Edge grabbed the front of Kendal's shirt in his fist, and bent to her eye level.

"Give your daddy a message for me, kid. You tell your daddy that when I find him, I'm gonna put him in the hospital."

Kendall looked up at Edge growling, "The Champ's still here. He's down the hallway, to the left and three doors down. Would you like me to draw you a map?"

"You've got a mouth on you, don't ya? Maybe the little Cena sprite would like a front row seat, boys." Melina said.

As soon as Melina came out on stage with Edge and Nitro holding Kendall, Trish was out of the ring. Melina started speaking, stopping Trish in her tracks.

"Woah Woah Woah! Trish.....think for a minute. There's three of us and only one of you. Don't be stupid...we have your little friend, stil." Melina smirked as she watched Trish's features twist with rage. The crowd went wild, screaming vulgar phrases at Melina.

Trish made eye contact with Kendall, assuring herself that the little girl was fine. She took a couple steps forward and Melina motioned for Edge to let Kendall go. Kendall made it forward only three steps before she was yanked back by Melina. Kendall cried out in pain and grabbed Melina's hands trying to get them out of her hair.

Trish growled and rushed Melina, but was intercepted by Nitro and Edge. Nitro picked her up and flung her down the ramp until she lay sprawled out in front of the ring. Melina held Kendall back, forcing her to watch the brutal attack. Kendall was screaming at them to stop, but of course no one listened. Kendall managed to break free of Melina, but was scooped up by Nitro before she could reach Trish.

Nitro shoved Kendall back into a corner. Catching sight of Jeff Hardy and John Cena about to enter the ring, he and Edge grab Melina and head for the ramp. Jeff went to Trish and helped her to her feet. John crouched in front of Kendall, ignoring everyone else for a moment.

"You okay Keeks? Did they hurt you?" he asked.

Kendall shook her head. "I'm okay. They didn't hurt me."

John planted a kiss to his daughters cheek, checked on Trish, then grabbed a mic.

"Hey....Edge!" John paced back and forth in the ring before continuing. "'ve been trying to get my attention for the past several weeks... well guess got it. You mess with my're gonna mess with me. the ring..tonight!"

The crowd went wild cheering Cena's name. John and Jeff paced the span of the ring while Trish stood protectively near Kendall.

Melina, Edge and Nitro stayed on the ramp, talking smack. Kendall moved to stand next to her dad and pointed to Regal's face on the big arena screen.

"Cena...I am going to grant you your match. But it won't be just you against Edge. This match is going to be a six person mixed tag team match. In one corner will be Melina...Nitro..and Edge..."

Regal paused as the crowd cheered.

"And in the will be Trish Stratus...Jeff Hardy..and John Cena!"

Edge, Nitro and Melina yelled and cussed at Regal and he smirked at them.

"Oh..wait....wait...I'm not done. Melina, Nitro, did the crime...your titles do the time. The women's championship belt and the tag team championship belts will be up for grabs. Trish if your team wins, you become the new Women's Champion!"

The crowd went wild as Trish and Melina glared at eachother. Regal continued.

"Cena, Jeff...if your team wins you two become the new Tag Team Champions!"

John and Jeff paced back and forth in the ring as Edge and Nitro shook thier head in disbelief.

Regal paused, letting this sink in. " more thing... Kendall...start thinking of a superstar...because tonight you will be choosing the special guest referee!"

The Champ was mad. Mad at Kendall for being where she wasn't supposed to. Mad at Melina, Nitro and Edge for putting his daughter in harms way and mad at himself for not realising she was gone until it was too late. Trish just happened to be the one he took it all out on.

"How could you let her go down there?!" he shouted. Trish didn't even have a chance to speak before he went on.

"You just stood there, letting them hold my daughter hostage!"

Trish stood there taking it all in as John got in her face.

"She was being hurt and you did nothing, Trish!" Finally unable to take anymore, Trish shoved John back a few steps.

"Back off Cena. I didn't know they had her until I was already out in the ring. I did all I could, but it's a little hard when there's three of them and only one of me. She wasn't hurt and if you ask her, I bet she'd tell you she wasn't scared either, just annoyed. So go give your daughter a damn hug, tell her you love her and leave me the hell alone."

With that, Trish turned and walked into the shower area of John's locker room to fix herself up. Jeff tried to make himself invisible as father and daughter stared each other down.

"It's not her fault! I only went down there to wish her luck!" Kendall screamed at him.

"You could have been hurt Kendall!" he shouted back

"Well how was I supposed to know they were going to take me? I'm not a mind reader!" Kendall said sarcastically

"This isn't about you being taken, Kendal! It's about you being where you were forbidden to go!"

"Daddy! I went down there to wish..."

"I don't care why you went down there, Kendall Lenore! You knew you weren't supposed to and you did it anyway! Your computer is mine for the next week!" John glared at his child. He was still angry and her arguing was just making it worse.

Jeff found it almost amusing to watch. Kendall was so much like her dad, it was as if John Cena was fighting himself.

Kendall stomped her foot, hands on hip. "No! That's not fair!"

"Two weeks." he said, tight-lipped, crossing his arms over his chest and giving his daughter the "Don't mess with me" stare.

"You gonna calm your ass down or you gonna go for three?"

John and Kendall stared each other down for a few minutes, and in the end Kendall finally walked away in a huff. John sighed, closing his eyes for a brief second, before starting to get ready.

Jeff cleared his throat trying to get Kendall's attention.

"So...... have you figured out who the special guest referee is gonna be, Cornflakes?" he asked.

Kendall smiled. "Yeah..but I can't tell ya Fruit Loops."

A knock sounded at the door and William Regal and Hunter came into the room.

"Cena..I need your daughter to show me who' gonna be the special guest referee." Regal said.

"Kendall, stay with Uncle Paul." John looked at Hunter. "Don't let her out of your sight."

Hunter nodded and placing Kendall on his shoulders, followed Regal out of the room.

John watched the empty doorway for a few moments before slamming a balled up fist into the wall.

"John! Get a grip!" Jeff went over shoving John away from the wall.

"She could have been hurt Jeff!" John shouted.

Jeff nodded at him. "Yeah, but she wasn't. That's what's important."

"I know. I know. You're right. I'm just soooooooooooooooooooooo pissed!" John sat on the bench taking a few breaths to calm himself.

"You had every right to be angry, John. You're argument with're wasn't about Melina and Nitro taking her. That was about her going down to the stage when she knew she wasn't supposed to. She knew the rules and she chose to break them."

John nodded. "I know, I know..I was just.....I was just..."

"Scared, John. You were scared. When you saw her in the ring, you were scared. And even though you knew no one over here was to took it upon yourself to lash out at Trish...and that's also why you're still upset. Do get your head outta your ass and get out of the hole you've dug for yourself."

John looked over at the bathroom area of his locker room where Trish was hiding. He knew Jeff was right. He needed to go apologise.

John entered the shower area with caution. Trish's back was to him as he stepped inside. She had listened to John's outbursts the whole time and felt awful.

"I'm sorry John....I should have been able to protect her and I couldn't even do that." she said in a small voice.

John silently moved behind her and laid his hands upon her shoulders, turning her so they were face to face. His face softened seeing tears running a course down her cheek. The fact that she was crying bothered him, the fact that he was the cause of it bothered him even more.

He reached up wiping the tears from her eyes.

"Listen...I was angry...and I took my anger out at you. What I said...I shouldn't have. None of this is your fault, Trish. It's Melina's and Nitro's and Edge. Not Kendall's, not mine...and not yours. Okay?" John said pulling her into a hug. Trish nodded and curled against his chest, her arms tightening around him. John placed a soft kiss on top of her head.

"I'm incredibly sorry Trish. Forgive me?" he asked. Trish nodded and for a second, looking into John's eyes, Trish could have sworn he wanted to kiss her. His head lowered closer to hers and Trish got lost in his eyes. Just as their lips were about to meet, Jeff came in, banging on the door. Trish and John broke apart in a hurry.

"Yo...we're being called to the gorilla man!" Jeff said.

"Yeah...we'll...we'll be there shortly." John said motioning for Jeff to leave.

"That man has always had the worst timing..." murmered Trish, glancing up at John.

"Always... we...we should go. Our match is up." John said softly. Trish nodded and headed to towards the dressing area. At the door, she stopped and looked at John.

"What the hell..." she murmered. Crossing the space between them, she grabbed John's face between her hands and kissed him. Then, quickly made her way out of the locker room towards the stage area, blushing the entire way. Jeff quickly followed Trish out the door, leaving John and Kendall alone for a few minutes.

John looked over at his daughter. She had changed into a pair of workout pants and one of his t'shirts, only in her size. He reached out, tugging her shirt.

"Looks good." he asked. Not getting a response he looked closely at his daughter. She's shifting nervously and isn't really paying attention to anything. John tilted her head up to look at him.

"Keeks? What's wrong?"

"What....what if I get scared in front of all those people and I forget what I'm spose to say? And what if they try to do something to me...I mean...I've done 5 years of karate but I don't think I could hurt Melina or Edge or Nitro....and what happens if you lose or get hurt...or Trish gets hurt...or I get hurt..."

John placed a finger over Kendall's lips, quieting her.

"Hey...what's all this? I'm gonna be right is Trish and so is Jeff. We won't let anything happen to you."

Kendall nodded but John could tell she was still nervous. He sighed, thinking quickly, and knelt in front of her.

"Hey....what's my name?" he asked.

"John Cena." Kendall said.

"And what is your name?"

"Kendall Cena"

"And what's our move?" he asked.

Kendall waved her hand in front of his face. "You can't see me."

"That's right. They can't see you, they can't hurt you. Got it?"

Kendall nodded and hugged him. " it. Thanks, Daddy."

Kendall hesitated a moment then tugged on her dad's shirt. John looked down at his daughter.

"Daddy...I'm sorry for yelling at you. I know you were worried...Uncle Paul even said he was worried and he never worries."

John smiled. "I'm just glad you're okay. bout you and me go show these punks that no one messes with the Champ's kid. You in?"

"Oh yeah!" Kendal said jumping up and down excitedly.

John crouched down low allowing Kendall to hop on his back.

"Then lets go kick some overgrown cookie crisp butt!"

Melina, Nitro and Edge were already in the ring awaiting Trish, Jeff Hardy and John Cena. John's music started and all four walked out on stage together as one unstoppable force. The four walked down the ramp and as they jumped in the ring, thier opponents slid out. John grabbed a mic and held up a hand.

"Yo! Cut the music! My daughter wants to talk." He passed the mic on to Kendall with a wink.

Kendall smiled back. She was a Cena...she was born to do this.

"Melina.....Nitro.....Edge... Time and time again you guys have pushed our buttons trying to get us to leave. Well guess what? The crew is still here and tonight...we're taking your titles!" Kendal shouted into the mic.

Kendall paused as the crowd erupted in cheers. John couldn't help but smile at that.

"Now there's tons of WWE superstars who are good.....but only one is great. So I made some calls. Tonight's special guest referee is The Rock!" Kendall smiled as the crowd went crazy in Rocky chants. The Rock's music kicked on and he came out on stage, walked down the ramp and got in the ring, pausing to do his pose for a few seconds.

The Rock walked down the ramp, posed on the ropes then moving inside the ring, grabbed the mic from Kendall. He paced back and forth the ring a few times, before addressing the crowd.

"Finally....the Rock..has come Tampa!" He started pacing the ring, then looks at John.

"The Rock knows that John Cena wants to whoop some candy ass! So...kid...get your ass to JR, get your little headset on and lets start the dam match." The Rock tossed the mic away and Kendall moved over to sit by J.R. and Jerry Lawler. The match began.

Trish and Melina started the match and after drop kicking Melina to the mat, Trish went to cover, but Melina kicked out. Trish growled, landing a few punches to Melina's stomach. As the match continued, Kendall talked with J.R. and Jerry "The King" Lawler.

"Kendall, for someone who was taken hostage by three of her father's don't seem to be that upset. Were you scared at all?" Jerry asked. Kendal shook her head.

"I'm the daughter of the Champ. We don't get scared.....we get angry...then we get even." Kendall said, beleiving every word.

Melina was able to stun Trish and tag Edge in and Trish seeing Edge, scrambled to her corner and tagged in John. While John and Edge fought, Nitro was distracting Rocky trying to get in the ring, allowing Edge to use brass knuckles while the ref's back was turned. Jeff came flying across the ring, knocking Edge away from John, then dove at Nitro, knocking them both out of the ring.

While the Rock was busy with the boys, Melina started working her way around the ring towards Kendall, making sure Trish was still out of commission. J.R. and The King, leapt to thier feet as Kendall stood on top the announcers table so her and Melina were eye to eye. Melina glared at Kendall, Kendall glared back.

"You watched me beat her ass once it's gonna happen again. Only this time...I'm gonna make her scream." With that, Melina turned her back to the Champ's daughter and walked leisurely towards a hurting Trish.

When she would have stopped to pick up a chair, Kendall didn't think twice about it and jumped off the announcers table, throwing herself at Melina. Kendall knock Melina to the floor, rolling along the hard surface herself. Kendall was stunned for a moment and she felt King helping her up. Trish, seeing Kendall on the floor had attacked Melina and was throwing punches to the diva's face.

John, distracted by his daughter's flying stunt, had immediately rushed to check on her, only to be attacked by Edge from behind. John was lead over to Edge's corner and Nitro was tagged in. Jeff got the crowd clapping for a tag as John's body was slammed to the mat. As Edge was tagged in again, John Cena landed a blow to Edge's head and threw himself towards the corner, tagging Jeff in.

"I can't beleive you attacked Melina. You're only ten years old for heavens sake!" J.R. said in disbelief. Kendall shrugged nonchalantly. "You're age don't make you a good fighter, J.R., you should know that better than anyone."

Kendall cheered her family on as her dad was tagged back in. Edge had tagged Nitro, then rolled out of the ring and was trying to run up the ramp, but Jeff climbed up the ropes and flew. Both Jeff and Edge were down. Nitro delivered a fierce kick to the head of the Champ, leaving John laying in the middle of the ring. Trish had thrown Melina out of the ring, only to get thrown out herself by Nitro.

While the Rock's back was turned, Nitro got a chair and hit Cena over the head twice. Nitro covered him, but no count came. Nitro got up, finding Kendall and Rocky arguing on the side of the ring. Nitro picked up the chair and hit the Rock in the back with the metal chair, causing the people's champ to fall to the floor. Nitro looked around the ring, until his eyes settled on Kendall.

He came to stand in front of her and before she knew it, she was thrown in the ring. She quickly crawled towards her father, but was grabbed by her hair and tossed away from her dad. Kendall lay gasping....she was hurting from that throw. John was picked up by Nitro and thrown to the ground outside of the ring. J.R. and the King both had gotten in the ring to protect Kendall and now, both announcers were knocked out in the ring.

Melina was slowly limping her way back to the ring, Edge following behind her. Jeff stumbled to his feet trying to get down the ramp as Kendall was surrounded, but even he was having a difficult time. Melina stepped to the side with Nitro behind Kendall. Edge set up to spear the tiny child and right at the last moment Kendall stomped on Nitro's foot, releasing his hold on her and as she moved, Edge speared Nitro.

Jeff made it back to the ring and after climbing the ropes, threw himself at Edge, both of them collapsing to the mat. Kendall looked behind Melina. Her dad was stirring, but not fast enough. Trish was stirring, but slowly as well. Rocky..well..she just couldn't see Rocky. As Melina made a grab for her, Kendall slid between Melina's legs and kicked the woman in the butt, sending her stumbling into the ropes.

