Single Red Rose

Leverage: Nate/Sophie, Nate & Parker (non-romance)
Warnings: None

Nate looked up as a small form slid into the booth beside him.

“Parker, what are you doing here?” he asked.

“Today is Father's Day.” She said.

Nate looked down at the drink in front of him. “So I've been told.”

“You were a father.” Parker said matter of fact.

Nate paused a second before nodding. “I was.”

“You have a father.” She continued.

Nate nodded again. “I do.”

“Eliot said that Father's Day is a day to remember the good memories.” Parker said. “To remember your father.”

Nate nodded a third time. “It is.”

“I only remember my father a little bit.” Parker said. “I don't have any good memories of him.”

Nate didn't say anything and the two sat in silence for quite awhile.

“Do you have any good memories about your father, Nate?” Parker asked.

Nate looked up, his mind went back over his childhood.

“Sure, Parker.” He said. “He took me to baseball games and we played catch. One Christmas, he even got me this blue bike that I wanted all year long.”

Nate was silent as he thought about things and smiled. “He used to work late and mom would already be in bed when he got home in the morning. He always stopped and bought a single red rose and laid it on her nightstand. Every single night, for over 35 years, until the day she died.”

Nate gave a small chuckle, looking down at his glass of Scotch. “I'd forgotten about that.”

“It sounds like he was good to your mom.” Parker said softly.

The smile on Nate's face grew wider as he nodded. “He was.”


Sophie had fallen asleep by the time Nate made it home. When she woke up, he was sleeping beside her, his arms wrapped around her. She turned on her side, her eyes going to the clock on her nightstand and the gift beside it; a single red rose.

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