Untitled - It was for Leverageland Challenge

Leverage: Sophie/Team
Warnings: None

A lone figure sat on the window seat, a steaming cup of tea in her hand, and a shawl wrapped around her shoulders. The room was cloaked in darkness save for a single stream of moonlight that dared shine upon her face. A slight rustle of blankets caused her to look over at the two figures sprawled out on the bed. It was a common sight lately, seeing them there. It was a sight that she never expected or thought she would see, especially on that day, but she was grateful for it none the less.

That day.....Sophie sighed as she looked back at the window. It had started out like any other day, just like any other job and like always, they managed to get their client more than they expected. Nate's ex-wife, Maggie, had even helped out during the con . It was not the first time she would helped. It was not even the first time that Nate had gone home with her. It was, however, the first time that he did not come back. With Nate gone, everything just seemed to fall apart. They all tried taking over Nate's job at the same time, each one in their own way. Parker distanced herself from the rest of the team, losing trust in each of them, Hardison was so distracted by Parker's distance that he lost focus on the cons, everyone was afraid that Eliot would not be able to control his anger much longer, and Sophie's heart was still breaking.

Little by little, the team had reverted back to their old ways of only looking out for themselves and the team seemed to be a forgotten memory. Whatever was going on with each of them needed to be dealt with or they would not be able to work with each other. It was not what anyone wanted to hear or say, but it was what it was. They all agreed...one month. One month to decide if the trust was still there. One month to decide if they were going to be a team. One month and whoever wanted to would meet back at McRory's bar. Whoever did not....well, no hard feelings.

Sophie spent the entire month running cons. Things were running smoothly, but then she saw a notice in the paper that Nate and Maggie were getting married. The news threw her game off and three days into her new job, she was taken captive by the very cartel she was trying to con. 15 days, 6 hours, 23 minutes and 42 seconds passed before Sophie was rescued. When they found her, she was covered in dirt, blood, and bruises. Sophie didn't even know how they found her and Nate hadn't come, but these two had and seeing those two familiar faces was the best sight in the world.

They spent the next two weeks making sure that she was never alone. When the nightmares came, one by one, they climbed into bed next to her, holding her while promising that she was safe. It took a week for the bruises to fade, two more before she was able to sleep through the entire night, and another for the nightmares to go away almost completely. Through it all, they would become a team again, but the team was not complete. Three of them had met at the airport to go rescue her, but only two had actually gotten on the plane. Now that she was able to help, it was time to bring that team member home.

As the sun rose, a throat cleared behind her. “You okay, Soph?”

“I'm fine.” Sophie turned and smiled softly. She could barely make out the outline of two people sitting up on the bed. “Is it time?”

“Yeah, it's time.”

“Alright then.” Sophie nodded and her smile widened. “Let's go steal a Hardison.



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