As the crowd chants her name, Kendall gets focused. She had taken karate for five years...she could kick this marshmallow's butt. She glared at the WWE Diva, sticks out her hand, and tells the woman in The Rock's fashion to just bring it. Melina snarls and attacks. Kendall ducks under Melina's outstretched arms, landing a punch to Melina's stomach. In pain, Melina bent, grabbing her stomach and as she does, Kendall delivers a kick to the diva's face. Kendall smirks as Trish, finally up, jumps off the ropes tackling Melina down to the mat. Both girls are down.

Kendall races to the edge of the mat, trying to get to her dad, but Nitro is back up and has different plans. He yanks her back into the center of the ring and as he tries to grab her, she dives through his legs. Messing with Melina was one thing, but Nitro was a little different. Any blow Kendall could have done, wouldn't have affected Nitro the way it did Melina. As he dives for her again, she darts through his legs hoping once more to avoid being captured. She wasn't. Nitro grabs her before she gets all the way through and she feels herself being lifted. For a moment she's scared but then Nitro sees her smile.

She points behind Nitro's head. Astoundingly, Nitro looks back, and a look of shock crosses his face as its met by Cena's fist. Kendall backs away, huddling by Trish and Jeff on the mat. The Rock is back in the ring and before Cena has a chance to do anything else, Nitro gets the Rock Bottom. The fans are cheering as John Cena covers Nitro, one...two...three..match won!

John immediately goes to his daughter, placing her on his shoulders. The four raise thier hands in victory as The Rock grabs a mic.

"Cut the music. Cut the damn music!" he says as the music stops. He looks over seeing Melina help Nitro and Edge out of the ring.

"No no no no no! The Rock did not say you could leave.....The Rock has unfinished business with you three." Rocky and Jeff grabbed them by thier hair and tossed them to the center of the ring.

"The Rock has someone he wants you to meet. the people. The Kendall Cena."

Rocky paced back and forth in the ring before continuing, set his hard cold stare on Edge, Nitro and Melina.

"Kendall...met the Jabronies. Kendall....The Rock's neice."

A cheer went up in the crowd and Rocky's eyebrow rose.

"You messed with the kid, now you're gonna mess with The Rock."

Within seconds, all three superstars were flattened out on the ring from the Rock Bottom and the people's elbow. John, Rocky and Kendall stood over the three, and delivered John's "You Can't See Me."

Kendal was placed on her dads shoulders, John holding up the WWE Championship belt and Kendall holding up the Tag Team Championship belt. Trish and Jeff stood on either side holding up thier respective belts.

Rock grabbed the mic again, took his legendary pose and spoke...


After that match, things changed. On some matches, Vince McMahon allowed her to do guest commentary with J.R. and King. Of course, her dad or uncles was always with her. Melina had gotten transfered to smackdown and Edge had been drafted to ECW a few months after. Triple H, Ric Flair and HBK had reformed DX. They even inducted two new members: Brock Lesner and Lita. DX was going to be pitted against a group of superstars, who the fans called "The Crew".

Like DX, "The Crew" consisted of 5 people. The three main members were John Cena, Jeff Hardy and Trish Stratus. And when DX got thier new members, The Crew found two more too: Randy Orton and Dave Batista. The two groups battled against eachother and the storyline flew off the charts.

(For everyone: The name "The Crew" comes from Chapter 6 when Kendall is talking smack to Edge, Nitro and Melina.)

Trish had suffered a sprained wrist during her last match which ended with Lita becoming the Women's Champion. John was still the WWE Champion and Jeff had been able to grab the Intercontinental Championship belt from Ric Flair. However, the Tag Team Championship now belonged to Shawn Michaels and Brock Lesner.

Because of the current storyline, all members of the Crew shared a locker room. John and Trish had never spoken about the kiss but had definitely grown closer. She had invited him and the girls to stay at her ranch for a week, which he graciously accepted. Dave and his girlfriend Torrie, Randy and his girlfriend Maria, and Jeff Hardy would be coming and hanging out for the week too.

The plan was for Randy and Maria to meet at John's house, since they lived the closest. They would ride with John, Trish and the girls. Dave and Torrie would be driving up in Dave's car, and Jeff would be driving up in his own car. All three cars were going to meet at Jeff's house, an hour away from John's.

"Hey ready to go?" Randy asked with a smirk. Maria reached over and smacked Randy on the arm.

"Randy, she hates it when you call her that...give her a break already." she said.

Kendall smiled thankfully at Maria and then scowled at Randy. "You know Uncle Randy....if you're not careful..I'm gonna make Braed's sleep with you....She still wets the bed sometimes."

Randy smiled, not the least bit deterred by her threat. "I like sleeping next to Braed's, Kandi. She's like a kitty cat."

Kendall rolled her eyes muttering under her breath. "Asshole."

John, hearing his daughter, leans over with a warning. "Watch your mouth and don't be rude."

She mouths sorry to Randy, but everyone could tell she doesn't mean it. John lets it slide though with a shake of his head. Those two, Randy and Kendall, were like two screaming children. Sometimes, it was hard for John to remember that only one of them actually was. They could argue the same point for hours and hours. It was funny, but annoying.

"Keep your hill-billie hands off my stereo Uncle Randy!" Kendall shouted trying to pull Randy away from her dad's car.

John looked up and threw up his hands in exasperation. "Kendall! Randy! We haven't even left and you two are already going at it. It's my car, my stereo, my music. Got it?"

Kendall frowned "Well your music isn't any better than his, Daddy."

John cocked a brow. "Kendall, quit being so onery and get in the damn car."

Randy snickered as Kendall made a face and climbed into the Tahoe. Maria slapped him on the shoulder, shaking her head.

"You aren't helping you know. She's 11, you're not. Act like I can survive this trip." she said.

Randy smiled and kissed her nose. "Alright....I'll give it a rest...for awhile at least."

The ride started off smoothly enough. Randy and Maria were talking in the very back seat. Trish and John were talking in the front seat and Braedyn and Kendall were watching a movie in the middle seat. Thirty minutes later, the bickering started. Trish, Maria and Braedyn had all fallen asleep, leaving John driving and Randy and Kendall nothing to do in the back.

Kendall felt her hair being tugged and she looked back at Randy but he was reading a magazine, so she went back to her movie. Again, she felt a tug, and again, Randy was reading his magazine. After the 500th tug or so, Kendall's seatbelt came zipping off and Randy was getting beat with his own rolled up magazine.

Randy was trying not to laugh and he held up his hands. "Kandi...come was just a joke!"

John looked back at his daughter and frowned. "Kendall get your seatbelt back on right now!"

Kendall sat down, glaring out the front window and put her seatbelt back on. Randy hid a laugh and held his hand out in front of her face. She glanced at his hand, then up at him.

"Can I help you?" she asked sweetly.

"Can I have my magazine back?" he asked just as nicely. She pretends to think about it, then smiles and shakes her head. Moving her eyes to the road in front of them, she ignores her uncle. Randy frowns a bit, and tries again.

"Kandi..may I please have my magazine back?"




John checked the two out in the rearview mirror. He'd only been driving for about 50 minutes and already the two were getting on his nerves.

"Pretty Please?" Randy tried again.

Kendall shook her head. "No."

"Pretty please with a cherry on top?"

"Um....let me think...." Kendall tapped her finger on her lip then smiled. "Nope."

By the time they pulled up to Jeff's house ten minutes later, Kendall and Randy were in a tug of war over the magazine. Once John parked the car, he reached back and smacked Kendall's leg.

"Give him back the magazine and quit being a brat Kendall," he said getting out of the car. Kendall glared at her dad.

He looked at her, his brows rose. "Now, Kendall."

" Kandi." Randy echoed. John groaned knowing Randy had just made it worse.

Suddenly an idea popped in her head and she smiled getting out of the car.

"Okay." Kendall quickly ripped out the first two pages and tossed them at Randy's face. She took off running, ripping out one page at a time with Randy trying to catch her. Trish, Maria and Braedyn had woken up and were getting out of the car to watch the man and child circus show.

Dave and Torrie came over and as soon as Braedyn saw Uncle Dave she wiggled trying to get out of John's hold and flung herself towards Dave. Dave smiled picking her up and gave her a nuzzle on her cheek. Jeff came over after shutting his trunk and nodded towards Randy and Kendall.

"She's fast..." he said.

"He's slow." Maria said.

John nodded. "Yep...They're both driving me nuts. They won't stop fighting. I swear its like having two three year olds...and one of them isn't even a kid!"

"So...what were they fighting about?" Dave asked.

"Don't ask us...we were asleep." Trish said motioning to her and Maria.

"I don't know...It's quiet and then all of a sudden, Kendall takes Randy's magazine, rolls it up and starts hitting him with it. Once i got her back in her seat, she wouldn't give him the magazine back. So they started bickering and by the time we pulled up they were wrestling over it."

John sighed. "So I told her to give it back and Randy...BIG mouth Randy called her Kandi again and then this started." He motioned to the two.

"Want me to take Kendall in my car?" Jeff asked.

John thought about it and nodded. "That would be okay. It would give me peice of mind and you can deal with Princess Brat for the next three hours."

Jeff laughed. "I aint scared, Cena."

Trish smiled. "So ...why did Kendall start hitting him?"

Maria blushed and smiled sheepishly. "He pulled her hair.....more than once. He didn't hurt her or anything..just..kept annoying her. If you ask me...he's getting what he asked for."

Trish laughed. "At least she's listening John. She's giving the man his magazine back."

John gave a tired smile. " damn page at a time."

Jeff and Kendall were the only ones around. Braedyn was safely tucked in for the night and since Jeff hadn't felt like going out, he offered to baby-sit so the other six adults could have a night off. Tonight, she had helped Jeff dye his hair black with bright green stripes. After Jeff's hair was done, Kendall convinced him to do hers and now she sprouted a pink streaked hair do. Jeff knew John would have a serious cow in the morning when he saw his daughters hair, but it would wash out after a week, so Jeff wasn't that worried.

Kendall had spent most of her time with Jeff, trying to give her dad and Trish more than enough time to get together, but as of hadn't happened. They were in the middle of watching a movie when the conversation started.

"Hey Jeff...can I ask ya something?"

"Sure. What's up?"


"Absolutely. What do you want to talk about, Cornflakes?" Jeff looked at his young friend and took a drink.

"How do I get Trish and Daddy to sleep together?"

Kendall shrieked as the soda in Jeff's mouth sprayed on her. "EW! Jeff!"

"Um... Kendall, you should talk to your dad about that." he said, nervously shifting in his seat. Kendall made a face.

"I asked Uncle Randy how to get someone to be a mom, and Uncle Randy says that girls become mom's when they have babies and to have a baby the mom and dad have to sleep in the same bed. So maybe if Trish and Daddy slept in the same bed, she'd have a baby, then she'd HAVE to be my mom." she said matter-of-factly.

Jeff cursed under his breath. Leave it to her hair-brained uncle to say something like that.

Kendall frowned. "But Trish and daddy have thier own bed, so how do I get them to sleep in the same one?"

"Oh do I explain this..." Jeff rang his fingers through his beard, thinking, "Listen Cornflakes.. Your Uncle Randy...well he's had one too many kicks to the head, so don't pay any attention to what he says. Your dad and Trish..they don't need to make a baby for her to become your mom. All you gotta do, is make Trish want to marry your dad and make your dad want to marry her."

Jeff smiled pleased with himself. John would be proud of that explanation.

Kendall frowned. "Well, how do I do that?"

" set things up for them to do together. Horse back riding, picnics, late night walk, know like dates." Jeff said.

Kendall looked on in confusion and irritation. "Well, that's just great Jeff! I don't know what dates are spose to be like. Daddy says I can't go out on dates until I'm 30, and when I'm that old, I won't need a mom anymore!"

Jeff hid a smile and he looked at her in mild amusement. "Thirty huh? Somehow....I have a feeling you'll break that rule too, kidlet. Tell ya what...I'll help you."

"Really? You'll help?" Kendall threw her arms around him and hugged him. "Thank you, thank you, thank you. We'll start tomorrow! We'll go horseback riding and pack a picnic lunch. And then when they aren't looking we'll take thier horses back to the ranch so they have to walk home! By the time they get back they should be in love!"

Jeff held up his hands. "Woah...hunny...You can't do it all at once, Cornflakes. Falling in love is a delicate thing. Each walk, each moment needs to be remembered as nice. I doubt they'd be in a good mood after walking 3 or 4 miles in the hot sun. We'll set up ways for them to end up by themselves during the week. A horseback ride or a picnic lunch, or maybe a night out dancing. And then on our last night here, we'll do something special."

Kendall nodded excitedly, and after setting all the arrangements, the two restarted thier movie. John, Trish, Randy, Maria, Dave and Torrie came home about three hours later. The t.v. was on, the movie over and Jeff was asleep on the couch with a passed out Kendall curled up by his side.

" cute." Trish whispered. Trish got her camera and took a picture. Neither Jeff nor Kendall stirred.

"What's that in her hair?" Randy asked, leaning forward to take a closer look. Everyone else did the same.

"Oh, Lord, he dyed her hair." said Trish.

"I'm gonna kill him." John said quietly.

"John, its late. Kill him tomorrow."

Torrie Wilson walked into the arena and quickly found her best friend, Trish.

After hugging, Torrie sat down on the bench and sipped on some coffee.

"So....? she asked.

Trish glanced up and laughed. "So.....what?"

Torrie pulled Trish down beside her. "So...spill, sista. How was the dinner?"

Trish smiled, blushing lightly. "It was perfect. Absolutely perfect."

Start Flashback

John came downstairs and found his daughters in the dining room. They weren't dressed for dinner and the table wasn't set. He looked at Kendall in confusion, but before he could say anything, Trish came down stairs.

"Wow...Trish you look pretty." Kendall said.

John looked over at Trish as she She was wearing a black silk evening gown, cut across her chest just low enough to leave something to the imagination. Her hair was curled and pulled partially up, the rest cascading down her back in waves. She wore simple jewelry, a set of pearl earings and a pearl necklace. She looked like a goddess. She took his breath away.

As Trish looked over at John, she felt fluttering in her stomach. He had on a black suit that fit him to perfection, showing off his buldging muscles in all the right places. His crimson shirt matched the burgandy hankerchief in his jacket pocket. The hat upon his head was tipped to the perfect angle. He looked like he belonged in one of those old gangster/mafia movies.

"You look gorgeous, Trish."

"Thank you John. You're looking good yourself."

The atmosphere sizzled as the two became lost in eachother's eyes. Jeff cleared his throat getting thier attention. Both of thier mouths opened in shock as the took in Jeff's appearance. Jeff had slicked his hair back into a braid and was wearing black slacks, a crisp white shirt and a black tie. He even had on black dress shoes and a maroon cloth napkin draped over his forearm. He winked at them then grew serious.

"Good Evening Sir, Madam. The children have already eaten, so if you'll come with me, I'll show you to your table." he said. He lead John and Trish out to the back patio, which was completely dark.

Jeff clapped his hands and immediately the patio lit up in white lights and greenery. Flower petals were sprinkled across the deck and in the center of the area was a small table. Two candles and a small vase of fresh wild flowers were placed in the center of the table. Two table setting made from the finest China had been placed at either end of the table with ribbed wine glasses at the head of the plates. Jeff had even built a small fire in the fireplace outside so that it wouldn't be cold.

Trish and John stood in shock, taking it all in. Tears gathered in Trish's eyes.

