LL Challenge

Eliot's Action Figure
Leverage: Eliot
Warnings: None

"What's that?"

Eliot looked up from the large box in front of him. "They made an action figure of Roy Chappel, so I ordered one for my nephew."

"Seriously? They made an action figure of Roy Chappel?" Hardison said in disbelief. "You were only there for like.. a day!"

Parker looked confused. "Whose Roy Chappel?"

"I'm Roy Chappel, Parker." Eliot said with a growl. "And it was more than a day, man."

Parker's look became more confused. "When did you change your name to Roy Chappel? I like you better as Eliot. You look like an Eliot."

"It's an alias, Parker." Eliot snapped.

"From the baseball job with Tara, remember, mama?" Hardison asked.

"Oh, yeah. He had a sandwich named after him, too." Parker gave a snicker. "Alice White should have an action figure. She'd be so cool cus she's a spy, at least that's what she tells Peggy. She has a lunch date with her tomorrow."

"For the last time, Parker, you're Alice White." Eliot said, closing his eyes against the headache that was coming on.

"Well, come on, man. Let's see it." Hardison said, coming to sit next to him and reaching for the unopened box.

Eliot batted Hardison's hands away. "I will cut off every finger, Hardison. Leave my stuff alone."

Hardison sat back as Eliot opened the box and took the action figure out. His eyes widened slightly as he saw it. His mouth slid into a smile, opening slightly, as laughter threatened to erupt. Eliot's eyes swiftly cut to his, a clear threat in them if even a peep came through Hardison's mouth.

"Not a word." Eliot growled.

"Not saying a thing." Hardison's eyes were wide and innocent, but his mouth quirked to the side. Unable to help himself, he excused himself to the restroom. As soon as the door closed, loud bursts of laughter could be heard coming from the other side of the door.

"Dammit Hardison!" The shout from Eliot only made the hacker laugh even harder. Eliot, red faced, jumped up and stormed out, leaving the action figure sitting on the coffee table in front of Parker with clear instructions to toss it in the trash.

Parker wasn't sure what was going on, why Hardison was laughing or why Eliot was so mad and didn't want it. She picked up the action figure and looked closer. She couldn't find anything wrong with it. In fact, she thought it was rather adorable. Turning the box over, she read the front to see if they had mis-spelled his name. Nope, everything was right. It wasn't until she opened the box and started reading the paperwork, that she realized what Eliot's problem must be.

"Don't worry, Eliot." Parker whispered. "I won't let Roy grow up in a foster home."

With that, Parker sat down and filled out the Cabbage Patch Kids official adoption certificate.



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