Leverage: Eliot/Team
Warnings: Character Death

It'd been six years to the day. Six years since the blow out. Six years since the team disbanded and walked out the door. Six years since they'd seen one another. Yet here they were, sitting at a large table, waiting to hear why they'd been taken to this tiny little that looked like it was in the middle of a barn. The wait was short lived as a large man in uniform came walking through the door.

Nate stood, his hand already outstretched to shake the man's hand. "General Flores, nice to see you again."

General Flores shook Nate's hand. "You as well. I wish it were under different circumstances. Please have a seat."

"What exactly are the circumstances, General?" Hardison butted in, looking over.

General Flores produced a letter from his inside coat pocket and put the letter on the table in front of them. "Eliot explained everything in here. Read it and I'll be back."

Without another word, General Flores turned and left the room. The four remaining people stared at the letter long and hard before making any attempt to read it.Nate slowly pulled the letter to him and opened it. Sliding the letter out, he opened it and began to read its contents.

If you're reading this letter, then I must be dead. Given how we left each other, I'm sure you're all wondering why I've called you here. kids. Nathan Lucas is the oldest at five. He's strong, built like his Daddy with a temperament to match, but he's good at figuring things out, always seems to know what to do and likes to be in charge.

The twins, Parker Lynette and Alec Leyton, are only three years old. They have the same honey brown hair and almond eyes, but they couldn't be more different. Alec's shy, reserved, but smart as a whip. He's already reading at a kindergarten level. I'd say he'd give Hardison a run for his money in a few years. Parker's more adventurous and outgoing, always able to find trouble somewhere, and has an uncanny fascination with taking my wallet and hiding what's inside. I still haven't been able to find her hiding place. Reminds me of another thief I know.

Little Sophie Chianne, my little sweetheart, is the youngest, just 18 months old. Girl came out with a head full of mahogany curls already done up and fame written on her face. She'd rather go try on shoes at the local Walmart than go to a park and no matter where she's at, she's always putting on a show.

You're probably wondering what my kids have to do with all of you. It's simple really. Lana, may she rest in peace, died giving birth to Sophie Chianne. Now, with me gone, those kids are gonna need someone, a family. And you guys are the best family I know, the only family I would trust with the most important people in my life.

They're in your hands now. Protect them and love them as I have protected and loved you.


There wasn't a dry eye in the house when Nate finished reading that letter. The door opened before anyone had a chance to say anything. General Flores led a small herd into the room and the team gazed upon the faces of the children described in Eliot's letter, recognizing their beloved hitter in each one. Nate was the first to move, sliding back his chair and moving towards the children. He knelt down to their level, his eyes meeting each one.

"You don't know me, but I'm your Uncle Nate. That's your Aunt Sophie, Aunt Parker, and Uncle Alec." Nate pointed to each one in turn and then turned back to the kids. "You're daddy wanted us to take care of you."

"Why?" Nathan Lucas asked.

Nate's gaze traveled over each person in the room. A bond equally shared between the four adults sparked in their eyes and an understanding passed. They rose and came to kneel beside him. No one would dare refuse Eliot's last request, none wanted to.

Nate looked back at the oldest boy. "Because we're family and that's what family does."



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