"It's so beautiful..." she whispered.

John looked down as he felt a tug on his hand. Braedyn, dressed in her pink bunny sleeper stood at his side holding up a single thorn-free lavender rose. John took the flower.

"Give to Trishy Daddy. Say pretty just like her." Braedyn smiled and turned running towards the kitchen. John and Trish chuckled as they heard her squealing in excitement. She had remembered every word she'd been told to say.

John looked down at the rose, then at Trish and gently placed the flower between her fingers.

"It's the strangest thing....I was accosted by this bunny like elf, she was just giving away flowers. For you, Trish." he said.

Trish smiled and took a moment to let the rose's fragrance over load her senses.

"Thank you's very beautiful." she murmered.

John smiled. His hand lifted to gently caress her face. "Not nearly as beautiful as you."

Trish felt a blush creeping across her cheeks, and John, seeing this, kissed her softly on the lips before leading her to the table.

John held out the chair for her, taking off his jacket and hat and then sitting down.

"Tonight's wine is an imported Italian 1967 Classic Chanti." Jeff said pouring some into their wine glasses, then placed the bottle in a wine bucket to chill.

Kendall came out carrying two plates. Jeff helped her set the plates in front of her dad and Trish, then spoke.

"Our first course is a crostini bread slice topped with a tomato, basil and cheese mixture, a parmesan and asiago baked cheese basket filled with a goat cheese mousse and a won ton mushroom purse atop a cream sauce set in a chinese spoon."

"Enjoy." Kendal said. John smiled. "Thank you baby."

Jeff and Kendall turned and went back inside to spy on them from the kitchen window.

Trish and John looked down on at the appetizers with caution.

" you it safe to eat? I mean..Jeff cooked it. Have you ever seen him cook anything?" she asked a little nervous.

John frowned shaking his head. "I don't know. It looks okay."

John and Trish looked up as music came on outside, Trish blushed seeing Kendall trying to sneak back inside.

"You look good when you get all red like that.." John said teasingly. Trish blushed harder at his comment, making John chuckle.

" you think..I mean... are they trying to..." Trish became quiet as her embarassment grew.

John took a bite of the food before answering. His eyes widened. It was good. Who would've thought that Jeff Hardy was skilled in the art of cooking.

"Damn..that's not bad. You should try that, Trish. " he paused thinking, "I think that Kendall and Jeff know how we feel about each other and they're just trying to help us along."

Trish regarded John thoughtfully. "And how do we feel about eachother?"

John smiled, reaching over to take her small hand in his, carressing the top of it with his thumb.

"I am sitting at a beautiful table with the majestic stars as my restaurant. There's good music, great food and sitting across from me is an angel...whose eyes are bluer than the ocean and whose heart is bigger than the sky. How do you think I feel?"

Tears misted Trish's eyes as she listened to those words. She'd dreampt of them for so long and tonight her dreams were coming true.

"I like you too, John." she whispered.

John lifted her hand to his lips, placing a soft kiss upon her skin before giving her a sheepish grin. "I'm just embarrassed that my daughter had to plan a date for us because I was too chicken shit to do it."

Trish laughed. "I'm not. I like her dates. You, buddy, have big shoes to fill."

John smiled. "A challenge I am most willing to accept."

End Flashback

" sounds so romantic. I can't beleive that little girl and Jeff Hardy, of all people, planned that." Torrie said in a hushed whisper. "I mean, he doesn't seem the chef type."

Trish laughed. "I know, but it was good. Jeff said his mom was a caterer, and before he got into wrestling he always helped her at her business."

"So....what happened next?" Torrie asked.

Trish smiled dreamily. "We talked for hours...about anything and everything. We had our little interruptions during the night. Braedyn felt we weren't eating fast enough, so she came outside and shoved food into our mouths. And then later on, she didn't want to go to bed. But, you know, even that....even that felt right."

Trish lowered her head, then leveled glowing eyes at Torrie. " We danced under the stars, just holding eachother close. When it got colder, we curled up on a lounge chair outside, under a blanket and cuddled by the fire. We fed each other strawberries, drank a couple bottles of wine and finally fell asleep, under the stars, in eachother's arms."

Torrie smiled. "Sounds perfect, Trish. Absolutely perfect."

Trish smiled. "It was."

Randy Orton was getting agitated. When he walked into the arena via the catering area, he had seen his co-workers whispering. He had felt thier stares and heard thier laughter. He couldn't figure out why and it was beginning to annoy him. But then he saw it...or them really. They were everywhere. All over the walls and the doors for everyone to see. He coudln't beleive it. He stood there looking at the paper in his hand. It was a picture of him, sleeping with digitally added stuffed animal.

His fellow superstars looked up in shock as he started to laugh. Everyone had expected The Legend Killer to be angry when he saw the photo. They never expected him to laugh.

Randy shook his head. "Oh...that girl."

This was going to start a war. He brought his fingers to his chin in thought and as an idea formed, he smiled mischeviously. He needed to find Vince McMahon.

A little while later, Randy entered the dressing room with two stacks of paper. Smirking he set one stack in front of Kendall, then placed a kiss on Braedyn's nose. Braedyn leaned over and smiled looking at the picture.

"Oooo I want pink bunny, Uncle Randy!" she said, pointing.

"Sorry, kid. Uncle Randy doesn't have it, but next time we go shopping, I"ll buy you one okay?" Randy smiled then turned to Kendall. "It was a nice try, Kandi. I especially loved that the bunny was pink. So did everyone else." he smiled, ruffling her hair. Kendall stood there with her mouth open. So did everyone else.

Kendall frowned. "Well, it obviously didn't work. You're still calling me Kandi."

Randy laughed and passed everyone a new script. "Vince made some changes for tonight.....everyone needs to check it out. He wants Kendall to do commentary for the matches, if it's okay with you John." Randy paused, arching a brow at John in disbeleif. "I swear...I think Vince is losing it. Did you know that he already started writing a storyline for when she goes out on her first date?"

Dave glanced up at that. "What? I thought we decided she had to wait to date until she's 30?"

John laughed. "That is so not happening. She ain't dating til I'm dead."

Kendall made a face and rolled her eyes, muttering under her breath. "I'm sooooooooooooo gonna break that rule when I'm older."

"Where's Ranibow Brite?" Randy asked looking around the locker room for Jeff. Everyone shrugged. They hadn't seen him for awhile.

"He was here earlier, but he said he had an errand to run. Haven't seen him for a couple of hours." John said.

"So...Kendall's doing commentary for each of us...that's a little weird. He's never let her do commentary for every single one of our matches before." said Trish.

Dave shook his head as he read the scripts for RAW. "No, Trish. He wants her to do commentary all night with J.R. and King."

"Wait...all night? He wants me to be out there all night?" Kendall asked. Kendall got up excitedly and ran to her dad. "Please Daddy? I'll be really carefull!"

"Vince says the fans want to see the kid who talks smack and kicks ass. She can't legally wrestle yet, so he wants to set up having her do commentary once a month on Raw, and if all goes well and the idea is accepted, she'll be a special guest announcer on the days John makes an appearance on Smackdown and then after that, she might have a few lines to say during a couple Pay-Per-Views. No ECW, though. He even has someone to accompany her down to the ring." Randy said.

Hearing who was going to be accompanying her, Kendall jumped up and down with excitement. "Please Daddy? Pretty please with a whole jar of cherries on top?"

"I don't see a problem with tonight. As for the rest, we'll take it one night at a time, okay?" John said.

Kendall squealed and jumped up and down around the room. Braedyn, not really understanding what was happening, decided Kendall was having too much fun without her, and followed Kendall around the room, jumping as fast as her tiny feet could manage. The others laughed seeing this.

John caught Braedyn mid-jump and planted a rasberry to her stomach. Braedyn giggled then placed her forehead to his.

They stayed like this for a few minutes, then John turned to Kendall. "Okay, here's the deal. If tonight goes well, and you are safe, then it's okay with me if you do this once a month. However, there's rules. If your homework stops getting done or your grades slip, you stop doing commentary. And the first time I even see a hair misplaced on your head from someone in the ring, it stops, period. End of story. Got it?"

"Yeah Daddy...I promise...I'll do really good." Kendal grinned. Trish glanced at Kendall's outfit and smiled mischeviously at John.

"If she's going to be representing "The Crew", she's got to dress like it. No more appearances in flowered skirts and frilly girly clothes." she said.

John looked at Trish, narrowing his eyes. "Forget it Trish."

Trish would not be deterred and met eyes with Kendal. Together, they advanced on John, tackling him to the ground in a tickle match.

"Give Daddy!" Kendall said as she tickled his ribs. John laughed shaking his head.

"Come John...I could do this all day." said Trish, jabbing a finger into his armpit. John howled in laughter as Randy and Dave looked on amusement. Braedyn was giggling uncontrollably at the sight of her dad being tickled. The girls pursued thier tickling until John couldn't tand it anymore.

"Fine..go get her garbed in our gear! Just stop!"

Immediately the tickling stopped and the two girls got up, grabbed some money out of John's wallet and headed out the door, taking Braedyn with them. John layed on the floor for a few minutes, catching his breath. Dave and Randy stood laughing at him.

"Who would've thought, The Champ, is ticklish." Dave said. John looked up at him and Randy and frowned.

"Yeah, well, don't make it common knowledge." John got up from the floor as Jeff knocked on the door and came in.

"What's up? Heard there were some changes in the script."

"Kendall's announcing with J.R. and King all night." Randy gave him a run down of everything happening and in a few minutes he was caught up.

"Where you been? Your match is about ready to start." John said looking the younger man over. He was getting worried about the flyer. He was always sneaking off to do Lord knows what and he showed up minutes before his matches. He still hung out some, but not like he used to.

"Um...I had some business to take care of." Jeff said looking around the room, but not meeting anyone's eyes.

"Jeff..your starting to worry us. What's going on?" Dave asked.

"Your not doing drugs are you?" John asked suspiciously. Jeff glared at John.

"Of course not. I ain't stupid Cena!" he snapped. John held up his hands offering peace.

"Well, then tell us what's going on. I mean, you only show up for a few minutes at a time, your always late or you show up then disappear. You don't look like you've slept in ages. You say your not doing drugs, so tell us what's going on." Randy sais.

Jeff sighed rubbing his eyes. "I can't tell you." Jeff sat down, looking at his best friends. "Look, I want to, but I promised someone else, that I wouldn't say anything. This has nothing to do with me...I'm just helping out a friend who's in trouble. I can't say anything else. I'm sorry."

His team regarded him thoughtfully.

"Fine....just know that if you do need our help, we're still here." John said. Jeff nodded.

"I'll know if I need your help. I ain't shy about asking for it. Thanks for understanding guys." The high flyer stood and gave them a cocky grin. "Now if you excuse me, a certain American Gladiater wanna-be is about to get his ass kicked and I have to be there to do it."

The guys laughed, then looked up hearing the door open. Kendall and Trish were back. Torrie had found Trish and had taken Braedyn so the others could start the show. Kendall waited by the door, nervously awaiting approval. The guys walked around Kendall, surveying every strand of hair and peice of clothing. Trish had out done herself with Kendall's new look.

Gone was the flowered skirt and pink shirt. Gone was the pig tails and bows. Gone was the sweet innocent little girl. In its place, stood a young woman. On top was a black tank top with a picture of The Crew on it, including Kendall. She wore black hip huggers that flared a tiny bit at the ankles covering up her black boots. Her hair was piled on top of her head, with pink strands woven all around and sticking straight up to mingle with her natural cinnamon brown hair. Curled peices curved around a face that had been brushed with just the slightest amount of make up, for camera purposes only.

"Well...what do you guys think?" Kendall asked nervously. Everyone looked at John.

"I think...I'm looking at the newest member of The Crew."

Kendal grinned and threw herself at her dad. John picked her up and swung her around, then placed her back on her feet.

"Welcome aboard Keeks." said Trish with a smile.

"It's about damn time..." said Dave

"Hell yeah..." piped up Randy.

Jeff smiled and gave his girl a hug. "Fly high, Cornflakes."

Kendal smiled and John looked at his team.

"Time to talk some smack and kick some ass."

Things in the WWE were going great as well. For the last six months, she'd done commentary on one RAW show a month and had made several guest appearances on Smackdown. The first night she'd done commentary with J.R. and King, had turned out, interesting to say the least. To get her back for the pictures, Randy had Lillian, J.R., King and the McMahons convinced that she wanted to be called Kandi. He had even thought to have her name changed to Kandi on her entrance video. Kendall put up with it during the show, but at the end of the night she vowed to get even.

The following week, Kendall convinced Shawn Michaels and Hunter to help her play a practical joke on Randy. So when Randy came out on stage, fans didn't get to see his normal entrance video, they got to see photos of Randy in a dress and Randy dressed up like a baby, wearing a diaper and sucking on a passifier. He switched her shampoo for green hair dye. She stuffed lots of confetti into the vents in his car. When he turned the air conditioning on, he was covered in tiny bits of paper. Two weeks later, he still had a few confetti peices straggling through the vents. He called a truce. She hasn't been called Kandi since.

Tommy Dreamer, a 3rd degree black belt and ECW superstar, had agreed to start Kendall's karate training again. Kendall was really excited about it. She had loved taking karate before her mom had died and was really looking forward to getting back to it. John also started training her in the ring. Kendall was making more and more appearances for the WWE, and he wanted to make sure Kendall knew what to do in case she was ever in trouble.

Over the last two years, Kendall had become very close to Jeff Hardy. Within the last few months, though, she felt that thier friendship has completely plummetted. in He always made his matches and meetings, but he didn't stick around too long. He didn't come over and when he did, he only stayed a few minutes then left. He never did anything with her anymore. He always had somewhere more important to be. He just wasn't around anymore and Kendall felt like she'd been left behind.

John and Trish had been dating for a long time now, and John had asked his daughter what she thought about him proposing to the woman. Up until that point, Kendall had been all for them getting married. She had wanted Trish to become her mom more than anything, but now that it might be happening, Kendall was having mixed feelings. She wanted Trish to marry her dad and be her mom, but at the same time, she felt like she was betraying her real mom by feeling that way.

Kendall's mother was a sore subject for her right now. In just a few short days, it would be two years since Kendall and Braedyn moved in with John. John was planning on having a major party, with all of the WWE and family invited out to the new house. There was going to be like 200 people there in all. Although she wanted to celebrate living with her dad for two years, she felt guilty for being happy. In just a few short days, it would be two years since her mother had passed away, and no one but her seemed to remember.

She wasn't sleeping. She was having a hard time eating. Everyone was getting on her nerves and she just wanted to be left alone. Unfortunately, no one in her family or the WWE understood the concept of wanting to be left alone. She was trying very hard to keep calm, but it was getting harder and harder by the day. She knew it was only a matter of time before she exploded.

She was having a hard time, and when Kendal saw her there, she knew it was about to get way worse. Her dad and Trish had a whole bunch of people over, more people that she wanted around her. She went inside to get away from the masses. Kendal found her in the living room. Braedyn was cuddled in her lap, watching a movie. The woman's fingers carressed the little girls forehead and she spoke in soothing tones.

"Don't worry my little Braedyn...I will save Daddy from big bad Trish. I won't let that whore get away with stealing your daddy."

Kendall could feel her face flush with anger. She moved to stand in front of the television, turned it off and told Braedyn to go outside. Once her sister was out of sight, Kendall turned hate filled eyes towards the woman. "Stay away from my family."

