Best Present Ever

For: Weaselett - LL Challenge

Leverage: Eliot/Parker/Hardison
Warnings: Kissing

"Hardison, what are we gonna get Eliot for his birthday?"

Hardison looked up from his video game and shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know. I saw a leather jacket he might like. What about that?"

Parker shook her head. "Sophie got him one from some guy named Armani last year. Nate gave him the motorcycle to go with it."

"Well, what about a flannel shirt?" Hardison asked. "He wears those all the time."

"That's because he has a million of them." Parker said. "Besides, you gave him one for Christmas four years ago. What about a car?"

"Birthday, three years ago." Hardison said. "What about a sword?"

"Christmas, Nate, two years ago." Parker said. "What about money?"

"He has money. More than I do." Hardison said. "What about a gift certificate to a restaurant?"

"He doesn't eat out, though. He cooks." Parker said, before jumping up excitedly. "We can cook for him!"

Hardison paled and shook his head. "Last time didn't go so well, remember? Eliot threatened to skin us if we stepped foot in his kitchen again or any kitchen for that matter."

Parker's face fell. "So what do we get the guy who has everything?"


Eliot opened his front door and flipped the lights on, tossing the keys onto the table by the door. He shrugged his coat off, throwing it over the back of the couch, and headed into the kitchen. Grabbing a beer from the fridge, he opened it and took a long drink before heading down the hall towards his bedroom. He opened the door, flipped the lights on, and stopped in his tracks.

"What the...."

"Happy Birthday!" Parker said, beaming.

When Eliot stayed still and just stared open mouthed, Hardison and Parker looked at each other.

"This was her idea." Hardison said looking back at Eliot.

Parker nervously sucked in a breath as she tried to explain their gift. "We tried to think of something to give you, but you have everything. This.. this was the only thing you didn't have."

Eliot took in his present, letting his eyes linger over the two red bows. He stepped forward until he was right in front of them. He took the bow off Hardison's head and pulled him in for a lingering kiss. Breathless, he then turned to Parker, taking the bow off her head and kissing her. When they parted, he smiled.

"Best present ever."

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