A Crossover for Seraphina_Snape - Leverageland Gift

Leverage/Criminal Minds: Nate and Hotch
Warnings: None

Aaron Hotchner looked at the phone number in front of him. It belonged to his brother, well half brother if you wanted to get technical. Same father, different mother. They didn't talk often, rarely in fact, but... that might be about to change. Penelope Garcia, thier beloved analyst, had been shot for the second time and the case was at a stand still. No witnesses, no cameras, no phone calls, no emails.... no leads. They had nothing to point them in the direction of who might have done this or why. They needed a miracle and his brother.... well, lets just say he was in the habit of making miracles happen.

"Is that it?"

Hotch glanced up, seeing Rossi motion to the number. He nodded.

"How long has it been since you two have talked?" Rossi asked.

"Years." Hotch replied.

Rossi watched his friend and colleague, seeing the struggle in his eyes.

"You don't have to, Aaron." Dave said from the doorway. "No one knows about him. No one would know if you didn't contact him for help."

"It's Garcia." Hotch said. "And I would know."

Rossie stood as Hotch grabbed the phone and began punching in the phone number. The door closed softly behind him as he left after hearing Hotch began to speak.

"Hello, Nate? It's Aaron. I need your help."



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