The blonde woman laughed, smirking at the child before her. "Or what, you pathetic little brat?"

Kendall growled low in her throat, her hands clenched at her side. Kendal tensed, seeing the woman's weasily eyes shift towards the backyard, then back at Kendall. The woman grew closer to Kendal with each word.

"You don't scare me, little girl. First, I'm gonna get rid of Trish. Then, I'm gonna take your daddy and after I become your new mom, you're headed to a far away place called boarding school."

The woman grinned evily as she gaze at the ticking time bomb.

"But you know what I'm gonna love doing the most? I'm going to love making your sister forget that she had another mother the first three years of her life. " The woman leaned in real close whispering in Kendall's ear. "I'm gonna erase all thoughts and memories of your dearly departed mother."

Kendall closed her eyes, choking back a sob as fury threatened to consume her. The woman stepped back, smirking and turned on her heel, walking out back to the party.

"You bitch." The words floated on a whisperas as Kendall slowly followed.

"YOU STUPID BITCH!" Kendall ran full force and leapt onto the woman's back.

The woman fell to the ground. The two rolled a couple times with Kendall ending up on top. Kendall's tiny fist kept swinging at the woman beneath her. The people around them were so stunned, all they could do was hold thier mouth open in shock.

The woman screamed and tossed Kendall off her. Kendall took a moment to catch her breath and when she saw the woman stumbling further into the large yard, she stumbled after her. Tackling the woman, the two collapsed onto the ground and rolled down the grassy hill, separating at the bottom.

Kendall and the woman laid in the grass, stunned and out of breath. Kendall's sides were hurting, she had hit a rock at the bottom of the hill, but she wasn't close to being done just yet. Slowly, Kendall rolled to her feet and crouched down low, a lioness stalking her prey. The woman staggered to her feet, her back to the kid. The large crowd followed, watching, trying to see who was fighting, but making no move tp intervene. The members of The Crew tried to push through the crowd to stop the fight, trying to see what was going on.

Jeff and Dave pushed through to the front just in time to see Kendall spear the blond woman. As soon as they recognized the woman, they started down the hill. The woman knocked Kendall upside the head and shoved her off. It took Kendall a few minutes longer than normal to get up, but she did get up. She jumped back on the older female, screaming at her, tiny fists wildy thrown into the woman's face over and over. The woman covered her face with her arms, trying to block the childs punches.

Dave and Jeff finally made it down there and pulled Kendall off the blonde. Jeff was having a hard time holding the young girl back. She escaped his hold once but was caught by her dad before she could reach the woman.

"Kendall calm down!" John commanded.

Kendall instantly stilled her body. John felt the tension in her muscles relax and after a few seconds he released her. As soon as she felt his hands let go she took off as fast as show could towards the woman. Kendal shoved the woman forward, making her stumble. The woman turned around, ducking Kendall's punch and as she came up backhanded the child. Kendall fell to the side, her cheek throbbing. Dave and Jeff got between the two females. They weren't prepared for Trish to attack the woman next.

"Don't you EVER touch my daughter again! Never! Do you hear me?!" she screamed. Trish's comment grinded on Kendall's last nerve and she attacked Trish shoving her out of the way. Trish rolled to the side, being helped up by Jeff.

"I'm not your daughter! You are not my mother!" Kendall screamed. John saw the hurt in Trish's eyes and then studied his daughter. She had collapsed to her knees on the ground, holding onto her sides. Her breathing was labored and she was fighting to reign in her anger. He cross the distance and knelt beside his daughter.

"Kendall, I need you to calm down. Take a big deep breath for me, baby." he said softly, rubbing circles on her back.

"Can't breathe.." Kendall struggled to say the words, not being able to draw on enough air. "Daddy!" Kendall turned panicked eyes to her dad, trying to gain enough breath. After two minutes, Kendall hadn't calmed down. If anything, she was more agitated. She was scared and she was crying, which was causing everything to be twice as bad.

"'s okay..calm down. Take a deep breath sweety...I got you." John picked her up in his arms and hurriedly shuffled to the car. Randy sped off, with John holding his daughter in the back, still trying to calm her.

Dave, Torrie and Braedyn piled into Dave's car and took off after them. Jeff got in his car and honked the horn for Trish. Hunter gently pushed Trish towards the car. Before she got in, she looked back, leveling a threatening glare at the woman she and Kendall had attacked.

"Jillian...get off my property and stay the hell away from my family."

She'd been rushed into an ER room and put on oxygen. It had taken several minutes to hook up the IV, because Kendall wouldn't quit moving around. She was scared and didn't want them touching her. Her fright made it harder for her to breathe and the more trouble she had breathing, the more panicked she became. The more panicked she became, the harder it was for her to breathe. Eventually, John and Randy had to hold her down so the IV could be hooked up and the sedative given. Eight hours later, she was allowed to go home.

Kendall slowly opened her eyes, her body screaming in protest as she stretched. She slowly made it to the bathroom and looked at her reflection. Dark circkles underlined her eyes and part of her cheek was bruised from the night before. She had a bandage around her ribs. She was sore.

She didn't even bother changing out of her pajamas before heading downstairs. She could hear everyone talking in the dining room. Reaching the bottom of the stars, she paused a moment to catch her breath, then turned and started back up the stiarcase. She didn't feel like being around everyone.

Maria noticed though, and quietly followed her. She found the girl in her bedroom, sitting on the side of the bed, staring intently at a photograph. Maria sat down on the bed, gave Kendall a pain pill, then took a look at the picture. Seeing the resemblance, Maria figured this was a picture of Kendall's mother.

"She's beautiful. You look just like her." she whispered softly.

Kendal turned watery eyes towards her friend and look at her hopefully.

"Really?" she asked as a single tear escaped. Maria smiled softly, wiping the tear away.


Kendall smiled and turned back to the photo. "Last week was two years. I thought maybe everyone had forgotten, but in the morning, Dad and I laid flowers at her grave. My mom always smelled like flowers."

Kendall looked up, looking out the window, but focusing on nothing. "On Fridays, we'd order out and play games all night long. I was a horrible loser...and a horrible winner. Mama used to say I was just like my dad. I asked her once why she kept saying I was like him when she knew it made me mad. You know what she said? She said that my dad was the greatest person in the world, and the traits I have from him are the ones that made her fall in love with him. She said one day I would understand..and she was right." Kendall glanced at Maria with a smile. "She always was."

"I told myself that I'd never forget her, but I have. There are some days I wake up and I can't remember her face, Maria. I have to look at her picture, to remember what color her eyes were, and how she styled her hair. Jillian was right. My mom is barely a memory. She's disappearing, and I don't know how to stop it."

Tears cascaded from lowered lashes as Kendall slid down the wall to the floor. Maria sat on the floor beside her.

"Kendall...what exactly did Jillian say to you?" she asked.

"Last weekend.... she told me that once she got rid of Trish, she'd work on the memories of my mom. She said once she married Daddy, my mom was history."

Maria closed her eyes, hiding her anger at Jillian's words. Taking a breath to calm herself, she listened to Kendall continue.

"I just got so mad, Maria. I didn't know what else to do."

Maria grinned mischeviously. "Hey, I'm not complaining about you kicking her butt."

Kendall looked up with a sigh. "You know, I do want Trish to be my mom. I always have. I just feel...guilty. My mom was really great, Maria. I shouldn't want another one to replace her ."

Maria took Kendalls hand, squeezing it. "I'm going to tell you what my father told me the day he told me he I was getting a new mom. Listen carefully okay?" Kendall nodded.

"When you become a mom, you dream about seeing your child growing up and having kids of thier own. But sometimes that doesn't happen. And when it doesn't, your first worry is 'who will finish what I started'," Maria smiled, tucking a stray strand of hair behing Kendall's ear.

"Your mom understands that Trish is not trying to take her place, Kendall. She understands that Trish is just willing and wanting to finish what your mom started. Your mom will always be the greatest mom in the world to you and she will always have a special place in your heart. And I bet if she was able to, she'd tell you that she has no problem moving over to make room for Trish. Do you understand?"

Kendall thought for a moment then nodded. "I would love to have my mom here, but since I can't, I'd really like Trish to step in. I just wish I didn't miss mom so much."

Maria gathered Kendall onto her lap and hugged her. "You will never get over the loss of your mother, Kendall. But you will find a way to live with it. It does get easier every day."

Kendall clung to Maria as she cried. Maria looked up seeing Trish and John standing just outside the doorway. From the look on thier faces, she knew they had overheard most of the conversation. Trish smiled, wiping the tears away and John mouthed the word thank you. Maria smiled, as the two went back down stairs.

After Kendall calmed down, they moved to the bed and sat down to talk.

"I feel better, Maria. Thank you." Kendall said, looking at her hands.

Maria smiled "I'm glad you feel better. But, I can tell something else is still bothering you. What is it?"

"Just wish I knew what was up with Jeff. We used to be so close, then a few months ago he started disappearing on me. I just feel like he's moved on to something better and I am being left behind." Kendall muttered.

Maria's smile faltered, and after a breif hesitation, she turned to Kendall.

"Kendall...if I tell you something, do you promise not to tell anyone? Not even your dad?"

Kendall looked up. "Sure, I can keep a secret, Maria."

Maria took a deep breath.

"I know what's going on with Jeff."

Kendall was doing a lot better. Maria had told Jeff that Kendall knew about what was going on with him. He was surprised at first that Maria had said anything, especially since it was such a big secret, but after a few days, he had been okay with it. The secret had opened up a bridge for Jeff and Kendall to regain the friendship they had misplaced. They spent as much time together as they could and sometimes Maria even joined them.

Kendall had also talked to Trish and after explaining everything she was feeling, Trish had said she understood. She understood it was going to take Kendall a little bit longer to be totally okay with everything, and she assured the young girl that Kendall could take as much time as she needed. Trish had no plans of going anywhere.

Kendall had talked to her father too. He and Trish had overheard Kendall's talk with Maria, so he knew a lot of what she told him ahead of time, but even as he listened to it the second time, he understood how deep the grief was for his daughter. She loved being with her dad, and being a part of the biggest family known to man, the WWE, but she also missed the quiet times she had with the one person who had been there the first ten years of her life.

When he realized that this went much deeper than he originally thought, he had left the room. He had come back a few minutes later with a locket. Inside the locket was a picture of Kendall's mom. John had given it to Kendall's mom the day she had graduated high school. Kendall's mom had left instructions to wait to give it to Kendall until her 16th birthday, but given the situation, he figured she would have understood. Now, Kendall had her mom, no matter where she went.

John had been worried, at first, that there might be trouble with Jillian once they got back to RAW. The tale of the kid beating up a professional wrestler filtered through the hallways and had made it back to Vince. Two weeks went by before John received a call. Vince wanted a meeting.

When John and Kendall had arrived to the conference room, they found Dave, Randy, Jeff and Trish outside.

"What's going on? What are you doing here?" John asked, giving Trish a kiss hello.

"Vince said he needed a meeting. I have a hair appointment in an hour...I hope this doesn't take long." Trish said.

Jeff checked his watch. He had something to do soon and he couldn't be late. Vince came out saying he needed to talk to everyone but Kendall first. Jeff passed Kendall his phone with a smile.

"Kendall, I'm expecting a very important call from Matt. If the phone rings, answer it and tell him I'll be leaving here shortly." a silent message passed between the two and Kendall nodded.

"Guys, have a seat." vince said, motioing to the chairs. Hunter, Shane, Stephanie and Linda were also at the table. John looked around the table. They were one chair short. Randy, Dave and Jeff quickly sat down in thier own chairs. John sat down and before Trish could say anything, he pulled her down onto his lap.

"Problem solved." John said.

"we can have an extra chair brought in, that way you two don't have to share." Linda said.

Trish and John looked at eachother and smiled.

"No thank you, Linda. I kinda like it." John said winking at Trish and planting a soft kiss to her lips.

Stephanie sighed dreamily then slapped Hunter on the arm. "Why don't you ever do anything like that with me? You could learn a lot from John, you know."

Hunter glared at John. John smirked, amused.

"So what's up Vince? Why we all here?" Jeff said. Everyone looked to Vince.

"Well...we wanted to see how you guys are feeling on your story line." Vince said.

Outside the ofice, Jeff's phone rang. Kendall picked it up.

"Hello?'s Kendall. No..he's in a meeting. What's up?"

Kendall's mouth dropped open and her eyes widened. " already called them. Look, give me a few minutes. I'll call you right back."

Kendall walked down the hallway to the restroom and after making sure it was unoccupied, she locked the door. She took a deep breath and dialed the WWE Corporate Office.

Kendall was back in the waiting room by the time the receptionist made it to the conference room. Vince looked up as a knock sounded. His secretary stuck her head in and passed him a note. Vince read it and looked at Jeff.

"Jeff, you need to go home. Someone tried to break into your house while your cousin was there alone. She's okay but the police are there and they want to speak to you. Call me if you need anything. " Vince said.

"Thanks, Vince. I'll see yall later." Jeff closed the conference room door behind him and knelt in front of Kendall's chair. He took his phone from her and gave her a kiss on her cheek.

"Thanks Babe...for getting me out of here. I'll let you know later on. " With that he took off running down the hallway and out of sight. Kendall watched the empty hallway as someone else came into view. Kendall's mouth dropped. It was Jillian!

Kendall kept telling herself over and over again to remain calm. Jillian frowned seeing the girl there, but then seeing no one with her, she smirked. 'Too easy' she thought.

Jillian sat down in the chair next to Kendall. Kendall immediately moved to another spot. The receptionist watched in confusion. Kendall smiled at the receptionist, Mary, and spoke softly.

"I needed some air...the perfume was too strong over there." Mary nodded in understanding. Jillian didn't just spray perfume, she swam in it.

"It's not my fault your backward country little nose can't stand the smell of fine fragrance." Jillian snapped at Kendall. Mary and Kendall both looked at the woman. Kendall shook her head.

"It's not my fault that your "fine fragrance" as you put it, smells like a damn fish farm." Kendall replied. Mary hid a laugh behind her hand.

Jillian growled and shot a glare in the direction of the receptionist. "What are you laughing at your fat cow? Don't you have something to do."

Mary turned two shades of red and quickly got busy at her desk, trying to ignore the woman.

Kendall frowned. "Don't you pay any attention to that hippo, Mary. She's just jealous because your prettier than she is."

Mary couldn't help but smile at the child. She had to admit, one of the reasons she loved watching wrestling was because of that little girl right there. Kendall was just like her father and for once it was nice to see a female, young though she was, ready to kick ass just like a man.

"Jealous? Yeah right. You wouldn't catch me dead wearing that!" Jillian said, turning her nose up at the woman. Mary rolled her eyes and moved to the wall with a hammer and nail. She put the newest winners plaque on the wall then returned to her desk.

Kendall snorted. "You wouldn't even fit into it anyway, Jillian. Your half her age and twice her size!"

Mary hid a smile behind a folder. She liked this little girl. Jillian was bursting with anger. That was twice now she'd been made a fool of by this kid. Her eyes dangerously narrowed on Kendall.

"So.....I hear your turning thirteen in a few days. It's too bad your mother won't be there to see it." she said snidely.

Kendall closed her eyes taking a couple deep breaths. Mary looked at Kendall, and noticed the locket around Kendall's neck.

"Happy early birthday, Kendall." Mary said. "What a pretty necklace."

Kendall smiled. "Why thank you, Mary. " Kendall rose, taking off the necklace and opened it for Mary to see. "That's my mom. She died three years ago."

Mary smiled sadly. "She's very beautiful. You look just like her...same smile."

Kendall smiled. Jillian stomped over to the desk and took a peak at the picture in the locket. Mary was right. Kendall's mom was very beautiful. It was going to be harder than Jillian thought to get Cena's mind off his beautiful dead ex, especially with constant reminders everywhere. Smiling visciously she grabbed the necklace from Mary, took the hammer off of the desk and smashed the locket, breaking it in half.

It was all done so quickly, Kendall and Mary didn't have time to react. Hot tears poured from Kendall's eyes. Mary quickly put her arms around Kendall and then turned an accusing glare towards Jillian.

"Why did you do that?!" she demanded.

"I told you, little girl, that I was going to erase your mother from John's life. I'm just starting with you." Jillian smirked and went back to her seat.

Mary could feel the child trembling in her arms. She looked down at Kendall studying her. What she saw, surprised her. Kendall was mad. No, furious. The little girl's hands were clenched at her sides, her knuckles white. The girls eyes were like an animal, stalking her prey and ready to strike.

"Mary, " Kendall said softly, "get on the phone and tell my father that I'm about to kick Jillian's ass...again."

Jillian stood up hearing that. "You wouldn't dare. Not here in Mr. McMahon's office."

"Mary, make that call." Kendall slowly started advancing on the woman, blinded by anger. "Run, Jillian."

Jillian started backing up towards the hallway, and seeing Kendall not letting up, she turned and started running. Kendall was fast and she tackled Jillian halfway down the hallway. Mary waited until Kendall got in a few good punches before calling Mr. McMahon.

Vince glanced up as the phone in the conference room buzzed.

"Yes, Mary? What is it?" Vince asked.

"Miss Cena wanted to inform her dad that she's going to kick Miss Hall's ass again, Sir."

"Miss Cena wanted to inform her dad that she's going to kick Miss Hall's ass again, Sir."

As soon as the words were spoken, every chair in the conference room emptied. Dave, Randy and Trish stood to the side by Hunter, Stephanie and Linda. Shane grabbed Jillian while John grabbed his daughter, seperating them. Vince stood in the middle with an incredulous look on his face.

"What the hell is going on?!" he demanded.

"I want her in the ring, Vince!!!" Kendall screamed. It was a phrase she'd heard her dad use on the show and it always worked. She wanted to beat Jillian as hard as she could.

Jillian shrugged out of Shane's hold and smoothed her dress down. Shane and Vince stepped to the side and looked over at Jillian. Her hair was messy, her neckline torn and she had a small handprint on her cheek.

"She attacked me!" Jillian shreaked.

"You're damn right I did and if you don't shut up, I'll do it again!!!" Kendall shouted right back, struggling to get out of John's hold. Kendall's clothing was stretched out and her hair was half-way out of its pony tail but for the most part she looked like she hadn't been touched at all.

John looked down at his daughter. "Kendall, calm your ass down right now. Why did you attack her?"

Kendall pointed to the broken peices of her mother's locket. "She broke it on purpose!"

Jillian shook her head. "It was an accident!"

Kendall screamed and once again fought to get to her. "Your lying!!!"

John held his daughter back. Mary, the receptionist, came forward, hand on hip. "Jillian, it was not an accident." she said, explaining the whole story.

Linda, Stephanie and Trish gasped. John hearing what happened, simply let his daughter go, knowing what she would do. As soon as Kendall was released, she flew at Jillian. For once, John didn't stop her.

Vince sighed frustratedly into his hands. Shane looked over at the members of the Crew. "Are none of you going to stop the fight?"

Everyone else looked at him confused.

"What fight?" Randy said. He turned to Dave. "Dave, do you see a fight?"

Dave shook his head. "Nope, no fight at all. Hunter? How bout you?"

Hunter smiled, shaking his head. "No, can't say as I do. Must be Shane's imagination."

John's eyes narrowed as he watched the fight before him. He would step in if things got overboard, but honestly, he felt Jillian was only getting what she deserved. It wasn't right that she's done this twice in the past two weeks.

Shane turned and went to help his dad seperate the two girls. Jeff came back down the hallway, seeing Vince and Shane trying to keep Jillian and Kendall seperated. All the others were standing back just watching, making no move to interject.
Kendall struggled as she was lifted from behind. John got in the middle of at that point and stationed himself beside his daughter.

"Kendall calm down. Jeff's the one that has you." John said. Kendall stopped struggling, looking at her dad.

"Jeff?" she asked making sure she heard right. Her dad nodded, pulling a strand of hair behind her ear. Kendall turned in Jeff's arms and looked up into her friend's eyes.

"Hey Cornflakes. How you doing?" he asked. Kendall's face crumbled and she buried her head onto Jeff's shoulder, breaking everyone's heart by bursting into tears.

Jeff, concerned, lifted questioning eyes to John. John looked up at Vince.

"Vince, we're gonna need a few minutes."

Kendall was crying. Vince had never seen Kendall cry until now. Suffice to say, he would be a happy man if he never had to see that sweet child cry ever again. He nodded at John.

"Take your time. We'll be in the conference room when you're ready."

Kendall clung to Jeff as he and John took Kendall into another office down the hallway.

"Okay, tell me what happened." Jeff said rubbing Kendall's. Her sobbing had turned into sniffles, but she didn't say anything.

"Jillian broke Kendall's locket. The one I gave Kendall's mom back in high school. Jeff, she did it on purpose." John answered.

Jeff looked at him in surprise. "What? Why?"

Kendall looked up at that point. "She wants to marry Dad."

John snorted. "Like that would really ever happen." he said rolling his eyes. Jeff sat Kendall on the table and looked her over.

"You okay, chicklet?" he asked.

"Yeah, I'm just mad. Daddy just gave me that necklace and its already ruined." Kendall said sadly. Jeff nodded thoughtfully.

"Tell ya old man is a jeweler. How bout we take it over there and see if he can fix it. Would you like to try that?" he asked.

"Do you think he could?" Kendal asked, hope soaring. Jeff pretended to think for a moment.

"Well, I'm not sure, but it's worth a try, don't you think?"

Kendal smiled, nodding and threw her arms around him in a hug. He laughed hugging her back. John mouthed the words thank you to his younger friend and smiled.

Kendall leaned back a little. "How's your house, Fruit Loops?"

Jeff smiled, winking at her. "It's good. False alarm. That's why I came back."

Kendall smiled. "Kay."

"Now....are you cool? Anymore tears and you and I will be all soggy, Cornflakes." he said with a wink. Kendall laughed.

"Yeah...I'm cool. Lets go dry off in the conference room." she said hopping down from the table.

John shook his head in confusion. "I just don't get you two. You talk and yet I understand nothing. It's like you two have a secret language or something." he said following them out the door, all three of them laughing.

It was deadly quiet in the conference room. Two extra chairs had been added, still leaving them one short. Jeff and John claimed the two chairs and John pulled his daughter onto his lap.

Vince looked at Kendall and smiled. "You okay now darlin?"

Kendall smiled and nodded. "Yeah. I'm sorry for fighting in your office, Mr. McMahon. And I'm sorry for breaking the vase when I pushed her into the table. I'll buy a new one, I promise."

Vince nodded. "I appreciate the apology Kendall, very much. So thank you for that. As for the vase...if you feel like you need to replace the vase, I have only one favor to ask of you and that is...don't. I've always hated it and now that it's gone, I'd like to keep it that way. Now onto this business with you and Jillian. "
Shane looked over at John and Kendall. "While you were getting yourself together, the McMahon Family had a little meeting. Given the circumstances of the provoking comments that started these fights, we feel its only fair to grant the offer requested. No camera time because of contract issues, both parties have to agree and it would just be the employees there to watch. So, what do you say?"

Jillian's head shot up. "What?! What if I say no?"

"Well, I originally called you in to fire you. So if you don't want to do this, you can pack up your stuff and go home..for good. If ou decide to stay, and you win, I'll let you keep your job. Choice is yours." Vince said.

"Fine!" Jillian huffed. "It's not like it'll be hard. She's just a kid."

Trish rolled her eyes. Confused, Kendall looked at her dad. "What?"

John chuckled. "Basically he wants to invite all our friends to come over and watch you kick Jillian's ass for the third time."

Kendall nodded and gave her dad a look. "Oh..well why didn't he just say that then?" John shrugged and watched as the idea sunk into Kendall's brain.

"Wait...he..he wants me to fight Jillian in the ring? And you guys are gonna watch?" she asked getting excited.

John nodded. " you want to? I mean, you could get hurt."

"Hell yeah I want to!" She looked at her dad, pleading. "Daddy...I've earned this. She destroyed one of the only things you and I had left of Mommy. I'm not done with her yet and if she had done this to you, you'd be saying the same thing."

John thought about this. He really wanted to say, hell yeah fight on, but he was worried. What if Kendall got hurt. He looked around the table at his friends.

"Well...what do you think?" he asked. He went around the room, every person, including the McMahons, nodded thier approval for her to go in the ring.

"Let her fight. She's earned it." Randy said, glaring at Jillian. Dave nodded in agreement.

"What's the one thing your always saying? If you want some, come get some." Trish looked at Jillian then back at her man.

"Jillian wanted it and came for it. Now it's time for Kendall to give her some." she said.

John knew without a shadow of a doubt that his daughter would win against Jillian. It was the road to victory that he was concerned about. Seeing his uncertainty, Kendall leaned over and grabbed his face in her hands, making sure his eyes were on her.

"Hey...what's your move?"

John smiled, knowing where she was going with this. "You can't see me." he said moving his hand in front of his face.

Kendall nodded. "Yep..just like you said. They can't see you, they can't hurt you."

She bent forward leaning in real close. "Please, Daddy. I want this." Kendall lowered her forhead to Johns, looking into his eyes.

"For mom."

John looked at his daughter and sighed. He looked up at Vince.

"We're gonna need a referee."

The following weekend they invaded the Arco Arena in Sacramento. Vince had gotten permission to do Kendall's match in the big arena. He knew this was a big night for Kendall and he wanted it to be memorable for her. Backstage personnel and tech support had gotten wind of what was to occur and had volunteered their time to put the ring, ramp and screens up. Some of the boys who were not performing on Raw had even volunteered to do some matches to make the day feel more like a show.

Even though this match was not going to be on the air, Vince wanted it to be as real as possible for Kendall. So, through out the day, he had cameramen capturing the other superstars wishing her good luck and coming in for a visit. The seats were filled with ECW, Raw and Smackdown talent, backstage hands and the Arco Arena personnell. Michael Cole, Johnathon Coachman, J.R. and Jerry "The King" Lawler were going to sit ringside, at the announcers table to add commentary for Kendall's footage.

Trish had called in a favor to wardrobe. Kendall was wearing her first wrestling gear in "Crew" fashion. Randy and Dave had called in a few favors too. Tonight, Kendall would have her very own entrance video. A camerman had ran into John and volunteered to tape the match for them. If Kendall won, it would be a great souvenier. If she lost, she could use it as a learning tool to get better.

She was alone in the dressing room, stretching, when Jeff knocked on the door, unaccompanied by the camera crew.

"Come in."

"Hey Cornflakes. Just wanted to wish you good luck. give you this." Jeff said holding out a box.

Kendall smiled, taking the box. "You didn't have to..."

Jeff smiled. "I figured it would help you for tonight....make you remember what you're fighting for."

Kendall opened the box. It was her mothers locket. Jeff's dad hadn't been able to save all the design on it, and when he had finished you could still see where it had been broken. He had put tiny diamons over the line, to cover it. Kendal turned it over, the enscription on the back, her mothers name, was still there.

She looked up at Jeff. "How? I thought...?"

Jeff smiled. "He closed shop for a couple days to get it done for tonight. Said you needed her now, tonight, more than ever."

Kendall smiled and threw herself at Jeff, capturing him in a big bear hug. "Thank you, Fruit Loops."

Jeff smiled, kissing her cheek. "Anytime, Cornflakes."

After Jeff left, Randy and Dave came by to offer thier good lucks and so forth. After an hour, Kendall just wanted everyone to leave her alone. She knew all the superstars had good intentions but the more she was asked about being nervous, the more nervous she became. John came back in, without the camera and looked at his daughter.

"Your necklace looks great. I'm glad Jeff's dad was able to fix it." John studied his daughter closely. "You okay?"

"I was..and then all these people keep telling me she's twice my size and she's more trained than I am. Now, I'm kinda nervous. It's not like before..I'm not nearly as mad now. What if I don't do so good?" she asked.

John knelt down. "You'll be fine. Being bigger doesn't make you better. Your faster and stronger than her. When you get in that ring, you remember all those things she said to you...about me and about Trish..but most of remember what she said about your mom. This night is for her. Remember what you're fighting for and you'll do great."

Kendall nodded.

"Remember...she can't see you, she can't hurt you."

Kendall smiled. "Got it."

"Good, it's almost time to go on." John said standing.

"Dad...I want to walk down, alone. Without everyone there. I don't want anyone to think I'm bring you guys there to help me. This has to be just me and her. Okay?"

John regarded her, then nodded his approval. "Alright...I'll tell the others. J.R. and King are at the announcers table with Michael Coal and Coach. We'll be sitting right behind them."

Kendall smiled and gave her dad a hug. "Thanks dad."


Ten minutes after John, another knock came. Stone Cold Steve Austin, Mick Foley and The Rock came into the locker room, cameras following.

"Hey Uncle Rock, Steve, Mick. What's are you doing here?" she asked with a grin.

"Well, we heard you been getting into a lot of fights lately..." Mick said.

"Yep." Kendall said, grinning, not even remotely ashamed.

The Rock's brow rose as he looked at her. "First at your house, during a party. And, then another at Vince's office..."

"Yep." she said proudly.

"You been winning?" Austin asked gruffly.

"Yep." she said, grinning from ear to ear.

The Rock smiled and ruffled her hair. "That's my girl. So..."

They were cut off by Lillian Garcia entering the room.

"Hey Kendall, can I ask....Oh sorry Kendall...I didn't know you had company. Hey Steve. Hey Mick. Hey Rock." Lillian smiled shyly at The Rock.

The Rock just glowered at her. "Lillian Garcia...why are you forever interupting the Rock? It doesn't matter where The Rock is, whether its on Smackdown..or Raw...or some farm out in Ommish can't help but interupt the Rock."

Kendall hid a giggle behind a cough, then turned a brow at Lillian. "Lillian?"

Lillian's eye's didn't stray from the Rock's.

"Lillian? LILLIAN!"

Startled, Lillian jumped back and looked to Kendall. The Rock could be seen with a knowing smile on his face.

"Yeah Kendall?" Lillian asked.

"Your question..."

"Oh yeah....well...first congratulations on turning 13." Lillian said with a smile.

Kendall nodded. "Thank you, Lillian. I appreciate that."

"Now...we've all heard you talk...we know you can bring that end of it...but you've never had a match before. Jillian trained for 6 years before coming into the WWE a few months ago. Are you concerned at all about that?" Lillian asked then put the mic to Kendall's mouth.

"Let's put it this way..... Now matter how good you are, there's always someone who's better. Jillian's six years of training isn't worth a lick of spit if she can't execute what she was taught. And...if you've seen Jillian'd know that she can't." Kendall said.

"What are your plans for tonight? How are you going to defeat Jillian Hall?"

"What I did to Jillian Hall at the party and at the WWE Corporate Office is nothing compared to what I'm gonna do to her tonight! Jillian, you wanted it, and now your gonna get it. front of the millions and millions of Kendall Cena fans....the WWE Champion's daughter....the youngest announcer in sports entertainment......the newest member of The Crew is checking you into the Smackdown Hotel. She's gonna shine her boot up real nice, turns that sum'v bitch sideways and stick it straight up your candy ass! Tonight, Jillian Hall, you get a lesson is talking smack and kicking ass! And that's the bottom line because Kendall Cena said so."

Kendall paused, turning she looked into the camera. Kendall gave the three fingered salute. "Have a nice day."

She left the room, leaving The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Mick Foley and Lillian Garcia in the room.

"She just used our lines!" The Rock said in disbelief.

" she ready?" Mick asked the other two.

"I hope so...." Austin says. "I need a beer."

"No need to worry. The people's neice is ready." The Rock said.

Lillian smiled, stepping into the circle. "Hell yeah she's ready. She's got the People's talk, the rattlesnake's bark, the hardcore's walk and the champion's heart. There's no way she's gonna lose tonight."

Vince McMahon stepped into the ring and looked at the audience, his employees.

"Three weeks ago, a feud started between Jillian Hall and Kendall Cena. Now most of you may understand why this match was set. But for those of you who don't, I'd like you to watch some footage from some hidden cameras. Roll the footage."

The footage came up, showing an image of Jillian in Kendall's face at the party, then later on Kendall attacking Jillian. The next peice was the security camera from Vince's office. This footage had audio. After watching the footage, no one was a fan of Jillian's.

"As you can see from the footage, this match was necessary. I felt that Kendall had deserved this match and so I granted her request. John, if you feel the need to stop the match at any point, please let the ref know. Now.... lets get this match started!"

Vince was replaced by Lillian as Jillian Hall's music came on.

"This match is scheduled for one fall. Making her way to the ring, from Los Angeles California, Jillian Hall!"

Kendall waited in at the entrance backstage. She jumped up and down, hearing the boos and hisses for her opponent. The sound guy looked at her and she nodded. She was ready. Kendall's music came on and she walked out on stage, hands in the air.

"And her challenger, she is the youngest announcer in WWE history and the newest member of The Crew, Kendall Cena!"

Kendall jumped up and down on stage before running down the ramp and sliding into the ring. The superstars started chanting her name as she jumped up onto the corner ropes, and stuck a fist in the air.

"This ones for you Mama!" she said pointing towards Heaven. The audience roared thier approval.

The bell rang and the match started. Jillian attacked first, punching an arm out towards Kendall. Kendall ducked and grabbing Jillian's legs, she pulled as hard as she could, causing Jillian to fall to the mat. A cheer went up as Kendall immediately jumped on top of Jillian and started sending her elbo into the diva's face. Jillian layed there stunned as Kendall rose to her feet and delivered a couple of well executive kicks to Jillian's ribs.

Kendal reached down, grabbing Jillians hair to get the girl on her feet. She shoved her into the corner, grabbed the ropes on the side and jammed her shoulder into Jillian's stomach. When Kendall tried to do it again, Jillian grabbed her hair and thre Kendall shoulder first into the steel post.

Kendall hung slowly slid from the ropes, holding her soulder, her mouth open in pain. It took all of thier self control for the members of The Crew to stay in thier seats. Jillian grabbed Kendall's hair and threw her to the center of the ring. Kendall yelped in pain as her body hit the mat. Jillian held Kendall's arm to the side and holding it there with her hands, Jillian lifted herseld up into a hand stand and then slammed her knee into Kendall's arm.

Kendall screamed as Jillian came down on her arm once more. Jillian dragged Kendall over to the corner by the arm and started to climb the ropes. When Jillian jumped off, she landed on Kendall's knees. Kendall rose to her feet slowly and turned around. Jillian rushed her, Kendall dropped her with a clothesline.

In one corner, Kendall crouched low, and when Jillian turned, Kendall speared her. Jillian lay on the mat, curled on her side. Kendall held her hurt shoulder as she walked to Jillian, grabbed Jillian's arm, drug her to the corner and started climbing the ropes.

Jillian rose, following Kendall. Kendall sat on the ropes, their arms locked around one another in a struggling hold. Kendall gave a few punches to Jillian's side. After the last punch Jillian regained her hold and Kendall felt herself being lifted overhead and body slammed into the mat.

Kendal was so limp and lifeless after the body slam, that John rushed over to the ring to take a closer look. Smacking his hands on the mat, he got the crowd clapping.

"Come on Kendall! Get up!" he shouted to be heard over the crowd.

Jillian covered Kendall and the Ref went to the floor.


"Come on Kendall...get up." John whispered.


Kendall kicked out before three and Jillian stared at the Ref in disbeleif. Angrily, Jillian landed a viscious kick to Kendall's ribs. Then, lifting Kendall over head head, she brought the tiny girl to her knee in a back breaker.

Kendall's mouth opened, a scream of pain echoed off the walls as she collapsed to the mat. Jillian picked her up again, bringing her down in a body slam. Kendall laid in the middle of the ring, every part of her body hurt and her breathing labored.
John started to rise again but was stopped by Jeff.

"John...I gotta go. Something come up. Tell Kendall I'll call leter and get the details. Oh yeah...give her more credit, Cena. She's just like you, only smaller. It'll take more than a few body slams to keep her down." Before giving John a chance to respond, Jeff took off, leaving John staring at his retreating form in confusion.

John turned back to the match as Jillian went for the cover.



Thr......Kendall's arm shot up, kicking out for the second time tonight. Jillian sat there stunned for a few seconds, a look of outrage on her features. Once again, Jillian argued with the ref, allowing time for Kendall to roll to the ropes and use them to help her up. Her face twisted in pain as she straightened and lifted her head, seeing Jillian rushing towards her.

Bending at the waist, she grabbed Jillian and tossed her over the top rope to the arena floor. As Jillian stumbled on her feet, Kendall climbed to the top rope and threw her body at Jillian, knocking both girls to the floor. Kendall curled onto her side, her eyes closed as she tried to regain some of her strength.

Slowly she rose to her feet and stumbled to the ring, sliding in behind Jillian. The two laid there for a moment before rising to thier feet. Jillian pushed Kendall back into the corner and slapped an open palm to Kendall's chest. Kendall gasped as she bent over, holding her chest. As Jillian pushed her back for a second one, Kendall landed an elbo to Jillian's face.

Jillian stumbled back a few steps and Kendall followed her, taking a swing at her. Jillian ducked and lifted the girl onto her shoulders, then fell back into a suplex. Jillian immediately went for the cover.



Jillian smirked and whispered to Kendall. "Say goodbye to mama."

Kendall's arm shot up, shoulder off the mat right before the count of three.

"Yes! That's it Baby...get up and kick her ass!" John yelled as he stood, clapping his hands.

Jillian sat up in disbeleif, then advanced on the Ref and stood there yelling at him. Jillian didn't know it but she had just pissed Kendall off to the point of not feeling pain. Kendall stood with the help of the ropes and crouched, waiting for Jillian to turn around. Once she did, Kendall flew at her, spearing her into the ground.

Kendall climbed on top of Jillian, her fury at the woman fueling her energy supply. Punch after pounch landed on Jillian's face. Kendall didn't stop until Jillian's nose had started to bleed. Kendall jumped off and the crowd cheered. Kendall crouched near the corner, one arm arched high above her hand, the other stretched out in front of her. With a smirking grin, Kendall wiggled her fingers as if saying 'bring it'.

Melina growled and charged. Kendall caught her and gave her the rock bottom. Pumped up, Kendall threw a fist into the air before bending over Jillian, and waving five fingers over her face. Kendall covered and the ref slid to the floor.




The WWE superstars and employees rose to thier feet cheering. The ref helped Kendall to her feet and rose her hand in victory John, Randy, Dave and Trish jumped over the railing and slid into the ring. Triple H, The Rock, Austin and Mick Foley followed suit. John grabbed his daughter up in a hug and whirled around, laughing.

"I did it! I won, Daddy!" She cried hugging him tightly. He kissed her cheek and then placed her on her feet so the others could say congratulations. Once everyone calmed down, she got a mic and let her eyes focus on Jillian who was leaning against the roped unable to beleive she'd lost.

"Jillian, you bet your contract that you would win but you didn't. Your contract is up." Kendall took the copy of Jillian's contract from her dad's grasp and ripped it in half, before continuing. "Now...get the hell outta my ring!"

Jillian growled and took a few menacing steps towards Kendal. The Rock stepped in front of Kendall, Austin and Foley beside him. He turned a glare to Jillian and held up a hand. Taking the mic from Kendall, he started to talk.

"Woah woah woah woah woah woah! You already had your chance to beat the people's neice, and you lost. But if your still wanting to fight, then you..will go one on one with the Great One!" Rocky said, brow raised.

Jillian scowled, but finally slid out of the ring.

"That's what The Rock thought.....move your candy ass outta this arena!"

Austin tossed a couple cans of pepsi to each person in the ring. Popping two open for him and two open for Kendal, he handed her the soda. The toasted in Stone Cold fashion, tipped back thier head and let the pepsi cascade into thier throat and down thier shirts. Austin grabbed four more and gave two to Kendall. This time, the whole ring participated and soon the whole entire arena was a part of Austins Pepsi Bash.

~Later that night~

John looked at his clock hearing the banging on the door and the doorbell ringing. Grumbling he quickly went downstairs and unclocked the door.

"Daddy who..." Kendall came in rubbing her eyes. When her eyes focused and she realized who it was, she paled. "Oh no..."

John looked up as Jeff came inside. Running his hands through his hair, Jeff turned to John.

"John...I need your help."

"John...I need your help."

When John heard those words, his heart dropped to the pit of his stomach. His eyes widened as he took in the sight of Jeff. Jeff was worried, very worried. You could see it in his eyes. His shirt had peices missing and there seemed to be blood smeared on the parts that were left. He was drenched from the pouring rain and sporting a black eye.

"Jeff.....where is she?" Kendall asked, frightened.

"She's in the car....John..come on, you gotta help me get her out." Jeff said pushing his way back out the door. John, still not understanding what was going on, told Kendall to stay inside and then rushed into the thunderstorm, after Jeff.

"I hurt my arm....I can't get her out of the car, man!" Jeff shouted amidst the rain. John opened the door and peered inside. He stopped dead in his tracks recognizing who it was.

"Oh Lord.....Maria." Maria's eye was bruised, bleeding and swollen shut. Her lip was busted open and she had several cuts along her arms. By the look of some of the bruises, John knew this hadn't been a one time thing.

John looked back at Jeff. "Go inside, have Kendall wake up Trish and then have her call the cops!"

Jeff shook her head. "No cops! I promised her there'd be no cops!"

John shook his head and lifted an unconscious Maria into his arms. "Fine! Let's just get her in the house."

John followed Jeff back inside the house and laid Maria on the couch. Kendall ran into the living and gasped when she saw Maria. John looked at Kendall and Jeff.

"Kendall, go wake up Trish and tell her to get the first aid kit out of her bag. Then call your uncles and tell them to get thier asses here now. Jeff run some washclothes under hot water and bring them here. " he commanded. The two took off running.

Kendall ran into her dad's room and shook Trish awake.

" gotta hurry. Maria's hurt. She's downstairs." she said frantically. Trish immediately got dressed and shuffled down stairs while Kendall got on the phone.

Randy, Dave and Torrie arrived within a few minutes of receiving the call. Dwayne "The Rock" and Lillian Garcia arrived a few minutes later. Trish was trying to clean Maria up as best she could. John looked at Dwayne.

"What are you two doing here?" he asked.

"I trained her, Cena. Maria's like the little sister I never had. Now...who the hell do I get to hurt?" Rocky snapped. Lillian laid a gentle hand on Dwayne's arm.

"Guys, lets deal with Maria first. After that's done, then we can figure out who to kill." she said. Lillian rushed over to Maria and took a quick assessment of her injuries and then glanced at the supplies in the first aid kit. The cut on Maria's arm needed to be stitched and her lip needed a couple stitches

"John...find a needle and put it in boiling water for five minutes. Find some thread too." Lillian said.

John gave her a look. "Lillian..I'm a man. I don't have a needle and thread...I don't sew."

Lillian rolled her eyes. "Fine, your a man, you should have superglue. Go get me some super glue, John. Trish, she's gonna need something to wear. Kendall, hairdryer and scissors. Dave, bring me a bowl of steaming hot water. Torrie, a bottled water and que-tips. Randy, washclothes and towells. Dwayne, check on Braedyn, make sure she doesn't come out until we're done."

John came back and handed her the superglue. "Braedyn's at my parents house for the week."

Lillian nodded. "Good. Dwayne, John...go get Jeff something clean to wear."

Everyone did as she asked and when the items were before her she looked up at the men.

"Okay, guys, get out." Lillian rose and pushed the protesting men out of the living room. Kendall and Trish stayed with Lillian to help her clean up with Maria.

Thirty minutes later, Maria had been placed in one of the guest rooms and the whole group sat around the kitchen table quietly.

"So, did you know what to do? You seemed like you've done this before." Dave asked curiously.

Lillian blushed. "Well, yeah I have. I was a third year med student when I left to become WWE's announcer."

"You did a good job, Lillian. Thank you." Jeff said. Lillian smiled.

" this the reason you've been disappearing lately?" Randy asked Jeff.

Jeff nodded. "It started after a show. She was crying, no one else was around. She said they had a fight and she was stranded without a ride. I knew she wasn't telling the whole truth. She had a handprint on her cheek. When I brought it up, she said it was the first time it had ever happened and that he wouldn't do it again, so I took her home."

"So...what happened?" Rocky asked.

"I kept looking for bruises, Rock, I swear. She's just so damn good at hiding everything. I knew something was wrong, but I just didn't have proof. She started calling, then she started coming by. The more she lied about where the bruises came from, the harder it was for her to keep track of the lies. She came over one day, hysterical. She told me everything then. She wanted to leave but she was so scared."

"Go on." trish said when he paused.

"It took me a few months, but I finally convinced her that she had to leave. So, she called him and told him she wasn't coming back. The day at Vince's office, my house wasn't being burglarized. Maria had freaked out because she thought he had come onto the property. When she went back to get her stuff, he coaxed her into talking about staying. The jerk proposed to her, promising a life time of love and happy endings if she would stay. He even said he'd go to anger management classes!" Jeff exclaimed.

"But, it didn't stop it from happening again. Last night, he kicked her in the stomach and slapped her across the face. When she woke up this afternoon, she called me. That's why I had to leave Kendall's match early. She was staying at a hotel that should have only taken 10-15 minutes to get to, but with traffic, I didn't get there in time. When I got to her hotel room, she was laid out on the bathroom floor. He was still there and we fought. I knocked him out, and brought her here."

Jeff hung his head in his hands. "I should have said something. I should have done something."

"I knew too, Jeff. Maria told me that she was dealing with it..she didn't fully explain..but..I don't know." Kendall said from her spot.

John looked at his daughter and leaned over patting her hand. "Keeks, this is not your fault. It's not Jeff's fault and once he stops being so stubborn, he'll realize it. It doesn't matter what was done before. It matters what we do now, from this point on."

"So...what do we do?" Kendall asked.

"You girls are gonna take care of Maria. With all that she's been through, I don't think she'll be wanting to be around lots of men right now." said John.

"While we do that, what are you guys gonna do?" Kendall asked, looking at them suspiciously.

The guys looked at eachother and grinned. Dwayne looked at his neice.

"Kick Steven Richards candy ass!"

Maria had been disoriented when she woke up the next day. She didn't recognize the room she was in, but she did recognize Trish and Kendal curled up asleep in the chair next to the bed. She'd been embarrassed and ashamed upon learning that everyone in the house and her boss, knew what happened to her. It was an ongoing struggle within herself, and it was one that her friends reassured with her. They all thought her brave and strong, not weak and stupid.

Kendall had been spending the most amount of time with her. They talked about everything and shared each others secrets. Having Maria there was like having a female Jeff around all the time, a big sister. Kendall loved it. Dwayne had made sure that someone was always home with her and had convinced her to see the WWE psychiatrist.

She had met with Vince and after seeing her, he tried to convince her to press charges, but she wouldn't. She was too scared. Right now they were working on a storyline to get her out of one storyline and into another. They were having problems though. She was sure that Steven, as brutal as he was, would not touch her during the show, and so, she wanted to continue working as his valet.

Richards had been paid a visit by her new-found "brothers". Even someone like Steven Richard would have been crazy not to be afraid of the "Rat Pack" as Torrie had deemed them. Richards was found on ECW during a live show. He had been in the ring, spouting off about this and that, when The Crew's music kicked on and out came John Cena, Randy Orton, Dave Batista, Jeff Hardy and special inductee The Rock. They didn't gang up on him, but went one on one. By the end of the night, they had matched bruise for bruise. Every mark Maria had on her body, Richards now had on his.

A few days later, John and Trish dragged Maria down to Vince's office with them. Shane and Vince needed to talk to them about the story line. Kendall would be coming with Jeff and Dave and Randy would hitch a ride together, while Torrie baby-sat Braedyn. Everyone was waiting outside the conference room when Kendall and Jeff arrived. Shane ushered everyone in.

"Take a seat ladies, guys." he said as he returned to his seat. All of the McMahons were there, as usual. Maria didn't quite understand why she was there. Her story line hadn't changed at all. She was still working with Stevie Richards in ECW.

"Okay, before I forget. We're having a company contest to see who can come up with the next pay-per-view. Anyone wanting to participate will need to submit a presentation to us explaining the concept of your show. We will narrow it down to five that we like and those five will do thier presentation on each of the shows. On the website , fans will vote and choose the winner." Vince said.

"What's the winner get?" Jeff asked.

"You get to retain 25% ownership of the show rights, meaning, if it's a successful show, you get to keep 25% of the profits."

"And..anyone can enter?" Kendall asked.

Linda nodded. "Its open to any employee whether they are in the ring or not, including you Kendall. If you were to win though, all the earnings from the show would be put into a trust fund until you're no longer a minor." she said.

Kendall smiled. She had big plans already forming in her head.

"Okay onto business. First let me say, that the ratings for your matches have been overwhelmingly successful. Now, the problem we're facing, is what to do next. We want your segments and popularity to grow even more and not go downhill. We want you to help us create your next storyline." Stephanie said.

"Second, we understand why you guys attacked Richards at ECW. However, since it was done on the air, he wants a match against all of you, including The Rock. Maria, we are very upset at what he did to you. It shouldn't have happened. But because no charges are being processed and he didn't do it at work, I can't legally end his contract." Shane said.

"Also, Maria...we understand that you think you're okay to work with Stevie Richards on ECW still, but personally, we just don't feel right about it. So, when you're ready to come back, we'd like to find a way to move you to another show. We'd also like you to reconsider your decision not to file charges. " Linda said.

"I appreciate that you guys are concerned, but..I just want it to all go away. I'd like to take you up on switching shows though. I think it would be better when we aren't on the same show. And I should be ready to come back by next week." Maria said.

"Well, we tried. In that case, we'll have you switch shows. We'll have to think of another way to get Richards out." Linda replied.

"So, back to the storyline...anyone have any ideas on any of them?" Vince asked.

"How many shows are you looking to do all that in, Vince?" Randy asked.

"As few as possible. I want it to be a sudden change, but makes it appear as if this has been planned for awhile. With Richards, I really don't care as long as it gets done." Vince replied.

"Well, did you ask DX?" Dave asked, looking at Hunter.

Hunter nodded. "My guys couldn't think of anything. Our two groups have done every kind of match there is. The titles have gone back and forth. We're at a lost."

Trish looked at Shane and Linda. "About Steven Richards....if he quits...then his contract will be over right? If he quits, he can't come back."

"Yeah, but he isn't going to want to quit, Trish." Shane said. Trish frowned. She hadn't thought that far ahead.

"Then we make him want to quit." John said. Vince looked at him. "How?"

John shrugged. He didn't have any ideas. Neither did any of the other guys.

Everyone looked to Kendall, as she cleared her throat. A smile slowly uncurled as she looked at the others around her.

"I think I may have a way to fix everything in under three shows." she said.

Vince rose a brow. "Really? Do tell."

"Well, we're going to distract both The Crew and DX with other people. Steven Richards wants a match, he'll get one. Maria, for this to work...we need you to be with him on one more show. We'll pretend that you're in a meeting with Steph and Linda or something until its time for th ematch, that way there's no chance of you getting hurt. Do you think you can do that?" Kendall asked.

Maria nodded, curious. "Sure, but, what do you have planned?"

"So, Richards is the distraction for The Crew. Who's the distraction for DX?" Stephanie asked, slightly confused.

Kendall looked at her and smiled. "You are."

Everyone looked at her slightly confused. So, Kendall explained it in full detail.

Vince smiled. "She's a genius. Pure genius."

He rose, taking ahold of the stack of papers in front of him. Seeing no one else moved, he pulled Shane to his feet and addressed the two groups.

"Well, don't just sit there. We've got a lot of stuff to do."

"Music's on. Let's get out there and make it happen." Richards said leading Maria out onto stage. Maria played her part well. She'd been at his side a million times and knew exactly what he wanted her to do.

"Two weeks ago, I, Steven Richards the ECW Champion was brutally attacked by The Rock and his friends, The Crew. On the next ECW show, I made a vow of retribution! So, Rock, I know your listening back stage, just know this, when I'm done with you, I'm moving onto your friends, and when I'm done with them, I'm moving onto your neice!"

The crowd erupted as The Rock's music came on. Rocky came out on stage, mic in hand.

"Finally...The Rock has come back to Boston!"

The Rock paced around the stage, then directed his glare at Steven and Maria.

"Who in the blue hell are you two?" The Rock asked.

"Maria and Stev..."

Rock interupted Steven Richards. "It doesn't matter who you are!"

Steven looked spitting mad at being interrupted. The crowd cheered as Rocky glared at Richards and Maria.

"Rock, you came onto my show and interupted my match. You humiliated me and I will seek revenge. this ring tonight!" Richards yelled. "I'm gonna show you what the true meaning..."

"The Rock says know your role and shut your mouth!"

Steven cursed him out, taking threatening steps towards the ropes. The Rock held out a hand, to stop him.

"You come out onto the people's stage, stomped down the people's ramp. Got into the people's ring and started mumbling and crying and whining..boohoo, wah wah. How you wanna get revenge on the Rock! How you wanna get revenge on The Crew! How you wanna get revenge on the people's neice?! Well the Rock says, how 'bout he sends the People's neice down to that very ring, have her shine up her boots all nice, turn them sum'va bitches sideways and stick 'em straight up your candy ass!"

Maria grabbed the mic as the crowd went nuts and glared at The Rock. "You can't speak to him like that! He's the ECW Cham..."

The Rock held up a hand mid sentance. "Woman! The Rock was not done."

Steven glared at Maria, grabbing the miscrophone back.

"You want a match with The Rock, with the People's Champ? You want to go one on one with the great one? Well, The Rock says...No. The Rock, well...he has a plan of his own."

"Now, Skinny Pickle," Rocky said, purposefully misprouncing the Steven Richard's name, " The Rock sees that you brought your little ECW hellcat with you."

The Rock pasted a little charming smile at Maria, "How you doing mama?", then turned back to Steven. "Well, the Rock just happened to bring a little hellcat of his own! The Rock just happened to bring some...stratusfaction!"

Trish came out as her music came on. Her arms went up and she jumped up and down getting the crowd a little rowdy.

"So...your probably thinking a little intergender tag team action right? WRONG! The Rock knows you have some friends in the crowd. So why don't all of Sucking Popsicle's friends just get thier asses in the ring." Rocky said.

Trish made a mental note of everyone in the ring. CM Punk, Elijah Burke, Matt Striker and The Miz, all stood behind Maria and Steven.

Rocky nodded, seeing a few guys from the crowd move into the Ring. "See...the Rock knew you brought your little friends. What were you gonna do, Sits on Sticks?? Attack The Rock, 6 on 1?" the Rock asked.

"Why not? You brought 5 other guys to attack me all at once two weeks ago and I don't even know why!" Steven shouted.

"Woah, woah, woah, woah woah! The Rock and his friends did not gang up on Skinny Dick over there! It was one on one when Jeff Hardy jumped from the top rope and gave you the Swanton Bomb! One on one, when the Animal followed his spine buster by the Batista Bomb. It was one on one when Randy Orton, The Legend Killer, gave you the RKO and it was one on one when John Cena, the WWE Champion, said F-U! And it was definitely one on one when The Rock, the most electrifying man in sports entertainment, gave you, the People's elbow!"

Rocky paused waiting for the crowd to die down. When Steven made to speak, the Rock held out his hand.

"The Rock's not done!" He paced across to the other side of the ring, and gave the fans a charming smile.

"You brought your boys to surprise The Rock. Well, The Rock has a surprise for you. The Rock knew you weren't coming alone, so The Rock decided to bring some friends of his own!"

Maria had to fight to keep from smiling when The Crew's music blasted into the stadium. The crowd went wild as Jeff, John, Randy and Dave came out to stand beside The Rock. The ECW superstars leaned against the rope, beckoning the RAW superstars down to the ring.

"Now, you may have noticed, that a certain smaller member of The Crew is not here." Rocky paused and smiled as the crowd cheered Kendall's name. "Steven Richards, last week on ECW you promised to go after the people's neice. And because Smoking Flutes and his horn blowers over there, threatened her again tonight, Vince McMahon though in best if people's neice went home!"

Rock smiled as the crowd bood that decision. "Well The Rock says, it doesn't matter what Vince McMahon thinks! Kendall Cena will be here tonight, sitting right beside J.R. and Jerry 'The King' Lawler, doing exactly what she does best! Talking Smack and kickin ass! And if you mess with her, she's gonna shine her boot up real nice, turn that sum'va bitch sideways and stick it straight up your candy asses!"

The crowd screamed like crazy hearing this, half shouting Cena, half shouting Rocky.

Steven Richards smiled. Getting to the girl would be easier than expected.

" So Steven Richards, The Rock says bring your friends. The Rock will bring his. And tonight, in that very ring we'll have ourselves a good old fashioned brawl! If you smell what The Rock is cookin!"

Backstage, Kendall came into the locker room and sat beside her dad.

"Where's Braedyn?" she asked looking around.

"She's playing with Stacy's daughter, Carrie, at the hotel. Since Braedyn and Carrie met, they've been inseperable. Stacy was gonna take them swimming, so she picked her up after she was done with the match." John said.

"Oh. So, um, have you seen Maria? Is she doing okay?" she asked nervously. John smiled, nodding.

"She's with Stephanie and Linda. They actually are discussing business. I guess, some of the superstars with kids have been complaining they don't see thier kids often enough. Because there's no tutoring or school program on any of the tours, most of the kids don't get to go. Maria suggested having a couple teachers come on tour, kind of like a home-school program for the masses. When Steph heard about it, she thought it would be a great idea, so her and Linda are trying to hash out all the details with Maria." he said.

Kendall smiled. "That'd be cool. I don't get to see any of the kids much because I'm one of the few that gets to go on the show. I hope they decide to do it." Kendall said.

"Yeah me too. Your almost done with school, but Braedyn just started. It'd be nice to have someone qualified around to help out with lessons and such. ready? You look nervous."

Kendall gave a small smile. "I just want everything to go smoothly. I don't want Maria to get hurt."

John looked at her, putting a hand on her shoulder.

"Everything's been planned and set up. She won't get hurt. I promise, okay?" he said.

Kendall nodded. "Yeah."

"Good...then go get ready. The show's about to start."

John left the locker room to join the others backstage, leaving Kendall alone. In a few minutes, the cameras would be here for a segment with Hunter and Stephanie McMahon. It was a tiny segment they needed to build the DX/McMahon saga. Right on time, the camera crew knocked announcing it was show time. Kendall took a deep breath, and headed out her door.

Kendall could hear the crowd going nuts when her face came on the arena screen. She bit back a smile and kept her game face on. Kendall turned the corner and saw HBK Shawn Michael's approaching Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Triple H and Stephanie were making out in the hallway. Kendall quickly hid behind a stack of chairs as Shawn cleared his throat and interupted them.

"Oh, hey Shawn." Hunter said with a smile. Stephanie blushed slightly and nodded hello to the DX member.

"Hey, Steph...Hunter." Shawn looked at them in confusion. When Shawn had gotten injured a couple months back, Hunter and Steph had just split apart. He hadn't realized they were back together.

", we need to talk about our match..." Shawn began. Hunter nodded and turned to Steph, giving her a kiss on the cheek,

"Steph, could you excuse us? We have some DX things we need to talk about...its boring stuff." Hunter asked with a smile.

Steph smiled back and nodded. "Sure, Hunter. I gotta go anyway. See you later."

After Stephanie left, Shawn looked at his long time friend. "What are you doing, Hunter? I thought you hated her."

Hunter smiled. "I do. She just has something I want."

Kendall stayed where she was and upon hearing Hunter's words, she flipped out her cell phone and started secretly recording Hunter and Shawn's conversation.

"What does she have that you don't?" Shawn asked.

"Part ownership of the WWE." Hunter replied, smirking. "Steph's so gullible. Always has been. She thinks I still love her, but I'm just pretending so I can get my hands on her share of the company. Once I've got Steph's, I"ll get Shanes. Then linda's and finally, I'll go after Vince. Once I have control of the shares, DX will have control over the shows."

Shawn nodded grinning. "Master plan, Hunter. Make the girl fall in love with you so much, she's willing to do anything for you, then suck her dry. I love it. Absolutely love it."

Hunter chuckled. "Yeah...I am brilliant, aren't I?"

"Genius. Come on, our match is next. Did you see the beginning of the show? Rock, The Crew taking on ECW..."

Kendall waited until the voices faded before crawling out from behind her hiding spot. She quickly sent a copy of what she had taped to her email and then clicked her phone shut, with a smile on her lips. Hunter wanted the WWE huh? There was no way in hell, Kendall was gonna let that happen.

"This match is a 12 person intergender falls count anywhere old fashioned fist fight. Superstars will only be eliminated by pinfall or submission only. The last team standing will win. Introducing first, they are from ECW: CM Punk, Elijah Burke, Matt STriker, The Miz, Maria and ECW Champion Steven Richards!"

Kendall glanced around at her team. They were a very serious bunch backstage. The Rock's music came on first.

"And thier challengers...He is the most electrifying man in sports entertainment.....The Rock!"

Rock made his way onto stage and waited for his partners.

"And his partners, they are the members of The Crew: Trish Stratus, Randy Orton, Dave Batista, Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy and the WWE Champion, John Cena. Accompanying them to the ring, she is the youngest announcer in the history of the WWE, Kendall Cena!""

One by one the team went out on stage and stood by Rock. Kendall jumped up and down, getting herself pumped up, then stood in front of her guys. People didn't want her here for this show, so she was gonna stand right up front where she could be seen the most. Kendall led her team to the ring.

The ECW superstars vacated the mat as Raw's most talented took in the recognition and praise from the fans. As the match was set to begin, Kendall slid herself out of the ring and headed over to the announcers table. The ECW superstars lined up and wouldn't let her pass. Kendal tried to manuever past, but was pushed back towards the ring by Steven Richards. Not one to back down, Kendall stomped her foot down onto Steven Richards toes. When he bent over from pain, she swung her fist and connected to his jaw, bringing him to his knees before her.

"Next time, when someone asks you to it!" Kendall growled under her breath and moved to her chair beside J.R and King.

"Welcome, Kendall. It's nice to have you here." J.R. said.

Kendall smiled. "It's nice to be here."

"Vince didn't want you here, but you obviously have shown just now, that you aren't afraid of the ECW superstars. Personally, I wish you'd hit him a few more times." J.R. asked.

Kendall chuckled. "Next time, J.R. I promise."

"So Kendall, your team is facing some very hardcore wrestlers here tonight. Any concern that they might be in over thier head?" King said. Kendall shook her head.

"Steven Richards is the only one who has ever received any type of title proving thier hardcore status. Steven should have brought along people like Tommy Dreamer and Tazz and instead he brought the babies of the WWE. This is an old fashioned fist fight, a bar room brawl. No one is better at kicking ass than the people's champ and the members of the Crew, J.R. Steven has no idea what he's walking into." Kendall stated as the match began.

"Ladies and gentlemen, she's absolutely right. This match is a fist fight only match. Meaning, no chairs, no sticks, no weapon of any sort. If you wouldn't see it in a bar room brawl, you won't see it in that ring tonight! The ECW superstars may call themselves hardcore, but I doubt they are prepared for just how hardcore The Rock and The Crew can get." said J.R..

"Well, right now the two teams are just standing in the center of the ring, staring eachother down!" King said.

The Rock was in the center, his team on either side and they were nose to nose with the ECW superstars. Thier faces were set in the hard headed bad ass mode, neither side spoke, they just stared.

"Wait...King... Kendall is in the ring! What is she doing in the ring?" J.R. exclaimed.

Kendall had slid quietly into the ring behind the ECW superstars. She waited quietly for a moment, glancing at the fans with a finger to her lips. She put her hands on Stevie Richards back and pushed him into The Rock, then quickly rolled out of the ring as the other ECW members turned towards her. She stood outside the ring, in front of the announcers table, a smirk on her lips her hands on her hips.

The Rock gave the audience a charming smile when Richards ran into him, then turning serious he threw a punch into Richard's face. The fight had begun! Kendall made it back to her seat beside King and J.R. and watched the fight. The Rock and Steven Richards were going at it in the center of the ring, exchanging punch after punch. Batista had taken on Matt Striker; Randy was fighting The Miz, Jeff had CM Punk and John was brawling with Elijah Burke. Maria and Trish had made it outside the ring and were attacking eachother on the ramp.

"Kendall what were you thinking?" exclaimed J.R.

Kendall smiled and gave the head announcer a shrug. "Hey...I was getting bored, so I decided to start the match myself."

"Wow did you see that hit?!" piped up King, his eyes on John and Elijah Burke. Burke and punched John in the jaw, sending him reeling over the top rope into Trish Stratus. Both went down and Trish hit her head on the floor. She was out cold. Maria seized her oppertunity and covered Trish.


"Maria just eliminated Trish Stratus! I can't beleive it!"

Burke turned, leaving John Cena unattended, and made his way to stand in front of Kendall Cena. Kendall, being the shorter stood up on the announcers table so she and the big man were eye to eye. Both stared at eachother, hurling insults back and forth. Kendall wasted no more time and let her hand fly, slapping Burke across the face and then pushing him away from her. Burke made a move to grab her but was interrupted by Batista being thrown over the rope and bumping into him. He turned his attention to Batista, leaving Kendall alone.

"Kendall you just slapped the grin right off of Elijah Burke's face!" King said.

"The man's a jack ass, King." Kendall muttered, returning her attention to the match.

Jeff and CM Punk were fighting outside the ring now. CM Punk dove his head into Jeff's and the high flying hardy stumbled back against the baracade. CM Punk made to grab Jeff, but Jeff moved to the side, grabbed his opponents hair and took him face first into the wall. CM Punk slid to the ground and Jeff covered.


The count was interrupted by Maria who landed a kick to the back of Jeff's head. Jeff rose slowly to his feet and glared at Maria. Maria glared back, shouting all kinds of things at him. Jeff looked at the audience as if to say 'are you kidding me' and closed his eyes for a breif second, shaking his head. Maria's hand came out and slapped Jeff across the face as his eyes closed. His eyes snapped open and when Maria tried to slap him again, he caught her hand, pulled her towards him and dropped her in a clothesline.

CM Punk was back on his feet and kicked Jeff off Maria before he could complete the cover. The punk grabbed JEff's hair and lead him around the ring. Picking Hardy up, CM Punk slammed the high flyer into the hard cold arena floor. Jeff lay there gasping as CM Punk went to cover him.

"ONE! TWO! Kendall broke up the count!" King exclaimed.

Kendall had ran around the table and kicked CM Punk off Jeff before the ref counted to three. Kendall was on her way back to her chair, when she was grabbed by the hair from behind. CM Punk turned her in his grasp and slowly lifted her off the ground by her hair. Her hands grabbed his as she struggled in his painful grip. She waited until she was high enough, then delivered a low blow kick to the ECW wrestler, and was dropped to the ground. CM Punk didn't even have time to wallow in the pain. He was tackled right then and there by an angry father looking to do some harm.

"It's John Cena! He saw what CM Punk did to his daughter and he is pissed! Get him John!" J.R. said.

Back in the ring, Burke and Striker had Batista in between them. Burke would land a punch, sending Batista stumbling towards Striker. Striker would land a punch, sending The Animal back towards Burke. This continued for a little while, but on the last time when Striker tried to punch him, Batista ducked and sent a flying fist into Striker's stomach. Batista circled on his heel and deliverred a roundhouse kick to Strikers head, sending the smaller man to the mat in a world of hurt.

Elijah Burke jumped onto the Animals back, his arms wrapped around Batista's neck. Batista pried the guys arms from around his neck and flipped Burke over his head onto the mat. Burke stumbled to his feet amd when he turned, The Animal laid him out with a hard fast fist to the head. Burke went down right beside Striker and Batista covered them both.

"ONE! TWO! THREE! Did you see that?! Batista just eliminated Matt Striker and Elijah Burke at the same time!" Kendall exclaimed excitedly.

"Would you look at the strength of the Rock! He just threw Steven Richards over the top rope and up the ramp!" J.R. shouted.

Rocky climbed out of the ring, making his way up to Richards. Steven stumbled to his feet only to be slammed back down by The Rock. The Rock continued to throw Steven Richards up the ramp until they disappeared into the backstage area, a ref right behind them.

"Someone get a camera back there!" King exclaimed.

Kendall stood up as Randy was thrown over the top rope near her. The Miz grabbed Randy by the head and pushed him into the steel steps. John Cena was landing kick after kick on CM Punk's ribs in the middle of the ring. Jeff climbed to the top rope and gave the punk the swanton bomb and went in for the count.


"CM Punk has been eliminated! The only ones left are The Miz and Steven Richards. Steven is somewhere backstage fighting with The Rock!" J.R. said.

The Rock and Steven Richards came on screen just then. They were in the catering area, and the other superstars backed away as the two fought around them. The Rock grabbed Richard's and put him head first onto a table once, twice..three times! Then, the people's champ landind a solid size 13 boot into Richard's stomach. Steven stumbled back onto a stack of trays. Grabbing a tray, he swung it at The Rock. Rocky ducked and then landed a fist to Steven's jaw. Steven flew back, landing on the table of trays and he went down through the table and onto the floor. Rock covered him for the count.

One! Two! Thr..

Right before the count of three, The Rock rose and stopped the count. He wasn't done with Richards yet. Grabbing Richards by the hair, The People's Champ lead him away from the tables and tossed Richards the the next set of doors. The audience hissed as once again, The Rock and Steven Richards went out of sight.

The Miz stood outside the ring, so distracted by the segment of The Rock and Steven Richards, that he didn't see Batista lining up behind him. When Miz turned, Batista speared him and Randy went for the cover.

ONE! TWO! THREE! The Miz had been eliminated.

The crowd went nuts as Rock threw Richards out into the audience, towards the ring. The ECW Champion staggered to his feat and stumbled his way through the crowd. The Rock grabbed Richards by the neck and tossed him over the railing, then climbed over himself. The people's champ threw the ECW superstar under the bottom rope and into the ring.

When ECW Champ, Steven Richards made it to his feet, he found himself surrounded by Rock, John, Jeff, Randy and Batista.

"I have never seen anything like this. All of Steven Richards team mates have been eliminated while most of Rock's are standing in the ring with him now!" J.R. said.

The Rock and Crew were playing tag with Steven Richards. Kendall found it amusing until she saw the eliminated ECW superstars rushing down the ramp towards the ring. The Rock dealt Richards a blow to the head, causing Richard to go down as Cena, Jeff, Randy and Dave rushed out of the ring and met the ECW stars halfway up the ramp. The Rock got distracted by the return of the eliminated opponents and turned his back on Stevie Richards.

Steven Richards used this time to slide on his brass knuckles and hit the Rock in the back of the head. The Rock stumbled and fell to the floor. Steven went in for the cover, and when no count came, he stood up and looked for the ref. Kendall was on the ropes distracting him. So Steven knocked the ref down and flipped Kendall into the ring by her hair. Kendall arches her back, gasping as she lands. Once again she is lifted to her feet and as Steven lifts her over his head, she wiggles so much, his grip loosens. She's able to slide down the back of him. When Steven Richards turned, he was met by something he never expectd.

"Maria just hit Steven Richards in the face with a metal chair!" J.R. could be heard.

Steven Richards stumbled back, turning as he went. He turned right into a Rock Bottom. The Rock was back on his feet, hopping mad. As Richards lay in that ring, The Rock slid off his padding, and delivered The People's Elbow, then covered Steven Richards for the count.

"One! Two! Three! The Rock and his partners have done it! They have beaten the ECW hardcore superstars!" J.R. said.

Trish had limped her way back to the ring, John, Jeff, Randy and Dave behing her. John checked on Trish and Kendall then stood beside The Rock as they looked at the couple in the middle of the ring. Maria was standing over Steven Richards landing kicks to his arms and side as she hurled obscenities at him. Then she pulled off her ECW Steven Richards shirt and laid it on his face.

"She just took off her ECW shirt, J.R.! What's she got underneath it?" King asked trying to see.

Maria hadn't been paying attention to any of the other superstars in the ring and when she glanced up she found herself surrounded by them. The Rock came face to face with the Diva, blocking everyone's view of the former ECW hellcat. Maria and Rocky stared eachother down until finally The Rock smiled and picked Maria up in a hug twirling her around.

Maria laughed as she was set back on her feet. The Rock stood to the side, grabbed her arm and raised it in Victory. The members of the crew followed suit, raising thier hands. The crowd went wild as finally, the secret was revealed.

"Oh my God, King! Maria's the newest member of the Crew!"

The following week.......

The Rock, Maria and Kendall were making thier way back stage. The Rock stopped in his tracks and stared open mouth at the sight before him. Triple H and Stephanie were lip locking in the hallway.

"Wow..that's gross." Maria whispered. Kendall nodded in agreement.

"Good Lord, Triple H! If you have no respect for yourself, at least have respect for everyone else. The People do not want to see you playing tonsil hockey with the company slut!" the Rock said.

Maria and Kendall giggled and followed Rock to the back stage area, leaving Triple H and Stephanie McMahon fuming with anger. When Rock, Maria and Kendall got the the back stage area, Steven was already in the ring talking.

"Last week, I lost the match against the Rock because of interference from Maria. Maria I want to know why! After all these years, you're gonna turn your back on me? Well, Maria I have a message for you!" Steven Richards, on Raw once again, was cut off by the Rock's music.

The Rock, Maria and Kendall walked out onto the stage. When the music died down, Rock had a mic in his hands.

"Finally...the Rock has come back to Little Rock!"

The Rock and Kendall smiled hearing the Rocky chant.

"Steven Richards....what in the blue hell do you want now?" Rock asked.

"I want another Match!" Steven said.

"You want another match? Four weeks ago, The Rock and his friends strolled into the Cincinatti Arena, marched down the ramp, entered the ECW ring and one by one.....Jeff Hardy, Batista, Randy Orton, John Cena and The Rock...proceeded to layeth the smackethdown all over your candy ass!"

Rocky paused as the crowd erupted into cheers.

"Then following week, you stood in the ring during an ECW show and promised retribution. You wanted revenge against The Crew...against the Great One. But you didn't stop there. You vowed to hit The Crew and The Rock where it would hurt most. You vowed to destroy the one thing that The Crew and The Rock loved the most....Kendall Cena."

Rocky waited as the crowd bood Steven Richards.

"So last week on Monday night Raw, the ECW Champion comes onto The Rock's show, walks down the people's ramp and climbs into the people's ring. You wanted revenge. So you challenge The Rock to a match. But you don't stop there, no, no. You threatened Kendall Cena, The Rock's neice, one more time. Vince McMahon told Kendall Cena to go home and stay away from the arena. Kendall Cena told Vince McMahon; 'Go to Hell! "

The Rock paused as the crowd errupted into cheers, calling out Kendall's name.

"During the entire match, you jabronis came at Trish Stratus......Jeff Hardy......Batista......Randy Orton.....John Cena and The Rock! And when that failed, you went after....Kendall Cena. And every single time, the ECW harcore superstars got thier asses kicked by the People's Neice!"

Rocky smiled and moved to the other side of the stage as the cheers continued.

"And then at the end of the match, your ECW Hellcat, Maria, levels you with a steel chair and The Rock gets the!" The Rock grinned as the crowd chants Rocky, Rocky, Rocky.

"And now, you are back in the people's ring, asking The Rock, for the third time, to shine his boot up real nice, turn it sideways and stick it straight up your candy ass?!"

"I want Maria! In a match!" Steven said.

" want Maria... See..The Rock didn't understand. Maria, what about want a match against the ECW champion?"

Maria took the mic, nodding. "A hordcore pink slip match!"

The Rock looks over at Maria and grins. "Mama likes it a bit rough huh?" Well.....Steven Richards, The Rock says you get your match tonight. As acting general manager, The Rock says it will be Steven Richards vs. Maria, hardcore pink slip match. Maria, if you lose, you pack your bags and hightail it outta here. Steven Richards, if you lose, you pack up your shit and get the hell out of the People's company!"

The crowd went wild, cheering that idea on. Steven began to shake his head. He did not want to lose a job over this.

Maria saw the hesitation, and gave the ECW Champion, a smirk. "It's okay, Steven.....I know you're scared."

Steven glared at the trio on stage. "Fine, you got yourself a match!"

Mari glared at her former lover.

"Well then pack your bags, Steven. I'm kicking your ass out!"


Later on that night..........

Steven Richards picked up the steel chair and swung it towards Maria's head. Maria seeing it coming, ducked to the side. The chair bounced off the ropes and came popping back to clip Steven Richards on his own head. The chair dropped to the mat, and Maria grabbed Steven Richards bringing him down with a DDT, face first onto the steel chair.

Flipping him over, she grabbed his leg for the cover.




"Maria's done it! She won the match! Steven Richards no longer works for the WWE!"